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  1. finalsora1 Moogle Assistant

    Nov 8, 2006
    kingdom hearts 3 takes place in the far away past when someone whas making all of the keyblades. Then when someone got one of the keyblades, he used it to destroy the rest except for kingdom key, king mickey's, and way to the dawn. That's one theory.
  2. Runara Merlin's Housekeeper

    Nov 29, 2006
    yeah. I really hope sora shall be in KH3. of course, he dont need to be the main character, but if he just IS in the game, thats OK :o
  3. riku-darkness-master Merlin's Housekeeper

    Nov 28, 2006

    i heard that xehanort was a keyblade master and was reborn without his memories.
    and in kh 2 yen sid says that mickey went to the darkness and found the dark keyblade

    it may have belonged to xehanort
    and when the 3 chasers picked up the keyblades 1 was kingdom key
    1 was way 2 the dawn
    and 1 was kairis
    and 1 of the chasers was definitley a girl
  4. .Kairi. Kingdom Keeper

    Mar 28, 2007
    Too close to the guidos
    the keyblades the chasers picked up were the kingdom key and way to the dawn. the chasers or the person walking to them in the end couldve been the other keyblade wielders that were before sora.
  5. Person Destiny Islands Resident

    Feb 7, 2007
    i have also read that interview that says that KH is Sora's story and therefore won't be without him in fact it mentioned the difficulty of making a continued story as opposed to a series like Final Fantasy which (for the most part) comes out with a new story with new characters each time. but i also heard somewhere that the next game isn't going to be called KH3, so it could be kind of a trick statement. who knows?

    one thing that i noticed in the original KH2 secret ending (i haven't seen the one for FM+) is that- well, everyone knows that the three keyblades in the middle belong to three main characters (riku, sora, etc...). Way to the Dawn is especially recognizable...but anyway, when i was playing the ending in slow-motion to find a good screenshot for an avvy, i noticed that there are two or three quick closeups of the field of Keyblades. i nearly jumped when i saw a keyblade in the masses that i actually recognized- Fenrir. i had looked up pictures of Fenrir on google just earlier that day, so it really jumped out at me. chances are that it could be nothing, or that i could be mistaken and it's not Fenrir after all...but if it was, that raises a lot of confusing questions. but go look!
  6. Forever Love Life Without Limits

    Jul 18, 2007
    Shaping my life.
    I read in an interview with Nomura that KH is specifically Sora's story. BUT.. I also read that you wont be playing him in the next game because Nomura wants to focus mainly on Roxas and his appearance in the game because he didnt think it was right for him to appear in the beginning of KH2 and then disappear in the end of it. He wants to explain more about him. (Thats atleast what I read on it.)
    And those 3 soldiers are (by appearance in the video): Terra, Aqua, and Ven. Ven has a great deal of resemblance to Roxas, dont you think?
    And Terra picks up the Kingdom Key (Sora's).
    Aqua picks up Mickey's Keyblade.
    Ven picks up The Way To Dawn (Riku's Keyblade.)
    The guy walking in the distance is somehow related to Ansem or Xemnas or whoever. Notice the eyes and the clothing? And did you notice Terra's eyes at the end of the "complete" version of the video? He is somehow related as well. The eyes tell all.

    I think that Sora wont be the main character in the upcoming game.. but surely he will make an appearance. And I've heard that this next game wont be called KH3. I've heard it's going to lead up to the real KH3.. just like Re:Chain of Memories.

    AND I've also read that Nomura is quitting FF after he finishes FFXIII to work more on Kingdom Hearts. So now we definitley know that there are going to be more KH games to come.
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