Kingdom Hearts III Demo

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    To begin with, I have absolutely no tangible evidence to base my claims off of. But, with the music festival's extended version of the Olympus demo surfacing, I thought this might be worth sharing.

    I work at a restaurant with a dude who has a "My other ride is a chocobo" bumpersticker. His exgirlfriend happens to be a seasoned manager at Gamestop. I've only read text messages, but they seemed legit. So, I'm going to share the little information that I learned. Basically, Gamestop managers nationwide had a meeting where they were given tons of codes to download upcoming games, so that they could better be able to pass information down to their subordinates about games. The reason I bring this up, is because they were able to play Kingdom Hearts III. And it infuriates me. Not because they got to play the normal demo(s) normal people haven't been able to, but because they got to play a demo that allowed them to experience the Pirates of the Caribbean world. So, why am I bringing this up? Nomura said that the last demo was the final one, then we get the extended version with the new area in Olympus. I'm just the regretful messenger that there's ANOTHER demo that features Pirates the general public has not been exposed to. So, get ready for more, guys.