KHV: Blood of the Cascade

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    I was finally able to get around to take a look at this and I must say that this is absolutely beautiful sir - bravo, bravo indeed. The pacing is rather excellent most of the time and the usage of second person was pulled off rather masterfully - members were written in a very realistic manner (with Misty being the exception of an interesting psychopathic personality) and the characterization of both the mood and the city in itself was very interesting. A few grammatical mistakes here and there but they certainly do not detract from the wondrous factor of your story. I will continue to keep up with this, indeed.

    I must say that the addition of Dave to this story is an excellent choice.
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    Holy crap. I just read this whole thing and I don't think I'll ever be able to ask to Misty again without being scared out of my mind xD
    It was a really good story and I hope to see it finished.
    I know it's really late in the story but if you could mention be in just like a paragraph or hell even someone who died you would be my favorite member xD
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    Just stopping in for a second to say that you've got a totally badass story going here and I will be looking forward to more
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    Can't believe I didn't notice this until now. great story PLums. Some weird mispellings and ellipses of words here and there, but otherwise pretty good.
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    D: This is so much better than mine! I am terribly jealous. Aw well, at least I'm climbing in the stats at all. Keep up the amazing work!
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    Chapter Nine: Spiral Movement

    Note from Plums: I'm not sure what I have to say about this, other than Misty is the demon it is her.

    Darkness embraced you the same way Sabby had Stardust. Warmth rippled across your skin, the rest of the world faded from your eyes, all of your senses locked upon the heartfelt embrace. The moment you, GS and Aura stepped through the portal, you fell near instantly into a dark void below. Even now, you could see nor hear either of your comrades. All you knew was the bubbly warm touch of this black atmosphere. You closed your eyes, withdrawing into your head. It felt as though you had been falling for hours. In the meantime you had been sorting about the assorted jumble of thoughts clanging in your brain. You thought of RvR, how the wheels of his wheelchair must be stained with the shameful dirt of the path leading away from the city. You thought of the members, how their weary eyelids must be battering beneath a judgmental sunshine. You thought of Fayt, how his worry couldn’t even hide beneath his mask. You even thought of Misty: how the girl must be speeding towards the Styx, her mouth foaming with excitement as she reached the Core and plucked the power for herself…

    The touch of the ground sent a vibration up your spine. You landed gently on one foot, the next following. All around you, grass bathed in the light of the three suns overhead. You could hear it rustle behind you. Aura and GS landed, their eyes squinting from the light.

    “Does it usually take that long to get here?” GS stretched, his shoulder cracking softly.

    “Typically, no. If you go into the Introduction Section, there’s a door you could use that just opens up straight to here.” You wiped your eyes with the back of your hand.

    “Then why didn’t we just use that instead?” Aura yawned, stretching her hands toward the sky.

    “Yes, let’s just use the front door right into the Departure Zone. Misty surely wouldn’t expect that.” Aura glared at you, as GS took out his iPod. His fingers traced the screen in a zigzag pattern. A hologram burst up from the center. A map of the Departure Zone hung over your heads, the fierce rays of sunlight above penetrating the image.

    “Okay, so it looks like we’re…here on the map.” GS pointed to a grassy clearing. You looked around at the grassy plane around you. You nodded at GS. He began to sift his finger through the hologram. Light refracted across the surface as his finger wavered towards the northern end. GS’ finger stopped; you could see a small rectangular shaped box beneath it.

    “That’s where we need to go. This should be the entrance into the Styx.”

    “And you know this how?” You looked at GS.

    “Well, think of it this way. When you’ve got a big baddie running around in a game, and you move to the level right before the final fight, you usually have to cross a large map of ****, right?”

    “I guess?”

    “And what is waiting all the way across that map of ****? A door. An extremely florally engraved stone door around the size of Pika’s yearning for a porn section. As you can see, even in 2D, this door is pretty big. And Pika’s yearning for a porn section is also big.”

    “I don’t know. It just seems improbable that that would be the way into the Styx to me.”

    “What makes you say that?” GS asked as he pressed a button on his iPod. The hologram collapsed into itself, withdrawing into the touch screen in a flash of light.

    “Has anything involving Misty been as simple as ‘derp door let’s go through’? I mean, look what happened with Star; I made a perfectly valid point that we didn’t have any evidence to prove Star guilty. Hell, Misty even destroyed Sabby, who was the only piece of evidence we had.”

    “Why did everyone side with her on that, anyway?”

    “It’s because her little innocent baby routine swayed everyone’s opinion; even me after the matter.” You cleared your throat, speaking in a soft, baby-like voice. “‘I am the forum baby and I am adorable and so kawaii desu please kill Star because I am too cute to do this.’” You began to pretend as though you were sucking on a pacifier, causing GS to laugh.

    “Anyway, you shouldn’t keep second guessing yourself like that, Wolfie. Yeah the simple solution might seem…well, simple, but it could end up being the best solution. I say we try it anyway, and see what happens. If we find Misty there, then we kick her ass. Simple as that.” You smiled, patting him on the back.

    “Thanks, GS.”

    “Are you two done with your pity party yet? I’d rather get this show on the road” Aura said, walking off ahead of you two. You looked over to GS. He merely shrugged, following suit behind the girl. You sighed, running towards them, the fears of Misty a ghost in the ever-growing grassy speck behind you.


    Are you such a dreamer to put the world to rights? I'll stay home forever where two and two always makes a five. I'll lay down the tracks, sandbag and hide…

    The sunlight was like knives on the back of your neck. You couldn’t remember how long you had been walking. Time seemed to be lost within itself, as if some infinite babushka doll. Even the surroundings melted together, trickling over time into an omnipresent horizon of grass. The clearing you landed in earlier seemed to be nothing more than a distant memory at this point.

    It's the devil's way now, there is no way out. You can scream and you can shout, it is too late now…” GS’ voice echoed across the green horizon. He had been singing the same song for god knows how long.


    “Yeah Wolfie?”

    “Why are you singing?” GS blinked, turning towards you. A crisp tan spread down his face.

    “Bored, I guess. We’ve been walking around for a while, so I need to entertain myself. Is there something wrong with me singing?”

    “Yeah, it’s honestly getting pretty annoying.”

    “Well, I guess you’re going to have to deal with it then.”

    “Well, I guess that you’re just gonna have to shut up and let me focus on where the hell we’re going.”

    “Really? It’s not like you could’ve tried to do that the minute we left the clearing.”

    “I’m sorry, but allow me to remind you who had the map on their iPod, and who was too busy listening to some damn Radiohead song to bother to focus.” You shot a scowl towards him.

    “At least it’s better than any Avenged Sevenfold song you’d probably sing.”

    “Now listen here you—“

    “Both of you shut the hell up.” You both turned to Aura. Her eyes were fixated in a glare that seemed to encompass the entire landscape itself. “GS, you can’t sing for ****, so stop that. And Wolfie, you might as well change your name to Misty and start killing us all right now.”

    “Excuse me?” Aura walked over to you. You growled as she poked her finger against your shoulder.

    “You heard me. You’re acting like a psychotic *****. I would assume that you’d show at least some sort of decency towards us, especially considering the fact we gave up our regular old lives just to help you fight some omnipotent baby.”

    “I didn’t ask you to do this. In fact, I wanted to do this by myself. I don’t need your help.”

    “You could’ve fooled me back when Misty attacked at the New Pavilion. Or was I just imagining those dying screams of yours?”

    “Listen. I don’t care about what kind of gripe you have. I don’t care about what wonderful life you could’ve led had you not come along,” you inched yourself closer to Aura, the scowl on her face matching your own.

    “And above all, would it have been a good life even if you had stayed? With Arch fertilizer right now, I doubt you’d even have much of a fun time.” You felt a hand whip across your cheek. Aura’s face was a bright scarlet, the furry in her eyes reflected by falling tears.

    “You know what? I don’t need this. Seriously, **** off.” Aura whipped around, walking back towards the clearing. You glared at her back, wishing that the intensity would pierce through her like a sword.

