KHV Unchained χ Weekly Leaderboards: 8/1 - 8/7

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    Welcome back to Daybreak Town! Have fun collecting Lux out there? Well, it's been a while since we decided to start this, and we've had to deal with a lot of behind-the-scenes problems, but we're finally ready to give you the first weekly Lux leaderboard!

    First, though, let's acknowledge some changes: For various reasons, our original leaders of KHV_Unicornis, KHV_Leopardos, and KHV_Anguis have all recently stepped down from their positions. In their place, please welcome @Explode as the leader of KHV_Anguis, @Captain Arch as the leader of KHV_Unicornis, and @Scarred Nobody as the leader of KHV_Leopardos!

    This week, the party rankings are as follows:

    In fifth place is KHV_Ursus, having collected 77,351 Lux! Our top scorer this week was...oh, it's me! I collected a total of 64,153 Lux, amounting for about 83% of the party's earnings! Coming in behind me were @O.KnightofTwilight with 11,321 Lux and @NutheadBros with 1,877 Lux.

    In fourth place is KHV_Anguis, with a total of 105,811 Lux! The top scorer this week was @Explode with a total of 67,937 Lux—about 64% of the party's earnings! Following his lead were @Ghost with 44,981 Lux and Jasmine with 1,417 Lux.

    Coming in third place is KHV_Unicornis, with a total of 144,683 Lux! The top scorer this week was @Captain Arch with a total of 135,432 Lux—a whopping 94% of the party's earnings! Trailing him in second place was @some1fromthedark with 9,251 Lux and...huh? Everyone else had nothing?! Yikes. Sounds like some people have some slack to pick up!

    Ascending to second place is KHV_Leopardos, collecting 251,898 Lux! The top scorer this week was...not from the site? The second place, too?! Ah, well...uh... Our top scorer this week from KHV was @Scarred Nobody with a total of 40,359 Lux, accounting for about 16% of the party's total! Bringing it up behind him were @Haseo with 662 Lux and...wha? Everyone else had nothing again?! Geez...

    Finally, taking the crown for first place is KHV_Vulpeus, with a grand total of 793,928 Lux! The top scorer this week is @tribbles with a total of 198,186 Lux, amounting to about 25% of the party's total! Coming in behind her were @Xephos with 123,356 Lux and @Xalxe with 122,562 Lux.
    1. KHV_Vulpeus - 793,928 Lux
    2. KHV_Leopardos - 251,898 Lux
    3. KHV_Unicornis - 144,683 Lux
    4. KHV_Anguis - 105,811 Lux
    5. KHV_Ursus - 77,351 Lux
    Congratulations to those sly foxes of KHV_Vulpeus! Lady Ava would be proud of your accomplishments! But don't think that you can start slacking off just yet, because parties who retain their positions at the top will be eligible for a special prize...~

    Special congratulations to this week's number one scorers from each party—. : tale : ., Explode, Captain Arch, Scarred Nobody, and tribbles! You will all be sent exclusive pins for your profiles to commemorate your accomplishments!

    If you still want to join in the fun, you can sign up for our official parties here!

    See you all back here at the fountain plaza next week!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ' started by tamale, Aug 8, 2016.

    1. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      As the new leader of Leopardos, I will return this Union to the greatness it once was. People might underestimate me, but I will show them. We're going to get so many lux, SO MUCH LUX, that you won't believe how much lux we have. I have a plan, and that I promise you.

    2. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      So much Lux