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  1. Feliex Merlin's Housekeeper

    Jun 16, 2018
    Username: Feliex
    Name: Faust
    Age: 20
    Appearance: image
    Personality: laid back, prefering the winds of fate to guide him
    Homeworld: the chained Isles
    Keyblade: Voltaic Fragment
    What's most important to you? freedom
    What do you want outta life? to see everything there is to see
    What are you afraid of? losing my freedom
    Path Chosen: mystic
    Path Sacrificed: Guardian

    KHSOS: Awakening
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    Jun 18, 2008
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  3. Rinzler Destiny Islands Resident

    Jun 17, 2018
    Kingdom of Araluen
    Username: Rinzler
    Name: Owain “Marx” Sableheart
    Age: 18
    Keyblade Status: Master

    Appearance: The Cursed Wolf; After he was banished to Beyond The Reef, he was cursed into a white Wolf Form with glowing blue eyes and blue crystals on his body. Along with that, he lost his Keyblade as it now rests down deep in the ocean. It is only when later on the inhabitants of the world called him the “The Wolf Spirit”, until he is healed by a pure heart (a Princess of Heart to be exact) he will be freed from his curse.
    Human Form; After he is cured from his curse, he dawns a distinctive purple wolf mask with fangs at the bottom and top of the inside, it also has two scars over the dark yellow eyes, plus he has some scars on his skin clearly shown under his mask having short hair under the mask and hood, his hair has a blinding silver color.. Along with a pair of horns attached to the top of the mask, he has a hood with blue fur and purple ears, the rest of the hood cape is dark grey with holes and rips everywhere, except the epicenter of the cape which has two symbols in gold: 曛狼 - which stands for “Twilight Wolf”. He also has a crimson jacket with a small emblem on the left side, pockets at the bottom and small rips here and there, plus a purple shirt with a rip on his right side and cyan fingerless glove. And to add; he has a gold, blue and bronze shoulder to wrist gauntlet, with a gear on top of the hand area, with a bronze pad on his shoulder. Last he has a brown belt around his olive green pants with some purple, crimson and blue colored shoes with silver spikes on the heels. He will not take his gauntlet or mask of until he trusts those enough.

    Personality: Marx was a noble leader and loyal to his fellow members of the Overseers, now however, he is nothing more than a silent knight. Most of the time he's quiet when everyone are off doing their own thing, but that doesn't mean he can have fun, being social or speak up for himself. Marx keeps to himself most of the time, but can be around some members from time to time. He doesn't talk much about his mask or gauntlet much, but when he trusts someone enough, they are in for quite the surprise. Overall besides his slight silent act, he's real kind and generous and will go out of his way to protect those he cares about, whatever it takes.

    Backstory: On the spiritual and technological world of Altureon, there was a young boy named Owain Sableheart. He was originally a reckless teen, he had two adopted older siblings named Sye and Megan and was also the Royal Prophet. Their lives were fantastic, through their youth they had changed along with the world around them. One day the Heartless attacked his world, he tried his best to save his siblings but lost his eyesight in the progress. He woke up the next day, home crumbled, siblings lost and couldn’t see anything. Nobody would bring him help, then he sought a Shamen out to heal him and was greeted by 4 figures of Fire, Water, Earth and air. These 4 were known as the Overseers, protector spirits of Altureon, they called out to him to tell him the his world was vanishing and couldn’t do anything to prevent it. The 4 gave him the ability to wield the Keyblade and took him to a sacred valley unknown on Altureon and untouched by the Heartless so he can learn about the Keyblade. After about a years worth of training and studying, the newly announced Wolf Master was ready, he explored a few worlds and even found his siblings. He sent them to a safe world to protect them and so they can rebuild a home, but he was confronted by a mysterious man named Zuro who was a dark sorcerer. The two battle, but in the end, the Dark man was victorious and banished him away to another world via time portal. However, in the process of banishment, a light protected him and gave him a White Wolf form, though his Keyblade was lost in the sea where he ended up on a small island meeting an oddly large man who was there as well.

    Homeworld: Altureon is the world he grew up in, as for what world he was born on, it is unknown (explained more later on). Altureon is (quite literally) a world sized tree inhabited by countless civilizations on the branches of the world. In the center lies a purple Pearl gemstone, this is known as the “Mother Spirit”, the life blood of the whole world and if it were to die or corrupt then the life on Altureon would cease to exist. Altureon is also a mixture of spirit and technology (kind of like Atlantis); technological advancements while at the same time it’s some sort of spiritual or fantasy like world. The wildlife and plant life is a combination of both mythical and real animals, even some kind of alien looking life. The culture can vary depending where you are, wether in the busy capital of Reind or at the native Islands of Wakoaki.

    Keyblade: Lunar Eclipse (due to his travel in light and darkness he has two modes/forms, Dusk and Dawn)
    Extras: Keyblade Rider (Motorcycle), Crystals of the Foretellers (Six stones that represents each one) and The Twilight Stone.

    What's most important to you?: “The things I value in life more than anything are my friends, family and home.”
    What do you want out of life?: “All I want is to live a normal life and seek answers.”
    What are you afraid of?: “I’m afraid of losing control, my loved ones and… being alone…”

    Path Chosen: Mystic
    Path Sacrificed: Hunter

    KHSOS: Awakening!
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  4. Arch Mana Knight

    Oct 5, 2007
    Username: Arch
    Name: Castur 'Arctus' Pollux
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Castur
    Personality: Observant and strong-willed. Holds a strong moral compass and does his best to act mature but finds himself being awkward around others.
    Homeworld: Zephyr's Gloom
    Keyblade: Nightbreak
    What's most important to you? I don't know anymore.
    What do you want outta life? Redemption and justice.
    What are you afraid of? Finding out that my quest is an impossible one.

    Path Chosen: Guardian
    Path Sacrificed: Warrior
  5. ClearzerO Merlin's Housekeeper

    Nov 9, 2019
    Username: ClearzerO
    Name: Quill (Q)
    Age: 22 (Age Relative)

    Personality: Social yet keeps secrets to himself. Prickly, and is a prick.
    Homeworld: The Demonic Front.
    Keyblade: Razor Vine [Encased in Stone]
    What's most important to you? Making amends for the Sins of my pasts, finding shape in a world broken and shapeless. As he sees it, life is now a meaningless series of events he needs to find a path for once again.
    What do you want outta life? To amass power, gaining more control over his life. With some sense of control over his life again through Power, he believes he'll be able to accept his past and be a better person. The idea of being powerless to control his destiny makes him afraid.
    What are you afraid of? MY SIIIIIIIINS. (But seriously). He has taken a dangerous road and come out the other side afraid that he can't return to decency as a human being. He's worried he only can make sense of reality through the eyes of a monster. He's also afraid of Geese, cause they scary and loud.

    I am choosing Path of the Guardian, sacrificing the Path of the Warrior.
    KH SOS Awakening.
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