    “Are you going to leave to GS, or are you actually going to follow through with your word—“ You heard GS grunt behind you. The sound of clashing metal echoed in the air as you turned. A figure wrapped in a black cloak towered over GS, their sword locked against GS’ iPod. From their body shape you could tell it was a man, but their face was shrouded beneath a hood.

    “Aura!” You barked the girl’s name, running towards the man. You could hear the grass beneath her rustle as she turned, and with a sigh, ran after you. The figure looked up as you jumped in the air, your fist ready to slam into his face. A whistle squeezed itself from the inside of the hood. A purple portal popped to life behind them man, sucking him into the unknown. You fell to the ground with a thud, GS relaxing his grip on his iPod. You cursed under your breath, lifting yourself up.

    “What was that?” Aura started to run towards you. The grass rustled beneath her feet. You turned around, watching horrified as a purple portal opened beneath her. She fell through, her scream never leaving her mouth.

    “What the hell is—“ GS was cut off, a gloved hand clasping against his jaw. Your eyes locked onto the man only for a few seconds, another rift opening behind him. He jumped backwards, the fear in GS’ eyes disappearing into the purple haze. You rose to your feet, the silence a poison to your ears. You couldn’t help looking around you, paranoid of even the slightest hint of any hue of purple. You could feel terror scale its way through your body, climbing slowly to a peak.

    “What the hell is going on?” You yelled, looking into the sky. A small vortex of purple formed over your head, a scarlet red wound against the bright blue sky. Hands grabbed both sides of your head, pulling you into the wound.

    “You’ll see soon enough.” You felt fingers squeeze themselves against the skin beneath your ears. You lost consciousness, the world fading to a mixture of red and black.


    You felt a familiar slap against the face. You rose with a jolt, raising your hand to your right cheek.

    “Alright, whose bright idea was that?” You saw Aura standing to your left, smirking at her handiwork. GS stood behind her, eating a piece of vanilla cake. Small tan tents sprawled across the area around you, the tri-sun overhead spreading a delicate light over the site. In front of you, you saw the hooded man, his hand extending towards you. You raised your fists to him, fire gathering in the center.

    “Whoa, easy there, girlie. I know I may not own you guys anymore, but you could at least show a tiny bit of respect towards your founder.” The man removed his hood. He looked around 30, the wrinkles of age beginning to set in on his skin. His eyes were charcoal color, his sandy brown hair falling to his shoulders.


    “In the flesh.” He whistled. You could see what looked like Cupcake rumble next to him, a piece of cake on a plate resting in her hand. He patted her on the head, her smile reminding you of a cat emote. Deathspank passed the cake towards you. You felt your stomach growl. You began to eat the cake as Deathspank began to talk.

    “Sorry I had to creep on you guys like that. I’m just really cautious of people entering the Departure Zone since they come here, take on duties, and then decide that KHV is ‘suddenly for them’.”

    “So you’ve been living in the Departure zone all this time?” GS asked, wiping cake crumbs from his face.

    “Yeah. I came here originally as just a temporary stay to figure out what I wanted to do with life and all that hippie crap, but I ended up liking the people here and we made what you see now.”

    “And what we see now is…?” You asked, mouth filled with cake.

    “It’s a Quasi-KHV, if you will; made up entirely of members that left KHV, both ancient and recent. I was thinking about how much of a mistake it was to leave KHV to spdude like that, and decided that I would start anew.” Deathspank said, his glee only overcome by your annoyance.

    “If you wanted KHV back, why didn’t you just buy it back from spdude?”

    “Oh no, that costs too much money. With this, it’s absolutely free of charge.”

    “So basically, what you’re saying is that the reason we’re stuck with spdude is solely because you became a cheap *******. Basically.”

    “I prefer the term ‘Frugal Negotiator’, but yes that is the gist.” You could hear Aura and GS facepalm beside you. If it wasn’t for the fact you had cake in your hands, you would do the same.

    “Anyway kids, make yourselves at home. Any and all KHVidians are welcome at QKHV. Except for spdude of course, but we all know he hates anything with the words ‘KH’ in it anyway, haha.” Deathspank skipped away after Cupcake, leaving you to GS and Aura.

    “…So, are we cool now?” The silence lingered overhead like a cloud. You looked from GS to Aura, and back to GS again. You tried to search for words in their faces, but found nothing more than the stinging nostalgia of fighting. You were about to get up and take a walk the moment GS spoke:

    “Yeah, we’re cool. We were just walking around in the sun too long. We all said things we didn’t mean, and that’s that.” You smiled at him, your eyes trailing back to Aura.


    “I’m sorry, but no. I meant what I said, and I’m not about to change it.” She began to walk off, her head held to the ground.

    “Don’t worry about her; she’ll be fine soon enough.”

    “Why did I say that?”

    “It was the heat, Wolfie. Like I said, we all said things we didn’t mean.”

    “And look where that got us.”

    “Aura will come around eventually. Right now, all that matters is finding and stopping Misty.”

    “Dammit, I forgot about her. She may even be halfway to the Core right now…but that doesn’t matter. Even if she has all the power in the world, I’m not letting her lay her fingers into another KHVidian. That I swear.” GS looked at the sky, a soft sigh escaping his mouth.


    “Yeah, Wolfie?”

    “I know why I want to fight Misty. And I know Aura is more than likely fighting for revenge for Arch. But…why do you want to fight her?” GS looked out towards the tents. In the distance, you could see Deathspank and Cupcake dancing, Gwen was cooking a misshapen steak in a fire pit, and even Xaldin was around, wearing a T-Shirt with a picture of broken Admin tables. GS clenched his hands, exhaling.

    “I don’t know. I…just don’t know what my inspiration is for this. When I saw Misty attacking at the News Pavilion, I just followed Arch’s lead, I guess. ‘We’ll show this little baby how to really an Admin!’ I didn’t feel like I had to do it, I didn’t think about if I wanted to do it or not, I just felt…bad that he seemed to know what he wanted to do, but I didn’t. Even now, I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do. I just tagged along because I’m not sure what I want. If any of that made any sense.”

    “You just need to find what drives you GS. What do you feel? Why do you want to do this? That kind of thing.” GS smiled, punching you in the arm.

    “Thanks, Wolfie. I’ll try to do that.”

    “Good. Anyway, as for now,” you rose to your feet, stretching. “I’m gonna go talk to Deathspank and try to see if he’s seen Misty anywhere around here.”

    “Heh, good luck.” You made a face and moved towards the dancing man. Cupcake noticed you approaching and stopped dancing. Deathspank gave he a puzzled look, turning to meet your gaze.

    “We’ll finish this up later, my delicious pastry.” Cupcake laughed sheepishly, shooting a glare towards you before she left.

    “And may I ask what you want, young wolf cub?”

    “Call me a wolf club one more time and I will give you a real clubbing.” you growled, clenching your fist.

    “Anyway, what I wanted to ask was, have you seen Misty anywhere near here, by chance?”

    “What are you talking about? She’s been here the whole time!” You froze from terror.

    “Hey, Misty! Wolfie and some friends are here to see you!” Deathspank yelled in glee. You felt fire flare up in your hands as Misty emerged from behind one of the tents, her hand interlocked in Mike’s. Both we wearing the same outfit you had last seen them in. Mike even had his PSP out, the battle music from BBS’ Final Episode ringing softly in the air.

    “It’s been a while, eh Wolfie?’ You threw your fist forward. A blast of fire overwhelmed the couple, decimating the grass in front of you. Deathspank had jumped out of the way, his face buried in the dirt. GS , Aura and the other “members” of “Quasi-KHV” gathered behind you. Aura and GS gave you concerned looks as Deathspank sprung to his feet.

    “What in the troll name of Nomura do you think you’re doing!” He pointed to the fire behind him. “Not only did you kill two of your staffmates, but most importantly, you singed my precious QKHV! I demand a pay deduction from you and that RvR *** too to pay for this!”

    “I wouldn’t say we’re staffmates, exactly.” The fire swirled out of existence. Misty stood smiling, her head resting on Mike’s shoulder as the boy held a wooden stick into the air. GS gasped, pointing to him.

