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  1. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    Aaaand we're here! Your approximate final categories for this year's KH-Vids User Awards are as follows:

    *Newly added categories are indicated by this pink color.

    General Nominations (25)
    Best Bromance
    Best Podcast Guest
    Best Profile
    Best Section
    Best Username
    Biggest Fan
    Biggest Flirt
    Biggest Kingdom Hearts Fan
    Biggest Otaku
    Biggest Post Whore
    Cutest (Fake) Couple
    Cutest (Real) Couple
    Favorite Banned Member
    Favorite Event
    Friendliest Member
    Funniest Member
    Hammiest Member
    Hottest (Female) Member
    Hottest (Male) Member
    Manliest Man
    Master Debater
    Member You’d Like to Know More
    Nicest Member
    Strangest Member
    Whimsical Woman
    Writing, Video Editing, and Art Nominations (14)
    Best AMV
    Best Fanfiction
    Best Graphic Artist
    Best Musician
    Best Original Story
    Best Overall Writer
    Best Photographer
    Best Poem
    Best Poet
    Best Singer
    Best Traditional Artist
    Best Video Editor
    Most Improved Artist
    Most Improved Video Editor
    Most Improved Writer
    Thread/Group Nominations (3)
    Best Thread
    Weirdest Thread
    Worst Thread
    Best/Worst Member Nominations (18)
    Best Administrator
    Best Coder
    Best Female Member
    Best Male Member
    Best Newbie
    Best Non-Staff Contributor
    Best Normal Member
    Best Overall Member (any usergroup--Normies, Prems, Staff!)
    Best Overall Staff Member
    Best Premium Member
    Best Reporter
    Best Retired Staff Member
    Best Returning Member
    Best Sectional Moderator
    Best Super Moderator
    Worst Female Member
    Worst Male Member
    Worst Staff Member
    “Most” Nominations (31)
    Most Adorable
    Most Ambitious
    Most Changed
    Most Committed
    Most Creative
    Most Down to Earth
    Most Egotistical
    Most Helpful
    Most Insane
    Most Intelligent
    Most Interesting
    Most Intimidating
    Most Inspiring Member
    Most Knowledgeable about Kingdom Hearts
    Most Knowledgeable about Video Games
    Most likely to be a Hero
    Most likely to be a Villain
    Most likely to be Famous
    Most likely to be on KH-Vids Forever
    Most likely to be on Staff
    Most likely to End up in Prison
    Most likely to Never Hit Premium
    Most Missed
    Most Nostalgic
    Most Obscure Tastes

    Most Overrated
    Most Serious
    Most Shocking Moment
    Most Underrated
    Most Verbose
    Most Wanted Podcast Guest
    Roleplaying Nominations (8)
    Best Roleplay
    Best Roleplay Concept/Story
    Best Roleplay Graphics
    Best Roleplayer
    Biggest Godmodder
    Most Improved Roleplayer
    Most Missed Roleplayer
    Most Likely to Join Every Roleplay

    Currently, there's still four more nominations Jayn and I have to discuss, so there could be additions made before nominations will begin (and I will announce those additions here). All that's left is to check on which staff member is going to sacrifice their PM box for which category, and soon after, nominations will begin!

    Be sure to check this thread, as well as the Community News section for the official nominations guidelines thread. Thanks to everyone who weighted in, and we hope to bring you a good, fun year of the Awards!
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