"Kingdom Hearts: Apocalypse ~ Volume 1 - Space" Secrets Unveiled

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  1. Zexion of the Twilight The conflicts within my priorities....

    This thread is for the very few who read my fanfic, which can be found here. I will be revealing everything I put in each chapter, both intentional and not. It's to help them understand what may be confusing them. Well, as L'arc~En~Ciel says, "Ready Steady Go!"

    I'll edit this from time to time:



    Yeah, my prologue is short, it's a little pathetic poem. I added the banner later, which I got the idea of afterwards. It's the KHII logo with words of the Castellar font inverted.

    Of course, you can tell the whole point of this fanfic in the title, and the poem's the basic outline of the story. It's gonna be three volumes, with an unknown amount of chapters. :D I enjoy writing them as you guys like reading them, don't let this die!

    Now, some of the older members know the existance of my long-dead roleplay of the same name. This fanfic is a tribute and will succeed in what that roleplay failed to accomplish, amen. No, I'm not a christian, I'm just paying my respects.


    Chapter 1:

    I needed something that matched the current chapter!

    Of course, out of bias, I make Zexion the first to awaken. Also, he is the first to speak. :D Zexion has a tiny portion of his revenge fufilled, and the pettiest thing I could think of was throwing a rock. I needed some of them to giggle, and Larxene & Demyx seemed the most likely.

    I admit, this is a tribute to another failed roleplay I made, Organization XIII vs. The Titans. Plus, I needed some way to revive The Organization. By the way, I call it Organization XII for a while because Roxas has remerged with Sora. Like a sports team, Organization XII huddles together to discuss their plan of action. I thought it was appropriate.

    Also out of bias, I made Zexion the representitive. Also, he's the one who was almost going to break Riku mentally, so he must be a good public speaker. Gods who swear by the river Styx are bound to keep their word, got it? Plus, if Hades didn't, a part of his domain would be lost to The Organization! XD Oh yeah, I needed to get someone else freed and Hades had a ligitamite reason to free one more person. I had to make it a Death Match, and I needed it to be realistic so I made Demyx respond like he did. Hades is quite mean, so he threw a fireball at Demyx and talked back.

    Now, this is very different from other fanfics, I'm switching to another team's point of view! Since they should be in high school already, they should be whining about a subject and compairing it to someting else. I chose Geometry and kicking heartless butt because math is difficult for people who missed a year and beating heartless is quite difficult. Then again, I chose the hardest mode (Proud), so that may be just me.

    Now, I needed something other than a crashing Gummi Ship to mark the unsealing of the barrier between worlds! I chose comets to pay tribute to KH1's secret ending. Now, I had the incedent with the heartless coming because I had to have the last line correspond to the title of their POW's chapter. Why did I choose for the gummi ship to crash in the town square? Because it's a classic occurance.


    Chapter 2:

    Inspired by the movie title "Saving Private Ryan" XD

    Well, they're all still dead, so Ansem must be down there. Xemnas was a little rash, I just felt that was nessesary.

    Everyone's favorite clone, Riku Replica! Another demonstration of Zexion's sniffing power. He's like a dog: loyal and always sniffing. :D Of course, he has to comment about killing Zexy. Zexion swears to return the favor to both RR and Axel. The flame-wielding nobody did suggest to Xemnas that they free RR.

    Well, we know now that Hades don't need no keys! Also, a demonstration of Hades' supernatural temper! Yeah, the fake had to remember everything. Also out of bias, I had Zexion say the last line. XD

    Let's not get into that.... I couldn't think of anything else!

    Let's say that the keybladers hate school.... :rolleyes:

    <_< My personal revenge on Disney's stupidity.


    Chapter 3:

    You'll see the signifigance later in this chapter.... :D

    Roman togas don't have sleeves. Of course, you'd have to know what a toga is to know that. :rolleyes:

    You remember the portal used to get to the Dragon Maleficent battle or the one in virtual Twilight Town leading to Betwixt and Between? This portal kinda looks like those. Of course, the Tartarus I'm portraying is practically the same one as in Soul Calibur II, the place where you fight Inferno. As a display of Zexion's intellegence, he says magma instead of lava. Lava is the stuff that spews out of volcanos when they erupt. Magma is lava, except it's called magma when it's still inside the volcano.

    Hades has a throne everywhere in the Underworld. :rolleyes: Yeah, the Titans and Organization XII needed a bigger area to battle in. And, it seems the Titans' durable surface is pretty hard.

    XD So like Pain, he never does like getting hurt.


    There it is! Read some of 2Foxxie4U's fanfics if you don't get the joke.

    More revenge on Disney! :D

    Ah, yes, the unreliableness of the Disney characters. Sora saved them, now they're telling Sora all of his efforts were kinda in vain. :rolleyes:


    Chapter 4:

    You can't blame me, it's the first boss battle! :D

    I have too much bias in me. T_T Yes, I made Zexion have the last laugh.

    Hades was annoyed, he tends to burn things when he's angry. Let us not forget about the Underworld Curse! I fixed that problem rather easily. :rolleyes:

    Demyx said a bad line, he does that occasionally! Besides, I was running out of complicated words. XD Of course, he is helped by Vexen. The titan just has to say someting with 'flame' in it.

