KH-Vids User Awards 2014: The Winners! [Cycle 3]

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  1. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009

    Hey there all you Kingdom Hearts kids! I know this section hasn't seen all that much action in the last few months after the Awards ended -- which is by far no small fault of mine, and one I deeply apologize for. But have no fear, I'm here to give you the complete, fully official 100% results now, so let's see who our lucky members of the Kingdom Hearts Videos User Awards of 2014 are!

    Best Coder
    Last Year's Winner: Evilman_89
    Last Year's Runner-up: iwantedtoexplode

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    RUN winnerstranslation.txt

    Worst Female Member
    Last Year's Winner: Misty
    Last Year's Runner-up: Mish

    These are the women you hate to love and love to hate! KH-Vids has decided there is undeniable proof Jiku Neon is totally a lamer, but that Mish chick isn't that much better either.

    Worst Male Member
    Last Year's Winner: Vivi's Dark Side
    Last Year's Runner-up: The Hero of Time

    If anyone could embody the sheer jerk essence of Sasuke Uchiha, it would be this guy! KH-Vids has voted, and C is the soysauce of the Sharingan. Nate_River comes in as runner up.

    Best Super Moderator
    Last Year's Winner: Plums
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jayn

    Banning bots is their middle name. Or would be, if the forum allowed that many characters to be used, of course. Regardless, there are many purples skirting about, but the purpliest purple to ever purp is Llave! Ienzo packs quite a wallop herself.

    Best Reporter
    Last Year's Winner: Krowley
    Last Year's Runner-up: Mike

    It takes a green thumb to grow a garden, but it takes a green username to grow a community admist the barren land of new Kingdom Hearts info. With their expertise in news digging, what else is new other than Krowley, Karuta, and Roxam being your number one sources for Kingdom Hearts media? A splendid show to Mike and Calxiyn as they keep us up to date right along side!

    Best Overall Staff Member
    Last Year's Winner: Misty
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jayn

    One colored username to rule them all, what better title deserved by none other than Jayn. Llave is in royal robes of runner up.

    Best Sectional Moderator
    Last Year's Winner: What?
    Last Year's Runner-up: Ienzo

    Are you all ready for all of these rediculous red puns I've prepare-- Wait, what's that Misty? You said I can't "ruin your awards with your shitty puns Alex" Whatever. |: KH-Vids has voted and Cat~ is the Sectional Mod we hold close to our hearts, but that What? kid ain't too bad himself.

    Best Administrator
    Last Year's Winner: Misty
    Last Year's Runner-up: Roxasvsriku and Tienewman

    Without these peeps, we'd be feelin' blue. Fear not KHVidians, Misty and Jayn here to remedy that! Plums knows what to do too!

    Best Overall Member
    Last Year's Winners: Jayn
    Last Year's Runner-up: Dinny

    Transcending usergroups with the power of awesome can only be described one username; Llave. C is also quite a powerful one as well.

    Best Newbie
    Last Year's Winner: SynK
    Last Year's Runner-ups: hatok and Naku_Sakuraba

    LOL ur a n00b u maek us feel old. XDDDD :D :) :D Thanks a lot, Ɍeno. Eric Luna r n00bs 2 lol omg. XDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!

    Best Male Member
    Last Year's Winner: What?
    Last Year's Runner-up: The Hero of Time

    Here he is with his ninja clan, ninja clan, here he stands. Skyheart is more than okay, especially with Princess ♥ by his side (he really cool the beaiftul).

    Best Non-Staff Contributor
    Last Year's Winner: Roxam
    Last Year's Runner-up: libregkd and Guardian Soul

    These guys take care of things without moderation; their true power comes from their friends, they are their power! Charging forth with Keyblade in hand, Amaury does the best he can do. Even moreso with Hyuge at his side.

    Best Returning Member
    Last Year's Winner: Ars Nova
    Last Year's Runner-up: Sara

    You hear stories throughout your times here. The people who thought they could up and leave KH-Vids, who climbed every mountain, swam every body of water, chugged all the finest wine digital money could afford. But without fail, you'd see those same faces the very next day, almost as if nothing ever happened during their attempt at escape. Isn't that right, Princess ♥? Makaze has got quite a few stories to tell as well.

    Worst Staff Member
    Last Year's Winner: Misty, Sumi, Peace and War
    Last Year's Runner-up: What? and Plums

    Rotten apples don't fall far from the tree, and Tienewman is sour to the core. Mish looked a wee bit suspect, too.

    Best Normal Member
    Last Year's Winner: Jiku Neon
    Last Year's Runner-up: Ars Nova, Midnight Star, Beau

    Normality is a mere technicality, technically speaking of course. Princess ♥ leads the brigade of white names, with . : tale_wind at the forefront.

    Best Premium Member
    Last Year's Winner: The Hero of Time and Guardian Soul
    Last Year's Runner-up: Cat~

    They may be pink, but fortunately these guys don't stink. KH-Vids finds that Trigger has a great fragrance, though Boy Wonder cleans up quite nicely too.

    Best Female Member
    Last Year's Winner: Jayn
    Last Year's Runner-up: kitty_mckechnie

    These are the women you throw your coat over the mud for, who you pull out the chair for, and later chuck yourself down a volcano at her behest because she's just so good and you must cleanse your sins before you could even think of trying to stand a second before her eyes. Hyuge is doing what she does best, and Ienzo can really dish it out.

    Best Retired Staff Member
    Last Year's Winner: Sabby
    Last Year's Runner-ups: DPWolf

    These are the spirits of the rainbow brigade that have departed from the ranks, but are never forgotten -- at least, with their pictures on the staff dart board, of course. Forsaken hits the bull's eye, though Sabby is a winner too.