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    Hello loyal members! With all the interviews and updates given with the upcoming Kingdom Hearts chapter, this thread was created to organize and compile them. Now you can pick and choose what you'd like to read about, as this thread will be constantly updated with each new bit of info on the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3! Be sure to check back every now and again to get your KH3 news fix.

    Date Thread Info
    June 10 2013 Kingdom Hearts 3 is announced No, really they announced it! Trailer and Logo are shown.
    June 11 2013 Details from Square's Press conference Kotaku's play-by-play of Square-Enix's press conference at E3 2013
    June 11 2013 E3 Live talk with Nomura on Kingdom Hearts "Square Enix Live Presents" featuring a sit-down with Nomura, recalling the information released on Day 1 of E3 2013
    June 11 2013 Square Enix Press Release Square-Enix's press release regarding Kingdom Hearts III, revealing the main plot.
    June 12 2013 Famitsu Interview with Nomura Famitsu's sit-down with Nomura to discuss both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Reveals information on the next gen engines and the possibilities that comes with it.
    June 14 2013 Degenki and IGN Interview with Nomura Short Interviews on the possibility of franchises that Disney has recently acquired. Nomura also states that the trailer shows only possibilities.
    June 20 2013 Edge Online Interview with Nomura Nomura's point of view regarding E3 and the next generation of consoles.
    June 24 2013 New Character artwork released A released CG Image depicting Sora, Donald, and goofy in their Kingdom Hearts 2 attire.
    June 28 2013 Degenki Playstation Interview with Nomura Not much revealed here. tidbits of info on the trailer's textures and enthusiasm regarding the world selection process.
    July 2 2013 Famitsu Interview with Nomura Information on more possibilities concerning enemies, battle styles, and visuals.
    July 3 2013 Kingdom Hearts to appear at Disney's D23 Expo in October Nomura stated that he'd like to reveal more on Kingdom Hearts 3 at this event
    July 7 2013 Finaland Interview with Nomura at Japan Expo 2013 Nomura discuss his heavy involvement, along with potential co-op, playable characters, and costume designs. He also states that he wishes to include Star wars.
    July 8 2013 KHDestiny and KHIsland Interview with Nomura at Japan Expo 2013 Some more development updates on Kingdom Hearts III. Possibility of announcing 2.5 HD ReMix at D23 Expo in October.
    July 16 2013 RPG Site Interview with Nomura Nomura talks development teams, as well as reasons for spin-off games.
    July 28 2013 Los Angeles Times Interview with Nomura Nomura talks KH philosophy and series continuation.
    August 30 2013 Kingdom Hearts 3 will be at Tokyo Game show Title description.
    September 10 2013 IGN Interview with Shinji Hashimoto (Expect to wait for KH3) Hashimoto discusses the progress on Kingdom Hearts 3 and that to make it great, fans will have to wait a little longer
    September 13 2013 Here's some ridiculously hi-res Kingdom Hearts III art for you Title description.
    September 25 2013 IGN Interview with Shinji Hashimoto (News on KH3 and the possibility of 2.5 HD ReMix) Hashimoto's views on tending to the needs to make Kingdom Hearts 3 great, as well as the possibility of a 2.5 HD ReMix.
    October 14 2013 D23 Coverage - Kingdom Hearts III Twitter Recap Twitter feeds describing the D23 trailer
    October 15 2013 Kingdom Hearts III - D23 Expo Trailer Brand new trailer from D23 in Japan.
    October 16 2013 Kingdom Hearts 3 Creator's Interview with Tetsuya Nomura Nomura discusses hopes for the specifications to come with KH3 on the next advanced console. "More Dynamic Possibilities."
    January 24 2014 Nomura's thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III and the Playstation 4 Nomura braces himself for the possibilities ahead
    March 31 2014 New KH3 Possible at E3 2014 Here's hoping!
    April 24 2014 Japanese Xbox Site Launches It's up now
    June 6 2014 No new info at E3 Well that's a darn shame...
    June 6 2014 New KH3 Teaser Trailer An analysis on the contents of the conversation between Eraqus and Xehanort
    September 17 2014 Nomura leaves Final Fantasy XV to focus on KH3 With the Final Fantasy title nearing completion, Nomura aims his creativity to the long awaited sequel.
    September 24 2014 Famitsu: Kingdom Hearts III Interview with Nomura Development updates on choosing worlds, fighting styles, and more!
    October 1 2014 Message on KH3 from Tetsuya Nomura Nomura wishes to increase the challenge possibilities!
    October 7 2014 Kingdom Hearts III is now using Unreal Engine 4 For the sake of graphical rendering issues.
    December 1 2014 New KH3 Info Revealed at 2.5 HD ReMix Event Another teaser shown in private! A description of the scene is depicted though.
    December 28 2014 Tai Yasue Comments On KH3 Development! Development update for working on new attractions and keyblade transformations. Also stated that more updates would come in 2015
    January 22 2015 Tai Yasue Kotaku interview Yasue discusses how The HD ReMixes were excellent practice for the game in development
    January 23 2015 Square-Enix Currently Hiring for KH3 Square Enix reaches out for programmers and designers in Osaka.
    June 16 2015 New Trailer shown at E3 2015 Trailer features more attacks, heartless, cutscenes, and a new outfit for Sora. Worlds based off "Hercules" and "Tangled" can also be seen.
    June 16 2015 Everything you missed about Kingdom Hearts at E3 A detailed summary of all the trailers and events for Kingdom Hearts at E3.
    June 16 2015 Ben Diskin confirmed to return The voice of young Master Xehanort confirmed his involvement in the E3 trailer via twitter.
