Kingdom Hearts, The True Heroes

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    Kingdom Hearts, The True Heroes.

    Intro: Yes, you have Sora and Riku out destroying the Heartless, but before they came there were real heroes, and those heroes saved the universe from Xehanort before Sora even heard of other worlds. And it all started with one boy by the name of Schramm.

    Chapter One:

    “Town meeting! Town Meeting!â€

    “Oh crap, I slept in again.†Schramm woke up in a daze, he’s been late three times already this week, and if he was late for this meeting, Master Ansem would give him another lecture about how punctuality was important, a lecture that Schramm wasn’t looking forward to for the sixth hundredth time…

    Schramm got up and rushed to the castle, he needed to buy an alarm or something, but until then, he needed to stop staying up so late working on his research. But that was not important at the moment; right now he needed to find his way to the Castle Postern where Master Ansem was giving his announcement. He made it there and fought through the crowd and went right up behind the other scientists.

    “Schramm,†said a voice behind him “you really need to learn to wake up earlier, all of Radiant Garden doesn’t revolve around you ya know...â€

    “Gimme a break Braig,†Schramm gave out a sigh, “I’m just thankful that Master Ansem didn’t catch me.â€

    “Yes, that would be most unfortunate, now wouldn’t it my little apprentice?â€

    Schramm gulped and turned around, sure enough there was his mentor, Ansem the Wise. He wasn’t an unreasonable man, but when you disobey him he can get strict. But oddly enough, he had a smile from ear to ear on his face.

    “But now is not a time for consequences my apprentice, today is a joyous day, for your superior and my lead apprentice has brought to my attention something of great interest.†And with that he went onto the stage.

    “Radiant Garden!†Ansem yelled, and the entire town grew silent. “I come to you with a new discovery! A new creature that my wise apprentice, Xehanort, has shown me! It is without a heart, and a creature of darkness! I give you, a heartless!â€

    And Master Ansem pulled the curtain and in a transparent cell, was a hideous creature, it resembles an ant of some sort, but over ten thousand times bigger. It had glowing yellow eyes that seemed to pierce the soul; it was not large, but had antennas that were constantly moving, many of the townsfolk were frightened, but Master Ansem waved his hand for silence.

    “Fear not! It is safely contained, I would like all of you to know that we have found a considerably large amount of these creatures under the foundation of the castle, however there they shall remain, we shall do various experiments to find how these creatures live, most likely they steal peoples hearts, and merely want to capture other’s. However, my apprentice has another theory. There is apparently a doorway to the core, no, to the Heart of this World! Once we find this heart, we shall use it for the better of this world, long live Radiant Garden!†As soon as Master Ansem finished his speech, the entire town erupted into the largest ovation one has ever heard. Behind Mater Ansem, Xehanort was standing with a smile that a blind man could even tell he was very proud of himself. He and Schramm weren’t always on the same page, and this situation was no different. Schramm decided that once this was all over, he would speak with Xehanort and Ansem about his concern, for he felt experimenting creatures that have the power to take one’s very heart should best be destroyed.

    “Braig, I will speak with Master Ansem about this, this should not be done, I have a very bad feeling about all of this, I believe Xehanort has good intentions about this, but it’s too dangerous.â€

    “Is that right Schramm?†Said a voice yet again behind Schramm, only when he turned around this time, it appeared to be Xehanort, and he did not look happy. “Come, we shall go into my office and see if we can see eye to eye.“

    “If it is alright with you Xehanort, I would like to speak with Master Ansem.â€

    “Oh, but I insist.†Xehanort had a very convincing voice, one that made you believe that if you do not follow what he does, bad things shall befall on you.

    “…Very well, but I would like to speak with Master Ansem after we converse.â€

    “Oh Schramm, I would not like it any other way.†And Xehanort stepped into the castle, with Schramm hesitantly following.

    Chapter Two

    Schramm followed Xehanort into the corridors below the castle. One often gets lost under the ground, but after a month or so one starts to remember which way to turn, and which way would end in you going in a circle. Schramm would often lose himself on the way to Master Ansem’s study, but he has never been to Xehanort’s study, and he wasn’t thrilled to enter it now. Sudden turns left and right, and finally a door appeared in front of them.
    “Xehanort, wait!†called a voice coming up from behind them, and as they turned around, they saw Ienzo running towards them. Ienzo was the youngest of the apprentices, and it showed. His silver hair went down to his eyes, and he had the constant look of a young immature boy on his face. “Braig informed me you were going to speak with Schramm about his concern of these studies that shall take place.â€

    “Yes Ienzo, that is exactly what is going on, but may I ask why you came all the way down here just to confirm that?†said Xehanort, who did not look happy to see the youngest of Master Ansem’s apprentices.

