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    Kings of the Hill

    So, some time ago, Cat have dared me to make a story which 3 KHV members die. I have started... but I have forgotten about it! DX

    So sorry Cat! ;_;

    Well, so here is is! Hope you guys like it!

    Kings of the Hill

    The First Chapter:
    The Beginning

    The light have waked me... "Hum? Where... Am I...?" With difficulty, I get up. "...Where I am? ...Or... Who I am?". I could hear a man voice:
    -Heey! Someone's there!? Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you!
    I was afraid about who might be, but I when I tried to escape, I slipped and that made me man see me.
    -Hey you! -said the man. -Are you ok?
    -Don't need to speak, you're hurt! I must help you go to KHV!
    -Wha_ -then, I realized I was bleeding.
    Without hesitating, the man helped me walk. I didn't know what to talk, I was so confused and with pain.
    Arriving in this... KHV, we heard a voice:
    -Hey! DT! Have you found someone!? -A woman yelled at distance:
    -Yes, Misty. Please take care of her for now, I will try to find other survivors. -Said the man, DT was his name, while leaving me with the Misty, the woman. Then I realized she was with someone else. A tall and apparently kind man, she asked him:
    -Please, Ash, cure her...
    -Immediately, Ma'am.
    He was focusing... "What is he doing, anyway?" I asked myself, and like he heard what I asked to myself, he said:
    I felt like everything was being healed. My wounds, my pain... they were going away.
    -Do you feel better? -asked Misty.
    -Yes I am... thank you...
    -Welcome to KHV. We're the Kings of the Hill, a community of teenagers and adults who are fighting for our survival. Please make yourself at home and take some rest. I must ask you to do this right away. -said the kind man, Ash.
    Misty helped me go to a tend, where I could drink, eat and rest.
    -Please, there is water and food, rest a little and when you feel better call me. But at night, search for DT.
    I wanted to ask her to tell me immediately what's happening, but I was feeling so weak and indeed needed to rest and get myself some food/water.
    Misty let me alone. I drank and ate, and before I realized I was sleeping...
    When I woke up, I was well and decided to talk to Misty, but it already was dark. So I decided to look for DT.

    (Feb 7th, 2012 - Updating!)

    The Second Chapter:
    Searching for Answers

    -DT? Someone?
    The campsite was desert, I couldn't find anyone. Where could they have been gone?
    -You? -said a man voice.
    -DT? Is that you?
    -Yes, are you already up?
    -Where is everyone?
    I knew, somehow, that I could trust them.
    -They... hum... will be back in no time, don't worry. Well, how are you feeling now?
    -I'm better, thanks. Actually, I'm feeling like nothing have happened before.
    -So I think you want to know what is this place and where you are, right?
    -Please... I need to know. Who are you? What is KHV? What is happening here? Survival? Wounds? ...Who am I?
    DT shocked with my last question:
    -...What? You don't know who you are? Amnesia?
    -DT, do you know me?
    -I'm not sure, you sure seems a lot like someone I once met, but this person... she...
    I noticed the sadness in DT's eyes.
    -That's okay, don't need to talk about this.
    -Thanks. Well, this is KHV, we're the Kings of the Hill, this campsite is where we all live. We don't know many things about what's happening here, but every night time, there is a Castle where we must seek for the answers.
    -A Castle?
    -Yes, we call him... Castle Oblivion.
    -Castle... Oblivion...?
    Suddenly, I felt a headache while those words echo within my head.
    -I... I know this place for somewhere... C... Ca...
    -...Castle Oblivion..?
    -No... Ca... Cat. That's... my... name?
    -I'm not sure, but I feel like this should be my name here.
    -Oh, that's quite normal. When you arrived here and do something important, you have a "username", mine is DT.
    -What does DT means?
    -Hum? Why? And what I did?
    -Well... I... don't want to talk why my username is DT, but you have know something about Castle Oblivion, this is important.
    -Oh, okay... So, everyone from KHV is at Castle Oblivion?
    -Yes, most of them, other ones are resting because they still have wounds.
    -Who is the one in charge here?
    -On the campsite, while everyone's gone, Heart is the one in charge here. On the other hand, Misty takes care of the ones in CO (Castle Oblivion). And my work is at daytime, when it's bright. I'm the one in charge of the newbies and find new survivors. Ash takes care of everyone's health.

    (Feb 10th, 2012 - Updating!)