    It didn't make sense for Axel alone to face Icy here, so I got Marluxia to soak up whatever Axel melted off the titan.

    Ok, in lots of games, wind is opposed by earth. How does that work? You throw rocks at thin air? To fight off a breeze, you must have another breeze just as strong coming from the other direction. Xaldin had to be there, Luxord and Zexion were just there for space. Look below. Windy right here tries to be funny here with a dead joke.

    I feel sorry for Rock Titan, I just love ganging up on him! :D

    Something random I made up, it's quite like a filler chapter.

    Ok, I always did hate explaining things. There's the truth about Gummi Blocks after reading the Ansem Reports a million times while waiting for KH2! Riku enjoys jam, ok? After all he's been through, at least he can get a decent snack!


    Chapter 5:

    I'm pretty sure I stole this title from a Death Note episode.

    All I can say is: Ouch! Well, two hearts are flying out. I wonder what that could mean? Hint hint, foreshadowing!

    Ok, I think I made how to fight Wind Titan pretty clearly. Zexion likes cake! XD Clever little thing I made up.

    XD Always pick on Rock Titan. What Larxene says is the equivalent of calling obese people fat. >_> She's rude like that. Simultanious attack! =D

    Wow, scary! A 'cliff hanger' I left. Hey, I wonder if I could use cliff hanger literally?

    It doesn't seem the gummi ship was pressurized properly! XD Maybe I'll put Godzilla references sometime! If you haven't already noticed, I'm jamming cultural references into everything.

    Cliff hangers, pfft. It either leaves people thinking it was awsome or people shouting at the screen with anger. >_> When I look at it from the writer's point of view, I see it as enjoyable because it leaves different possibilities as to how it would be resolved.


    Chapter 6:

    Oh god, Hades sent the Black Knight!

    Bias again, Zexion happens to be the smart one. :rolleyes:

    The high guard stance idea was from Kingdom of Heaven, an Orlando Bloom movie. What can I say? He's a good actor.

    Larxene's bloodthirsty, ya know? If you think about it, she could've sent a bolt of electricity through his metal armor, frying him to death. She just wanted to have a little sadistic fun. >_>

    He has almost completely ignored chivalry, but nice enough to add in a "my lady" in there.

    Reference to another one of 2Foxxie4U's fanfics. XD Monty Python theme, this chapter is!

    There it is! The imfamous words! XD

    Also from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    XD Again, from that same movie!

    <_< Same movie, Xigbar was the most prone to cuss, so I had him say it.

    Great! He's officially a ******. He's ****** Mc************ed from ****** Town, ******ica! Same movie. >_>

    Same movie, now he's limbless!

    Draw my @$$, Larxene disarmed him and delegged him. It's from the same movie.

    I had to change it a little, but The Black Knight's line was pretty kmuch the same as the ones from the movie. Vexen had a wonderful time studying! XD

    Inspired by a scene from The Simpsons, when a chicken was pecking Moe. Also, I wanted it painful. >=D

    Donald has 'wizard senses' like Spiderman has Spider Senses! XD Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Killer Rabbit is fast, ya know? It really can crash through trees with it's sharp and strong teeth paired with the velocity at which it is moving. Just in case you don't know, Ozzy Osbourne bit off a bat's head.

    XD Spongebob Squarepants reference, poor old man.

    My solution to a situation impossible to escape! Very Monty Python-esque ending, yeah? By the way, this chapter was filler. >_> I hate filler, but fun to make.


    Chapter 7:

    Yeah, uh, everyone know where AYBABTU comes from? Wikipedia it, ok?

    Yay, I gave them all pet chocobos! TWTNW has been taken over by that evil witch, I hate her.

    Xemnas sent quite a good while on the blueprints of this castle, he'd be pissed if he had a heart.

    Hehehe, if this was made into a game, it'd be an awsome Boss Battle.

    Yeah, a (so far) happy ending. Tragidies come in Time, or maybe late in this volume.

    Ironic this chapter's title is 'Awakening' and it starts off with Sora dozing off to sleep.

    I put in the 'while on auto-pilot' to ensure the readers won't be conserned that the gummi ship will crash. XD

    Apperantly, Sora and Roxas meet up every time Sora sleeps and has a little match. That last sentence describes how hard they fight.

    Who said Kairi and Riku didn't go to the Station of Serenity as well? In keeping to Riku's words to Kairi "You're just as lazy as he is!", Kairi had a little snooze as well. Poor Riku, he's so alone with nothing to do but swing around his keyblade. At least his coolness factor is high. XD

    Everyone despises Darkside. >_> He's an annoying, persistant foe.

    I kinda was scheming how to pull Roxas and Namine out of Sora and Kairi, I guess I kinda did 'pull them out' in a way.

    That feeling is never good, I can tell ya that.


    Chapter 8:

    Well, you're supposed to be almost powerless in another's mind while they owner is like an almighty god. Apperantly, the darkness handicapped Maleficent's mind. It's why villians can only think of simple plans. >_>

    Vexen is like that guy in Kim Possible, always making new gadgets. They are also both lowlives. XD I love that compairison.