    “Well, I too feel this is dangerous, and came here to back Schramm up and change your mind.â€

    “I see, well, why do you not come in here and join Schramm and I, maybe then you two shall see my reasoning, and will then support this project.â€

    Schramm and Ienzo both walked into Xehanort’s study, and took a seat, it certainly was not the most cheery place, dimly lighted, gray walls, and papers everywhere. Behind his massive oak desk there was a large screen behind it. Xehanort sat behind the desk, and motioned for the two to bring their views to the screen. Once Xehanort hit a button on his desk, the screen filled with hundreds upon hundreds of those heartless. Xehanort merely looked at them, with no noticeable emotions visible on his face. He often had this look; his cold, brown eyes did not ever seem to have any true expression. His slightly dark skin seemed to contradict his long silver hair. He always seemed to have his face in the same emotionless position, just as it looked now.

    “Look at them, you see Schramm, Ienzo, each of these creatures was a human once, but now their hearts are lost, you see, these studies are a chance to save these souls and possibly return them to their original selves. Also, with these studies, we may be able to finally answer the question, of what is the heart. Should we find out the working of this, we could find a way to take this research, and better our world, and all others.â€

    Schramm and Ienzo weren’t convinced, but Schramm looked at Ienzo and tapped the armrest of his chair three times. Over the years, the two have become great friends, and they always had each other’s backs no matter what. Which is why Schramm had the idea that Ienzo did not come down here because he disagreed with the proposition that Xehanort gave.

    Over the years, the two have learned that speaking out would get them in trouble, so they devised a system of hand and eye signals to get their messages across. In this case, three taps on anything means to keep quiet until they can discuss in private. Ienzo blinked twice, which was confirmation of the message.

    “Well, I still say it’s dangerous, but I see your point Xehanort...†Schramm himself couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth.

    “Well, I am glad you realize that this is for the betterment of Radiant Garden. Ienzo, you have been unusually quiet, do you realize what Schramm already has?â€

    Ienzo looked at Schramm, who immediately blinked twice, and Ienzo turned to Xehanort.

    “Oh, yes Xehanort. I honestly cannot seem to remember why I was opposed to this in the first place.â€

    “Very well, you two may go, but could you send Dilan to me? There is something I must speak to him about.â€

    “Yes, of course.†Schramm said, eager to leave and speak with Master Ansem.

    The two left the office, and Schramm immediately turned and spoke with Ienzo.

    “So, did you really believe that these studies are dangerous and wrong, or did you just come down here to defend me?â€

    “Well,†Ienzo began, “It was a little of both, this does seem dangerous, but I would have never actually come down here if you didn’t speak up first.â€

    “Well, it’s too late to speak with Master Ansem now, I’ll talk to him tomorrow, I’m going to sleepâ€

    “Ha ha, of course, you sleep more than you study, well, goodnight Schramm, see ya in the morning.â€

    “Ya, later Ienzo.â€

    Schramm then left the castle and made his way to the town. His feelings towards this research didn’t change in the slightest. He didn’t buy into anything Xehanort said, but he was Master Ansem’s foremost apprentice, and going against him was not a good idea. Schramm decided that tomorrow he would ask to see Master Ansem, and share his concern. Eventually Schramm got to his home and took off his jacket. He looked into the mirror before he turned in. For a scientist, he was pretty muscular. His dark brown hair was always short, Schramm made sure of that. It was getting time to cut it, as it was down close to his eyebrows. His hazily green eyes seemed emotionless when Schramm got serious, such as that moment. He had some facial hair growing out, but would never grow thick, so Schramm frequently shaved his face.

    As Schramm lied down, he started to think of all that happened today. He felt something when he looked at that heartless, but he didn’t know what. It wasn’t fear; it was more like, pity. To see a creature, who did not have a heart of it’s own, and from what he has heard, it’s only goal in life is to steal other hearts mindlessly, a terrible way to live.

