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    Alright, folks, the votes are all in for Cycle 1 and we're ready to announce the winners! If this is your first time winning an Award, post in this thread to redeem your pin! If you win a Decades award, keep an eye on your alerts; you'll be getting a new pin as well! Now then! Down to the winners!

    Best Fanfiction
    Last Year's Winner: The INVSP's The Adventures of the INVSP
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    With heads spinning after seeing some fantastic film, reading an enthralling book, or even just hearing rumors from/about friends, the youngins of the web choose to expand upon worlds created by others and put their own spin on things. This year, Ability King KK's Lost and Found along with, Roxam's Re: Mario's High School Days - Spark of Rebellion that managed to achieve greatness

    Best Graphic Artist
    Last Year's Winner: Cat~
    Last Year's Runner-up: Day~Dream

    You gawk at their avatars and signatures, and wish you can make something even remotely like the work they do. cstar takes the top spot, but does not do so without competition from her rival Arch.

    Best Traditional Artist
    Last Year's Winner: Beep Boop
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    Digital media may be on the rise, but a traditional painting is still something that is awed at for miles around. KHV thinks that Yoroza has the most potential to be the next Michelangelo! (The Painter, not the Ninja Turtle). But lets never forget the Ninja Turtle has some potential as well, as does Marushi

    Best Video Editor
    Last Year's Winner: Aelin Fireheart
    Last Year's Runner-up: cstar

    Their editing skills are what one might consider godly, as their videos can rival even the best of the Youtube gods. cstar could probably make even the worst trash look good, but Aelin could edit her way out of a paper bag, too.

    Best AMV
    Last Year's Winner: Aelin's King
    Last Year's Runner-up: cstar's The End

    AMV's, one of the longest staples of the internet, are submitted one and all for approval from the Great Gods of the Interwebs. However, only one AMV may rule on this site, and this year KHV has voted that Aelin's Hurt has achieved that victory! The silver cup goes to cstar's Can You Feel My Heart?.

    Most Improved Video Editor
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    You know those clips from that KH-VIDS.NET place that you can get. Well you know people put those to music and make videos called AMV/GMV's out of them. It isn't as easy as it sounds eh, and people are learning that and improving, like that Aelin chick. Though cstar is showing her own improvement too.

    Best Overall Writer
    Last Year's Winner: Heart <3
    Last Year's Runner-up: Marushi

    If you peek over their shoulder on the computer, these are the people that usually have a mountain of tabs open, ranging from "bullet hole sizes" to "ancient Icelandic ritualistic dancing". KHV believes Marushi has work that's a once in the lifetime read, though Aelin has some pretty nice stuff too.

    Best Singer
    Last Year's Winner: Day~Dream
    Last Year's Runner-up: tamale

    Most people only sing in the shower, but with these guys, you'd want to be right outside of it while they do! KHV thinks Maka Albarn carries a wonderful tune, but Calxiyn provides quite the ballad herself.

    Best Musician
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    Whether it is jamming on a guitar, or bashing large round things with sticks, Arch really knows how to carry a tune. XTREEMAK isn't tone deaf either though.

    Best Poet
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And that name is Odamadillo. And we know what we are, but know not what we may be. And tamale may just be great too.

    Best Poem
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    What can stir the hearts of many but have words of few? Well a poem, and I am not a poet so I will just leave you with that the users decided was the best poem Marushi's Unnamed. But tamale's Sonnet no. 1987 holds some sway in the users hearts as well.

    Most Improved Artist
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    Art is a learning experience and everyone is growing and improving, some more than others. This year people believe Marushi has shown the most improvement. But LadyAzura's growth is nothing to scoff at either.

    Most Improved Writer
    Last Year's Winner: N/A
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    While we are on the topic of improving, even the greatest of writers are always striving to learn more, and that iw why mindstorm787 is still going strong. Though Midnight Star can keep her head held high with her growth.

    Best Roleplay
    Last Year's Winner: Kingdom Hearts: Recollect
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser

    These are the roleplays that tend to get you hooked that you never leave the RP Section. Ever. In fact, some of you may never see me write this! In any case, KHV feels Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser is where the party's at, but
    RE: Mario's High School Days is pretty bangin' too.

    Best Roleplay Protagonist
    Last Year's Winner: Everyone in Kingdom Hearts SoS[
    Last Year's Runner-up: Cerdic (Kingdom Hearts: Recollect) andLloyd (RWBY: Guardian's Saviors)

    These heroes will always be around to save the day! Aria (Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser) will always come when you call for help, and Beuce (Kingdom Hearts SoS) will always be right behind!

