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    Hey kids! We hope you’re stoked for the summer (liek toe-2-lee tubular, brah) and, to my tearful joy, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III (click 'Kingdom Hearts III' to be taken to our Info compilation thread!). But in the mean time, you may be wondering: what can we possibly do?

    KH-Vids is host to a lot of different community events and activities, ranging from trivia to singing to maybe dancing in the future (who even knows at this point knowing y’all). Anyway, it has become aware to us, both through looking over the previous year and having members approach us, that a lot of these events aren't advertised as well as they could be.

    As such, we've decided to create this thread to alleviate that problem! In here, you will find a list of each and every event we have here on KH-Vids, with links to previous competitions/entries, and also the names of the people who run them. This thread is stickied, meaning that it will remain in the top of this section in case you need to look back and check on things. As more events spring up or are updated, this thread will be updated and bumped by either myself or another member of the staff team, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

    It's my hope that we'll be able to create more awareness of what the site has to offer, and that you'll be able to take full advantage of things that you may have wanted to do but did not know were out there!

    these events deal with members' voices and video making

    Status: Ongoing
    Host: Misty, Llave, libregkd
    Previous Podcasts

    Founded by the lovely Sabby in Late 2010, handed down to Peace and War in Late 2012, and recently taken under the wing of Misty, Llave, and libregkd, the KH-Vids Podcast features both staff and members alike in a wide variety of discussions! Originally, the podcast was set to just Kingdom Hearts news and events, now that has expanded into a host of different podcasts! Open to a variety of topics suggested by members, the competitive KH-Vids Trivia Tournament, and occasional intrusive Staff Questions , we have something for every KH-Vids member to enjoy!

    Want to participate in the Podcast? Please see the Podcast Guidelines thread! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Misty, Llave, and/or libregkd!​

    TOP 5
    Status: Ongoing
    Host(s): Stardust & Volunteers1
    Previous Top 5 Picks

    Spanning back to the early years of the site, the Top 5 has always been a crowd pleaser. Featuring the “top 5” AMVs of the week, each and every submission to the Top 5 is reviewed by a host of volunteer judges, who then post their results each Sunday of the week. To participate, simply upload your video to our Video Portal and tag your entry “top 5” (IF YOU DO NOT TAG IT, IT WILL NOT BE JUDGED FOR THE LINEUP).

    For more information, please see the stickied threads of the Top 5 subforum and/or shoot a message to Stardust.

    1 = Volunteers for judging are only among the staff for the time being.

    Status: Seasonal
    Host: Mike
    Previous Fandubs

    Ever want to voice role in a video game? Especially in the Kingdom Hearts series? Well, prepare to have that dream realized! Started by Mike in late 2008, the fandub brings a variety of fans in the Kingdom Hearts community together to recreate trailers and scenes from the hit series. The Fandub happens seasonally (whenever there’s major KH news), so be sure to be on the look out to send in a voice over to Mike and get a spot before they’re all out!

    Want to see previous fandubs? Check out our Fandub section! If you have any questions, shoot a message towards Mike (preferably with some sea salt ice cream).

    Status: Hiatus
    Host: Jayn
    Previous Choruses

    KHV Chorus is a musical collaboration/ongoing project with KHV members. Anyone can join. ANYONE. All you have to do is post the lines you want in the appropriate thread, record them, and send them to Jayn on time. You can find the songs we'll be singing here! There are no auditions, no microphone restrictions, and it doesn't matter if you think you're an amazing singer, or if your mic is fuzzy. All that's asked of you is that you have fun with it and turn your parts in!

    Have any questions? Send them to Jayn (or forever hold your peace).

    Status: Coming Soon!
    Host: Jayn
    Previous Duet Roulettes

    Duet Roulette is a project in which you can sign up to sing a duet, trio or quartet with other KHV members! Maybe you'll make a new friend, hm? All you have to do is post in this thread after filling out the small form at the bottom of it. As usual, Jayn will be composing the video and mixing the vocals for you, so all you have to do is send in your parts to The finished product will be uploaded to our Youtube and posted on KHV.

