[KHV] Cruel World - A KHV story with pirates.

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    Chapter 1

    Gather 'round ye lads and lassies and I'll ye a tale of adventure and cutthroats, of tragedy and bloodshed. If any o' ye think ye can't handle it, then I would advise ye to close yer ears to what I'm about to tell, mateys.

    For I be tellin' the tale of Captain Fox and his Mistress, the Lost Heaven. The Lost Heaven was a fearsome ship if I ever did see one. Her sails were black as the blackest night that ever swallowed the blazing sun. The rest of her was the color o' blood lined with torches. The figurehead. Oh other vessels might have a mermaid or some other goddess to guide their way. But not the Lost Heaven. Her figurehead was that o' Medusa herself.

    And who was the Captain of this fearsome hellspawn of a ship? None other than Captain Laurence_Fox of course. Why, one old salt I ran into last week, forget his name, said that Fox was one o' the harshest Captains to ever sail the high seas of KHV. Fox said to be so deranged and evil that hell itself spat him back out because he tried to take over the place. Imagine old Lucifer wasn't pleased at that development.

    What did he look like, Captain Fox? The accounts o' his appearance vary but for the most part he was tall and dressed all in black and silver. An ornate eyepatch worn over one eye. The other eye as pure ice but that eye held a fury that the world had not seen since Cain killed Abel.

    The First Mate of this ship was Libregkd and he was jus' as bad as the Captain he served under. He took great pleasure in doling out punishments upon the forsaken crew and he had a most insane cackle as he did so. Libregkd dressed garishly in contrast to Fox's sinister black.

    The Lost Heaven was unbothered for the most part. Save for the occasional foolhardy pirate ship seeking to end Fox's reign of tyranny. All of those ships lay at the bottom of the ocean along with their fool Captains and crews. The other contender against the Lost Heaven was the Royal KHV Navy. One Commodore Clawtooth in particular was especially Hellbent on taking down the Lost Heaven and mounting Fox's head as a trophy.

    Commodore Clawtooth is well known amongst us pirates. He's personally escorted a few of us to the banishing gallows himself. While Captain Fox's eye burned with fury, the Commodore's eyes burned with a purifying fire. For he couldn't tolerate the presence of pirates in Staff waters and the fact that the Lost Heaven was the biggest pirate threat made Clawtooth more determined to bring her and Fox down.

    The particular tale I'm gonna tell ye salts about is about the conflict between Fox and Clawtooth. The met in the middle of the ocean in the Fun and Games section. The Lost Heaven loomed out o' the gloom like a ghost ship while Clawtooth's ship, the H.M.S Darkwatch. Named of course for the legendary Admiral who had lost his life against Fox's own sword. Maybe that was the reason the Commodore sought Fox's head.

    Anyway, the two ships clashed and Fox ordered his pirates onto the Darkwatch. 'Board that ship, ye dogs o' hell!' he yelled and he was one of the first to board the Darkwatch with Libregkd not far behind. 'Commodore Clawtooth is mine!' Fox yelled as he went in search of his prey.

    As luck would have it, the two men soon clashed swords with a clap of thunder. Both sides stood by watching as if a pair of titans were dueling for command of the world. Neither man seemed to have an advantage over the other and both seemed to be anticipating the other's movements.

    Ages seemed to pass as the two remained locked in combat with the thunder growing more frequent in the background. Fox was relentless, unleashing his full fury against the Commodore who matching him blow for blow. Either their blades would break or one of them would. Soon though, Clawtooth saw his chance, a minute opening in Fox's defenses and plunged his sword through Fox's heart. A hushed whisper ran through the pirates as the long awaited rain began to fall.

    Captain Fox looked down at the sword in his chest as he stumbled backwards. The ice cold fury leaving his eye before he fell backward onto the deck. "C…Commodore, I want to tell…you something before I die." Clawtooth knelt beside the dying pirate. "By killing me…the world is a smaller place." And he cringed as a stream of blood left his lips. "Some small bit of…wonder dies with me. As does my ship."

    And as the light left Fox's eye, the Lost Heaven seemed to melt away under the relentless rain, along with her crew. The First Mate, libregkd, he shot himself rather than hang and then his body too, vanished into mist. Only Fox's lifeless body remained on the deck of the Darkwatch. Clawtooth frowned as he closed Fox's eye, giving Fox that much respect. He pulled his blade from the pirate's chest.