    “Mike’s using Reflega!”

    “But isn’t that a KH spell?”

    “Silly kids, why else do you think Mike dresses like Ven? Certainly not to chase after any hot Terras.” Misty said, pointing to the crowd. Mike lowered his stick to the same position. Your eyes widened.

    “Everyone, move!” The beam of white light shot out before anyone could scream. You felt other people dive to the ground all around you as the light pierced the horizons. You heard someone crying. Looking up, you saw Deathspank sitting over Xaldin, a large hole sitting cleanly in the latter’s chest. Deathspank’s wails blanketed the area as you, GS and Aura stood before the fallen crowd. Misty laughed, hugging Mike.

    “Mikey poo, please show these marsupial ****ers what messing with me means.” Mike stepped forward, his PSP in front of his face and the stick pointing towards the three of you.

    “Do you guys think we can take him?”

    “It’s Mike, do you think he’d really try to kill us?” Aura said, staring at his stick.

    “Oh I don’t know Aura, how about we ask the Xaldin corpse over there.” You ran forward, drawing your light saber. It met with the stick, both of your hands struggling. Mike yawned as he knocked the light saber off the stick. He whipped his wood across your face, knocking you to the side.

    Aura charged him, holding her Gunblade by her chest. She began to assail Mike, her swings wild and unrestrained. You could see sweat forming on Mike’s brow as the PSP began to play Destati, the hand holding the stick countering all of Aura’s attacks. Aura grunted, placing both hands on her Gunblade. She ripped her hands apart, the sword splitting in a flash of light into two. She began to attack faster, Mike blocking just as fast. You saw GS jump into the fray, a ball of sound resting in his hand.

    “Thundaga.” Mike muttered, pressing the buttons on the PSP faster. A bolt of thunder slammed in Aura’s chest, knocking her into GS. They both tumbled through the tents, Deathspank wailing even louder. He turned to you, his eyes red with fury and pain.

    “DPWolf! As your former owner, I demand you stop this exquisitely radiant little girl and her cosplaying boyfriend too!” You couldn’t help but smile, charging to boy once more. You placed you hand on the light saber’s hilt. Fire flew onto the purple light, bathing it in fuchsia flame. You brought your sword into Mike’s weapon, the stick smoldering into nothing more than ash. Mike, for the first time, looked from his PSP to his hand, the skin slightly black from soot. He smiled triumphantly as he began using both hands to play. Misty sighed, twirling her finger. Water shaped like a snake constricted your body, bringing you to the girl. Deathspank jumped at Misty, his foot ready to impact with the girl’s face. She gave a quick exhale out the side of her mouth. Deathspank was sent flying backwards, crashing butt first into the fire pit.

    “And now that he’s out of the way, how about we talk Wolfie?”

    “About how big of a ***** you are? Sure, I’m down for that.” You said, shaking in the watery bonds.

    “Ha, you’re such a doll. A breakable doll.” The water around you tightened. You screamed as you felt your body compressing into itself. Your breaths were getting faster. You felt your utility belt fall off your body, hitting the ground with a thud. Misty looked at the fallen items, picking up the pill with the green light in the center.

    “No!” You began struggling, the water’s grip getting tighter with each move.

    “This…is a Reputation Multiplier Pill, isn’t it? I remember RvR talking about these to CtR one day, but I never thought they were actually a real thing. Well, thanks Wolfie baby.” She smiled, breaking the pill in her hand. You watched in horror as green numbers flashed over her head. Misty began to hum, watching the numbers calmly.

    “I think I’ll stop it…now.” The numbers began to slow down. 9, 17, 15, 18, 29…28…01…50. The 50 shone, the light covering Misty as if a veil. It dissipated into a shimmer as Misty closed her eyes. She inhaled, and opened them. You fell to the ground coughing, the water chasing after Misty as she moved towards Mike. She placed a hand on his back, the boy smiling as the BBS ending finished.

    “Misty! Did you see? I beat BBS at last!”

    “That’s good babe. But you want to know what’s better?” Misty placed her mouth against Mike’s cheek. You gagged in between coughs.

    “That really was better.” He smiled, looking down at Misty.

    “Oh good! Now I won’t have to feel bad for killing you.” Misty said, a smile resting on her face. Mike look confused as Misty raised her hands. Water poured out of his mouth and his nose. He fell to the ground, as shriveled as a burned steak. Misty turned to you, laughing.

    “Now watch Wolfie, as I perform my first miracle as your new God.” Misty sat over Mike’s body, the water dancing behind her.

    “First, I take the amplified powers of Jiku, and instead of making an illusion,” Misty pressed her finger against Mike’s forehead. The boy’s skeleton expanded to the size of a skyscraper. The rest of his body burned away, the pieces etching themselves onto the skeletal frame. “I make a reality.” She snapped her fingers, the water behind her wrapping around the skeleton.

    “Next, I give this beast a body. And now, combining the amplified versions of Plums’ Fruitbending and Pika’s electricity, I shall give it life.” Misty punched the ground. Vines surrounded the beast, the nutrient of the Earth piling into its body. Electricity surged around the vines, shocking the great body. You could see everyone else staring at the monster on the soil, the electricity humming in an ominous tune. The beast began to make grumbling noises as Misty began to cackle. It began to rise up, all four limbs cresting on the ground. Misty hopped atop it’s wet head, staring at everyone below.

    “And finally, I shall use the amplified version of Chev’s Memory Manipulation to give it the perfect purpose: obey Misty!” She yelled, lodging her fingers into the water. The monster’s red eyes sprang to life, unleashing a roar that shook the land. Misty got n her knees and kissed it on its head.

    “You know what to do, my child.” The beast roared in understanding. Misty looked to you, smirking.

    “And now I think I’ll go get that Core now. Deathspank! Reveal the door you poophead!” You saw Deathspank hiding behind one of the tents. He sighed, nodding his head. A large portal appeared behind Misty. Her eyes fell to you, a smirk glowing on her face.

    “And I guess I’ll see you later—if there is a later for you.” She said, jumping through the vortex. You tried to get to your feet, but fell back down. The beast caught sight of you, water spilling from its mouth in hunger. You your eyes as its jaw closed in. A sharp noise pierced the air. The beast recoiled, its eyes searching for the source. You saw GS standing in front of it, strumming his iPod. Another wave of sound smacked into the beast’s head, causing it to fall to the side.

    Deathspank ran towards you, lifting you up into his arms. You could smell the singed fabric of his pants as he carried you over to GS.

    “DS, where did the portal lead to?” You asked, glaring at him. His hair was slightly singed around the edges.

    “It led to the door to the Styx. I had no choice! Misty was going to kill me if I didn’t.” You pointed to what used to be Mike.

    “She was going to anyway! But that doesn’t matter now. Right now, me, GS and Aura need to get to that damn door.”

    “But the beast will follow through if you do! None of us are strong enough to stall him. He’ll rip through us, kill me, and follow you into the Styx. You have to stay until it’s beaten. I’m not letting my precious site get destroyed!” You kicked him below the belt. Deathspank fell with you to the ground. You struggled to rise to your feet, glaring at the man in the dirt.

    “You can’t be ****ing serious. Misty can’t be put off. If she gets the Core, the world will be at stake, and not just some Quasi-KHV. You’re going to open the portal now, and you are going to let us through— even if it will be your final action.” Deathspank cursed, opening a portal to the door. You and Aura walked toward the portal.

    “GS, come on.”

    “…I’m staying.”

    “You’re not thinking of—“

    “Wolfie. These guys are as much KHV as the actual thing itself. I can’t just go on ahead while I know they’re being killed by some ApocaloMike. Not to mention, that’s our Mike trapped in that thing. I doubt if he was even able to be free after Misty killed him…”


    “Remember when you were talking to me earlier, about why I am fighting. Well, this is why I guess. KHV is more than just the site, it’s the people in it. And I guess…it’s me too.” GS smiled, jumping on top of the nearest tent. He pulled out his Rep Pill and held it up towards the sky.

