Kingdom Hearts...paradox?

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    Ok, my browser is being difficult, so I'm sorry if somebody has already created a similar thread.

    Here's what I've found so far:

    Based on what I've read/dug up on Kingdom Hearts III and chi, this seems to be the final installment of the Dark Seeker saga, where Xehanort is putting his master plan into action, to create an actual X-blade, etc., which has all stemmed from his fascination/curiosity of the Keyblade War. The war is said to have taken place many years before the start of the series.

    In chi, it's implied that a keyblade master bestowed a book called the Tome of Time (or Book of Prophecy, not sure if they are the same or two different books) to 5 apprentices, who read about the war between light and darkness, light falling to darkness, and the five trying to prevent it. They do this by pulling warriors from the future (called fragments, I think), to try and prevent the light/darkness future from happening. The actions, along with the storyline, lead up to the beginning of the keyblade war.

    Now, here's what's popping through my mind:
    At this moment, there's no set timeframe as to when these keyblade warriors are pulled from their respective time, so it could be many years after the keyblade war takes place (for all we know they are ripped out around the same time as Sora and his adventures). These actions could be the indirect result in Xehanort's desire to obtain the X-blade, forming Terranort, and so on, along with the world's being submerged into darkness.

    My thought is, since Sora is established as "the key", to stop Xehanort once and for all, would he be able to find a way to undo/end the paradox? The "time travel" thing that Xehanort has used to gather 13 of his selves might be out, but if Sora found a way to, say, prevent the 5 apprentices from performing their actions, it could undo the keyblade war, prevent the light from being destroyed (albeit temporarily), and could change the layout of the worlds from many separate fragments to one complete world.

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    In my honest opinion the story has become rather complex since the introduction of time travel in kh 3d; merely because I've read up on theories regarding 4th - 10th dimension and the consequences of time travel if said capabilities were to ever exist.

    I have no idea what thr game means by Sora being "the key" except for maybe it being related to Sora's power over the light. We all know thatSora has an uncanny ability to make friends and that his heart is full of light; hence why in kh3d Riku has to fight Sora's darknesz ( because the closer you are to the light, the bigger the shadow you cast becomes)

    So who knows, maybe Sora LITERALLY is the X (chi) to kingdom hearts.

    Thoughts: As for preventing the first x-blade war (pun intended), I think that's playing it way to close to retconning the entire series. Why? It's because of Xehanort. The entirety of the kh saga has been about Xehanort and his desire to experience the war and to rule kingdom hearts, while Sora is there to clean up the mess and rectify the distasters wrought by master xehanort. If that one plot element is removed because Sora undid what was done, have a white haired young man with no goal, no purpose. All the series itself would be meaningless because Everybody would be living in harmony and that would be that. (Unless Nomura starts playing with which case oh dear..)

    But wth, it is kingdom hearts am I right? Who knows what is going to happen in chi and kh 3. Hell, they recently introduced a man in a black hood talking to the 5 disciples in kh chi, chirishi is a dream eater, and kh3 trailer showing xehanorts keyblade being an artifact posted up on a wall? Heck, the secret movie in re:coded shows young xehanort clearly saying that his keyblade is ancient.

    So who knows what nomura and the team have in mind. Time travel can make, break, or just outright complicate a story.

    Only time will tell.
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    I really do like your theory and I do think it is a cool idea to travel back in time to prevent certain events from happening in the past, but I have to agree that it is to close to erasing everything that has happened in the game so far. As it would prevent some characters from ever meeting in the games and erase the existence of other characters in the franchise. Although I think that the time travelling idea could work if they went back in time to alter a event that happened later on in the series (not sure if this would go against the rules of time travel in the series though)
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    Dec 6, 2006
    I would think time travel would have to be investigated further in kh3 and chi, because just to throw it in during 3Ds as a way Xehanort survived with little to confusing information as:
    Mickey: how did you survive?!
    Xehanort: I went back in time and made copies of myself.
    Mickey: O_O
    To do that is silly. But at the same time the retconned thing may be Nomura's way of starting over; he said this was the last of the Dark Seeker series, not the end of KH in general. He may use the next game following KH3 as a way of both a sequel series and a reboot at the same time. Who knows?