    Bias, Zexion is the peacekeeper in this town. XD It's so like Demyx and so like Axel.

    Yes, they physically walk to the dungeon. Twelve minds against one, it's kinda unfair. XD Who gives a crap, this is The Organization for god's sake!

    Well, that sums up her mind.

    Saix likes the moon, he also comments on her obsession with the color green.

    Great discovery, Xigbar. Crows are Maleficent's favorite animal. Like Saix said, the witch has bad taste.

    You can't blame him, bad memories resurface when he stares at that castle too long.

    Shadows as in Anti-Sora and Shadow Roxas kind of things. I purposely put 'pi' in there because it's extremely difficult to calculate, therefore very hard. I guess there were a lot of shadows!

    Yup, here comes the Dragon Maleficent fight like in KH1. Lexeaus is surprised Maleficent is still not completely consumed by the darkness yet.

    Ugly rose thorns encompose the room, you can't blame Marly. :rolleyes:

    I skipped the battle details, so what? I focus on important battles! Yeah, a card came out. A litteral memory card.

    Simple way of gaining all of Maleficent's memory. Removing the card from her mind would cause irriversable damage to her soul and heart, also causing insanity. The card would be kinda useless except in Castle Oblivion, so what's the point? Leave the dang card in her mind. The mind is everyone's last sanctuary, she feels invaded. I wouldn't blame her, but she kinda deserved it.

    Ok, not literally, but seperated from their souls and bodies again.

    Inspiration from a real life experience, my friend rushed he to the Office when I slipped from the monkeybars and hit my head on something hard. I can't believe I had to wait 7 hours for stitches at the hospital! Anyway, I digress.

    Ah, title of the chapter!

    Why do I make the girls weaker? Am I subconciously sexist or something?

    <_< Oh well, the Hospital does some good work.

    Finally, another team has risen!

    The return of Riku Replica! Oh, a darkness skinsuit, I just made that up off the bat.

    Roxas should have heard about Castle Oblivion at least once during his membership. Hahaha, he doesn't like the sight of Traverse Town! Roxas and Namine treat their kidnappers pretty nicely. XD The two are in disbelief that the ol' Organization is back, typical reaction.

    Riku Replica, the man with the plan. He told them to get some R&R, Riku and Replica. XD Bad joke, I've typed this up at 4:26 in the morning ya know! Give me a break....


    Chapter 9:

    Yeah, it isn't exactly marching into their base and defeating all of them one by one.

    And so, the three started their infiltration of The Organization.

    A trace of Maleficent's handiwork (AKA major makover) of the world.

    I figured that it'd suck it you fought utill were at an inch of your life and then had to fight extremely hard boss. Trust me, I'd know.

    The element of surprise is important, ya know? If a spy was discovered, they'd be executed.

    Happy-go-lucky Axel, who would've thought? Well, I did! I thought that Axel would be overjoyed to see Roxas. Is it just me or have I ignored the whole concept of nobodies having no emotions? >_> Oh dear....

    XD Demyx is scared! Typical, he doesn't like to get bo-bos. =P

    Zexy, out of bias yet again, is polite. He also remembers that RR swore to get rid of the Organization.

    Ohh, look! Roxas is scheming! Hehehe, we all know he doesn't want to kill Axel.

    Riku Replica is Captain Sarcasm, ya know?

    Axel is playing along....

    I emphisized that part because they're not exactly new to The Organization.

    That's kinda the only way to get to the chairs, ya know?

    Xemmy is cautious, you gotta respect that.

    <_< This story runs on bias. Zexion covers the three and convinces Xemnas to allow them in.

    I kinda stole that from the Roxas innitiation in KHFM+.

    Vexen is proud that his creation has joined The Organization.

    The title is taken from a song in The Wizard of Oz.

    I swear, it's a pain to give everyone a line. I just wanted them to say something so you guys don't complain.

    Yeah, not too much trouble.

    Why are there nobodies in Yen Sid's tower?

    Wow, Mickey! You're a f***ing genius! It was kinda hard to notice since it's filled with Nobodies that could've cleaned the place out!

    I couldnt've made a more corny title.

    Riku was kinda 'resting his eyes' so he didn't notice the piece of paper in his pocket.

    Yeah, short chapter, eh? It's filler-ish stuff.


    Chapter 10:

    Forgive me for my lack of imagination.

    Nice speech, Xemnas!

    Wha? A scar in the space/time continuum? I wonder where that came from....

    It's the Seven Carnial Sins! XP Straight from Hell itself!

    Pain in the @$$ to write, there's no special meaning.

    Yeah, those pendants from Hades? Remember them? Vexen reverse-engineered one of them and then started mass-production of the sealing and unbinding pendents.

    Holy hell! It's the Death Note team!

    It's a happier alternitive version of the Death Note universe. Let me spevcify the differences even more: Light, Misa, L, Near, Mello, and Matt are all the same age. Mello is not a mafia boss. Light doesn't know of the Death Note's existance, Kira is someone else. Near didn't form the SPK. Watari, Sochiro, and Misa's parents arn't dead. Sayu has not lost her mind. You get the point, yeah?