    Best Roleplay Antagonist

    Last Year's Winner: Ria (aka Aevum) (Kingdom Hearts: Recollect)
    Last Year's Runner-up: Aux (Kingdom Hearts SoS), Mizrabel (Kingdom Hearts SoS), Astral Praenunitus (RE: Mario's High School Days), The Light Chaser (Kindom Hearts: Light Chaser), and Karina (Kingdom Hearts SoS)

    The baddest of the bad, these guys sure know how to stir up trouble for the good guys. Ultimately, Light Chaser (Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser) will have you preparing for trouble, while No Heart (Kingdom Hearts: SOS), will make it double.

    Best Roleplay Concept/Story
    Last Year's Winner: The Realm of Darkness has a Coffee Shop and Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts: Recollect

    These roleplays have a spark as far as they eye can see. It's said if you bring a Keyblade to them, you'll see hearts within as far as the eye can see. In the end,
    RE: Mario's High School Dayscaptured the most hearts, but Kingdom Hearts: SoS andRWBY: Guardian's Saviors are also quite lovely.

    Best Use of Music in an RP

    Last Year's Winner: Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts SoS

    These guys are like the Hans Zimmerman of RP! They really know how to pick a soundtrack. Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser makes you cry the most with its stunning music, but RE: Mario's High School Days can generate the feels as well.

    Best Roleplay Graphics
    Last Year's Winner: Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts SoS and The Realm of Darkness has a Coffee Shop

    These roleplays are puckered up and ready to hit the town tonight! Just don't try to do anything without their sourcing -- only yes means yes, anything else is a no and a probable punctured artery. KHV believes Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser is a real eye catcher, but
    Divine❃Rose is quite a radiant garden too.

    Best Roleplayer
    Last Year's Winner: Aelin Fireheart
    Last Year's Runner-up: Al215

    One minute they're Roxas, the next minute they're Optimus Prime leading a valiant charge against Megatron. KHV believes Maka Albarn is a master of character disaster, but Kimberly Ann Hart has a few tricks up his sleeves too.

    Best New Roleplayer
    Last Year's Winner: Heart<3
    Last Year's Runner-up: N/A

    They walked into the RPA this year, and then never returned again, having been sucked into the black hole that is KHV Roleplaying. Quite a feat, seeing as KHV is a black hole itself. Can there be a black hole inside of a black hole? Either way, KHV thinks that Feliex is their favorite new player this year. But they seem fond of Vladek515

    Biggest Godmodder
    Last Year's Winner: Zimmy
    Last Year's Runner-up: Krowley and Arch

    Phew, these guys sure love using unlimited power, you'd think they were from Asgard. KHV believes Monica is a force from far Beyond, but GarrettFinch and their reality warping is no laughing matter either.

    Most Dramatic Roleplay
    Last Year's Winner: Kingdom Hearts SoS
    Last Year's Runner-up: Kingdom Hearts: Recollect

    These are the roleplays that keep you on the edge of your seat, churning out so many emotions from you. KHV feels that Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser is Drama Central, but RE: Mario's High School Days is full of drama queens as well.

    Most Improved Roleplayer
    Last Year's Winner: LadyAzura
    Last Year's Runner-up: CrownMoksha

    This hand of theirs glows with an awesome power! It's burning grip tells them to defeat their limits! TAKE THIS: their love, their dedication, and all of their effort! KHV believes LadyAzura has acquired a golden touch, but those hands of Maka Albarn is always burning red.

    Most Likely to Join Every Roleplay
    Last Year's Winner: CrownMoksha
    Last Year's Runner-up: Aelin Fireheart

    Ever nervous about the Sonic/Naruto/Parks and Recs crossover, but still wanna put it out there and get people to help you see your dreams of Leslie Knope x Tsunade with Amy and Knuckles as their adopted children fulfilled? Have no fear, because these are the people who will come to your aid! KH-Vids thinks CrownMoksha will help this lovely family be born. And, just between you and me, but I heard Aelin and LadyAzura are gunning for some Ann Perkins x Sonic x Shadow representation. ;]

    Most Memorable Roleplay Moment
    Last Year's Winner: That one time Boy Wonder posted in an RP
    Last Year's Runner-up: The Mark of Mastery being the Reaper's Game (Kingdom Hearts SoS), The Mizrabel boss fight ending (Kingdom Hearts SoS), and The succubus torturing Tinkerbell (SoS)

    The thing that will stick in your mind for years to come, the most shocking of outcomes that no one could have ever seen coming! Karina getting her keyblade back (Kingdom Hearts SOS: The Road To Light) and The RP Finale (RE: Mario's High School Days) will live on for years to come, and Mora shooting Ria through the chest (Kingdom Hearts: Recollect) and Mika dying 3 times in Light Chaser. will be remembered for almost as long.