    The Third Chapter:

    -Oh, Heart? -I asked.
    -Yes. I advice you to look for her and she will give you some instructions.
    That being said, DT turned and walked away, disappearing in the darkness. I'm not sure, but I think I could felt sadness in DT's eyes while he turns, what could have happen to him? ...Well, whatever happened, I thought the best thing I could do is don't ask, so I should look for this Heart.
    I walked around the campsite, and found the Center Tent. It's where Misty, Heart, DT and Ash discuss about what do and when; and where they welcome and receive the new members.
    -Welcome! You're new here, right? -said a sweet voice when I was in.
    -Oh, yes I am. Thank you.
    -My name is Heart, I'm the one in charge here at night. May I help you?

    (March 12th, 2012 - Updating)

    The Fourth Chapter:
    KHV's Story

    -I would like to know... what's happening here? What is this Castle Oblivion?
    -Well... first off, you're in KHV. We're fighting for our survival here. KHV is Kings of the Hill.
    -And what about V?
    -Well, at the beginning, we were called KHCommunity, but then one day, we were attacked by those monsters called "Heartless". Some of us died... and the others were really hurt. I am the only responsible who didn't see who was the person who could fight against them. She arrived from somewhere, and defeated the Heartless. Once she defeated all the Heartless, she was so hurt as well and disappeared into light. But I could hear her last words... "Believe in the Light, the True Light which can guide you. I am the Truth Light that you all have prayed for, all your kind and pure wishes to protect the ones you love, they have made the ultimate weapon and I am this weapon. Again... believe in the Truth Light...".
    -Whoa... When that happened?
    -Some months ago. With the light, many of us have been missing. Most of them we found in Castle Oblivion, but others we could find in the forests. That person, we start call her "Verdade", it means "Truth". We believe that as long as we believe in the Truth Light, she will be here to protect us again.
    -And what about those heartless?
    -They are Darkness. Pure Darkness. When we do something important for us and for KHV, Verdade give us a user name and an amulet. When there is Darkness around, that amulet protects you. We call it a "Tear of Truth".
    -Where can I get this amulet?
    -You must go to the Shrine. We will accompany you until there tomorrow's morning, okay? So rest a bit, all this conversation might have exhausted you.
    -Yes, thank you. I will go see the whole campsite now.
    -That's okay, please take care; and any help needed, I will be here.

    (March 17th, 2012 - Updating)

    The Fifth Chapter:
    The Shrine and the Graveyard

    Verdade... Amulets... Heartless... Castle Oblivion... this is really hard to believe. Thinking about that-
    Wait a second. And what about me? Who am I? Why am I here? All of those questions are something I must think too. But I don't even have a clue. So might start searching for someone who does... So I decided to go to the Shrine.
    Arriving there, the first thing I noticed is that place is so beautiful, with fountains everywhere. Suddenly, I heard steps. My survival senses alerted me to hide. Then I could see DT walking back to the Campsite from behind the Shrine.
    When he left back to KHV central, I decided to take a look at the place behind the Shrine, where DT was. But I was spotted by a young man:
    -Hey, you. What are you doing here, in the late of the night?
    -Oh, well, you see... I just... wanted to see the place.
    -I see. Well, in this case. I am Machazo; I always like to be here at the Shrine. It is so beautiful at this time, isn't it?
    -Yes, this for sure. Nice to meet you too, I'm Cat.
    -I never had seen you around...
    -Didn't you? Oh okay... I can't remember anything either.
    -Amnesia? This sounds serious... well, I suggest you to go back to your tent and rest. You still don't have the amulet, right? So this means you will be getting it tomorrow. Please go to sleep for tomorrow.
    -Yeah, probably you're right. Thank you.
    -See you later!
    So I was going to the campsite when I remembered:
    -Oh yeah! What is the place behind the Shrine?
    -That place? You have amnesia, how do you know about it?
    -Well... it is something important there?
    -It's a graveyard.