    Oh aye, no ship has ever plagued the sea like the Lost Heaven did and no pirate instilled such a fear like Captain Laurence Fox? Did Commodore Clawtooth bring Fox's body back to the rest of the staff? Aye, he did. Once the staff had proof o' the pirate's death, they committed the body back to the sea. The Commodore was never the same after Fox's body sank to the depths, he often repeated what Fox had told him as the pirate lay dying. That the world was a smaller place and that he was responsible for killing some wonder from it.

    And who might I be telling' this tale like I was there? I served on Commodore Clawtooth's ship. And I 'ave the abandoned that life after I saw the legend o' Captain Fox die. My name has become Forsaken…as surely I am after witnessing that terrible day.

    On the bottom of the ocean, rests the body of Captain Fox. Even the sharks fled as that eye opened, not the ice blue from the old dodger's story, but blood red. Neither Hell nor Heaven would have him it seems…
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    Not bad. It did not read as something out of the era, but it was still a good read. I suppose it seemed cut off at the end? I will await more, if you write them.
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    Great job! I really liked it. I did see lots of spelling errors but none that a pirate wouldn't make. Honestly, I thought Commodore Clawtooth would die. I'd like to hear more about Captain Fox and his dread crew.

    Keep up the good work!
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    ^Quoted from the spamzone for truth.

    I hope you indeed show us Darkwatch's demise at some point~
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    Chapter 2

    Posted under spoiler tags since I don't know how long this chapter is.

    Forsaken sits in a run down tavern somewhere in the Spam Zone. Unknown to him, a foreboding figure is approaching with his leather boots squelching as if waterlogged. Indeed, the black garbed figure looks like the ocean had washed him up quite recently.

    A black gloved hand pushes open the doors and one glaring red eye scans the cringing occupants before settling on the one being oblivious to his presence. The water logged figure approaches the table where Forsaken sits and takes a seat himself, "I thought I might find you here." It is only now that Forsaken takes stock of just who is seated before him. Nearly choking on the ale he had been drinking. "C…captain Fox? How did?"

    "Why I am back should not be a mystery. The Devil is afraid I'd take over and I'm not the angelic sort. Nowhere left to go but back here. However…circumstances have…changed, Forsaken." Rather than ask how the notorious pirate knew his current name, Forsaken swallows nervously. "And what has changed?"

    "You see, when the good Commodore took my body back to the Staff section. They took something from me that I need to get back before they figure out just how to use that something." And then he leaned back and tugged down the left side of his shirt. No sign of the scar where the Commodore's blade had pierced but rather a larger scar as if something had been stitched closed.

    "The Staff took your…heart?" Fox settles his shirt back into place and leans back in his chair. "They did. I suspect they do not know the full significance of that." "That's…how is it that you're sitting here if you…" Fox sighs, "I am a man cursed, Forsaken." And the dread Captain drags a gloved hand over his face before absently picking a bit of seaweed out of his blonde hair.

    "Say, Forsaken, you wouldn't be looking to join my crew would you?" "Oh no, I know the ramifications of serving aboard that ship of yours. Have to sign a blood contract that binds my soul to that demon vessel." "And what else are you going to do with your time? Sit about in taverns and wait for your liver to explode? Or are you planning to returning to Clawtooth?"

    "Truth is, Captain, the Commodore's not been himself since the day he cut you down." "Hm…in that case…maybe I'll pay the Commodore a visit. Since I suspect he's the one that has what I'm after." "Are you sure that's wise? You could be walking right where he wants you?" Forsaken asks, knowing the pirate could take care of himself but afraid of the repercussions should the body be in the same place as the heart.

    "Pffft, I cut down that Admiral they spoke so high and mighty about." And his hand rests on one of the three swords on his left side. There were another three on his right but it was a particularly ornate hilt with a red tassle hanging off of it. "Admiral Darkwatch did not have your heart in his possession." And with that statement, Fox sinks slightly in his chair and rests a gloved hand over his eyes as if exasperated. "That's only a legend, Forsaken." "Aye, but I don't think you should be the one to test that theory."

    As if the Captain had sensed something peculiar, he turns his good eye over his shoulder. The other patrons were starting to get antsy as if they knew who this waterlogged pirate is. Fox reaches over and grabs Forsaken by the collar of his shirt to physically drag the Ex-Staff from the establishment. "Not that I'm afraid of the sort of scum that visit such places but I'd rather not have a confrontation just yet. Welcome to my crew, Forsaken. You've just been press-ganged into service."

