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    Welcome to the General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts section! This sticky is here to help you get your bearings in our Kingdom Hearts themed sections and make sure everyone has a smooth experience on our forums.

    Before posting, make sure you give our site rules a read. The rules outlined there, such as restrictions on double posting, remaining on topic, flaming and harassment, etc., apply here too!

    The Kingdom Hearts Sections Are Big and I Am Very Afraid
    It’s okay, we’re here to help! We’ve tried to organize our Kingdom Hearts sections as intuitively as possible, but if you’re new to the series or just a little confused, this should help you out:
    • Kingdom Hearts News & Updates - Want the latest on the Kingdom Hearts series? Check out this section, where you can discuss the news posted by our diligent reporting team. This section feeds directly onto our homepage.
    • Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX - The first HD collection for the Kingdom Hearts series, this release spans Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Specific discussions for these games or the collection as a whole belong in this section.
    • Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX - The second HD collection for the series, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 includes Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Discuss these three titles in here!
    • Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ - The Kingdom Hearts seriesgoes mobile in this title, released exclusively on the iOS and Android platforms. Discuss your journey and look for a party in this section!
    • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - The Kingdom Hearts series enters a new dimension in this title, released exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Discuss Sora and Riku’s journey through their Mark of Mastery exams in this section!
    • General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts - If you’re looking to avoid spoilers, tread lightly in this section! Overarching discussion of the series and speculation about future titles is found here. This section also houses all threads about the long-awaited and recently announced Kingdom Hearts III!
    • Kingdom Hearts Help - Not sure which world to visit next? Stuck at the brutal Xaldin battle in Kingdom Hearts II? Look no further! In this section, you can turn to your fellow Kingdom Hearts fans for any help getting through the series.
    If you’re still not sure where to post, shoot a message to any of our staff members, or simply take your best guess and a moderate will move it if necessary – that’s why we’re here!

    HD Remix? But I only want to discuss Birth by Sleep!
    Have no fear! We’re super organized here. Because Birth by Sleep is included in Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX, head on down to that section. From there, you’ll see that threads have prefixes on them, to mark which game they’re discussing. You can click that prefix to list only threads about Birth by Sleep!

    Rules for the Kingdom Hearts Sections
    No “do you hate this character” threads
    We love to critically discuss and analyze a character’s place and development in the games, but it shouldn’t turn into blind bashing of them! A good post on the subject might look something like this…
    Or perhaps…
    Whereas a bad post might appear as such:
    Or maybe…
    Make your post(s) count
    On KH-Vids, you receive a +1 to your Message Count for nearly every post you make, and because our top posters are rewarded Premium Status, we want to make sure that those counts are earned! Always focus on quality, not quantity, with your postings. Elaborate on your points and ideas, and stimulate discussing by asking questions of your fellow members, or by responding to those posed by others!

    If your posts lack content and are borderline spam, you will be contact by a staff member!

    Search before making a new thread
    We have a great search engine here at KH-Vids, so please use it! It’s possible that your questions about the series have already been answered, or your discussion is on-going. If a thread already exists but hasn’t been posted in for several months or years, you’re still allowed to post in it! Just make sure your post is adding something original and interesting to the discussion.

    If you come across an old thread you’d like to resurrect but it’s closed, hit the Report button and a staff member will re-open it for you!

    Flaming, harassment, and reporting content
    If you notice a thread that needs to be moved, closed, or otherwise moderated, hit the Report button and someone will take care of it! Posting in a thread only to say that it should be moved or closed is considered backseat moderating and will not be tolerated.

    Likewise, if you notice that a thread is breaking one of our site rules, or that a member is harassing you or someone else, please don’t hesitate to also click the Report button and we’ll put a stop to it!

    If you have any further questions, please message one of the section’s moderators or post in our Feedback & Assistance forum and we’ll be right on it!
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