    (March 18th, 2012 - Updating)

    The Sixth Chapter:

    Cat didn't like that story. A graveyard? Why would DT come there? Whatever the answer is, she decided to return to her tent.
    In the way, Heart calls for Cat:
    -Hello Heart!
    -So, I would like to ask you to rest now. You're probably a little tired and you have to wake up early tomorrow. It is 10 PM already.
    -Yes, I think I should.
    -Okay, good night!
    -Oh, could I make a question?
    -Yes, sure. May I help you?
    -Why there is a graveyard behind the Shrine...?
    -Ah that... For those who were killed by Heartless, the ones who fight bravely... Unfortunately, now are gone.
    -Oh don't feel bad in asking. You would find out about that sooner or later. Well, you should sleep!
    -Yes, thank you. Good night.
    So Cat realized she was indeed tired. "I should go to sleep now". She arrived in her tent and before she knew, she was sleeping...
    A voice could be heard. "Release them... save them... keep them safe...". Cat could feel a warn and comfortable light in her dreams. "What is this..." "Do not be afraid. We will be victorious. All of us...". The voice little by little was fading away, back to that light...
    Until something wakes Cat up, a voice:
    -G'morning, Cat! Are you feeling well? I will be waiting you to take you to the Shrine here outside, okay? -said Machazo.

    (March 21st, 2012 - Updating!)

    The Seventh Chapter
    To the Shrine

    Cat nodded to Machazo. She drank some some water and prepared herself. Going outside she said:
    -Good morning Machazo, please lead the way.
    -Right away ma'am!
    Machazo took Cat to the Shrine, there they found Ash, Misty, DT and Heart. Just when Misty spotted Cat, she said:
    -Hello Cat! I hope you're ready, today Truth will bless you with a Tear of Truth. With it, you will be able to protect yourself.
    -Yes! Please when you feel you're ready to start come talk with me. -said Ash.
    -I would like to start it now, if there isn't any problems. -Cat asked.
    -Sure! We are all set, please come with me. -Heart said, following Machazo in.
    Inside the Shrine, Cat could feel a warn and kind light within it. Then Cat started to hear a waterfall sound.
    -Are you hearing this? It is the Mirror Waterfall, that is the place where you will get the Waterfall. -said Machazo.
    -How will I get it? -Cat asked.
    -You don't have to do many things, just need to focus and hear what your heart tells you. This is all.
    -Here it is! -Heart said.
    Cat was amazed by the Waterfall. It was like the most beautiful thing she ever saw.
    -Okay, step by the circle in the ground. It is the Holy Seal. There is where Truth's essence is, when you're within it, the Seal will interact with you and a Tear of Truth will be formed in the Waterfall. -explained Machazo.
    Cat stepped by the Holy Seal...
    -...So...? Am I doing something wrong or...?
    -Huh? Why it isn't reacting with Cat? -Heart noticed.
    -That's pretty weird. This never happened before. -Machazo comments.
    -So, what do we do now? -Cat asked.
    -There isn't many things we could do now... well, let's go back and report to Misty.

    The Eighth Chapter
    New Allies

    So in the Shrine's Entrance...
    -So, how it was? -Misty wanted to know.
    -Something weird happened, the Mirror Waterfall didn't reacted with Cat. Something's odd there.
    -What? But this never happened before, something is not right here... -Ash wondered.
    -So what do we do for now? -Heart asked.
    -Well, there isn't many things we can do. -Misty answered.
    *DT came running*
    -Excuse me, before starting with this morning search for new survivors, I would like to report something.
    -Please say.
    -A new area has been discovered. I would like to make another group of search.
    -This is great! Please do so! -Ash answered.
    -Yes but, I need new members to this group. This is for the security of people, we need at least 5 persons in each.
    -I am not tired at all, but I think I won't make to CO today. But I can explore a little today. -Ash said.
    -Ok, I need more 3 members...
    Cat didn't know what could be happening, but she wanted to help those people who are taking care of her:
    -I would like to help in this search for new people, please.
    -Oh, are you sure? But you don't even have a Tear of Truth! -Misty said.
    -I'm sorry, but she is right. You can't go out like that without any way to protect yourself...
    Cat was sad about this, she can't help them without a Tear of Truth...
    Machazo noticed her sadness, and wanted to help:
    -Me and Void of Self will be with her in the search.
    -Huh? Are you guys completely healed? -Heart asked.
    -Yes we are, we won't go to Castle Oblivion, but a little search won't hurt us. Besides, Cat is good is hearing things, are you not Cat? -Machazo blinked.
    -Oh, most certainly I am.
    -Hum... in this case... Please go see Void of Self and get a equipment to defend yourself. -Ash agrees.
    -What kind of equipment is it? -Cat asked.
    Machazo smiled and said:
    -Any piece of metal we find around. c:
    -Ok! Let's go see Void of Self!
    They arrived in a tent, Machazo called:
    -Heeey! Void of Self, do you want suuuum funnn!?
    -Huh? -A young man voice asked.
    -DT needs 3 members to complete his group to explore a new area, he and Ash are coming!
    The man exit his tent and said:
    -Alright, I wanted to go out a bit today anyway. So, who's coming?
    -Me, Cat, Ash, DT and you.
    -Oh, a new member? Welcome and nice to meet you! I am Void of Self!
    -Thank you, it is nice to meet you too!
    -Oh yeah, Cat needs something to defend herself, for some reason her Tear of Truth is not ready yet or something like that...
    -I see... well, here is a little welcome present.
    Void of Self gave Cat a metal pipe.
    -Alright! If anything happens, use it to fight with Heartless and the like. If it is a Heartless, you won't be able to defeat them without a Tear of Truth, so look out for it. Follow me! -Machazo asked.

