Cycle 3: KH-Vids User Awards: Winners!

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    Nov 19, 2010
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    Worst Members
    Last Year's Winner: Iskandar
    Last Year's Runner-up: Dravoo

    If anyone could embody the sheer jerk essence of Sasuke Uchiha, it would be these folks! KH-Vids has voted, and Arch is the soysauce of the Sharingan. cstar and LadyAzura come in as runners-up.

    Best Overall Staff Member
    Last Year's Winner: Plums
    Last Year's Runner-up: cstar

    One colored username to rule them all, and in the dankness ban them. Who better to wield this great power than Marushi? Aelin is in the royal robes of runner-up.

    Best Administrator
    Last Year's Winner: Plums
    Last Year's Runner-up: Arch is Dumb

    Without these peeps, we'd be feelin' blue. Fear not, KHVidians, libregkd is here to remedy that! ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠ knows what to do, too!

    Best Member
    Last Year's Winners: Fearless
    Last Year's Runner-up: cstar, Ghost

    Transcending usergroups with the power of awesome can only be described with a single username. Marushi. LadyAzura is quite powerful as well.

    Best Newbie
    Last Year's Winner: Dravoo
    Last Year's Runner-ups: n/a

    LOL ur a n00b u maek us feel old. XDDDD :D :) :D Thanks a lot, Feliex. Heart ♥ is also a breath of fresh air and young blood...okay maybe the metaphor's getting away from me a bit

    Best Contributor Member
    Last Year's Winner: n/a
    Last Year's Runner-up: n/a

    The devoted member who definitely didn't buy their way to victory no sir is none other than Plums! How we also love CrownMoksha!...............'s father's money

    Best Normal Member
    Last Year's Winner: Ghost
    Last Year's Runner-up: Skyheart

    Normality is a mere technicality, technically speaking, of course. LadyAzura leads the brigade of white names, with Vladek515 at their side.

    Best Premium Member
    Last Year's Winner: Maka Albarn
    Last Year's Runner-up: VermillionMok

    They may be pink, but fortunately these guys don't stink. KH-Vids finds that cstar has a great fragrance, though Maka Albarn and Mish clean up quite nicely, too.

    Best Retired Staff Member
    Last Year's Winner: Misty
    Last Year's Runner-up: Boy Wonder

    We certainly may not have made their jobs easy, but they managed to do pretty well in spite of it. Plums, we salute you. Hats off to Cat~ as well.

    Best Returning Member
    Last Year's Winner: rikusorakairiown
    Last Year's Runner-up: n/a

    BACK. STREET'S. BACK. ALRIGHT! Cue sick dance moves from Sara and Rat, with Inasuma breaking it down in the background.

    Best Overall Member
    Last Year's Winner: n/a
    Last Year's Runner-up: n/a

    This user is the very best, like no one ever was—Marushi has caught all our hearts! Boy Wonder is our best friend in a world we must defend, too.

    KHV User Awards Decades 2.png

    ~Ten Years worth of nominations!~

    Worst Members

    In all of KH-Vids history, none have been so terrible, horrible, no good, very bad as Blaine. Apparently DigitalAtlas is no paragon, either.

    Best Super Moderator

    For those problems too red for the Admins to solve and too blue for the Sec Mods to handle, Ienzo was the purpliest to get the job done! Explode's violet vocation was very virtuous as well.

    Best Reporter

    How much Kingdom Hearts news is too much Kingdom Hearts news? For Roxam, Heart ♥, and Krowley, the answer has always been that no Kingdom Hearts news is too much Kingdom Hearts news! They deserve the biggest spa day for all the time they've spent with their ears to the ground.

    Best Overall Staff Member

    Helping to run a community like KH-Vids has never been an easy task—but Misty and Marushi always made it look like one! Cat~ did a pretty impressive job, too. Thank you!

    Best Sectional Moderator

    Спасибо, товарищ! What?'s blood runs the reddest in the storied KH-Vids ledger. Aelin's devotion to our glorious motherland is not to be understated, either.

    Best Administrator

    Do you have time to sing a goodbye song before you go?

    Always, KH-Vids.

    Hey, this was real fun, and Misty hopes you liked it, too. Seems like we'd just begun, and suddenly Xaldin's through. The big blue house will be waiting for you to come and play!

    Best Overall Member

    KH-Vids has always been full of wonderful people, with creativity, intelligence, and goodness to spare. cstar and Jayn are the very best of our best. We think Arch is a pretty good noodle, too.

    Best Normal Member

    White may not be the most impressive color to have for your username, but without it, there couldn't be any other colors. Likewise, without LadyAzura, our KH-Vids experiences over the years would have been so much less colorful. Ghost brought a lot of brightness of her own!

    Best Premium Member

    The Premium usergroup has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but one thing that will never change is our love for CrownMoksha! Our adoration of Maka Albarn is similarly immutable.

    Best Returning Member

    Many users have come and gone over this community's history. But sometimes users come back, and Maka Albarn's return had us cheering the loudest. Scarred Nobody drew quite the crowd, too!