    It's Watari ordering them to come back to headquarters.

    How're they gonna get outta this?

    O_O If the Death Note characters didn't excite you enough, Fullmetal Alchemist comes in too!

    This is to make clear that it's not during the anime.

    Al finally recieves a cat! Oh no, the heartless are coming!

    Hehehe, Ed can perform alchemy again!

    Quick way of getting back the the World of Alchemy. =)

    Pretty much sums that up.

    <_< It's hard giving everyone a line, ya? They rush off to the gummi ship, going wherever the distress beacon is.


    Chapter 11:

    It was kind of a 'titanic' battle, ya?

    Almost like the 'Apocalypse', don't ya think? =D Yeah, that's a bit o' tension there.

    Me doing math in the middle of a fanfic, it's sad. XD

    And so, Hercules had a little brawl with his uncle.

    Hehehe, gotta love the finisher. I like that Drive Form, if only it was real....

    Isn't it awkward that a Death God saves your life? It's supposed to take your soul.

    All I can say is: XD

    The next thing to Apples that Ryuk likes is Appreciation, bopth start with A. XD

    Ryuk has a big mouth, ya know. >_>

    Here comes the Artemis Military!

    This is a good reunion, the bad Reunion comes next volume. *insert evil laughter*

    It annoyed me how Winry just doesn't put extra metal in the automail for Ed to transmute so it doesn't shorten the arm. Also, Al has gloves, so why not Ignition Cloth gloves? Yes, I'll use Ignition Cloth and Pyrotex interchangably.

    Yay, the Dogs of the Military are here! And Black Hayate is here as well, just not mentioned.

    I needed to catch up on homework then. I couldn't risk getting two F's, then not graduating. That isn't a problem now! :) You'll be seeing more of this segment in the future, I can be sure of that. ;)


    Chapter 12:

    Well, the title refers to a specific portion of the chapter.

    Yeah, I'm aware mortals arn't supposed to be able to go inside Olympus in the first place, but this is Kingdom Hearts!

    That last part was making fun of "May the force be with you."

    Oh dear, well, I used Wikipedia to find all the gods that matched up to the Organization members elements. It isn't as hard as it looks, but still kinda hard.

    Cameo of Thanatos, the Greek personification of death. No, he didn't have a cloak in the myths, I just think it's bad to be naked.

    They'll use these powers eventually. This was the hard part, not the other one.

    They won't be whining later....

    Randomly made up by me, as is most of this story.

    Well, yeah, the city's filled with heartless!

    Continuing from the last chapter, I'm a continuity freak.

    Really, there's nothing special. Well, heartless have no names?

    Yes, a chimera heartless.

    It escaped! It'll return, I guarantee it.


    Chapter 13:

    Yeah, I think you caught my drift.

    Ah, yes, the tender moment ruined by some event. A classic trick in entertainment.

    Say hello to everyone's favorite duo!

    This is a pleasent surprise! L is smiling!

    Yeah, one plays with toys and the other's a dude who looks like a lady.

    XD Ouch! Mello was dubbed second place by L!

    Note that Light actually cares for other people in this alternate universe.

    I just had to split this into two parts, ok?

    Oh, god, everyone got one line. 40+ characters, every character got one sentence.


    Chapter 14:

    Lame team name, I know. At the very least, I tried.

    Some explination, huh? Normal reaction to the Death Gods.

    Geez, there are 1-2-3.... 4 blondies present!

    The title is pretty straight-forward.

    Oh, god, again! I refuse to review this segment of the chapter!

    This may have caught your attention when you read this.

    A new homunculus is born! And as an added bonus, I killed off Tucker! :D


    Chapter 15:

    Wow, how very original!

    And, tada! You get to know his power right after his first appearence!

    Inspired by the movie title "Daredevil."

    XD Classic Ed & Al reaction!

    XD Mello made a bad joke!

    We're discussing how Ryuk and Rem fight.

    L is a detective, he notices these kinds of things. Yeah, that's the heartless of Rem from the original Death Note series.

    Overused, but still good.

    Ah, yes, the classic Legion line.

    Another part of my revenge on Disney, who does need that Power Ranger crap?! Also out of bias, XD!

    Great, it's immortal!

    Why did everyone think Kixur would die if he used his power? Oh, the keybladers are saving their Titan power for later.


    Chapter 16:

    Something else overused.... >_>

    This character is the embodiment of my desire to not waste anything, just to a more extreme level.

    Oh, yikes! Light from the original Death Note universe is back!

    Not to mention no heart to attack. Enimies with shinigami eyes, you can see.

    Here, it is revealed the bandits are posessed by the souls of those who have used the Death Note and cannot to go Heaven nor Hell.

    <_< Bad joke....

    Rem heartless doesn't seem to realize that this is an alternate dimension.

    The 'compresser' idea is from Supernatural.

    Finally! L has a weapon!

    I don't mean to imply Mello is a girl, he's just throwing Misa the scythe that got knocked away by Rem's heartless. Near fetches Light's scythe for him.

