Kingdom Hearts Final Mix PS2 Undub

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    Oct 27, 2019
    Hi there, I'm new to this forum but it seemed the most appropriate place to post about this project. I also posted this same thread in the KH subreddit (r/KingdomHearts).

    I was hoping to spark a discussion about a PS2 KH1FM Undub, which is something that doesn't quite exist yet. There is however a wonderfully made KHIIFM Undub patch on the internet with a Dual Audio option (I think it's called "Final Mix +" or something like that). I just wanted to check if there's someone out here that shares my interest for a potential KH1FM Undub done to the same quality standard set by the 2FM Undub, and maybe find someone who is familiar with taking apart PS2 games who wants to take a shot at this project.

    I did patch an incomplete Undub by myself using whatever tools and files I could find online, but it has obvious issues. I uploaded a video on Youtube showcasing this patch and I wrote a detailed video description explaining what I did to get it working.


    If you're interested I'll copy the video description here:

    This undub just replaces the "voice" folder of the game with the one from regular Japanese Kingdom Hearts, but it's still incomplete and buggy and it's not been tested properly.

    This could be a list of things to do to make it a full undub:

    1) Fix game-breaking bugs

    If the entire "voice" folder is replaced the game will freeze right before Sora yawns in the first voiced cutscene of the game (the one shown in this video), making you unable to proceed past the intro (the culprit is "di_001.vset"). There might be other instances in which this occurs but no real testing has been done.

    2) Restore original lip-sync

    As you can see, most of the voices are japanese, but the characters still have english lip movements.

    3) Restore original FMVs

    The FMVs (such as the one in the beginning of the game) still feature english voices.

    4) Complete the undub

    As I said, this undub is incomplete. Some scenes still play out in english even after replacing the "voice" folder. To my knowledge, the only scenes that aren't undubbed are the first part of the first voiced cutscene (to prevent crashing, as shown in the video), Leon's speech about Riku's keyblade, and the dialogue between Xemnas and Sora/Goofy. Keep in mind that some of these cutscenes weren't in the original japanese version, therefore they would have to be ported backwards from KH 1.5 Remix.

    5) (Optional) Add dual audio option

    There's a KHIIFM undub going around online that has a dual audio option. It would be cool to also have it in 1FM, but it's not necessary at all.


    If you want to play the undub in its current state, here is what you'll need to patch the game:

    1) A Kingdom Hearts Final Mix PS2 ISO

    2) Japanese voices pack by Hidden Smithery:

    3) ISO Maker by Crazycatz00:

    Step 1) Rename your iso file to "kh.iso" and put it in the same folder as your ISO Maker

    Step 2) Create a folder named "import" in the same folder as the ISO Maker

    Step 3) Put the "voice" folder of your Japanese voices pack into the "import" folder you just created

    Step 4) IMPORTANT: if you don't want your game to crash right after the tutorial, you're gonna have to delete (or move) the file "di_001.vset" located in "voice/event/di" or you won't be able to get past the intro. (I think "di" stands for "Destiny Islands")

    Step 5) Run the ISO Maker

    Step 6) Enjoy your patched game
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    May 23, 2019
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    TopazTK approves. Keep up the good work.
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    Feb 17, 2011
    Kingdom Hearts 1 final mix or any version of Kh1 is very hard to mod. So i doute its possible to do a dual audio patch right now.
  4. Fotia Moogle Assistant

    Apr 4, 2020
    Hello, I made this list of voice battle coming from Kingdom Hearts.

    Thanks to PSound.exe made by snailrush.
    Find it here :
    Also thanks to KH1FM_Toolkit.exe made by GovanifY for the extractor.

    These files are in the root of KINGDOM.IDX, you need to extract them with GovanifY's Toolkit and the files are in mdls, you need PSound to listen to them.

    I sent you this list because I think you need it to put the voice battle into your project.

    Also take the xs_genie.dat and xs_mushu.dat maybe with xs_genie.dbt, xs_mushu.dbt, xs_genie.x, xs_mushu.x
    Try it.

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    Jan 23, 2021
    @tccalvin Why no FMV Japanese audio?

    This is an interesting project that I think we should pursue further. I'm part of an undub discord server, PM me for the invite.
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    Jan 23, 2021
    I was able to patch this over top of the English Patch for KHFM and tested the patched iso on a PS2 with OPL off of the hdd. I did have to bypass the file tccalvin said to, in order for it not to freeze, and it worked.
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