    The Ninth Chapter:
    The Girl with the Broken Tear

    Arriving in the new area, DT could sense something powerful there:
    -Hey, there is something weird here...
    -Yes, I can feel it too... -Ash agrees.
    Cat closed her eyes and could sense something powerful...
    -In that direction. -Cat pointed.
    Machazo approaches little by little.
    -A Heartless!
    A group of Heartless suddenly attacked them.
    -They are Shadows, they attack you from behind!
    Cat could handle one or two, but how can Cat destroy them?
    -Here I go! -Ash asked.
    -It's all yours! -Machazo replied.
    Ash holds strong his Tear of Truth and a bright light destroyed all the Heartless.
    -...Whoa... -Cat was surprised by the Tear of Truth's power.
    -Cool, eh? Soon you will be able to do the same. Ash's Tear of Truth is stronger than ours, because he use it more time than us. -Machazo said to Cat.
    -But, it doesn't er... end? -Cat asked.
    -No, they don't. With more Darkness it destroys, more powerful it gets. They are something really powerful, are they not? -Explained Void of Self.
    But a earthquake stopped the conversation between the group.
    -Be careful! -Ash said.
    -Cat! -DT saw Cat falling from the hill, Void of Self fell to the other side. Ash was closer to Void of Self so he tried to help him going to rescue him.
    -Please Machazo and DT, protect yourselves and Cat!
    Cat found herself in a forest.
    -What... happened...
    She heard someone coming closer.
    -DT? Machazo? Ash? Void of Self?
    No answer. Cat can't see very well, she was a little dizzy. But she could spot the person. A young girl, holding a amulet.
    -A Tear of Truth?
    The girl realized Cat spotted her, so she hided her Tear of Truth but, in the moment she tried to hide it, Cat saw it shine in the sunlight. It... it was broken?
    The girl ran away from Cat, she got up and started to feel better.
    -Hum... my head...
    -Cat! -it was DT's voice.
    -Cat! Are you okay?
    -Yes I am. Where is everyone?
    -Machazo is with Ash, Void of Self went back to KHV to ask Hear a rescue team, they will arrive here shortly, but since we found you, we can cancel the rescue team and go back.
    -Cat! -Machazo arrived, with Ash.
    -Are you both okay? -Ash asked.
    -WHOA, from where did they come!? -Machazo was surprised by the number of Shadows and Soldiers.
    -I will use my Tear of Truth, but I will need your help while me and my amulet rest, Machazo. DT, remember your Tear of Truth is not with full power, so please just use it to protect Cat!
    -Got it!
    Ash's amulet shined so brightly as the sunlight, it destroyed some of the Heartless.
    -Watch this!
    Machazo hold his Tear of Truth strong, a light came out and destroyed a lot of heartless too.
    But they were so much heartless.
    -What's happening here? Why there is too much Darkness around? -Cat asked
    -Dammit, we should have placed more Mirror Crystals around it before exploring it! -DT said.
    -No time to explain, I will say everything once we're safe!
    They were getting weak. Even Ash was, DT and Machazo are almost falling unconscious.
    -No... we won't make it...
    The Heartless attacked DT, but then, something was shining so brightly.
    -Where is this light coming from?
    DT opened his eyes and saw. Cat was shining like that.
    -What the...
    Then a great light covered everyone's view.
    It was a Tear of Truth. Cat's Tear of Truth.