    XD Ed's probably getting beat really bad. Al's enjoying flame alchemy! Ryuk can feel pain too, even though he's shinigami.

    I think you got the idea.

    XD Kairi had to deal with Sloth.

    Demyx's telling the truth....

    XD Roxas' Queen of Hearts mode.

    XD Marluxia has a garden in his room.

    It's L from the original Death Note! Actually, his nobody. Still, better then him being dead!


    Chapter 17:

    The best I could do at the time.

    Light versus Regret!

    Both of them can use alchemy, without transmutation circles no less!

    Light is part of Regret's large supply of souls, he'll return....

    I kinda used the saying "The Sweet Embrace of Death" for material.

    The 'urge' is the instinct of the heartless.

    Ed was angry, the shrimp is fearsome when he's mad. Bye, Rem, I don't think the original one'll be returning.

    L, the greatest detective in the world, stumped. XD

    Mello is proof that not all blondes are stupid, also the fact that Misa was thinking.

    Oh, a new Organization member!

    Looks like L read the member profiles.

    L is a detective, he should know how to hack computers.

    Luxord's comment stems from the fact that nobodies don't have emotions.

    The Nobody Party is having problems....

    Kairi is a hungry, hungry person.

    Initiation process complete, welcome #XV!

    Just to help you out. =D


    Chapter 18:

    Every homunculus must've gone to Central at some point!

    XD I'm refering back to the Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa movie.

    No, Russell isn't gay!

    Yeah, at the house already.

    Cliff-hanger, obviously. No, he wasn't shot be Brothers Tringham.

    Yes, they're really going to the Kingdom Hearts dimension.

    I like explosions, dosen't everyone?

    Yeah, the one from Port Royal - Visit 2 in KHII.

    They've landed in Traverse Town! XD The population sign thing is classic, as is the Dusk waving hello.

    For the PAR-TAY!

    XD What can I say, Sea-Salt Ice Cream is in high demand! Also, yeah, Dusks work fast!

    A tribute to another failed Role-Play, the Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix Party.


    Chapter 19:

    Yeah, I meant it literally.

    XD Regret can threaten the souls he has obtained whenever he wants.

    A little bad explination on how Regret got to his current form.

    Xell and L meet!

    =D I used something from a Death Note episode for reference!

    XD Sugar cookie....

    First time the Military Dogs see the shinigami.

    Looks like, once you've seen a shinigami, you can see it anywhere even if it's a different version of that shinigami.

    L with puppy-dog eyes, even I think it's adorable.

    What's FMA without short jokes?

    A quick and easy way for me to wrap it up.

    A direct continuation from the point-of-view above.

    Xell's little comment was too unresistable for me to not type.

    The group is being led somewhere.

    XD Mustang failed!

    Happy reunions, plus a cliff-hanger.


    Chapter 20:

    Yeah, hospitals. >_> Urgent Care is slow, but effective. 7 hours to get stitches, I could've eaten dinner by then! Anyway, I digress, that's the most likely place Regret could've wound up.

    That may have been either just a ploy or maybe he had a little hope of getting a girlfriend. XD

    Shot by bandits, classic. =) Don't hate me for my low imagination.

    Yeah, the title for this team next volume will be called Heroes of Time.

    As usual, out of bias, I made Zexion smash the staff. You finally discover how the hell I achieved this round-up of characters. The Dimension Shifter is from another fanfic of mine called A Day in the Life of Organization XIII that I haven't updated due to being busy with this fanfic and the stupidity. Yeah, the Dimension Shifter can run off heat and electricity, darkness absorbs lots of heat.

    XD Ed is clueless, as usual. Whoops, Mustang said 'box' instead of machine. And he was technically responding to Al too! XD You can't blame me, the last few chapters were too stressful for my brain.

    Light likes to gather every single detail.

    Imagine two L's saying "Hi." to each other while eating something sweet. That's how I portray L and Xell. I have Vexen explain what a nobody is.

    Mello's confused, ya know? Let me explain why: A Nobody has lost its heart, shouldn't they be called the Heartless? Sora explains what he thinks a heartless is. It took him an entire year to get it, the idiot! XD Kairi and Riku made fun of Sora's stupidity.

    XD Near has a funny side!

    Yay, a new throne for Kixur! Xigbar's just lazy.

    Basically, a scavenger hunt.

    XD I love typing Donald and Goofy's lines because it's so easy! No, Xaldin, you've got all the time in the universe until next volume! Mustang's probably scared of Hawkeye now. XD Armstrong's farewell speech, they haven't even left yet!

    God, ugh, you helped me lots in making this. The Organization Misfits was a Fourm Family originally run by FireNanaki, I'd think she was pretty happy for me putting that in. Never fear, Kadaj Family, I'll get you in somewhere next volume!

    Larxene got stuck with two girly men! XD

    I got that in because it really was the longest I've typed, my brain almost exploded.


    Chapter 21:

    It's that thing again! Yeah, it's the equivalent of Family Guy's Chicken Fights.

    Yeah, Regret somehow absorbed a spider when he was asleep and became the new Spiderman. XD

    They don't find it weird how 'Ron' got to the rooftop so fast?