    As Schramm thought of it more, the inevitable feeling of drowsiness finally caught up with him, and Schramm closed his eyes and though of it no more.
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    Oct 11, 2006
    Chapter 3

    Schramm awoke; amazing even himself that he would not be late this morning. He put on his jacket and headed to the castle. It was a normal trip; a quick stop at the bakery, saying hello to the children as he went by, and waving at the kind old lady tending to her garden. It was a beautiful day, which made it especially hard for Schramm to approach Master Ansem today as he planned.

    The trouble started as he left the bailey. Schramm was heading up to the castle when it happened. He heard some rocked move behind him, however when he turned around, no one was there. At first he told himself that he just made up the noise, but then it happened again. At this point Schramm thought that it was merely somebody playing tricks on him. He stopped and with a little chuckle he said

    “Ok, I know somebody’s out there, show yourself, at least then I’ll have an excuse to why I’m late today, ha ha.” However Schramm wasn’t laughing for long. He immediately regretted calling out his follower. What looked like pure darkness flat on the ground came swerving up to right in front of him. Only it wasn’t flat for long. It rose off the ground forming a creature with glowing yellow eyes, and moving antennas, a creature Schramm had seen before. A heartless was forming in front of him. And it didn’t look like it came to play. Schramm needed to act quickly. He was merely a scientist, he had no experience in combat, but perhaps this creature was similar to any other predator. Perhaps nice, slow movements would not excite it enough to attack. Schramm made a steady movement back towards town, but it was at that point that the creature pounced. It wasn’t all that intimidating, it wasn’t big, and its pounce was actually comical. But Schramm knew what this creature was capable of, and just sprinted as fast as he could towards town. He turned just to see the creature shrink back to the ground. Schramm faced forward and darted as fast as he could, but the heartless horrifyingly swerved under his feet and appeared in front of him. He stopped and saw the creature once again come out of the ground, antennas ever moving. Schramm looked around; there was no way to outrun it. He looked at the ground and saw a small rock, and decided it was better than being unarmed. He picked it up, but even he knew it wasn’t going to do much good.

    There was no way out, towering cliffs that are unbelievably steep surrounded him. And even if he were able to climb them, the boulders at the top would stop him from…

    The boulders!

    With everything he had, Schramm threw the rock to the top of the cliff, hoping, praying that this will work. Suddenly he heard his rock make contact, and large smashes and bangs could be heard coming down, Schramm had successfully caused a rockslide. With what little energy he had left, he dived under the small inlet on the cliff to protect him. At the last moment, he turned and saw one massive boulder that was about to land on the hideous creature.

    Swerve your way out of that you son of a *****

    But it never got the chance to. He saw the boulder make contact on the ground, and all he saw was a little wisp of black and purple smoke. The rockslide subsided, and Schramm stepped out to make sure the heartless was dead. He moved the boulder, but saw nothing, no trace of it at all. He decided to go see Master Ansem immediately, but it turned out that was easier done than said.

    “Schramm! What in the world do you think you are doing! You could have hurt innocent people with that rockslide!” Schramm turned to see a less than happy Ansem, he looked furious, and Schramm supposed for good reason.

    “But Master Ansem! I had to, I was attacked, byone of those creatures, I was attacked by a heartless!”

    “Im sorry to tell you this Schramm, but that’s slightly less than possible..” replied a cold voice Schramm knew all to well, Xehanort walked into view, almost completely blocked by Ansem before. Like usual, he had no expression at all, but Schramm knew something was up. “You see, all of the Heartless are securely locked under the castle, there’s no way any could have escaped.”

    “I’m telling you I was just attacked by one! Luckily the rockslide crushed it.”

    “Oh, pray tell then, where is this ‘crushed’ heartless?” Xehanort asked.

    “Well, it disappeared in a wisp of smoke, but that doesn’t make me a liar!” Schramm yelled at Master Ansem’s foremost apprentice.

    “Of course not…” Xehanort replied. But then turning to Master Ansem he said “Master Ansem, are you aware that yesterday I stopped Schramm from confronting you because he was planning on trying to convince you not to press on with these experiments to better Radiant Garden?”

    Master Ansem tuned to Schramm “Is this true?”