    Have any questions? Please ask Jayn!

    Status: Ongoing
    Host: Mish
    Previous QTs

    Question Time is an event where you can nominate your fellow members to receive questions from the community! Members are put into a poll where the one with the most votes wins the spotlight. These Question Time threads usually run for one week (unless you're libregkd), during which a new poll is made and we continue down the list. Question Time used to be for Premiums and Staff normally, but has since been open to all members (although Normal Members require three nominations to make it on the poll).

    Want to see someone get questioned? Please see the Question Time Nominations thread! If you have any questions or concerns, please ask Mish!

    these events are made and maintained by the members -- you!

    Status: Ongoing
    Host: Saxima
    Previous Doll Contests

    The Dress-Up Contest is a weekly/bi-weekly contest that allows members to enter dolls created with the specified games provided each round. Other members are then allowed to judge the entries and the doll with the most votes win. The thread can be found in The Playground along with Question Time.

    Have any questions? Shoot a message to Saxima!

    Status: Ongoing
    Previous LP2Ps

    Last Person to Post (abbreviated LP2P) was started back in 2010 (original) and has since become a phenomenon; the goal is essentially to be the last person to post (obvious goal is obvious) before a staff member locks it (though the staff member who locks it does not count, staff are free to participate, and some have even won in the past). Despite a periodic lack of activity every now and then, it’s become something of a Forum Family (/inb4thosearedead) outside of Forum Families, and the participants always end up having a good time (before the 4900 post mark, at which point it’s every [wo]man for themself). So come on in and join the fun, but watch out for the regulars: it's anyone's game here.

    Want to join in? Hit up any of the listed hosts (Feenie, Cat~, Midnight Star, Tequila, DarkTraitor, Bushy Brow) for the current thread!

    Status: Ongoing
    Host: Amethyst
    Previous Idols

    Ever wanted to be on American Idol, but can't seem to find your way to NYC? Fortunately, Amethyst finds herself in the same situation, and offers this alternative! Every month, a new theme will be announced by Amethyst. You will have the opportunity to record yourself singing a song that matches the theme, and submit it to be put in an anonymous poll, where you'll vote to see who is the KHV Idol of the round.

    Have any questions? Shoot a message towards Amethyst!

    Status: Annual (Winter)
    Hosts: Guardian Soul and the Premiums
    Check 'Em Out!

    Because the staff be so poppin', resident Premium member Guardian Soul decided that he and his Premium hoodlums would hop on and jack the staff swag, but for New Year's instead! After being compiled, the video is posted in the SpamZone for all to view (they generally look cooler than the staff).

    Have any questions? Shoot a message to Guardian Soul!

    these events deal with the visual arts

    Status: Ongoing
    Host: Ienzo, Llave
    Previous Threads

    This is an artistic competition that has been running for about a year where each month a new theme will be announced and you can enter a piece of your own artwork that fits with that theme in a chance to be that months winner and gain a pin. You can also just look at the artwork entered and vote for your favourites without even entering or propose new ideas for up and coming themes. It's also a great chance to improve as you will recieve helpful comments from others that should prove to be useful.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message Ienzo and/or Llave, or if you have ideas for new themes (it can be anything from a specific medium (e.g. pencil crayon), to a concept (e.g. nature) or anything you can think of, post them here! All new ideas are welcomed and very much appreciated! Anyone can participate -- you don't have to be a professional artist.

    Status: Ongoing
    Host: Ienzo, Llave
    Previous SotWs

    You see those sexy graphics underneath people's posts? Want to learn how to make them yourself or improve your skills? This is a competition where you can create and submit your own each week as long as they fit that weeks theme (e.g. Kingdom hearts theme requires the use of a picture from that game). It allows you to be creative and perhaps take your graphic art to a different level or in a different direction then what you are used to. Beginners and experts are all welcome to submit their work or just to vote on which ones they like or come up with new ideas for themes. It's a great chance to get your piece looked at and to get useful comments that should help you improve so you can't go wrong.

