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    It's summer, and that means it's time for the annual KH-Vids User Awards! As we gear up for the season, this thread will have everything you need to know about the awards!

    When will nominations be opened?
    When category submissions have ended, nominations will be opened. This will likely be July 1st.

    How many members can I nominate per category? Can I nominate myself?
    You may nominate two members per category. For couple categories (e.g. Cutest Fake/Real Couple, Best Bromance, etc.), you may nominate two couples; for thread categories, two threads, and so on.

    When nominating, use a member’s current username. Nicknames, real names, or former usernames will be discarded.

    Please do not nominate inactive members. The 2018 User Awards cover the period from the end of the 2017 Awards (roughly August of 2017) to the present, so consider that when nominating. This does not apply for the brand-new Decades sub-categories, where you can nominate anyone and anything from the past ten years.

    How do I send in my nominations?
    When nominations are opened, staff members accepting nominations will be listed. Please send only one message to each staff member. For example, even though you are sending Xavier your Thread Nominations and Best/Worst Member Nominations, just include it all in one message.

    Please directly copy and paste the categories. You do not have to nominate for each category—just leave an N/A in the space. For example, even if I choose to not nominate anything for Thread Nominations, I will still include it in my message.

    Public Polls & Alternate Accounts
    Polls will be public, therefore we can check if someone is creating alternate accounts to boost votes for a particular member. If you are found doing so, you will be removed from this year’s awards, and will face our typical alternate account punishment.

    Likewise, other users can see who you are voting for.

    Can I vote for myself?
    You may only vote for yourself in a couple category (e.g. if Joey and Jim are in the running for Best Bromance, Joey can vote for the Joey & Jim Bromance).

    In other categories, if you vote for yourself, you will be dropped from the category.

    I want to change my vote!
    If the poll is still open, message @tamale about changing your vote.

    Hottest Members/Best Members/Worst Members
    For these categories, you'll be allowed to vote for two separate members. These are the only categories in which you'll be able to do this.

    If you would like to withdraw from the User Awards entirely, message me and I will take you out of any category you’re nominated for, or think you may be nominated for. I can also remove you from any polls you appear in. Please do keep in mind, however, that the awards are all in good fun—so don’t feel too bad if you’re submitted for Biggest Post Whore!

    If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to reply to this thread. Have fun!