    And then Fox drew one of his six swords and holds Forsaken's hand so it was palm up. Fox then closes Forsaken's fingers around the blade before pulling. Not allowing Forsaken time to feel the pain from the injury, Fox returns his blade to its sheath. His black and silver gloved hand pressed over Forsaken's mouth and then in the next instant they were on the deck of the Lost Heaven.

    "Unfortunately, Libregkd shot himself before I died. That means I am short a First Mate." "How did…?" "I am bound to this ship, Forsaken. Some things you'll find are best not to question aboard this ship for your sanity. Men! Meet our new First Mate, Forsaken. Let's make him feel welcome aboard our ship."


    Commodore Clawtooth paces in his office on a rainy afternoon. He does everything he can not to stare at the chest resting on his mantle. It is not the trophy he had thought would be there but this…this proves to be unnerving.

    He remembers when the Admins had suggested they keep Fox's heart. But the only one of them that spoke reason had been Forsaken citing some old pirate legend about removing the heart from a pirate captain such as Fox. At the time Clawtooth had agreed with his superiors but now…

    "The bloody thing still beats even disembodied." He mutters under his breath as he seats himself at his desk. "It was raining that day too. Though only after he breathed his last. I wonder…was the ocean herself grieving his death?" And then he allows himself to laugh at that. He sails the seas of KHV himself and to think the ocean had emotions is just crazy talk.

    Then a knock sounds at his door, "Commodore?" "Ah, Lieutenant Jayn, please come in." "You wanted me to report sir?" "Yes, Jayn. Any reports of activity of the pirate sort?" "Well, sir, they've been quiet since the Lost Heaven vanished. I know you were of the opinion that Captain Fox kept them in line and that's likely the case, Sir. They feared him and his ship. But I have to wonder why they haven't tried to fill that void, Sir." And Jayn glanced out the window at the relentless rain.

    "Forgive me for this, Sir. But maybe the reason the other pirates haven't been as active is because Fox isn't as dead as thought? I mean, we have evidence…" And she glances at the chest nervously before back at her superior, "…that Fox is dead and I was there when we sent his body back to the ocean." Clawtooth stands from behind the desk and makes his way over to Jayn in front of the fireplace. "You think Fox can come back from death itself and do so without his heart? …It would take…someone like him to do so. Someone with that ghastly of a will to defy death itself."

    The Commodore turns, "And has Fox's pet been sighted?" Jayn then turns white as a sheet, "Well sir, we had reports of a trading vessel not too far from here that looked…ripped apart. The few survivors gave reports similar to the Leviathan. A silver serpent with a nasty temper that preys on men." Clawtooth simply nods, "And lots of sharp nasty teeth. But the Leviathan is not reason to believe that either the Lost Heaven or Fox are back."

    He puts a hand on the locked chest, "Admiral Darkwatch used to tell me legends about Captain Fox and the Lost Heaven. At the time, I thought they were just stories. He said that Fox was a complete jerk who intimidated every single member of his crew and those of other ships. He was sarcastic to the point of being caustic and there were implications that he and Darkwatch had an uneasy rivalry. I thought he was telling me to unnerve me about coming here but…I'm starting to think those legends are…something real."

    Jayn blinks, "Admiral Darkwatch and Captain Fox were rivals?" Clawtooth removes the chest from the mantle and opens up a larger chest. "It's not at all unheard of. The late Admiral made it his mission in life to apprehend Fox and bring him to justice but I wonder, knowing what I do know, if Darkwatch was reluctant to do so. What Fox and his ship represent." And he closes the lid on the chest as if that might muffle the maddening beats.

    Clawtooth then put his hat back on, "I think I've inherited that rivalry. I have a plan, Jayn. Another old legend Darkwatch told me was that should there be a scenario we face at this moment. Being Fox will likely come looking for his missing heart. If that should happen, then Fox, the Lost Heaven, and the Leviathan are put under control of who so ever should be in possession of his heart."

    "And we have to lure Fox into Staff waters?" Clawtooth leaned on the chest, "We have all the bait we need right here, Jayn. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to prepare for our friend's visit. I suggest you do the same. Alert the rest" "Y-yes, Commodore."