    “Hey Misty, what’s left of Mike, and whatever else is out there! This is pill is forged from the sweat of KHV’s creation…and believe me, I’m going to put it to good use!”

    “GS! No!” He crushed the pill between his palm. A green mist surrounded him, a turntable forming in the center. GS began to spit out some ill beats, rapping “Libera Me From Hell” beneath his breath. When he came to the Chorus, the turntables flashed a bright green 78. You shielded your eyes as the mist lit up, all of it condensing into his hand.

    “This is Deathspank’s soul! The member base soul! KHV’s soul! …And actually, it’s my soul!” A sound wave the size of Mike exploded from his palm. Another one shot out directly on top of it. Each sound wave began to condense atop each other, forming what looked like a drill.

    “DS, what the hell’s happening!” You yelled, eyes blinded by the light.

    “From what I saw that one time he attacked Mike, he condenses the sound waves into a compact form and releases! But this time is different! This time he’s making more than five or six waves, but millions! And it’s allowing him to form an actual physical sound drill!” You could only look on as the final sound wave gathered at the top, a drill twice the size of Mike enveloping GS’ hand.

    "Do you seriosuly think it's gonna be wiped out by the likes of you!" he screamed as he jumped forward. The drill began to spin, the frequency of the noise it put out higher pitched than one of Sabby’s screams.

    “Guardian Soul…GIGA…DRILL BREAAAAK!” The drill smashed into the beast’s head. It’s howl was mute beneath the sound of the drill. The body Misty created was slowly crumbling beneath the attack, an explosion slowly expanding outwards.

    “GS, get out of there!” Aura was crying, her screams muffled beneath her choking tears. You looked at Deathspank, then to GS, the harsh reality crashing on you like a storm. You ripped Aura from the ground, jumping into the portal. You could see GS smile, as the drill imploded. Everything faded to a purple hue as you whispered farewell.


    The door was as large as GS thought it was. At least, it would have been if it were it still standing. Large chunks of it lay in ruins over the ground completely charred.

    “Looks like Misty got impatient” you said, Aura standing off to the side. Aura will come around eventually. You couldn’t help but to wonder when “eventually” actually was. Aura looked over to you, her eyes meeting yours. You both nodded, walking over the front of the ruined door. A small yellow window sat in front of you, the light as soothing as it was ominous.

    “Listen Aura…”

    “Misty first, then talk.” She jumped through. You sighed, following her lead. All around you, all you could see was Aura and a void of nothing but yellow. It reminded you of when you all first entered the Departure Zone, and how it was GS’ last adventure…

    “Wolfie, look!” Aura pointed below you. Squinting your eyes, you could make out a red-headed girl sticking her tongue out at you. Without a second thought, you drew your light saber as the girl smiled. Misty, you’re not getting away.

    MistyxMike (Mistike) 5eva <3
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    GS... *cries*
    Mike*cries harder* and xD at the MikeXMisty xD
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    I am going to rip your soul out in real life.

    V. entertaining chapter Ploo-Hemzorz, during the whole Wolfie/Aura fight I'm like "woo Aura is one tough *****, so she can be my sidekick >:3" but then I remembered that story!me is awesome and doesn't need a sidekick.

    Keep updating bby, ignore yo summer reading!
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    Summer reading can be done in a few minutes with one easy tool.

    Spark Notes~

    Amazing chapter Plums.
    I cried for GS, I cried for Mike (who has epic skillz by the way), and I can't wait for the part when I finally show up the part when Misty and Wolfie clash in the epic battle and Aura uses her mega ***** skillz to kick some wet ass!
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    Chapter Ten: For a Hero

    You heard your left arm crack before the pain registered. Pillars of rock sprang from the ground, reaching to some unseen, unfulfilled wish in the sky. Small stones embedded themselves into your skin, as if a child holding its mother’s hand. You plucked them out as you looked up to the yellow portal in the sky. All you could hear ringing through the air was a dichotomy of Aura’s screams and Misty’s giggles. The sound of her voice made you cringe; her words crawled through your ears as if some malignant parasite.

    I thought you could do better than this, Wolfie.”

    And you call yourself a Super Mod, you poophead.”

    Even Chev put up a better fight.”

    You clenched your teeth as you pulled the last stone from your arm. It fell to the ground, the pain in your arm dulling to silence. Rounded impressions rose up and down the skin. You could even see some spots where the marks were scabbing over, with small red drops forming at the peak. You rose to your feet as the portal flashed. A line of water burst from the center, crashing into the ground. Aura laid in the rubble, her mouth making a sound somewhere between a cough and a cry. You ran towards her, putting your hand beneath her arm.

    “I don’t…I don’t need your help!” Drops of blood fell from her mouth. They dribbled to the ground, spheres of a broken existence.

    “As if. Aura, you don’t have to do this alone.”

    “Bullshit I don’t.” Aura snatched her arm away from you, wiping the blood on her sleeve. She struggled to her feet, glaring at the portal. She only took one step before she fell to her knees, her eyes widened with pain.

    “Aura, your leg—“

    “Shut up.”

    “You can’t go on like—“

    “I said shut up!” She turned to you. Her eyes were streaked with branches of red. Her breath was heavy, coming out in unequal gasps. You watched as Aura forced herself to her feet again, her eyes resting on your face.

    “Alright, I’ll bite. What’s your problem?”

    “You don’t know, Wolfie?”

    “I can’t say I do, other than your growing, unexplained pissy-pants attitude.”

    “My problem is you.” You raised your eyebrow.

    “I know you have a problem with me, but blaming all your problems on me is a bit much.”

    “You know what I’m talking about! Ever since Arch died at the News Pavilion, all you cared about was Misty. ‘Stop Misty here, we can’t let Misty get free!’ What about the people that fall along the way? What about Arch…”

    “Aura, I do care about their sacrifice. They’re the reasons we got where we are now. Don’t you want to avenge them; make their deaths mean something?” Aura’s fist smashed into your right cheek. You stumbled backwards, vision blurred as Aura punched you once again. You felt a splitting pain run up your nose bone.

    “How dare you. How dare you say his death means nothing! He was my world…and you just brush it off as if he doesn’t matter at all!” Aura raised her fist once more, thrusting it to your face. You caught it mid swing with your right hand. With a growl, you kicked her in right leg, her cry levitating through the air.

    “You think I don’t care that people were hurt for this? Star, Jiku, Fork, Jayn, Bueno, Chev, Sabby, Plums, Nova, Arch, Mike, Xaldin, GS and all of the other fifty members. They all died at her hands. They died so we can do this. Misty takes priority. Defeating her is what they died for. And doing that is the very least I can give them to pay them back.” Tears streamed down Aura’s face, the salty droplets ice against your skin.

    “But what about Arch?”

    “It’s not about him anymore. ”

    “It was always about him!” Aura began to squirm in your grip. You pushed her away, her hair falling all over her face.

    “Maybe for you, Aura. But he was just another person lost, another person I will avenge.”

    “How can you avenge him when you don’t even care enough? He gave his life to save your sorry ass. He deserves more than just some off-hand mention in a list of people who couldn’t fight!” Her eyes widened as she saw you draw your light saber. She unsheathed her Gunblade, the weapons meeting between you.

    “Don’t you dare say that one life weighs more than another. All life is precious regardless of who they were or what they did. Those that fell here fell with an honor someone like you would never understand. Arch was brave, but he was one part of the collective bravery of the member base. If you ever say that one person’s life is more important than someone else’s, you’re no better than Misty. And I will take you down.”

    “You know what then?” Aura smiled, pushing the Gunblade forward.

    “Come at me, bitch.” You raised your light saber as the ground split beneath you. Water sprang into the air. A stream of liquid knocked you backwards, smacking you into the side of one of the pillars. You winced upon impact, the stones digging themselves into the dampened clothes on your back. Aura turned, her hair flying in all directions. She raised her Gunblade as laughter poured through the geyser of water. Misty stepped from inside, her eyes moving from Aura back to you.