    Clever little plan, don't you think? Yes, I'm aware that you don't.

    XD Well, I needed to make sure you weren't confused! I'm a fan of Doctor Who.

    XD Saix's comment is so true. Xaldin's comment was irrisistable.

    One boss battle per team! Well, except the one with Xemnas in it.

    Notice that they don't care that their home was being destroyed. XD

    The clones probably had, like, 1 HP. Sora and Riku argue. XD

    And so, Darkside went boom.

    Parody of the song. The name of the team was taken from the actual Mickey Mouse Club.

    Yay, my revenge on Disney yet again! I've cleared out Disney Castle of its inhabitants!

    I remembered the book!

    Poor Pluto, I just symphysize with him. Xehanort obviously did something to the Cornerstone.

    Ah, yes, the three all come to the real Twilight Town for once!


    They plan to betray and eradicate Organization XIII, remember? Commit it to memory. Roxas hates Geometry too.


    Chapter 22:

    Huzzah! A new homunculus!

    Kindness, a rare attribute for Homunculi.

    It's a girl!

    Not to be confused with .hack//G.U. Volume 2.

    This is dedicated to the complete pwnage of Demyx. XD

    O_O The Cornerstone has been turned!

    XD Mickey uses fighting rarely, I guess.

    This always happens with those two.

    Yikes! Xehanort is evil!

    XD Mickey is Moses! He's trying to cut Xehanort in half, like Moses parted the Red Sea.

    Looks like he got even stronger somehow.

    For Neon Genesis Evangelion, I had to incorperate this.

    Also from Neon Genesis Evangelion, those it's a little tweeked to fit in with the biblical version.

    Donald's happy he got the book now!

    The idea for the title, well, I borrowed it from Jade Rhade's vid.

    Winry scares everyone....

    XD Ed has got the completely wrong idea!

    Chapter 23:

    A new sin is born!

    That was easy, wasn't it?

    Two new shinigami!

    You see, their gummi ships are massive.

    Shidoh's a bit more rash then in the original series.

    Jealous like Misa in this alternate reality as well.

    Near has a nightmare, and so does the rest of the team!

    XD A Transformers action figure!

    The Pikachu plushie is dangerous! XD My revenge on Pokemon for its stupidity and cheeziness. I mean, Ash lets go of all his Pokemon when they arn't stolen. Primate, Butterfree, Lapras, Charizard, Larvatar, even almost Pikachu in Season 1 for god sakes! He even abandoned all of his other Pokemon to Professer Oak to keep except Pikachu to 'start again!' I mean, I wouldn't leave them all behind like that! Anyway, I digress.

    That sword happens to be the Dream Sword.


    Chapter 24:

    Their visit to Agrabah!

    As sad as it was, I had to put it in.

    And she has to be interupted!

    That infamous Armstrong saying.

    You can guess who that is!

    Everyone does that when they're in battle stance and get surprised, their fingers slip.

    Remember, they don't believe in magic.

    They discuss what they did in COM.

    Yeah, this decides what they do later on in the story.

    Well, I was too lazy to type up all the evil plotting anyway, so I decided that they should stay loyal.

    These three don't trust anyone, so they set up cameras in each gummi ship. Plus, they get to enjoy if any of the team members do something funny or........ other stuff.

    To them, everyone's a suspect. >_>

    XD They liked the FMA thing too! Ah, yes, I'll be sure to do the 'Back to School night' thing! Xell's team is actually asleep, you discover. Well, most Ravenclaws do look good! Brains and beauty, that's no fair at all! They comment on the new shinigami. The three discuss the annoying Keyblade Brats. The Dogs of the Military's arrival on Agrabah, they mention that too. The team that didn't do anything yet is Dude's Night Out.

    This is filler, ok?

    XD When Mello doesn't eat chocolate, something is wrong.

    My promised second cameo!

    It was after these Author Notes that I came up with this thread, I didn't do too badly since I've caught up this much.


    Chapter 25:

    Probably the most persistant foe in this volume!

    Yeah, Regret was starting to hate it too.

    You get the idea.

    Sora and Riku always argues, even when it's over Kairi!

    Riku has to carry Xaldin and defeat heartless along the way.

    The return of Phil. >_>

    Winry can beat someone up if she tries. *ducks under desk* Fear Winry's wrench!

    Never anger midgets, they can crack your legs.

    Well, girls can be strong too.

    Ah, yes, the Sandlot.

    I put that alias thing in to make Jade Rhade happy, she named Riku Replica Travis.

    Muhuhahaha, the dreaded art project!

    The annoying bunch o' four!

    Yeah, well, Roxas kinda does know Seifer.

    Yeah, I'm sitting right next to Vivi on this one.

    Yeah, they needed to break it up, so I omnipotently sent those three to enforce my will.

    It isn't as simple as ringing a bell or setting an alarm clock.

    Two words: Boss Fight!

    I guess that means a solo battle.

    The stuff they were holding in the dream become real, and Xell gets a summon! Everyone's happy!


    Chapter 26:

    Yeah, you get it.

    You'd be dehydrated too if you went through a desert.