    Shoot a message to Ienzo and/or Llave if you have any questions, or post here if you have any ideas for new themes which could be used in one week's competition. Don't be shy because any idea is welcomed and appreciated (we can't think of them all!)

    Status: Ongoing
    Host: Misty
    Signup Thread

    Not one of the slimy ones (though, I guess Misty could count). As proposed by resident Admin Misty, KH-Vids has started an awesome looking worm! For those unfamiliar with the term in this context, a graphics worm is a large graphic composed of many smaller, individual ones that try to work off of each other to make a very distinct and unique looking piece.

    Want to sign up? Merely post in the KH-Vids Graphics Worm thread and you’ll be added right onto the list! The worm can be seen here.

    these events deal with writing, from fiction to articles

    Status: Ongoing
    Hosts: Clawtooth, Plums, Chevalier and Stardust
    Social Group

    A friendly and focused community for all writers and readers on KH-Vids. Literate Beans, found in the Social Forums of the site, is a place to learn, discuss, and workshop writing from poetry to fanfiction and back again. Everyone interested in creative writing and reading is encouraged to join in! The Literate Beans family also hosts Cafe Sessions in the Writer's Nook, where important elements of writing are discussed in greater depth.

    Want to join? Merely post in the Literate Beans Member Listings thread and you’ll be added right onto the list! Message Clawtooth, Plums, Chevalier and/or Stardust if you have any questions!​

    PotS & PanS
    Status: Coming Soon!
    Hosts: Clawtooth, Plums
    Rules & Regulations Thread

    Prose of the Season and Poetic ars nova Season (abbreviated PotS and PanS, respectively) are KH-Vids' writing contests. They are opened by demand, and prompts can be suggested in these threads (Prose of the Seasons Ideas Thread & Poetic ars nova Season Ideas Thread). Pieces are posted in the thread for the respective contest and are judged by a small panel. At the end of the contest, the winner and runner-up are posted with brief notes on the pieces and what made them great for the judges. Any member interested in writing is encouraged to participate in these fun contests with fellow members.

    Have any questions? Please ask Clawtooth and/or Plums!​

    Status: Coming Soon!
    Host: Jayn
    Previous Idol Rounds

    Roleplayers far and wide prepare to clash in a duel of elegance and a bout of paragraphs! Role Play Idol is a competition designed to test and challenge your rolepaying abilities! Forced to design a character, you’re thrust into a wide variety of scenarios in which Jayn and a panel of volunteer judges will decide who gets plot armor and who’s run out.

    Want to join? Please see the RP Idol sticky in the RP Arena and/or ask Jayn for details!​

    these events utilize the radio system

    Status: Ongoing
    Hosts: Roxasvsriku
    Jam Out!

    After years of tossing the idea back and forth, KH-Vids integrated its own radio system last year, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Roxasvsriku! Whether a member or a guest, you can tune in at anytime to hear your favorite Square Enix and Disney songs (including Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and more)! Furthermore, we have a variety of staff and member radio show events, which are detailed below.

    Curious about the radio? Shoot a message to Roxasvsriku (Sanya V. Litvyak)!

    Status: Hiatus
    Host: Jayn
    Previous Karaoke Nights

    Karaoke Night is a new event that's a bit of a KHV Chorus and Duet Roulette Spin-Off. Mostly everything works the same. A song will be sung, Jayn will mix it and make a video for it. It will be uploaded to Youtube and posted in the KHVC section, etc. The only difference is that Karaoke Night will be utilizing our nifty Radio, and will be mostly centered around solo performances.

    Basically, there will be a specific amount of slots open for people to sign up. When you sign up, you can pick any song to sing, from the list of available songs below. First come first serve. The song options will be randomly pulled from out Voting and Suggestions list just like Duet Roulette. In some cases, we may have special themed Karaoke Nights (like serenade night, rockin' rock night, GANGSTA RAP NIGHT, etc.)

