Idol KHV Idol Reboot! [Theme Suggestion]

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    Hey guys, got a suggestion for a theme for KHV Idol? Well then, this is the thread for you!

    If you have a suggestion for a theme for us to use, please, post it here!

    Below, you will find a list of themes that have already been suggested, so if you find a theme there that you were planning on suggesting, don't, since it has already been suggested.

    Freestyle (Recurring Theme)

    Movie (Recurring Theme)

    Video Game (Recurring Theme)

    Anime (Recurring Theme)



    Disney Villains

    Rockin' The Decade! (Randomly chosen decade, 80s, 90s, etc.)

    Hymns of Glory (Pick a hymn to sing. This can be a hymn from a video game, like the Hymn of the Fayth, or a hymn from church, like Amazing Grace, your choice)

    Friendship is Magic (Pick a song that is either from, or inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

    Ensemble of 2 (Participants must pair up and sing a song that is considered a group song, an example would be One Day More from Les Miserables)

    Foreign (Pick a song that is not in your native language)

    Utada (Pick a song by Utada Hikaru)

    Beatles (Pick a song by the Beatles)

    Coldplay (Pick a song by Coldplay)

    Party On Dudes! (Pick an EDM or party song. An example would be Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon)

    Aria of the Soul (For this round I, SoulboundAlchemist, will be picking your song)

    Gotta Catch'em All! (Pick a song that is from or inspired by Pokemon)

    The Old Rugged Cross (Pick a song by a Christian artist. This can include anything by Relient K, Switchfoot, tobyMac, DC Talk, etc.)

    What the Heck Did I Just Listen To?!? (Pick a parody song. This means that any song by Weird Al Yankovic is up for grabs)

    Smooth Jazz (Pick a song that could be considered Jazz, or Acid Jazz. For examples of Acid Jazz, take a listen to the Persona 5 soundtrack)

    So Long and Thanks For All the Fish (Pick a song that deals either with farewells, or fish. An obvious example is So Long and Thanks For All the Fish from The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.
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    - Foreign (Singing a song that's not your native language)
    - Decade (a past decade is chosen and we sing songs from said decade like the 70's, 80's, 90's 00's, etc.)
    - Musical (from any Broadway musical, or musical movies)
    - Utada (I think it'd be pretty neat to have her as a theme and sing her songs : ) )
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