    XD Regret was knocked into the fountain by Russell. I thought it'd be funny.

    W00t, Russel is interested! This seems to be a common occurence, according to Fletcher. XD Dorothy Espair, just like Ronald Egret.

    This explains why the hell they were there in the first place.

    Conqueror of Shamballa reference again! I'm not sure why there were so many Scar heartless, I'll figure something out.

    Aww, Regret cares for his friends. XD

    Boss Battle! =D

    Yeah, uh, yeah.

    Well, a week's time can change a lot of things. Genie gags, so easy to write.

    You can all picture that, right? Pretty easy description.

    XD Inspired by a Happosai thing from Ranma 1/2, the thing where Happosai can't read what he wrote down.

    I am indeed a horrible person for writing this part. >=D

    It's the Cave of Wonders every time!

    A new group of junior heroes!

    Ed is kinda stubborn, like me.

    Al is kinda smart, like me.

    Fear the wrench! Fear Winry! Fear her! *Knocked unconcious*

    W00t! I choose you, Phil! *Throws Pokeball*

    Reference to the L'arc~En~Ciel song!

    Isn't that another title for the Cloaked Schemer?

    XD Weightloss Club, they're still big!

    Pun of The Knights of the Round Table. XD Light the table on fire, they burn too!

    Final Fantasy 7 reference!

    It's too literal! XD


    The easiest way to beat them. =) Apperantly, I lost count so I have 2 Sixth Rounds. Let's just say Phil and the team lost count as well.

    XD Guys like catfights!

    XD Phil is a jerk, you know.

    Al's only a gentleman until he gets hit, exactly like me. >=)

    Geez, that was easy!


    Chapter 27:

    A very hard question to answer, you never know unless you can read minds.

    I'm told that what Regret is saying is similar to the manga Homunculus say. Well, I have read some of the manga and it might've just stuck.

    Russell's big rebuttle, and he's quite right.

    That big 'betrayal' element in entertainment, right there.

    A lot of clouds in the weather today!

    Winry is a coward sometimes! XD

    Cloud gives the match to people who can entertain him? o_0

    A wonderous cave indeed, it can even talk!

    XD Genie's friends with the cave!

    XD What is with girls and shiny things?

    My representation of Xell and L, just saying "Hello" to each other. XD

    It's like talking to ghosts!

    XD One word: PWNT!

    XD Rem is da big boss! Mello tries to kill Ryuk. XD

    Private conversation with Greiver....

    An oxymoron, like the other names nobodies made for places.

    For some reason, Xemnas and Xehanort don't look exactly the same.

    Donald yaps and yaps. :rollseyes:

    If they ever rejoin, Xehanort would probably be dominant and their combined powers of nothingness and darkness would be insane!


    Chapter 28:

    Run, run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch him, he's the homunculi man!

    That consentrated oxygen barrier can be used by Mustsang.

    You must be extremely confused now, eh?

    Bye, Ryuk~!

    Eh? Ryuk? But you left to eat apples in the Gummi Ship's fridge.

    Confusing moment, but I think I've explained it now.

    Near, Mello, and Matt. None of those three are Kira, so who is?

    Hey, to all my readers, send me some ideas! Like who may be Kira in the alternate dimension!

    *Gasp* The snake man!

    Yeah, uh, I think you get everything so far.

    Go Mustang! Vote Mustang for Furhur, he'll pass the Miniskirt Act!

    It's called the Sephiroth.

    Well, Winry's back!

    He has to be within a certain radius of Cloud.

    =) Still, they should be thankful it's easy!

    XDDDDDDDDDD Ol' chap! Luxord and Xigbar keep picking on poor Lexeaus.

    Well it is! Piracy is bad! I keep saying there should be a POTC anti-piracy commercial!

    Pure evil is approaching!

    XD Making fun of the Black Pearl myth thing.

    XD Pokemon episode!!!

    XDDD Captain Hook likes parties!

    Everything goes boom!

    Well, hunting is a thriller!

    It's a reminding letter, they have very short memory.

    Lexeaus is horrible, just like me! XD


    Chapter 29:

    They're discussing what has happened and what to do.

    XD The teens are perverts! I'll make up a reason for the cold tea later, ok?

    A reference to the Hym of the Fayth.

    Oh, Winry decided to take a break in the seats. That's why she was there.

    Shiva, Ifrit, and Ixion. I dunno why they're there, they just are?

    Shiva vs. Al, Ifrit vs. Winry, and Ixion vs. Ed. Well, Al had the ignition-cloth gloves, so he had to go up against Shiva. Winry can't fire projectiles, so she had to be paired with Ifrit. That left Ed and Ixion.

    Inspired by "Snakes on a Plane".

    Wow, uh, I have no explination.


    Chapter 30:

    'Envocation' is a completely made-up word!

    Ed hasn't heard of the word 'unicorn' yet.

    You do know what those orbs are, right?

    Well, at least they know some magic now!

    This was the best I could do for Matt, he only showed up for two episodes of Death Note! He didn't even talk in the first one!

    I guess Matt braced himself first.

    XD "Nyk, nyk!" is the sound Shidoh makes when he's eating chocolate!