    “Hey, kids. What was this I heard about a fight?”

    “It’s none of your business! This is between me and Wolfie. Besides, shouldn’t you have a pacifier to be sucking on?”

    “And shouldn’t you have something to be sucking on? Oh silly me, that’s right. I killed it.” Misty gave a shrill laugh. Aura ran towards her, the blood vessels in her eyes as wild as her bloodlust. Misty snapped her fingers the moment Aura’s blade was mere feet from her face. A metal leg exploded from the earth, kicking her to the ground.

    “I wouldn’t try that if I were you, kiddo. Especially considering your boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy seeing you beat up on poor little ole’ me.” You watched in terror as an armor clad arm burst through the ground; another followed suit. The hands gripped the earth, the ground cracking beneath the weight. A bronze helmet rose from the depths. Aura shook as the armored figure escaped the earth, standing tall next to Misty.

    “It can’t be…” Misty turned to you, catching the whisper that fell from your lips.

    “Oh, but it is. You saw what I did to Mike. And now, behold my second experiment: Terra-Arch! As a replica of the original, this model far exceeds the one you all knew. T-A is stronger, faster and more durable than the original was. And to sweeten the deal, it’s completely loyal to me.” She smiled, petting the armored man on the head.

    “No, no, no, no, no. Arch would never commit himself to you. Never…” Aura whimpered, her eyes locked on the ground beneath her. Misty smirked, hitting Arch on the shoulder.

    “I guess we’ll see about that. Arch: kill.” Misty’s hair blew in a breeze as Arch flew towards Aura, his fist raised in the air. The girl merely sat there, staring at the ground as though it were a dead body. You threw out your right hand; fire glided through the air, smacking Arch in the chest. You lodged yourself out of the pillar as he spun through the air. He pushed his feet into the earth, stopping his flight. You stared into the helmet, the darkened screen a void in his soul. Arch took a step forward as you raised your fists. You pulled your right arm back in an attack when you felt something pound into your stomach. You only looked in his face for a few seconds before Arch’s fist pressed into your face. You fell to the ground, clutching your face as Misty laughed.

    “I told you it was much faster. But why should you only get to play with one, when you can play with more?” Clouds of dust rose into the air as more armor clad men pried themselves from the earth. From between your fingers, you could see at least a hundred Arches descend upon you, the same empty stare in their helmets mocking you. One of them lifted you up, holding your arms behind your back. One by one, the Arches began to punch you, each metal fist more painful than the one before it. Thin lines of blood started to spill from your nose; your sight became dyed a light hue of red.

    “Au-Aura…” Another fist to the stomach silenced you. Saliva poured from your mouth to the ground in heavy amounts, red dots spotting the clear liquid like stickers. Between squinted eyes, you could see a red tinted Misty walk beneath the Yellow Portal. She slammed her fist onto the ground, a shockwave of electricity breaking the earth into pieces. White light shone from the hole, Misty’s face wrapped into an endless smile. She looked back at you, then back to Aura. Another punch smacked into you.

    “Should I go to the Core now, or should I stay here and enjoy this?” She pouted, wrapping her thumb and her index finger around her chin. “I mean, if I go to the Core now, I get ultimate power. But I can also miss this once in a lifetime show. Decisions, decisions…” You raised your head, shaking. Aura sat in the same spot, her eyes staring a hole into the ground.

    “Aura…please. I need…you. Misty will… Just…just think about what Arch would want.” The girl lifted her head, a loud whimper forcing itself from her mouth.

    “Arch only cares about Misty. What good can I do? It’s too late. Nothing matters anymore.”

    “He’s not doing this himself…he’s dead. I hate to say it, but it’s true. But that doesn’t mean he loves you any less. What we’re fighting, what you’re looking at, is just some mass produced reanimated corpse. It doesn’t feel, it doesn’t speak; it doesn’t do anything but fight for some sociopathic freak. Arch knew love, and whatever part of him remains out there beyond death...” Another Arch came before you, his fist raised.

    “He still loves you.” The fist came billowing down as you closed your eyes. You failed. You couldn’t save KHV, you couldn’t defeat Misty; it was all for naught. You gulped, wishing for death to wash over you gently, like a film of rain drops.

    The sound of metal clashing tore you from your thoughts. In front of you, you could see the Arch cut in half, Aura standing before you with her sword in hand. She smiled as she whipped the sword over your head. You could feel the grip on your arms slide away as you fell to the ground. Aura stood overhead, her Gunblade at the ready.

    “You okay?”

    “Y-yeah. But you can’t…fight a-alone.”

    “Watch me.” Aura ran forward. The Arches converged on her from behind, their metal feet clanging against the ground. She turned on her heels, breathing in. She clapped her hands together. A pink aura surrounded her body like a quilt. The Arches continued to run at her as she exhaled. Aura raised one finger to a section of the Arches.

    “Go.” Beams of pink light flew from her finger tip. The light collided with the Arches, dissipating to reveal various weaponry; swords, axes, spears. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Misty’s jaw drop, her brow furrowing as she began to advance upon Aura. Fire erupted before her, forming a thick wall between her and Aura. She looked over to you, her face white hot with rage as you pulled your hand back again.

    “This is…something I’m afraid we can’t interrupt” you smiled as Misty charged at you.


    You couldn’t help but stare at Aura fight. Even as you barely dodged Misty’s attacks, you always stole a look at her battlefield. Swords pierced the Arches through the helmet. Grenade explosions rippled through the bodies like a wave in water. Spears flew in every direction, impaling the armor through the chest. Even more surprising was the smile on Aura’s face.

    “My Arch wouldn’t do something lame like that! And you call yourself a real man? Come on, show me what you’ve got you wannabe heroes!” The taunts rolled off her tongue as more lights shot from the aura. More weapons impaled the oncoming Arches. You felt water knock you backwards as Misty glared at the Arches, a vein in her forehead popping out.

    “What is taking so long you poodumpsters! Finish it already!” Aura cast a glance at Misty, a smile spreading across her face.

    “Don’t worry, I intend to.” Aura ran toward the Arches, pulling wisps of light from the pink aura. Two swords formed in her right hand as she pierced the crowd of Arches. Torsos were sliced in half as she made her way to the back of the crowd. Aura jumped in the air, wrapping her hands against the helmet of one of the Arches. She spun around, the helmet sliding clean off of the armors body. Aura landed with a smirk, brushing the ground with her feet. She walked towards the wall of fire as the remaining Arches chased after her. Explosions of pink light lined the ground the minute they stepped where Aura brushed her feet. You looked on in amazement as she walked towards you. Misty, charged you with her hands wrapped in watery tentacles. Aura flung out her right arm, a hammer flying into Misty’s stomach. Aura rummaged through her pockets, pulling out a small green pill.

    “But this is your Rep Pill.”

    “I’m not going to need it. I’m going to end it all here.”

    “Aura you can’t be—“

    “Anything to stop Misty, right?” She gave a faint smile, throwing the pill through the wall. You caught it in your hand, staring at the girl’s face. The fear and bloodlust lining her face had been erased, replaced by a sunny afterglow of happiness.

    “Wolfie…” Aura turned her back towards you, her voice buttery with joy.

    “Thank you.” Aura walked into the Arches once more, her arms swinging her swords around in an arc. She stabbed one of the Arches in the chest, wrapping her arms around his helmet.

    “I know this isn’t you. But I want to be with you again. I want to be happy.” The pink aura around her began to burn bright pink. The other Arches surrounded her, the mass of armor covering up her body.

    “We’ll be together forever. Just you and me. And you know…that sounds like perfection to me.” The pink light began to shine through the armored mass. You felt a tear run down your eye as you ran from the fire wall towards the portal in the ground. You looked back, the light expanding into a rapidly growing sphere.

    “Aura…” You turned back to the portal about to jump in as something pushed against your back. You could feel Misty’s icy grip lock around your throat as you both fell through.


    “And you thought you could escape me?” Swarms of blue flew by your eyes as the girl tightened her hold. Your breath became heavy, quick. You could see your skin turning paler by the minute.