    June 16 2015 Discussion with Roy Conli about Tangled The producer for the 2010 film "Tangled," discusses the collaboration process with Square Enix to incorporate the movie into the game.
    June 16 2015 High Quality trailer and Screenshots Enhanced media from the KH3 trailer at E3.
    June 17 2015 Nomura Shares More About The KH3 Trailer to Dengeki Nomura discusses "Attraction Flow," which features the theme park attractions that can be used in battle.
    June 17 2015 Nomura Interview with Engadget Nomura discusses online features, gameplay, and the amount of worlds in the game compared to earlier titles.
    June 19 2015 KH3's foundation is nearly complete Nomura affirmed that the basic framework for Kingdom Hearts III is nearly finished!
    June 19 2015 E3 2015 Trailer Analysis A video analysis highlighting some of the more subtle aspects that stood out.
    June 27 2015 8 Things You Need to Know About Kingdom Hearts III Eight points of interest for fans regarding the development of KH3, with some being quite insightful as to the relationship between Square and Disney, as well as hints of what to expect in KH3.
    August 16 2015 Big Hero 6 World confirmed Announced at D23 2015, Roy Conli confirms!
    December 18 2015 Brand New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer A bit of new gameplay footage featuring Sora.
    September 26 2016 Kingdom Hearts III Recording underway Revealed by Nomura during a Dissidia livestream.
    October 27 2016 New Kingdom Hearts III Screenshots Two screenshots revealing Sora's two new drive forms in the Olympus world
    June 11 2017 New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Released at Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour New trailer revealing cutscenes in Twilight town and Olympus Coliseum
    July 15 2017 KH3 D23 2017 Trailer + KH3 Coming in 2018! Toy Story confirmed as a new world! The game is also slated to release sometime in 2018.
    July 16 2017 Tetsuya Nomura Talks KH3 Gummi Ship w/ Game Informer Gummi Ship system slated to return.
    July 16 2017 More Details Revealed about Toy Story World The Toy story plot in KH3 is set to take place between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.
    July 16 2017 Tetsuya Nomura Interviewed by IGN Nomura mentions Second Playable Character, no D-links, higher tier magic, a possible Switch Version and more.
    July 17 2017 More Information Revealed About Keyblade Transformations and Summons Nomura discusses the new keyblade modifications as well as a new gameplay mechanic called "Athletic Flow."
    July 18 2017 Famitsu Interview w/ Tetsuya Nomura The Disney movies selected for KH3 will be less than KH2 and will not have any movies after Big Hero 6 (2014) being featured. More information inside!
    December 15 2017 UNCONFIRMED Leaked Screenshots Show New World Images supposedly found in an FTP server showcase a new world based on the film "Monsters Inc." The images are detailed, showing Sora, Donald and Goofy in new monster forms as well as Mike and Sully in their party. Unversed are also shown.
    February 10 2018 D23 Expo Japan 2018 KH3 Trailers Two new trailers confirm the inclusion of a Monsters Inc world, the return of Vanitas and Marluxia, and dream eater summons. New reveals also showcase new clothes for Riku and Mickey as well as a new theme song by Utada Hikaru; "Oath." (also known as "Don't think twice" in English).
    February 10 2018 KH III Development Info from IGN Japan; Gummi Ships, Tangled World, and... Mickey's Giantland? Development update on the process of rendering Rapunzel's hair, rare heartless, and the inclusion of Mickey's Giantland; a 1933 Disney short.
    February 12 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 Renders and Screenshots New character renders of Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mike, and Sully from the Monster's inc world. Also shown are new renders of Riku and Mickey. Riku's new keyblade is shown!
    April 15 2018 More Details on KH3 Game & Watch-Style Minigames It has been revealed that in addition to a Giantland-themed minigame, there will be over 20 Game & Watch minigames in KH3 inspired by old-school black and white Mickey Mouse shorts,
    April 16 2018 Union X Character to be a Summon in KH3 According to information from one of the panels at the Kingdom Hearts Union X event, a new summon in Kingdom Hearts III will be from a Union X world!
    May 23 2018 New Preview for Japanese Version of KH3 Song "Chikai" Preview of KH3's new opening theme
    June 10 2018 Kingdom Hearts III Releasing January 29, 2019 After 5 years, we finally have a set release date!
    June 11 2018 New Kingdom Hearts III trailer from Square Enix E3 presentation Reveal of the new Frozen world, the return of Larxene, a Simba summon and more!
    June 11 2018 Final Kingdom Hearts III E3 Trailer Released Confirming the return of Port Royal and Luxord, as well as giving us our first look at Kairi and Lea, and many more surprises!
    June 11 2018 Kingdom Hearts III special editions available for pre-order In a new press release, Square Enix has detailed two special editions that will be available for Kingdom Hearts III!
    June 16 2018 New KH3 Information from Famitsu Some recap info as well as hints from the Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean world
    June 26 2018 Full version of Chikai/Oath, the Japanese theme of KHIII, surface online! KH3's official Japanese opening theme is released!

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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Jun 30, 2013.

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      Thread updated. I tried to stick with some of the more crucial threads this time around. I also noticed that the KH3 release date was officially announced exactly 5 years after it's production was announced.