    "Soon enough, Fox. You'll come waltzing right where I want you."

    Chapter 3
    The Lost Heaven]

    "Men! We're plotting a course for Staff Waters! Your Captain needs his heart back from that good for nothing Commodore! Forsaken?" Forsaken swallows nervously, "Yes…Cap'n?" "Take the helm. Llave de Espada will assist you. Llave!" "Captain!" "Join Forsaken at the Helm. I'll be calling an old friend to heel."

    Fox's bright red eye shines brighter at the prospect of what he has just suggested. He approaches a mechanism located by the central mast of the ship. He grabs hold of a silver lever and pulls back as far as it will go before letting the lever go. The resulting shockwave spreads out in the ocean around the ship.

    Not too far away, a large silvery head breaks through the water with a song composed by a humpback whale. The wedge shaped head then lowers under the water with a large sinuous body following behind.

    "Come to me, my pet, Leviathan. Your Master is calling you." Fox murmurs into the night wind. He knows it would not be long until the beast was tailing the ship again.

    "Captain, I must urge you to again reconsider this course of action." Fox places his black and silver gloved hands on the rail of the Lost Heaven, as if considering the request. "I do not fear the Commodore or his forces. I do not place stock in this legend you keep bringing up. I have come back from death itself to get my heart back." And the glow from his remaining eye became that much brighter with his anger which causes the crew to cringe as if the Captain were broadcasting his anger through the ship herself.

    "Commodore Clawtooth is but a mere stepping stone in these waters. These waters that are rightfully mine by way of conquering the other pirate crews. Every single one surrendered to me by way of combat. The Staff will do so too. How many have I defeated? Remember when they sent the most lauded Admiral Darkwatch after me? The Commodore may have my heart but he will not have it for long. How many Admirals and Commodores have I cut down to get where I am? How many pirate captains have I sent to Deathspank's locker? Is the Lost Heaven not the most feared pirate threat in the Seas of KHV? You think we got there by playing nicely with everyone?

    "Men! You want to get your Captain's heart back from the Commodore, right?" "Yes, Captain!" "Then we sail for staff waters! There isn't a ship Staff or Pirate that can match the Lost Heaven with the Leviathan at my beck and call." And to really drive this point home, the Leviathan's head breaks the surface of the water. The creature's song hauntingly beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

    "I am coming for you, Commodore Clawtooth."

    3 Days Later. Staff Waters.

    "Commodore! The Lost Heaven! She's been sighted!" Lieutenant Jayn reports to her superior. "What are your orders, Sir?" "We do nothing. I need Fox in the same vicinity as the heart." Jayn absently wonders if Clawtooth has lost his mind but knows she can't question his orders. "Don't worry. Fox will come where I want him. I will wait in the center square for him. The men will provoke the pirates into attacking and lead them there."

    Once the Commodore arrives in the center square, he places the chest carefully on the ground between his feet. "The Leviathan can't leave the sea. It will not be a concern." And he can hear its cries of rage that quiets shortly. The beast was not his concern.

    Soon enough, Fox comes round the corner, three swords held in each hand. Three blades held between his fingers.His red eye glowing brightly with his merriment, that eye fixes on the chest containing his heart. He lowers his attack stance so that the topmost scabbard is almost scraping the ground. "You came right where I wanted you, Captain Fox." "I did no such thing I…" "You came for that which was taken from you right?" And the Commodore picks up the chest, "You're now under my control and by extension control of the Staff of KHV."

    As Clawtooth speaks these words, Fox clutches his chest where that heart used to reside as if he's been impaled by the sword Clawtooth hasn't drawn. He drops to his knees, his six swords clattering to the ground. "You, your crew, your ship, and your pet are under my control." Fox proceeds to pick up his swords and returns them to their sheathes.

    "How may I serve?" The dread Captain asks as he lowers his head.

    Unknown Location.
    Pirate Ship: Executioner's Pride

    "Captain!" The Captain in question proceeds upon deck. "Yes, Rat?" "I think you should have a look at the sky, Captain." The pirate captain shields his kohl rimmed eyes against the sun…or rather the sun being eclipsed in darkness. "It's a bad sign Captain. Never have I witnessed anything like that before. And there's a storm blowing in at the same time."