    “The Core is my right. You’re not even fit to behold it." Your airways constricted as her fingers locked around your throat. Your vision blurred, the red head’s face looking as though some kind of distorted tomato. You were about to pass out as a bright white light pierced your sight. You could feel the cool touch of the earth beneath you, the light source sitting overhead as though it were a king. All around you, all you could see was black and white stain glass, stretching for what seemed to be infinity. You could see Misty stare at it too, her mouth salivating at the sight.

    “Now the real fun can begin.” She kicked you aside. The Rep Pill bounced out of your hand, tapping against her foot.

    “I don’t really need much Rep anymore, but more could never hurt. Maybe this time it’ll be multiplied by one hundred.” She brought her foot down on the pill as you covered it with your right hand. Pain swelled through the hand, the shattered pill beneath compressing into pieces. A green light shone through your fingers, enveloping both you and Misty. You could see a thin line of light pierce though your hand, a similar line going through Misty’s foot. Light green light collected at the center of this union, swimming around as though it were goldfish. You could feel warmth rush into your body as the light faded, Misty’s eyes shut from the intensity. Fire billowed from your hand, knocking the girl back a few steps. You rose to your feet, an electricity of some sort coursing through your veins.

    “What is this feeling?” You looked at your hands, bewildered. Misty turned her back to you, her eyes raised to the Core.

    “When we broke the pill together, it must have acted as an equalizer. You’re now just as every bit as strong as I am, Mandalorian pig. In fact, it looks like I can’t go easy on you anymore. This should be enjoyable.” Electricity crackled in her right hand as you raised your fists. Misty turned her head towards you, her eyes gems of lust.

    “I’m sorry it had to end this way, Wolfie.” The whisper echoed through the room. You thought of Aura, GS and all the other KHVidians, the thought of their smiles burning at your eyes.

    “No you’re not.” You pulled your right fist back, the words spilling out of your mouth. Misty smiled, a wave of water rushing from her hand. You pushed your fist forward as fire roared outwards, the attacks colliding beneath the light of the Core.

    One more chapter after this and then it's done. ._. At this point this story feels like my baby, and it's about to graduate. xDx It has been a while since I have written prose, since all we've been focusing on so far at school is poetry. :c I wanted to include a bit more detail here and there, but it was just...hard getting the words out. That's no excuse though, so I will take my sweet time and really make the next one better.
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    Amazing chapter Plums.

    I love the little details that you add to it.
    It's so descriptive that I feel like i'm in the middle of the Star Wars (:lolface:) that are going on between these two.

    It's like my little niece/nephew, and i'll also be sad to see it go.
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    O_O So many KHvid peoples are dead.. :(

    Don't let Misty win! You can do it Wolfie! We believe in you!
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    gud job ploo-hermzorz, v. exciting. c: I eagerly await THE FINAL CHAPTER.
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    Your description is really great ... I can't describe half as well as you can.

    Aura ;___; oh wow. Emulating Axel at all or is that co-incidental?
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    Chapter Eleven: Re;

    Note from Plums: That's right kids. It's been a near ten month long road, and it's been a fun one too. And before I go off on some big speech, here's the last chapter.


    ...Got you good, didn't I?

    Anyway, quick FAQ time gogogo.

    Q: Plums you motherfackin' troll, where is my Wolfie vs Misty?
    A: I am not writing Wolfie vs Misty. Both are great mods, and it would feel wrong to pit them both against each other in a highly detailed fashion. not to mention they can both beat me up so yeah

    Q: Then this is it?
    A: Well, it was originally, and I was not going to tell anyone this, but there is oone final chpater that I am working on. It was originally going to be surprise after a few weeks passed by after this update, but since this was not a conventional update, I figure I might as well not troll you all again.

    Q: What's that chapter about?!
    A: i gave you one detail already you are now just being spoiled babies. >:L

    Q: So how long should this chapter take to finish?
    A: Ideally, the weekend. I have lots of after school things to do, but I will be writing on and off during school when I get free time.

    Q: Will you at least give a summary of the Wolfie vs Misty fight? :c
    A: Yes

    Basically, Wolfie and Misty began their strife at the Core (which it is revealed that CtR fused with the Core, making them both the same exact thing). Both had an equal power level due to the Rep Equalization that occurred last chapter. However, because Misty had her full powers much longer than Wolfie had hers, she was able to slay Wolfie near immediately (but with icicle stabs and not punches). As Wolfie laid there dying, she had a vision of Fayt (or Han Solo in this case), who told her to open the gift he gave her at the end of Chapter Eight. When Wolfie opened it up, she found a microchip that buried itself into her bloodstream, altering her physical form to allow her to transform into a Kamen Rider (or in this case, Supergirl). After the power boost, Wolfie not only compelled, but challenged Misty to the point where the slayer had to leap into the Core, begging for it to give her power. However, as CtR is the Core, her will still exists, meaning that Misty getting power is a big LOLNO. As a result, Core the Rain stripped Misty of all of her Rep, leaving her a mere shell of pathetic baby poop. Misty begged Wolfie for mercy, pleading about their friendship, to which Wolfie gave her a friendly glance of thermal energy hotter than the sun. Therefore, Misty dies, Wolfie returns to KHV (along with RvR and everyone else), and begins plans for a bright future ahead.

    Q: ...Did you start writing y-
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    That's the 2nd the last chapter.... Wow plums xD My dear brother you have pulled a bleach- meaning you have mind ****ed me xD
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    I take no leave of you Mr Brittania. I send no regards to your fruit tree, you deserve no such attention. I am most seriously displeased.

    In seriousness though, as much as I would have liked to read it in its true form, your ending to thisa was very good. I would however have liked to actually have somethign to read ;___;.. I can't wait for the next chapter.
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    that was a lot harder to type out than i thought it would be

    Plums, while I enjoy your koot little animation IT DOES NOT SATIATE ME. NEXT CHAPTER PLZ.

    Also, speculation: there will be a rad plotwist in which Kayleah and I team up to be co-Gods of KHV. Plums is banished to KHI.
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    Plums, you troll!

    Ah well, at least there's another chapter before we have to say goodbye.
    Now get to it while I procrastinate~
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    Chapter Twelve: Tears of the Cascade

    Note from Plums: GUESS WHO FINISHED? THIS KID. The actual last chapter of Blood of the Cascade. It's here. So yeah. No trolling in regards to another BotC chapter. So woot.

    “These things will never leave you, they’re as close as you can get; to a blueprint for the future, but you can call it fate.”

    -Emmy the Great

    The darkness was a grave. It held the land within its lonely confines. Time was a blind guide; it kept moving without direction. Past, present, and future were meaningless here. All that one could see was a small orb of light hanging above the land. It was nothing more than some fraction of the sun. A small blue ring circled around the edges, the glow dim, soft. Ashes lay strewn about; patches of soot covered the broken fragments of earth, like a tarp a child over a mess; simply pretend that nothing happened, that the awful secret beneath the sheets wasn’t there waiting to be uncovered.

    And yet, it still was. It still remained in some semblance of memory, in some physical form. The cause of this was fresh; a battle, if one had to take a guess. The result of a culmination of events; the fall of a fruit. The deaths of a knight, a witch. The hollowed screams of a sandwich maker, the crippled bodice of leader; the hope of a wolf looking over the land. They would try to forget in due time; focus on rebuilding their city, coming to term with the losses. And they probably could have. If given the chance, they could survive it out, despite the hardships. The city wasn’t one that fell easy. It would rebuild itself, attract more new civilians, appoint new leaders; it was the nature of KHV.

    But this world didn’t matter to anymore. Even the Core that hangs above, a soft burning glow in the background, meant little importance. Although this all amounted to naught, there was still more work to be done. Although the Core’s power was tempting, it was nigh time to begin the actual plan.

    A small drop of water dripped from a rock. It fell to the ground, splashing in silence. The tiny shrapnel droplets began to swirl into one another, the water slowly climbing for the sky. A light shone in the center of it, expanding outward into a human shape. It was little taller than five feet, with small watery tendrils that looked like stubby fingers. The light began to expand more, and once the water was engulfed, it dispersed, revealing a girl. Her orange hair pierced the environment. Her brown eyes suffered a similar fate, the iris lost amongst the shadows.