    Most Shocking Roleplay Moment

    Last Year's Winner: One of Arch's RPs lasting more than 4 months
    Last Year's Runner-up: Karina developing a soul (Kingdom Hearts SoS), Cerdic surviving more than a day (Kingdom Hearts: Recollect) and "This was actually all Chrono's fault" (Kingdom Hearts: Recollect)

    You never saw this one coming! In fact, I don't think anyone did. Hikaru Sacrifice/Aux joining (Kingdom Hearts SOS) is going to be the most talked about thing for a while, but I don't think anyone will go forgetting Tinarah getting tossed off a bridge by her brother. (Kingdom Hearts Light Chaser)

    Most Memorable Roleplay Boss Battle
    Last Year's Winner: Post Procrastination
    Last Year's Runner-up: Mizrabel (Kingdom Hearts SoS) and Chernabog & Goldar vs Megazord, Dragonzord, Tigerzord, and Thor (RE: Mario's High School Days)

    This is it, the epic showdown! The end all, be all of fights, the ones that decide the fates of all worlds! KHV feels that 10k Heartless Battle (Kingdom Hearts: SoS) had the most amount of flashing lights and cool camera angles, but Ria vs Alder's Maximum Honordrive (Recollect) and CAl Mualim vs. Sgt. Tamora Calhoun (RE: Mario's High School Days) had some neat reaction commands, too!

    Most Missed Roleplay
    Last Year's Winner: Attack on Titan: Reluctant Heroes, Cosmic Ocean, and The Crossover Sagas
    Last Year's Runner-up: Super Nintendo RPG: Legend of the Many Something-or-Others, Welcome to Death, A Prayer for Eden, and The Serpentine Road

    Remember those days spent in another world? Those nights planning your every move? That epic kiss scene that you spent three months planning and then it got interrupted by aliens? It looks like nostalgia has hit us hard for Welcome to Death , but The Serpentine Road is also sorely missed.

    Most Missed Roleplayer
    Last Year's Winner: Frosch and Boy Wonder
    Last Year's Runner-up: Hyuge and Jayn

    Concepts, sign-ups, launch, roleplay. Long ago, all members signed up would participate for the whole RP run. But everything changed when some members left. Only they, the Departers, could muster up the full spark the roleplay once had, but alas, they vanished. KHV believes Boy Wonder and Marushi were Number Wan, but Frosch and Glen aren't far behind in the cycle.

    ~Ten Years worth of nominations!~

    Best Graphic Artist:

    We have seen the best graphic artists of the year but can they really stand the test of time against people like Cat~, to compete against? Don't be discouraged if you can't stand the test of time against her, maybe you will have better luck against another loved artist like Jayn.

    Best Musician:

    Some music is a fad that last the year then disappears, some will remain ringing in your ears for years afterwards.Jayn, has touhed the hearts of all with her music, though I swear sometimes I still hear Laplace's ringing through my mind.

    Best Overall Writer:

    If a picture can say a thousand words, then these people will just have to say a thousand more to pain the picture in your mind, and they will do it too. What?, is remembered as one of the best overall writers of the decade, but you can't leave out Hyuge either.

    Best Potographer:

    Capturing the true beauty of the area around you can be more difficult than what one would think, but Ghost manages to do it pretty well. Though Deathspank 2.8 HD Remix has a keen eye for photography as well.

    Best Poet:

    Perhaps we have the next Shakespeare in our midst because the work of these poets have not been forgotten over the years.Shuhbooty should be proud of her work. But lets not forget to share some of that fame and glory with tamale and Scarred Nobody.

    Best Traditional Artist:

    Maybe the writers have something to fear after all, the art done by Yozora goes above and beyond the typical picture.Dinny shows a lot of promise as well.

    Best Video Editor:

    It seems over the past ten years the same people stand as tall as ever. cstar is the best editor of all time, but that isn't taking anything away from her rival in this year, and years past, Aelin.

    Best Antagonist:

    These guys have to be the worst of the worst, the biggest scum of the rpa if they are dubbed that best antegonist of all times. So if you ever find yourself around No Heart (Kingdom Hearts SoS) caution is advised. Though Xindai (Kingdom Hearts: LvD) isn't to be taken lightly either.

    Best Protagonist:

    If those guys are the worst of the worst, then I would want to have Karina (Kingdom Hearts SOS) fighting for me with her sidekick, the ever lovable Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts SoS)

    Best Roleplay:

    Over the years roleplays come and go, but only the best stand the test of time. That is why Kingdom Hearts SoS is still going strong, with Re: Mario's High School Days following close behind.