    This Captain is somewhat familiar. His clothing is garish even by pirate standards and he has a grim sort of exterior even with his bright clothes. It's no other than the First Mate who had shot himself rather than see a world without pirates. "…Fox. What trouble have you gotten in this time?" Libregkd murmurs, fearing the worst already.

    The Executioner's Pride is a ship painted black and bearing black sails. Her figurehead is the goddess Nemesis. She's not as feared as the Lost Heaven not having the same reputation as the dread ship. A relative newcomer yet the reputation her Captain has makes people nervous enough.

    "…Captain? Everything alright?" "…I fear the worst, Rat. A storm is brewing on the horizon. A storm that will change everything in our world." "Should we make port?" "Land or sea won't protect us or any fool that calls himself pirate if what my gut is telling me is true."

    Chapter 4
    Staff Waters. The following morning….

    The Lost Heaven is docked in the port just outside the mainland. Her Captain sits on the beach listening to the mournful song of the Leviathan. The glow in his remaining eye has dimmed slightly as if reflecting the change in his mood. Gone is the headstrong pirate and what remains is an unwilling executioner. The Commodore had made it plain that that is what he is now.

    "You are to destroy every Pirate ship in the waters of KHV and then when that is done, there will be no use for you in this world, will there?" "And what will you do without Pirates to send to the gallows, Commodore?" "Hold your tongue, I did not command you to speak."

    Fox's silver clawed hands dig trenches in the soft white sand as the red glow of his left eye flares to life. He hates what he has become and he hates that there had been warning aplenty that he had failed to listen to.

    Footsteps gingerly approach the dread captain and only one soul is brave or stupid enough to approach. "I know what you're going to say, Forsaken, and you're right. You did tell me so on more than one occasion." Forsaken kneels down on the beach facing his Captain, blocking his view of the ship.

    "Are you going to go along with it, Captain?" "I have little choice in the matter." Fox states resting his elbows on his knees and then his head in his hands. "If I may make a suggestion, Captain?" Fox turns his head since Forsaken is sitting on his blind side. "I have two eyes. Maybe I could watch your back for you?"

    Fox seems to consider this, "Aye, You can be my Right Eye and my Seventh Sword, Forsaken." And this seems to have restored Fox to his old self. "Alright, give me a full report, Forsaken."


    Commodore Clawtooth is seated at his desk writing a report to send to Admiral Okabe Rintaru detailing the capture of the Lost Heaven and that the Pirate threat to KHV would soon end completely. He can't help but to embellish certain points to make himself seem better to his superior.

    Then a knock comes at his door. "Ah Lieutenant What?, I was hoping to see you and I trust you are enjoying your promotion?" "Yes, sir. But I had to admit I was a bit surprised to receive such an honor." "You were with me when Fox was cut down and suggested it to my superiors when we returned."

    What? looks down a bit, "Had he but died that day." He says too low for Clawtooth to hear but then he lifts his head and smiles. "Yes, and you tricked Fox into entering your service." "Fox and the crew of the Lost Heaven will do all our work for us and then I will order him to turn his sword upon his own heart. Thus ending the pirate threat."

    "Excuse my boldness, sir. But Fox has come back from the dead once. What makes you think he won't do so again? The pirates do say that he is simply a force of nature beyond trivial aspects of life and death." "Pirate superstitions that I won't tolerate." Clawtooth responds waving away the thought as if a buzzing insect.

    "…Would you like to see it?" "Fox's heart?" Clawtooth nods in reply. "Close the door." What? does as asked and then makes his way to Clawtooth's desk where the Commodore has placed the black and silver chest. He produces a key with a dragon's head to unlock the chest. He turns it three times before the chest unlocks. The lid opens and What? finds he cannot look away until Clawtooth closes it.


    Later, Lieutenant What? is walking along the beach seemingly just for a leisurely stroll. The man has always been slightly eccentric in his habits but no one thinks more than that. So they let him about his business.

    Once he's out of sight of the Commodore's office, he starts looking about for someone. "Fox?" "That's Captain Fox, if you please." The pirate Captain replies dropping down from the rock outcropping he'd been sitting on. Forsaken comes around from behind the rock. "Of course, pardon my rudeness, Captain Fox."