    She had to admit, she underestimated the Mandalorian. This could have quite easily turned into a much more permanent end for the girl had she not foreseen her loss ahead of time and duplicated herself with a water clone and compressed her actual self into a water droplet, tying her own existence to an insignificant object that would go unnoticed. The girl realized it was a fatal error on her part. One that she would ensure she would avoid making the next time. She had long set these irons in the fire, and was not about to let them all die out. She held up her hand, the stubby fingers once caked with the Rep of the deceased ravenous once again. She smiled to herself, mouth watering with lust. Misty was very much alive; and she intended to stay that way.

    - - -​

    It only took a few minutes before she was able to get the hang of her body again. Though, she couldn’t quite help but to stare at her hand, disgusted at how weak she had become.

    Ever since “Core the Rain” absorbed all of the Rep from her, Misty felt vulnerable. In this state, even Chevalier could have picked her off easy. It was unnerving for her to even think of Wolfie, for fear of feeling...fear. Wolfie, at her current state, was practically omnipotent amongst the remaining members. It would take ages to absorb enough Rep to take her down. Of course, with the Core overhead...Misty shook her head, sighing. The Core isn’t any use anymore. It would only reject her again. She needed to focus on the primary plan, which would require more Rep. She licked her lips with hunger as she stared at the portal leading back to KHV. She would start with the Normies. Perhaps the adorable Heart? Or the ever vivacious Saxima? She smiled, a ravenous feeling rising up in the pit of her stomach. She would not fail again; this time, no survivors.

    She only took a step forward when she heard the Core release a soft humming. Misty scoffed. It was a piece of trash now. Same as the staff team she left behind to rot where they belonged. She couldn’t help but to want to gaze at it though; the chance to get another look at her ex-prize was a temptation she could not resist.

    A fist collided with her face as she turned around. Her body jerked backwards, the fist slamming her into the ground. A sharp point rested on her neck as she looked up, unsurprised at her assailant. They wore blue footie pajamas with a hoodie resembling a serpent’s head with sunglasses. Misty was expecting it after all, considering this was the poophead that enabled Wolfie to claim victory. A venomous heat leeched out of her mouth as she spoke;

    “To what do I owe the pleasure, Kay?” She felt a foot push against her stomach. The point of the sword moved, now resting directly above her jugular vein.

    “You know, when I go through the trouble of ensuring your death, I expect it to be a little more permanent, deary.”

    “What can I say? KHV’s Queen has to remain strong and able for the people.”

    “‘Strong and able to kill’ is an exception to that, slayer.”

    “Boy oh boy. Has little Kayleah woken up on the wrong side of the bed?” Despite her poor position, Misty could not pass up the chance to deliver a good quip.

    “Hush. You have slain members, retirees and even staff alike. On pure principle alone, I should kill you the minute I see out bat even a single eyelash.”

    “And yet, here I am, about to listen to you deliver some poop speech about how we should all be friends.”

    “I never expected you to turn out to be such a coy kid. I had hope for you, MistyMighty.”

    “I never expected I would murder someone for being a lousy in the way, meddling poophead. Oh wait, I did. Nearly sixty times.” Misty could feel her chest numb a bit as CtR put more weight on her foot. The girl shot a glare at the former Admin, her eyes glazed over with a sprinkle of hatred.

    “Don’t mess with me, Misty. I will kill you, let that be known. But...”

    “But what? Going to call in the god wolf on me? Good luck getting the city to reach a peaceful conclusion. My name is forever burned into their brains as a reminder of true terror. Whenever they think of her, they won’t be able to stop remembering the faces of the fallen. Misty’s presence in the history of this world will earn her the title of nothing more than a demoness; a slayer.” CtR raised an eyebrow as Misty covered her mouth.

    “I think it’s time for me to talk to Misty, ‘Misty’.” Misty rose to her feet, launching a fist towards CtR’s face. The woman sighed, catching the fist in her free hand, raising the sword with her other. It glowed a bright blue as Misty struggled to escape, her face contorted in a fit of madness.

    “You will regret doing this Kayleah!” CtR shrugged as she pushed the sword through the girl’s chest. Gurgling sounds spilled from Misty’s mouth; her were covered in webs of vessels. CtR pushed the sword in further, the intensity of the sounds rising with gaining inch of the blade. The woman watched as Misty’s orange hair began to glow, the color fading away to black. With a smirk, CtR removed the blade, smashing it into the ground beside her. A pool of black liquid rested at the point, trapped. Misty dropped to the ground, the sounds from he mouth dying to mere gasps of breath.

    “Kay...what...what is...” CtR knelt beside Misty, placing a hand on her shoulder. She smiled, her teeth the same white color as the glowing orb overhead.

    “Welcome back, Misty.”

    “Where am I? Why are you here? What just happened?” Kayleah turned, raising a finger to the Core. It flashed bright, revealing a myriad of images in its center. Misty could hea her sigh as she turned to face the girl, her eyes filled with hurt.

    “It would be best if we started from now and go back to the beginning.”

    - - -​

    Misty was on the verge of crying. CtR looked at the images, her face as stoic as a stone. The minute the image of Nova’s corpse lying on the bed appeared in the Core, a tear fell down Misty’s face.

    “Stop it Kay. Please.” CtR nodded, waving her hand. The images disappeared from the Core as Misty sat on the ground, wiping her eyes. It had been a long time since anything had made her cry, but this was just...

    “Misty, I know it’s hard.”

    “Killing all of them didn’t look too hard. But why? Why would I just do that? I don’t understand.”

    “Is there anything you can remember from it?” Misty shook her head, her eyes glued to her hands as if there were clues left behind on them. All she could see was her skin, paler than it ever had been, molecules, nerves and everything shaking to the same beat of fear. She had slain each of them; Chev, Star, Arch, Nova, Sabby and even...

    “Plums.” The word seemed to spark something in her head. She could see the pictures flash in her mind. She was at the New Years’ celebration at Fearless’ house. Everyone was partying around; Chev was tipsy, Cat<3Sora was singing karoke, Clawtooth and Daxa were slowdancing, even Kubo was there, juggling a soccor ball with his legs. Misty could remember talking to Plums about music next to RvR while he played Battleship with Forsaken.

    “And that is why you should not listen to them at night. Ever.”

    “I will try to remember that, but just in case I forget, I think I will sandwich it between lots of Los Campesinos! songs.”

    “You can’t sandwich Avey Tare and Kria Brekenson under Teams Camps, though! That would be like squishing Animal Collective between a bunch of Emmy the Great. It starts off mellow, but then turns into a chorus of amazing but trippy as ****.”

    “Team Camps?” Plums looked at her, confused.

    “It’s one of their nicknames. Orange and I call them that.” Both of them laughed.

    “Speaking of Orange, where is she? I need to talk to her about stealing the username I wanted to use.”
    Misty could remember muttering something along the lines of “I have to go now”, before she had ran off outside. The rest of the images then flooded in her mind; her crying at the base of a rock, hearing a voice inside her head, and then...the desire to kill Plums, kill him for reminding her of Orange.

    “Misty, what’s wrong?” She hadn’t noticed when CtR had knelt beside her, her eyes flooded with worry. Misty was shaking, her hands even paler than before.

    “...I remember now. Plums. I remember killing him. I don’t know if I remember the others, but I definitely remember his death. It-it was a voice in my head. Nagging at me. I don’t know what it was, but something it said, it just...”

    “It was that.” CtR pointed to the sword in the ground, the puddle of black beneath it completely still.

    “I don’t know what it is, but I have a feeling that it may have been using you as a host. Do you remember what Plums said that made the voice start speaking?” Misty looked at CtR. It was all the woman needed to know.

    “...Orange was always a mighty fine lass. All of them were. I doubt she’s still feeling the same way.”