    Best Roleplayer:

    There was always that one roleplayer that everyone wants to be like. The one that people admire their writing and set that as the standard. It is people like Maka Albarn that push you to be a better writer, even if people like Twilightblader don't need the extra push.

    Best Roleplay Moment:

    Whether it is to laugh, cry, or rant about, there is always those moments, no matter how old that come back to mind. Arch's character stabbing cstar's character's love interest in the neck to "stay in character". [The Fallen] is known as one of those moments. Aux throwing everyone into the void (Kingdom Hearts SOS) has also given way to some rather salty memories.

    Most Missed Roleplayer:

    There is some people that we always wish we could have kept a little longer. Jayn was one of those people who will always be missed, but we will never forget Boy Wonder either.

    Best Unfinished Roleplay:

    Sometimes things aren't always meant to be and come to a complete finish, it doesn't mean we don't love them just as well as anything else. The Crossover Saga is fondly remembered, followed by Heroic Sanction and Kingdom Hearts: Quiets End

    Bigger Godmodder:

    The Definition of Godmodder by Urban Dictionary is: In an RP, someone whose character is for all purposes, invincible. No attacks or any techniques will work against said character. The character can instantly recover from anything that happenes to him/her. Of course, the character can do anything to any other character and the other characters arn't allowed to defend against it. So with that in mind starseeker knows how to make a strong character, but lets not forget Mindstorm787 and his pyramid head boss battle.

    Most Shocking Roleplay Moment:

    If it shocked you so much you still are shocked by it, well I don't want to know what the moment was, but you might, so here they are. When arch's punk ass angsty character stabbed my character's potential girlfriend in the neck with no remorse 2 minutes before the day deadline because "she's the enemy". [The Fallen]
    managed to knock some socks off, but it isn't the only shocking thing in history. Part 1 of SOS finally finishing, The Crystal Order revealed to have infiltrated the Japanese Intelligence Agency (RE: Mario's High School Days) and Hikaru's sacrifice/Aux's joining (SOS) are pretty shocking too.

    Most Memorable Boss Battle:

    These battles were so epic... or so long lasting you have no choice but to remember them, it is like loveless, how can you not remember it when it is beaten into your head. All those involved know that The Original 1k Heartless Battle (Kingdom Hearts SOS: The Road To Light) was definitely beating into our heads, but if that is the case with that rp, it makes me wonder what happened with Shadow Mario vs. The Mysterious Figure/Xehanort (RE: Mario's High School Days).

    Most Dramatic Roleplay:

    So the real question is, does drama make for a good or bad roleplay? Should these people be proud of making a dramatic roleplay? Either way RE: Mario's High School Days took the cake for that. Though people can't seem to decide whether 100 days, Kingdom Hearts: SoS or Kingdom Hearts: Light Chaser.

    Best Role in Mafia:

    Getting your role is always exciting, you always want to know what you got, these some of the best roles to get according to our members. Investigative roll is what you should be looking for, but Whatever Makaze's was last game isn't a bad option either.

    Favourite Version of Mafia:

    While there is many versions of mafia Royal stands out above the crowd. But some plain old Vanilla mafia isn't bad either.

    Best Moment in Mafia:

    Mafia is all fun and games until someone dies. That being said there is still a chance for some great moments, like The memoirs of Makaze and the Voice to chat . Speaking of Makaze, you can never forget Tony... who the hell is Tony, must be KHgrl. Aka the one time Aelin convinced Makaze she wasn't Tony for the entire game.

    Shocking Moment in Mafia:

    When there is so much death already, is there really anything that surprising? Apparently yes when EVERYTHING in Mr. E's Murder Mystery was a thing. Not to mention When Aelin betrayed the RPA for a partnership with Atlas and The bloodbath that was Royale 1 Day 1.

    Most Likely to Stab you in the back in Mafia Royale:

    You should not trust Anyone in the RPA . Though Mish can't be trusted either.

    Biggest Liar in Mafia:

    At least I don't think I have told over a hundred lies, it is hard to keep track of though, isn't that right Aelin and Lady Azura?

    Best Alias in Mafia Royal:

    Your Alias can say a lot about you, like how A Single Grain of Salt gives a clear indication on what they were thinking. Sproth was pretty good too.

    Most Likely to get Lynched Every Game:

    Lynch the Heathen! Lynch Krowley and GarrettFinch ! The members call for justice, the vote had decided that they are too be lynched! If not them at least lynch LadyAzura.
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