KH-Vids User Awards 2015: The Winners! [Cycle 2]

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    Hey there all you Kingdom Hearts kids! I know you've been waiting for the post-Cycle 1 results, but certain things have prevented them from being listed. Well I am here to partially remedy that! I give you Cycle 2 results of the Kingdom Hearts Videos User Awards of 2015:

    Best Fanfiction
    Last Year's Winner: Myst's Pokemon: Hoenn Rebirth
    Last Year's Runner-up: Hexin's In the Times of Fairy Tales

    With heads spinning after seeing some fantastic film, reading an enthralling book, or even just hearing rumors from/about friends, the youngins of the web choose to expand upon worlds created by others and put their own spin on things. This year, Hexin's In the Times of Fairy Tales achieves the No. 1 spot after getting a silver medal last year! Both Loxare's Gotham Hearts and burnitup's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Dimensional Caravan are quite a read too!

    Best Graphic Artist
    Last Year's Winner: Ienzo
    Last Year's Runner-up: Misty

    You gawk at their avatars and signatures, and wish you can make something even remotely like the work they do. Jayn reclaims her place as Best Graphic Artist, though she may want to keep an eye out for the challenger known as Hyuge ✧.

    Best Musician
    Last Year's Winner: Laplace
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jayn

    These are the people whose songs line up your iPoops, and who you see in the studio well past any point of sanity. KHV once again believes Laplace is a masetro to be reckoned with, but don't count out Incognitus either.

    Best Original Story
    Last Year's Winner: What?'s Mandlebrot's Limit
    Last Year's Runner-up: Ars Nova's Walk on Wind

    Putting down the fanfiction, these people take their own ideas to the paper and just go disappear into world of their own making, one with rules and customs (and even jokes) they decide are Law, Order, and Absolute Hilarity. You believe Hexin's In the Times of Fairy Tales is one for the record books. cstar's Little Blue Box is a treat too.

    Best Overall Writer
    Last Year's Winner: What?
    Last Year's Runner-up: Ars Nova

    If you peek over their shoulder on the computer, these are the people that usually have a mountain of tabs open, ranging from "bullet hole sizes" to "ancient Icelandic ritualistic dancing". KHV believes Hyuge ✧ has work that's a once in the lifetime read, though both Nights☆ and cstar have some pretty nice stuff too.

    Best Photographer
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    The people who carry around a camera more than Peter Parker ever did, these guys are really good with taking excellent looking photos. KHV believes Ghost will one day be a professional photographer. Iskandar took some pretty cool photos as well.

    Best Poet
    Last Year's Winner: cstar
    Last Year's Runner-up: Nights☆

    When the pimp's in the crib, ma', these are the folk that hit tha' floor and drop it like it's hot. KHV thinks Maka Albarn has the illest beats this side of Destiny Islands, but Odamadillo is tearing it up through the underground too.

    Best Roleplay
    Last Year's Winner: The ℱallen
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts SOS

    These are the roleplays that tend to get you hooked that you never leave the RP Section. Ever. In fact, some of you may never see me write this! In any case, KHV feels In the Times of Fairy Tails is where the party's at, but RE: Mario's High School Days is pretty bangin' too.

    Best Roleplay Antagonist
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    The baddest of the bad, these guys sure know how to stir up trouble for the good guys. Ultimately, Xindai (Kingdom Hearts The Final War: Light vs Darkness) and Boreal (In the times of Fairy Tails) will have you preparing for trouble, while No Heart (Kingdom Hearts SOS) and Al Mualim (RE: Mario's High School Days) will make it double.

    Best Roleplay Concept/Story
    Last Year's Winner: The ℱallen
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts SOS

    These roleplays have a spark as far as they eye can see. It's said if you bring a Keyblade to them, you'll see hearts within as far as the eye can see. In the end, In the Times of Fairy Tails captured the most hearts, but RE: Mario's High School Days is also quite lovely.