    "I've seen your heart, Captain, and would like to help you retrieve it." Fox tilts his head slightly as if he's interested. "Oh? A staff member helping Pirates? You could get yourself executed for treason for that?." Fox states resting a clawed glove on the hilt of one of his six swords. "I believe the punishment for that offense is death by the gallows. "I know…but the Commodore's gone mad. He wants to…" "I know. He wants to use me, my ship, and my crew to kill my pirate kin." "No, he hasn't told you what he wants to do next. He'll force you to stab your own heart. Thus killing you and everyone you've ever laid eyes on."

    Fox narrowed his remaining eye, "Fool doesn't know what will happen if he does that. Forsaken, you're the keeper of the Lore. You explain." Forsaken steps forward and clears his throat. "Should He Who Has No Heart stab that which was taken from him, he will rise again and instigate the End Times. The very sea herself will cover every inch of land until nothing is left and all life will perish. Save for Him, His Crew, and the creature called Leviathan."

    Fox claps his clawed hands slowly as Forsaken finishes. "However, you mortals can be right amusing at times. I do not want to be the bringer of the apocalypse as the legends have written me to be. I just want to be a pirate, albeit an immortal trickster one, and have fun." Fox turns to look at his ship for a moment then back at What? having to turn his entire head to do so.

    "I think we're going to get along just fine, What?. Maybe I'll extend you an invite to my crew when this is over with." Fox states flashing a grin with four unnaturally sharp, pointy teeth. What? cannot help but swallow at the sight of them imagining them tearing out his jugular like an animal. "…Maybe. But we…shouldn't get…ahead of ourselves."

    "I agree with What? and we shouldn't get too headstrong or lose sight of our objective." Fox nods before eyeing the sunset, "Oi, shouldn't you be getting back? Staff shouldn't be conversing with lowly pirates unless you're with the Commodore." What? nods before making his way back toward the town.

    "Say, Forsaken? What do you make of the turncoat?" "If he is as he says he is, then he could be a valuable ally to consider." "And if he isn't? What then? Would you stand by as I cut him down in anger?" Forsaken frowns knowing the captain is testing him. "You painted your reputation in the blood of your enemies but hear this. Who will add to the painting when you have no enemies left?"

    Red blood drips on white sand as Fox's silver claws dig into his palms with his anger. "You must temper your anger. Focus your fury but do not give into it entirely." "Forsaken, I'm being summoned to the Commodore's office. Likely for my orders." There was an unspoken request in those words which the First Mate heard all too clearly. "I will accompany you."

    The two make their way to the Commodore's office. "Ah, Captain, I was wondering if you got that message, I have a task for you to carry out." "You mean there's a ship of Pirates you want gone. And you want me to do your work for you!" "It doesn't matter how the task is accomplished so long as it gets done. What makes a difference if it is me or you that does it and I would think you would like to be made useful."

    Fox growls in his throat like a leashed dog about to strike. "The difference is that the blood will be one my hands." "As if you aren't guilty of doing the same thing already. Your target is a ship named 'The Elusive Ghost'." Fox knows that ship and her captain well. "I see you know that name. The Captain used to be one of us before she turned Pirate. You are to bring me proof of her passing. Do you understand?"

    "I am not doing this. Kitty has every right to live as she pleases!" Fox snarls, his ire rising. "The dog does not yet know his place, it seems. Need I remind you of what you are and what I hold in my possession?" Forsaken puts a hand on his Captain's shoulder and leads him out of the office. Forsaken leads the Captain back to the beach, "I have a plan."

    Executioner's Pride.

    "It is as I feared." Libregkd murmurs looking over the message that had just arrived. Brought by the raven perched on his shoulder that now preens its pristine black feathers. "Fox, you had your heart taken by the Staff and now you are being beset on us all. You ignored the warnings and now we shall all suffer the consequences when they unknowingly initiate Ragnarok."

    He folds up the paper and then proceeds out on deck. "Men! Hear my words and hear them well. The next we make port, you are free to go and never return. However, by being on this ship, you have marked yourselves with the name Pirate. He Who Has No Heart will not hesitate to hunt you down and all the sorry souls that associate with you if you do so.

    "Now then, Rat, plot a course to the waters known as Skype. We need to convene the Court."
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    I am liking this dear,and was pleasantly surprised that you had decided to continue it.
    The whole story,and the idea f it,makes me laugh,and I just love who you choose for the characters.
    There were a few little spelling mistakes here and there,but other than that it was just lovely.
    Great work dear,and please do keep it up <3~