Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sephiroth No Damage/Level 37/Proud Mode/Restrictions

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    Jul 26, 2015
    This is not an easy challenge to do and it is not for beginners! Almost every attack is a one hit kill!
    I've had a lot of practice and I did die a lot to figure out the all time best strategy for fighting Sephiroth!
    I did this the hard way and there's a much better method to go about this fight!

    Stats and Equipment:

    My Guide:


    Proud Mode
    Level 37
    No Damage
    No Hit
    Weakest Weapon (Sweet Memories)
    No Armor
    No Strength/Magic Boosting Accessories
    No Stat Boosters
    No Limit
    No MP Items
    Growth Skills LV2 Only
    No Reflega Spam
    Must do before Twilight Town Visit 3
    No Beginning Game Magic Boost
    Hard Way (Equip Dodge Slash/Use Dodging Method on 3rd Phase)