KH-Vids User Awards 2016: The Winners! [Cycle 4]

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    Hey there all you Kingdom Hearts kids! We're finally wrapping up the results (get it, WRAPPING, like CHRISTMAS BECAUSE CHRISTMAS IS IN 5 DAYS YOU GUYS?!?!!), I'm here to give you the complete, fully official 100% results now, so let's see who our lucky members of the Kingdom Hearts Videos User Awards of 2016 are!

    Favorite Banned Member
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze
    Last Year's Runner-up: The Muffin Man, Loriah

    Not here? Not a problem (since they're all back!)! These users have a special place in the hearts of the Kingdom Hearts kids! Tale proved to be the most popular, with Makaze and Cat following suit.

    Favorite Event
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    We partied like it was the End Of The World (get it it's a KH joke you see) this year!
    The defeat of the false king (aka blaine) and Castle Oblivion were your favorite raves, with
    KHV User Awards and The Great Summer ‘16 Return (AND WE GON RIIIIDE) following close behind

    Manliest Man
    Last Year's Winner: Kitty
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Krowley

    Swift as a coursing river & with all the strength of a great typhoon, these users are mysterious as the dark side of the moon. In other words, pretty dang manly -- so manly, in fact, that if you ever come near their muscles, you'll melt in a puddle of admiration and incredibly high levels of embarrassing perspiration.
    Kitty reclaims the crown, and proves once again to the the source of all testosterone, but Krowley and Dr. Lux also man-aged pretty well.

    Master Debater
    Last Year's Winner: Makaze and Misty
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Sebax

    Proudly possessing polemical prowess, Makaze continues to presently proved a powerful point-presenter. Plus, Calxiyn practiced particularly profound proposition posting.

    Hammiest Member
    Last Year's Winner: Ars Nova
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Amaury and Cat

    Either these members are REALLY HOT BLOODED, or you'd be likely to see them on a plate for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe even both. Maybe especially both. KHV thinks Marushi takes the crown, dashes to the top of a skyscraper and delivers a powerful speech to the country on the beauty of caps and how to be strong... IN THE REAL WAY! A little ways in the background, you could vaguely hear the words "later, buddy" as Ars Nova blasts off into the sunset.

    Cutest (Fake) Couple
    Last Year's Winners: Amaury X Llave and What X The Fuk
    Last Year's Runner-Ups: Cat X Lenzo and Calxiyn X Glen

    Here on KHV, we take our joke ships seriously. Very seriously. If your ships do not align with that of the Admins, you will be erased from this plane of existence and subjected to 1000 years in the deepest, most soul crushing Sora/Master Xehanort fic your little heart thinks it fears most. Boy Wonder X Captain Arch are sailing strong as ever, but the Ars Nova X DigitalAtlas ship is closing in.

    Snarkiest Member
    Last Year's Winner: Glen
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Fearless and Hayabus

    You give these people sass, and you can expect your great-great grandchildren to catch these hands from beyond time and space. Jiku Neon has the sharpest tongue round town! Don't expect
    61, Makaze, Beucefilous and Jube to let you off easy, either.

    Nicest Member
    Last Year's Winner: Maka
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Sabby, Tale and Aelin FireHeart

    One of this year's friendliest members, Midnight proved herself quite outgoing as the community's nicest member this year, as well. KHV believes Marushi is incredibly kind too!

    Best Section
    Last Year's Winner: The Role-Playing Arena
    Last Year's Runner-Up: The SpamZone

    A section? What does it mean to be section? Oh god, don't tell me it involves a C section? Ha Ha Ha. Now that the unsuccessful joke has been made, KHV believes the Spamzone is where it's at! The The Role-Playing Arena is a pretty swell place, too.

    Biggest Flirt
    Last Year's Winner: Beucefilous
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Kitty and Calxiyn

    "Your eyes, are an ocean. Your breasts, are also an ocean."
    "Do you call that a pick up line? ...Huh? What do you mean I'm blushing and my clothes have hit the floor? L-listen here you hentai!!!" According to KHV, Ars Nova and Calxiyn have a way with words that's too hot to handle ;) . Cat~ also knows how to work their way around the room.

    Weirdest Thread
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-Up: N/A

    A Thread? What does it mean to be Thread, let alone the WEIRDEST Thread? KHV thinks that
    Color or Colour constitutes as the weirdest thread on the site, but *ÖNEMLİ MESAJ isn't cleared of 'weird' either.

    Worst Thread
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-Up: N/A

    A Thread? What does it mean to be Thread, let alone the WORST Thread? Well for the members of KHV it's clear as day: Regarding the recent drama is the WORST thread on the entire site, with Change In Ownership on it's tail

    Biggest Fan
    Last Year's Winner: Cat~
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Misty

    I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN I'LL FOLLOW YOU U҉̦̩͍̻͈̩̲̳͞N̷̡̻͎̯̗̳̖̟̲͓̭̱̭̫̟̮͞ͅT̟̥̰̬̜̠͙͕̮͇͉͜͟͝ͅͅÍ̵͕͇̫̘͙̞͟͡͝ͅͅL̸̨̀҉̹̘̫̼̫̝͉ ̷̢̛̟̙̲̮̺͟͝Y̧̤͍̭̥͉̻̥̰̘͍̹̳͈̞̠͠͝O҉҉̷̹͇̖͍͎͓͙Ų̡̺̬͙̥̩̼̮̀ ̛͔̞̝͕͖̥̘̝͈̟̮͔̹͓̲͖̕͢͜ͅͅL̸̛͚͙̗̺͎̲̦͎̮̜͎͈̦̘͘͝O͠͏̨͈̺͚̗͍̱̜̦̮̱̭̫͈͜͜V͏̙͚͔̮͔͈̦̰͖̞͕́ͅE̛͚̲̙͙̬͍̫̪͔̩̱͡ ̶҉͕̫̘̫̤̘̻̰̻͓͈̟͔͍M̴̷̞̭͈̬̘̻͈͉͚͎̖͢͠ͅE̛̞͖̲͖̮̞̝͕͜͡.