    “It shouldn’t have happened. It was my fault, I was young and stupid—”

    “Misty, it wasn’t your fault. You were just hanging out with your friends. If we knew at all that things would end that way, if Kitty, Rosey and Jelly would be...then it all could have been avoided.”

    “I wish I could believe that Kay. I really, really do.” Misty looked to the ground, the memories clouding over her head like the tears in her eyes. It happened a few years ago, around the time CtR was first made an Admin. They had all been hanging out in the SpamZone; with the exception of Kitty and Jelly, all of them were staff. They were in the “Sooper Sekret Lake” in the SpamZone, which laid hidden beneath the frames of KHV. Orange and Misty were by the shore, while Kitty, Rosey and Jelly were in the center of it all.They were splashing water around, talking about their day when it happened. A huge wave of high pressure water appeared out of nowhere. She and Orange didn’t even had time to process it when the wave crashed into the three water bound girls, cutting them into nothing but mere molecules of their former selves.

    “...You. killed them.” Orange had risen to her feet, her face as red as the small drips of blood in the water.

    “Orange, how could you say—”

    “Only you have control over water! No one else could make a giant tsunami out of nowhere! You wanted to be the only moderator, I bet. You wanted to ascend and leave everyone else behind you!”

    “Orange, I would never! You, Rosey, Jelly, Kitty -- all of you are my friends! Why would I kill you for some position on a fansite?”
    Misty was gripping Orange’s hand, tears and snot an avalanche down her face.” It was then Orange gave her a look she couldn’t forget; it was filled with so much hate, so much pain, that even in the present, Misty could not look into the dark without seeing it.

    “You could, and you did. You killed my friends. I never want to see you again. I’m done with you, traitor.” Orange had ripped her arm from the girl’s hold, causing Misty to fall to the ground. She wailed then, hoping her cries would reach Orange. But they never did.

    “It was my fault Orange left. Why she’s never come back. She hates me, and I deserve it.” Misty could hear a soft buzzing, but she didn’t care about it. She was too consumed by Orange to care about anything.

    “You don’t deserve it.” CtR had to shout over Misty’s sniffles. She wrapped her arms around the crying girl, squeezing. “Nobody knows what caused that wave.” The buzzing grew louder, causing both girls to look over. The sword began to shake wildly as the black liquid rose into the air. CtR jumped to her feet as the liquid surrounded the sword, shooting it off into the distance. The black goo was flickering, flashing white and gray every few seconds. It took the shape of a person. It had no eyes, no mouth. Yet it spoke, clear and precise, it’s deep voice bouncing through the Styx.

    “At least, no one knows yet what will cause that wave.” CtR raised her fists, glaring at the creature.

    “Kay, what is that thing?” Misty looked to CtR.

    “It’s what’s been inside of you, Misty. Something I should have picked up on a long time ago.”

    “That you should have, Catch the Rain. I expected much better from you; but alas, I knew I would be proven wrong. You members are so blind sighted to the obvious.”

    “It’s a DBE. One that’s gained sentience, it appears.” Misty gaped at CtR, her eyes glued to the girl’s back.

    “But how? I thought DBEs weren’t supposed to be that harmful!” She remembered talking to Sara about it in her earlier days on staff. Sara said the DBEs were “relatively harmless anomalies” that cropped up from time to time. They were coughed up into the city as a result to maintenance done by Xaldin and Deathspank. The only thing they did was render a member’s motions incredibly slow, at worst lasting up to hours.

    “That is quite true, Catch the Rain. That is the worse of the DBEs that are not like myself. I was born in a very unusal way. In fact, you could say that I was born from Misty herself.” CtR ran forward, charging the creature. The DBE jumped into the air, black tentacles forming at its sides. They rained down to the ground upon CtR, who jumped into the air as they stabbed the ground. Her body glowed with a bright white light as she smashed her right hand into its face. Wrapping her legs around her body, she dropped along with it, the aura speeding up the descent. With a grunt, CtR hopped away from the DBE, leaving it to crater into the ground alone. She landed beside Misty, who scrambled to her feet.

    “Misty, get out of here. Go to the city, go to TKK -- anywhere. This thing is far too dangerous, and I am not about to let it take control of you again.”

    “I am still an Admin of this site. I will protect it until it’s very end. I will not run away, and I am not leaving you to fight here by yourself.” Misty looked at CtR. The woman sighed, rubbing the girl’s hair with her hand.

    “And that’s what I always liked about you kid. You’re determined. It’s times like these where I see why you’ve been staff for as long as you have.” CtR smiled. Misty felt pride swell inside her, if only for a second. CtR’s smile contorted into a gape for air as a black pole forced its way through her chest. She pushed Misty away, the tip of the pole covered in a layer of blue fluid. It retracted, causing CtR to fall to the ground, her bodily fluid spreading around her. Misty watched, horrified, as the DBE rose from the crater, it’s arm covered in the same blue fluid. It walked towards the fallen woman in silence. Misty began to run forward, her fists raised at the monstrosity. A tentacle shot out of its abdomen, slapping the girl to the ground. Misty laid there, grimacing, as the DBE made its way to CtR.

    “You’ve done a good job, Catch the Rain. And now, it’s time you were finally relieved of your duty.” A black ball of energy formed in the DBE’s hand. It raised it’s arm to the core, whispering the word “fire”. The ball entered the Core, black electricity surrounding the celestial orb. It flickered in and out, black and white, until it finally exploded in a flash or bright light. Pieces of the Core scattered to the ground, shattering upon impact. Misty struggled to her feet, a sharp pain erupting in her shoulder. She put her hand on it, the skin tingling, as the light cleared.

    “W-why did you do that? I thought you wanted the Core!” Her voice was as small as her hope.

    “Young Cassandra, I would not expect you to have known about it at all. After all, considering your consciousness was only present for attacking Plums, and later merged with my own, you were never too aware of the current plan. While true that the Core has immeasurable power, it is what lies within that was my goal. The prized possession of each of the Cores in the timelines of this dimension. However, this Core in particular holds what you can call, the grand prize. A chance to influence all of time and space at once.”

    “What are you talking about?” A portal sat where the Core once was, images of greenery and a futuristic city sitting within.

    “Why Cassandra, what sort of KHV would this be, with four future Sectional Mods never promoted, Stardust and Chevalier never made to ascend, Roxasvsriku lessened to a cripple, and a world in which all would made to remain cadavers? Certainly not one the alpha timeline would allow. And that is the world I seek.” The DBE jumped into the air, leaping through the portal. Misty ran over to CtR, the woman’s body growing paler with each dying breath.


    “M-Misty. You...the after it. You...must, it’ can’t be allowed to taint the alpha timeline.”

    “What is the alpha timeline?”

    “It’s...the timeline in which all is created. We...this world is an offshoot from that timeline, and...the alpha timeline is the original time. be anyway and the DBE...allowed to take over....all will be doomed. You must...accept...” Misty nodded, her eyes misting up. CtR extended a shaky hand; Misty took it, energy diffusing into her. She felt power course through her veins.

    “I you the last of my much power as you did before Plums was killed. In the alpha timeline...everyone here will still be...alive. It is the...most favorable timeline...keep it that way.”

    “Thank you, Kay. For everything.”

    “Misty...I am proud...of you. You really are...a mighty...fine....staff”. CtR’s voice trailed off as her eyelids closed. Misty squeezed her hand before letting it go. She looked back towards the way out of the Styx one last time.

    “I will protect you. All of you. It’s time I make things right.” Without a second thought, she waved her hand. Water from the rivers below swirling around her. She pointed to the air, the water rocketing her to the sky. As she entered the portal, Misty muttered to herself, her glare locked onto the world that lay ahead.

    “The story isn’t over.”

    And with that, I give you the ending of Blood of the Cascade.

    "But wait Plums, there's more story to this!"

    Yes. But in a sequel.
    That I am about to write a prologue to.
    I said there were no more Blood of the Cascade chapters after this, and that I would not troll you again in regards to a BotC chapter again.

    But I did not say anything in regards to chapters in a sequel.
    You just did not ask the right questions.