Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Translation Patch (In progress)

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  1. Sven Cakemann Merlin's Housekeeper

    Feb 5, 2017
    In the interest of simplifying things for anyone in the future, I've uploaded the patch, directions, and a guide onto Gamebanana. Thanks to the OpenKH Discord, I was also able to fix the last few issues (encounter plus, ansem report 11, zantetsuken not being granted) by replacing some of the rewards for other things that were duplicated. (For example, Sora learns Tech Boost 4 different times by default; with my adjustment he only learns it 2 times, with the other 2 times granting 2 of the "bugged" rewards).

    The reason the rewards are "bugged" in the first place is actually really simple. It turns out that Gledson/Sora had decided to copy/paste two of the English ARD files from the US release of KH1 wholesale, rather than go through and translate them; this resulted in the game not granting the report/abilities, because in the US version of the game, it didn't have to grant those items. The alternative fix is to properly translate the ARDs, but that's a lot more heavy lifting than I can do.
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    You rock!!!! Like to play on android and now I can without bugs