    These members have shrines for their shrines of the shrine's shrine, and don't even get them started on their babies. KHV thinks Cat~ is quite supernatural amongst fans (she's won three years in a row now!), although Hero of Time is always down to clown with his JOJO.

    Best Forum Game
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-Up: N/A

    KHV isn't just a video game forum, we play other games too! KHV enjoyed playing Mafia this year, alongside
    Unchained X leaderboard

    Best Profile
    Last Year's Winner: Lenzo
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Calxiyn

    Don'tcha wish your profile was hot like Jayn's? Tribbles is also a favorite this year.

    Funniest Member
    Last Year's Winner: Skyheart
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Llave

    The ability to make people laugh is no joke! The KHV community gives props to DigitalAtlas for handling such a grave responsibility without any funny business. Ars Nova, Jube and Beucefilous also wasn't clowning around about turning frowns upside-down this year!

    Friendliest Member
    Last Year's Winner: Glen
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Hero of Time, Tale, and Maka

    This year, KHV concluded that you've definitely got a friend in Marushi! But as the years go by, a friendship with Kingdom Hearts530 will also never die.

    Best Username
    Last Year's Winner: What?
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Krowley and Glen

    After our Jesuses (Jesusi) were felled by the evils of old blue administrative name changes, we've been looking for usernames to lead the way back to The Promised Land. KHV has given out a prayer, and our savior DigitalAtlas has answered at long last! Accompanying him is his disciple Shuhbooty

    Whimsical Woman
    Last Year's Winner: Hyuge
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Calxiyn

    According to KHV, Ghost is winningly whimsical -- or should I say, win-sical? Stardust isn't without whims, either!

    Biggest Post Whore
    Last Year's Winner: Amaury
    Last Year's Runner-Up: libregkd

    Ain't no one gonna break Amaury's stride; Nobody's gonna slow Iskandar down, oh no, they've got to keep on postin'

    Member You’d Like to Know More
    Last Year's Winner: al215
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Princess, lenzo, Tale

    When it comes to our regulars, KHV agrees that Judge Sunrose has remained mysterious far too long. Really now, what's behind that mask, Zero? Tale and Ghost are also quite enigmatic.

    Best Bromance
    Last Year's Winner: Cat & Ienzo (CatKat)
    Last Year's Runner-Up: DigitalAtlas & Ars Nova & Makaze

    Through thick and thin, these users stick together, kinda like peanut butter and jelly. Or soup and salad. Or life and limb. Or dreadlocks. Okay, maybe not dreadlocks (plagiarism penalty prevention: that was a monkey island reference whoops). Whatever the case, KHV thinks
    Ars Nova X Digital Atlas X Makaze are pretty bromantic or (Tribromantic), and Beucefilous X Skyheart, DigitalAtlas X Ars Nova, and Boy Wonder X Captain Arch seem to have quite a bond as well.

    Hottest Members
    Last Year's Winner: Hyuge
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Calxiyn

    These members certainly proved themselves attractive -- just be careful not to catch fire. The community believes that Magick has exceeded the boiling point. Be careful around Day~Dream and Tale too, lest she give you a sweet case of the vapors.

    Biggest Otaku
    Last Year's Winner: Janime6
    Last Year's Runner-Up: 61

    NYANI? Some people simply find anime a kawaii hobby or interest, but these users' dedication is truly sugoi. 61 and Hero of Time took the otaku cake this year, but Cat~ and Bushy is close behind with his -monogataris! おめでとう~

    Cutest (Real) Couple
    Last Year's Winners: Llave & Cherry Berry
    Last Year's Runner-Ups: Calxiyn & al215

    You spin my head right round, right round, with the doki, doki doki doki. KHV thinks Makaze and Saxima are too cute for this world. Llave and Cherry Berry are also lil cute precious dear sweet chicken nugnugs.

    Strangest Member
    Last Year's Winner: Beucefilous
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Jackdaniel0

    Some members stand out from the crowd -- in a somewhat interesting way! Whatever the reason, the general consensus seems to be that yeah. okay. no. is pretty strange, Amaury and Jiku Neon has his fair memorable quirks too!

    Biggest Kingdom Hearts Fan
    Last Year's Winner: Krowley and Calxiyn
    Last Year's Runner-Up: Misty and Cat~

    Kingdom Hearts certainly has its fair share of dedicated fans, but here at KHV we think Krowley deserves the crown. Tale is also quite captivated by the series, both in adoration, and puzzlement at how there can be so few girls in a multidimensional coming of age tale spanning classical Disney stories typically headed by women yet mysteriously void of any of their prominence in the greater narrative!

    Best Thread
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-Up: N/A

    A Thread? What does it mean to be Thread, let alone the BEST Thread? There are a lot of choices, but KHV pulled through: The Lounge: Official Spamzone Community Thread, The Gang of Intergalactic Ninja Vampire Space Pirates, and GATHER ‘ROUND, CHILDREN are the BEST threads on the entire site, with
    Recent Events & The Future on it's tail
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    I won funniest member? Really?

    Thank you fam. That actually... meant a lot more than it should've. Even if it was so close.
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    maybe i should get myself banned again within the next year so i can win again
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    Why settle just for next year when it can be every year?
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    Next year I'll be sure to set myself on fire. : )