    Best Roleplay Graphics
    Last Year's Winner: ♛ ▌RESET ❣
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts SOS

    These roleplays are puckered up and ready to hit the town tonight! Just don't try to do anything without their sourcing -- only yes means yes, anything else is a no and a probable punctured artery. KHV believes In The Times of Fairy Tails is a real eye catcher, but Anchored Down is quite a radiant garden too.

    Best Roleplayer
    Last Year's Winner: Hyuge (Tiramisu)
    Last Year's Runner-up: Krowley

    One minute they're Roxas, the next minute they're Optimus Prime leading a valiant charge against Megatron. KHV believes Krowley is a master of character disaster, but WhiteRose-Aki has a few tricks up her sleeves too.

    Best Singer
    Last Year's Winner: Jayn
    Last Year's Runner-up: Amethyst

    Most people only sing in the shower, but with these guys, you'd want to be right outside of it while they do! KHV thinks Jayn carries a wonderful tune, but Sebax provides quite the ballad himself.

    Best Traditional Artist
    Last Year's Winner: Ienzo
    Last Year's Runner-up: Jayn

    Although digital drawing's been on the rise as of late, you will always see these folk with their pencils and pads at the ready. KHV thinks Myst has got journals filled with beauties, but the works of Chie Satonaka are golden (like most of this text haw haw haw) too.

    Biggest Godmodder
    Last Year's Winner: mindstorm787
    Last Year's Runner-up: Beucefilious

    Phew, these guys sure love using unlimited power, you'd think they were from Asgard. KHV believes Beucefilous is a force from far Beyond, but StardustXtreme and his reality warping is no laughing matter either.

    Most Dramatic Roleplay
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    These are the roleplays that keep you on the edge of your seat, churning out so many emotions from you. KHV feels that Light Vs. Darkness: The Hero's Return is Drama Central, but In the Times of Fairy Tails and RE: Mario's High School Days are both full of drama queens as well.

    Most Improved Roleplayer
    Last Year's Winner: Beucefilous
    Last Year's Runner-up: Calxiyn

    This hand of theirs glows with an awesome power! It's burning grip tells them to defeat their limits! TAKE THIS: their love, their dedication, and all of their effort! KHV believes Garret Finch has acquired a golden touch, but that hand of NutheadBros is always burning red.

    Most Improved Writer
    Last Year's Winner: Myst
    Last Year's Runner-up: Usagi Tsukino

    These people evolve with each letter they type: that's how a story works. These words will leave a hole in the center of the universe: the drafts left behind and the revisions that will follow, both blend together to create a piece better than it's predecessors! And that is true improvement, that is a true writer! According to KH-Vids, Hexin has recreated his heavens far and wide, but Odamadillo is seeing his boundaries grow too.

    Most Likely to Join Every Roleplay
    Last Year's Winner: Moksha
    Last Year's Runner-up: Hyuge

    Ever nervous about the Sonic/Naruto/Parks and Recs crossover, but still wanna put it out there and get people to help you see your dreams of Leslie Knope x Tsunade with Amy and Knuckles as their adopted children fulfilled? Have no fear, because these are the people who will come to your aid! KH-Vids thinks Yuto will help this lovely family be born. And, just between you and me, but I heard Glen, Aelin Fireheart, and Hero Of Time are all gunning for some Ann Perkins x Sonic x Shadow representation. ;]

    Most Memorable Roleplay Moment
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    It's THE moment. You know, the one where you go 'WTF?! I totally didn't see that coming!', or 'This is the best thing in my life!'. Kel defeating Arma (Kingdom Hearts SOS) will be remembered for ages, while the Ezekiel boss fight (In The Times of Fairy Tails) will be stuck in people's heads for a while as well.

    Most Missed Roleplayer
    Last Year's Winner: Morrigan (Monochrome)
    Last Year's Runner-up: SynK

    Concepts, sign-ups, launch, roleplay. Long ago, all members signed up would participate for the whole RP run. But everything changed when some members left. Only they, the Departers, could muster up the full spark the roleplay once had, but alas, they vanished. KHV believes Jayn was Number Wan, but Terra254, . : tale : ., and Frosch aren't far behind in the cycle.
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