KH-Vids User awards 2012: The winners! [cycle 3]

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    Hai there y'all! I'm Ienzo posting the winners to cycle 3 of the KH-Vids user awards 2012: Best categories! I will be helped out by Jayn, Chevalier and Plums who will be posting the other cycles:
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    Cycle three

    Best Administrator

    Last Year's Winner: Misty​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Roxasvsriku​
    Those blue people are essential for helping us run the site and Misty came out as the winner with Okabe Rintarou as the runner up.

    Best Bromance

    Last Year's Winner: Christhor & rikusorakairiown​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Reptar & Slytherin​
    There are friends on this site and then there are bros, those two people who are meant for each other and dominate the site with their combined presence. Ienzo & Cat were voted as the best bromance this year with a joint Guardian Soul & Forsaken and Llave de Espada & Amaury in second place.

    Best Coder

    Last Year's Winner: Luxord​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Evilman_89​
    The site relies on those orange coders in the code vault for all the exciting new ways to play the game and Princess <3, you said, was the top coder with Evilman_89 in runner up position.

    Best Female Member

    Last Year's Winner: Jayn​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Oerba Yun Fang​
    We are home to many females, those members who bring the feminine charm to our site with Jayn at the top and Korosu a close second.

    Best Male Member

    Last Year's Winner: Boy Wonder​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Christhor​
    Half of this forum (approximately) are males and they bring their manliness and their not so manly moments to our site. What? Was voted the best male member this year with Forsaken as the runner up.

    Best Musician

    Last Year's Winner: Wolf Haley​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jayn​
    We are gifted with those people who can make music so artfully and with such beauty, they can really bring a piece of music to life. Jayn won by a whopping amount of votes with a joint Rat, Noroz and The Fuk? In second.

    Best Newbie

    Last Year's Winner: Britishism​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Makaze​
    The site has run for years but we always rely on those newbies to bring excitement to the site because we get so bored of each other : D and as newbies go Rainshine was voted the best with Myst and Tienewman as runner’s up.

    Best Non-Staff Contributor

    The site will never just be staff running the place, the members are needed to bring to our attention information or just helping out through reports or organising events or ideas. The best non-staff contributor was Libregkd with Llave de Espada following up.

    Best Normal Member

    Last Year's Winner: Ploo-Hems, Daxa​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Bushy Brow​
    We have no normal members on this site, just the non-premiums or non-staff but as far as they go Korosu was the best ‘normal’ member and Britishism was second.

    Best Overall Member (any usergroup--Normies, Prems, Staff!)

    We have lots of members as I’m sure you’re all aware so picking the best was just too difficult since Jayn and What? Came joint first with Misty catching up.

    Best Overall Staff Member

    Last Year's Winner: Misty​
    Last Year's Runner-up: DPWolf​
    Apparently, the staff do lots of work for this site or at least they are good at pretending they have done a lot, it works as Misty has proven to KHV to be the best staff member with Forsaken in second place.

    Best Poster

    Last Year's Winner: What?​
    Last Year's Runner-up: P​
    This is not about big pictures on your walls but about the member who makes the best posts since that is all the members of KHV seem to do : D. Makaze has proven himself to be the best poster with a runner up who is What?.

    Best Premium Member

    Last Year's Winner: Jayn​
    Last Year's Runner-up: What?​
    Those pink members (who may not be pink in the future if you are reading this from a time yet to come) who can never settle on a name colour or a name change. KHV, you’ve said Llave de Espada is the best person who has over 1000 posts and Jube was the runner up.

    Best Question Time Contestant

    Last Year's Winner: Sforzato, Mystery Guest, Oebra Yun Fang​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Christhor, rikusorakairiown​
    We have an event where we place one member in the spotlight for a week so we can pound them with questions of great importance that only that one member can answer. The hours spent going through and answering the questions deserves an award in itself but What? Was the best at answering your questions (since his name is one) with Dinny as your runner up.

    Best Reporter

    Last Year's Winner: Mike​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Ty, Mixt​
    Those green members who work their butts off researching and getting you all the most up to date news as quickly as possible. Krowley wears the shoes here with Mike in a good second place.

    Best Retired Staff Member

    Last Year's Winner: Catch the Rain​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Repliku​
    When staff get old and tired they retire to the countryside of the internet to sit quietly in a rocking chair and do crosswords all day. You said Repliku is the crossword champion with Catch the rain and Crimson Azoth as this year’s runner’s up.

    Best Returning Member

    Last Year's Winner: Luxord​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Catch the Rain​
    You can never leave us, not completely. Members leave and then they return to bless the forum with their presence yet again and Hayabusa has been recognised as the best returning member with Crimson Azoth in second place.

    Best Sectional Moderator

    Last Year's Winner: Sabby​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jayn​
    The sexual section moderators who care deeply for their sections are always around (unless they’re offline) to keep the posts on track but Jayn was voted the best of the red ones with Forsaken as the runner up.

    Best Super Moderator

    Last Year's Winner: Stardust, DPwolf​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Chevalier​
    Like sectional moderators but super. Like Superheroes but moderators. These purple staff members enjoy smashing the bots with their ban hammers and Sabby is your best bot smashing purple superhero moderator with Chevalier in second.

    Best Theorizer

    Last Year's Winner: What?​
    Last Year's Runner-up: P, Boy Wonder, Machina, WilliamtheWise​
    Makaze is said to be the one to come up with the best theories for whatever is currently the trend (Kingdom hearts maybe?) with What? as the runner up.

    Best Thread Starter

    Last Year's Winner: What?​
    Last Year's Runner-up: Evilman_89​
    Many threads get started each day and for that to happen we need members to post them. Jube apparently has the best ideas for the thread topics and What? is also up there.

    Best KHV Chorus song

    When KHV get together and sing these songs are the outstanding results. Out of the large array of songs they’ve done you’ve said Sis Puella Magi, I’ll make a man out of you and Hey Jude were the best ones with Simple and Clean and Still Alive being very close behind.

    Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and everyone who nominated and voted! We wouldn't be able to do this without you all.
  2. Hayabusa Venomous

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    Oh my, I won something :D

    Fitting to have my bro take second place. Thanks fellows and females.
  3. Jiηx You're such a loser.

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    May I ask if The winners and runner ups get anything this year? I know the pins are out of comition but will they receive any when they're back up and running?
  4. Ienzo ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅C̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅̅((>

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    I can't be 100% certain but I think the pins are returning once we upload them and organise it but it's not the main priority at the moment but they are hopefully returning.
  5. ShibuyaGato Transformation

    May 1, 2009

    Pfft, those first two sound like total Nubs. I mean, just look at the crap that Cat chick makes.

    But really, congrats to everyone this year. The competition was pretty tough for a lot of categories, this year especially.