    (march 25th-26th)

    The Tenth Chapter:
    DT's Past

    Cat waked up at the Center of KHV, with Heart by her side:
    -Oh, you're wake! Ash! Ash! Please come here!
    The tall man with a top hat came to see Cat:
    -It is a relief you're good! Please do not move, we're taking care of you, Cat.
    -Thank... you...
    -How is she doing? -Heart asked to Ash.
    -She is okay, she just used too much power at once. She just have awaken after all, it can be very exhausting. All she needs is some water and food.
    -I'm glad to hear this... -Heart turns to Cat and says- Please dear, follow me to your tent.
    As Cat and Heart walk by the Center, Cat notices that Machazo and Void of Self are sleeping:
    -How are Machazo and Void of Self doing?
    -They are ok, probably will wake within minutes as well.
    -And what... exactly happened back there?
    -You... used your Tear of Truth power, it was so strong that all of you came unconscious. Ash was the fist one to wake up, then DT came back to us too. Machi and Void of Self are just taking a nap.
    -My... Tear of Truth?
    -Yes, are you surprised? We are too. The weird thing is: Verdade didn't come to you, then how did you get her Tear?
    Cat started to think..........
    -That's it!
    -The day I came to the Shrine, I dreamed. In my dreams, I could listen to a voice... Verdade's voice...
    -I will pass this to Misty and the others! Thank you!
    Arriving in Cat's tent:
    -Thank you for everything, Heart.
    -No problem, I'm happy to help. Please eat and drink, you can relax for the rest of the day.
    That being said, Heart leaves Cat's tent. Once alone with food and some water, Cat could focus about what happened before she got unconscious.
    First I got attacked by "Shadows", those annoying Heartless. Ash and Machazo protected me from them in the front line, DT protected me directly and Void of Self was helping DT with me... "You don't have the full power", Ash said to DT... What could that mean?
    After eat and drink, 100% healed from everything, Cat decided to see how Machazo, Void of Self and DT are.
    Arriving next the to Center's door, Machazo and Void of Self spotted Cat:
    -Hey, you guys woke up! How are you two?
    -Well, we're doing good. -answered Void of Self.
    -Yeah, we just need some FOOD and we'll be okay! -Machazo answered.
    -That's good... By the way, do you guys know here DT is?
    -DT... -Void of Self was tihnking.
    -It's almost 7:00PM, at this time of the night he is in the Graveyard, behind the Shrine. -Machazo rememberd.
    -Thank you, please take care you two.
    -Make sure to take care as well!
    Cat wanted to know why is DT so sad... he get well with him and everyone from KHV. She didn't want to see a friend so... sad...
    Arriving in the Graveyard, she spotted DT by someone's grave. She decided to approach:
    -DT...? Are you okay?
    DT turned to her with hands in his eyes, Cat would say he was crying.
    -Oh Cat. Yes I am okay, I surprised to see you up so fast. Are you good to walk?
    -Yes I am thank you... I really want to ask you if you're okay... I... don't know, were you crying?
    DT stopped to think for a second. He could feel that he indeed can count with Cat.
    -Well... As you know, my Tear of Truth doesn't have its full power, for the reason that... -DT got it from the neck- it's... broken.
    -Because I was too weak to protect the ones I love. I wish I could be stronger, that I could just... protect my friends...
    -Calm down DT...
    -I was in a Team in Castle Oblivion. I once had my own Tear of Truth. I really needed it because it's too easy for the Darkness get my control.
    -What do you mean?
    -I can easily get at Darkness control. But my Tear of Truth helped me don't get out of my senses... But... one day, my team was surrounding by Heartless. They attacked us, I used the whole power I could in that moment of despair to protect my friends. But when my power was out from overload. The Heartless attacked and took the control over my body. Then I found out... that my Darkness Power was stronger than I thought...
    -Darkness Power?
    -Yes, all of us have Light and Darkness in our hearts. The Tear of Truth expands our Light Power, but I had the enough Darkness Power to join with the Heartless's Darkness. Those two powers together destroyed part of the Castle Oblivion.
    -Destroyed... Part of the CO!?
    -Well, when the CO is "hurt" by something, the broken parts turn into "memory". Those Memories aren't something very important to us, but the CO is made by the memories around it.
    -Oh I see...
    -Look at this grave.
    DT showed Cat the grave which he always was looking at.
    -In that incident, my friend died... using her Tear of Truth's power. Her Tear was broken in two pieces. Once I woke up, I found myself at the Center with this part of the Tear in my hands. Heart said I was out about 2 days. I asked why the Tear in my hand was broken, Heart answered that my friend was consumed by the Darkness, and all that is left is this piece of Tear of Tru---
    A bell's sound is coming from the Castle Oblivion!
    -What is this!?


    Please read here
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