    Unlike Duet Roulette, you don't have to sign up permanently if you want to participate. In summary, you'll just post saying which song you would like. You sing the song, send your MP3 file to (just you, no music, timed, just like KHVC) and it'll air on the listed date.

    Have any questions? Please refer to the main thread and/or ask Jayn!

    Status: Ongoing
    Hosts: Roxasvsriku and Plums
    Previous Threads

    Premium Primetime, suggested by resident member Llave, is an event where Premium Members can sign up for two timeslots every weekend to play their tunes over the Radio. Their thread is located in the Premium Section, and they are allowed sixty minutes, as opposed to DJ Time's thirty, to blast our ears chock full of their favorite hits.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Roxasvsriku (Sanya V. Litvyak) or Plums!

    Status: Ongoing
    Hosts: Roxasvsriku and Plums
    Previous Threads

    DJ Time, suggested by resident member psychedelic (Rainshine), is an event where Normal Members can sign up for a timeslot every Saturday to play their tunes over the Radio. Their thread is located in the Audio Projects Section, and they are allowed thirty minutes to blast our ears chock full of their favorite hits.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Roxasvsriku (Sanya V. Litvyak) or Plums!

    these events are considered staples to the site and occur once ever year


    Status: Annual (Spring)
    Hosts: Chevalier, Stardust, and Staff
    Through the Rabbit Hole...!

    The Queen of Hearts has made the KH-Vids staff her prisoners for Valentine's Day (how nice, right?), but on the bright side, the members have all been invited to her royal tea party! However, it's not all fun and games. The queen has tasked the members with finding out which culprit painted her beloved roses red! Follow the queen's bidding and join in on the activities (while stuffing your face with tea and crumpets) or else it's off with your head!

    Questions or a request to be beheaded? Shoot a message to Chevalier and/or Stardust!

    Status: Annual (Summer)
    Host: Misty
    Award Archives

    Some friendly competition never hurts! The annual KH-Vids awards allows you to nominate and vote for the community's members that you believe deserve awards in a variety of categories. Rack up some bragging rights and street cred for winning…oh yeah, you're on a forum for a rated E game…about that street cred…

    If you have any questions, please ask Misty (worst staff member 20__)!

    Status: Annual (Summer)
    Hosts: Stardust and Guardian Soul
    Go With the Flow

    Short for Multi Editor Project, the KH-Vids MEP allows video makers to come together to create one single, awesome video from smaller videos (similar to a graphics worm). Each member will pick a song and use clips from any Disney and/or Square Enix work, and it will be compiled into a massive video for all to view.

    Got some questions? Shoot a message to Stardust and/or Guardian Soul!

    Status: Annual (Winter)
    Hosts: Chevalier and Staff
    Memories Lost, But Always Present...

    Castle Oblivion is one of the annual Christmas events (along with Secret Santa) where forum members venture into Castle Oblivion, solve riddles and search for clues around the forums in order to progress to each castle floor. Members who reach the final floor and solve all of the riddles are rewarded with a special gift from the staff here at KH-Vids to the members for another year of their dedication to the site! But remember, not everything is as it seems in Castle Oblivion.

    Have any questions? Shoot a message to Chevalier!

    Status: Annual (Winter)
    Host: Mike
    Check Us Out!

    Every year, Mike brings the staff out from their dens and sets them up for the camera! As a staff team, we gather and wish you all a happy holidays -- often in very festive clothing (Clawtooth especially).

    Have any questions? Shoot a message to Mike!

    Status: Annual (Winter)
    Host: Plums
    Check the Stocking!

    A fun event during the holiday season where members sign up to receive digital gifts from others around the site! You know the rules, you're not allowed to know who your Secret Santa is until the gift reveal so plan your presents accordingly and keep an eye out for what your partner might enjoy!

    Have any questions? Shoot a message to Plums!
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