    You can probably tell this is trouble.

    Yikes, a new character! And a powerful one as well!

    The reader should have realized by now if they're farmiliar with Fullmetal Alchemist.

    The return of Maes Hughes!


    Chapter 31:

    That means that you're plunging an object into the depths of the sea.

    Ah, Larxene, act before thinking? Becoming a bit more rash after coming back from the dead, eh?

    ABZXY5 is random gibberish I made up, and that shows you how twisted my imagination is currently.

    XD Fear Marluxia's happy face!

    I was thinking of stealing the ship, but I had to seal the Dark Corridor somehow!

    *Gasp* A new addition to the team?!

    It's kinda rare to meet two homunculi in a lifetime because they'd normally try to kill you as soon as they spot you.

    Here is some specific information I put in to help readers, though a little late.

    And so, Guilt was created!

    Oh, my obsession of overused ideas!

    XD Ed's automail can't take so high an atmosphere! Winry ensures she doesn't get blamed, typical. Al is having trouble keeping up!

    Yay, they finally arrive after much walking!

    XD I just had to, ok? Ed needed his automail to break so he could get better ones.

    So dang overused!

    You remember that minigame in FF7 where Cloud rides on a motercycle and has to protect the truck? It's kinda like that.

    XDDDDDDDDDDDDD All hail the females' power!

    The best way to get Jafar to shut up.

    Yes, I had to turn Hughes into some kind of psychotic maniac.

    XDDDDDDDDD Inspired by Dexter's Labratory.

    XDDDDDDDDDDD Original Ryuk doesn't know when to stop!

    You see, I replaced the cigarette with that bubble smokepipe because I don't think smoking is good at all and I've always wanted one of those since the idea of smoking has already been carved into my subconciousness.


    Chapter 32:

    I'm mocking "A Hero is Born."

    It's very terrifying, no? When Winry gets angry, prepare to get knocked out and then tortured.

    XDDDDDDDDDDD Milk! Al escapes to the library.

    Seriously, you can't kill a shadow.

    DOOM! A fight between a man and his shadow.

    XD Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

    You get it, don't you?

    XDDDDDDDDD "My mistake!" says Marluxia!

    Yeah, his heartless takes the form of his most hated animal.


    Chapter 33:

    In honor of the late Steve Erwin, I named the crocodile heartless Erwin.

    Kinda easy, eh?

    Well, it isn't! In fact, that's just plain crazy!

    Ok, so Ixion has some degree of control over Ed's body.

    XD Ixion's invading his mind!

    Hephaestus is sometimes a perv, so Ed is her bodyguard.

    Yeah, it's cruel of them. Dyrnwyn sets you on fire if you have evil intentions, but you are allowed to wield it if you have good intentions. The blade lights itself on fire when drawn by a rightious person.

    Everyone has a dark side, it's just that most of them don't usually come to life.

    I had to put that line in there, to tempting!


    Chapter 34:

    XD You'll get it a little later....

    Teddy bear is supposed to have been named after Theodore Rossevelt.

    XDDDDDDDDD Right there! That's when the chapter title comes in! Yeah, Zexy expected her to be hot. Zexion has blackmail on everyone, no one can touch him (except maybe Larxene......... XDDDD Just Kidding!).

    Solo? I think not!

    XDDDDDDDD Shiva can joke!

    Thanatos, the Greek personification of Death.

    I'm guessing they have a wagon-load of those pendants.

    XDDDDDDDDDD Sorry, I'm an American Doctor Who fan.

    XDDDDDDDDDDDD It's true, he did in the first movie!

    Ahh, too many references to Curse of the Black Pearl.

    They're not even acknowledged!

    Yeah, I think this title was used in Ape Escape.

    Well, Tarzan was taken by the heartless I guess!

    The Heartless "Base of Operations", then?

    XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD This.... is.... SPARTA!!!


    Chapter 35:

    And it's Part 2!

    Nothing? Oh, a growl, foreshadowing?

    XD A teddy bear is for hugging.

    Oh, come on! Even I still hug teddy bears!

    Even when miniature, he's still strong!

    And now, a talk with da boss man!

    "Get back ASAP!" is too overused!

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    YAY! This will be interesting... usually the only people who get the "behind the scenes" stuff are beta readers (well, at least in my case). I love how you admit you make Zexion having the major role out of pure bias. xD Excited for the FMA and Death Note stuff.
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    Yess!! Revenge on Disney!! *holds up torches and pitchforks* :p
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    How long has it been since someone posted?
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    LOL, I have no idea, but I'll help, by saying that was really good! And I liked the beginning poem, too!..x.X

    Hey...you have so much better writing talent than me.
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    Wow, a compliment from you of all members!
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    Omg, I didnt notice. You edited instead of posted.. *shrugs*

    Anyway! This makes alot more sense... especially now that ive started reading FMA >.>
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    Watch the anime and movie too.
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    I agree...It's really good.
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    I was gonna buy the Collectors set witch was Episodes 1-51 + Conquerer of Shamabla but stupid Jade Empire Special Edtition made me spend that money on a video card T-T
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    <_< I guess that's good too.