    “Yes, but-“

    “And also,” Xehanort continued, “Schramm has somehow convinced Ienzo that this isnt right either. And now he’s taking out his anger by causing rockslides. If I may Master, I would suggest that until we are certain Schramm will not be of any more trouble, we should suspend him from the laboratories, for the safety of the experiments.”

    “Perhaps you’re right Xehanort…” Master Ansem sighed, “Schramm, you are to come to my study tonight, then we may speak of this, and then I will make my decision, though I must say Xehanort makes a convincing case. Come Xehanort, we need to return to the castle.”

    As they were turning away, Schramm was almost certain her saw a smirk appear on Xehanort’s face. Teeth grinding and fists clenched, Schramm turned and walked back into town.
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    You don't need to double post to add new chapters, just edit the first post plz.

    Anyway... the story was good, good writing too, but you would randomly change tenses at parts of the story. It made the flow sort of collapse in on itself (although it quickly got back together). Also, characters are rather shallow, as if you expect as to know who Schram and Braig are when we first read their names.

    I'd say it's a good start though.
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    Thanks, I'll keep all of that in mind of Champter 4
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    I am aware i was told to just edit my post instead of making a new one, but since this is on the 9th page, i think you see why i made a new post

    Chapter Four

    “God dammit!” Schramm screamed as he threw yet another glass at his kitchen wall. He was slightly more than outraged. That smirk on Xehanort’s face told the story to him. He must have been behind this somehow. Schramm looked at the clock; there were still a few hours until he was to report to Master Ansem’s study, and Schramm needed to tell somebody of what went on.

    Schramm grabbed his jacket and rushed out of his house. He went down to the market, past the items shop, and up the stairs. This lead to a dead end, which was meant to have a great view of Radiant Garden, however, this was also a nice shortcut. Schramm jumped on the shop roof, and rushed over the roof of the weapons shop. As he jumped off the other side, he landed right outside of a cozy looking house. He banged on the door as hard as he could, hoping that he was home….

    “I’m commin, I’m commin, calm the hell down!” Ienzo opened the door, his full moon-blue hair shined in the night sky, his grey eyes filled with concern as he saw his dear friend on his front steps. “Schramm, what is it?”

    “Look, I have a situation here, can I come in?”

    “Of course, of course….” Ienzo said as he stepped aside. “You don’t look like you’re in the best mood, care to have a cup of tea and let me in on it?

    “Well…” Schramm began, and before he knew it he was in the middle of his story, with the heartless, the rockslide, and Xehanort. As Schramm went on, Ienzo sat there, paying close attention, but making sure not to interrupt. This was good, since Schramm hated to be stopped when telling a story, a lesson that Ienzo had learned one too many times.

    When Schramm finished, he took a sip of his tea, and sat back as he waited for Ienzo’s reaction.

    “Well Schramm,” Ienzo started “That’s some story, and you need to remember that Xehanort is Master Ansem’s foremost apprentice, he wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone, even if he believes it’s for the good of his own research. And besides, you are to speak with Master Ansem soon, and then you can clear all of this up.”

    “But I do not think it will be that simple.” Schramm replied, “As you said yourself, Xehanort is Master Ansem’s foremost apprentice, and Xehanort feels I am a danger to the experiment, I believe he may have already convinced Master Ansem that I-“

    “Master Ansem is a very wise and intelligent man, he can not be manipulated.” Ienzo interrupted.

    “I never said manipulated, more like influenced. Anyway, it’s about time I left.” Schramm picked up his jacket, and headed for the door


    Schramm turned his head “Yes Ienzo?”

    Ienzo looked at the ground, as if for some reason, he couldn’t bear to look at his good friend “I, I hope everything works out for you, but, you know, maybe you should listen to Xehanort.”

    A sensation went through Schramm’s body, not anger, or fury, more like confusion. He turned around and looked Ienzo straight in the eye.

    “Listen to Xehanort, Ienzo, what has gotten into you?”

    “Nothing, it’s just that, well, maybe these studies are for the betterment of Radiant Garden, ya know? I mean, those heartless have no hearts, they are disgusting creatures, so in a sense, perhaps they deserve to be experimented on, they were people sure, but they aren’t anymore, so-“

    “So because they lost something we take for granted, that justifies experimenting on them!?” Schramm was now furious, “Ienzo, Xehanort is a madman! He tried to kill me! He-“

    “He’s a brilliant scientist, and you should be kissing his *** to try to be half the man he is!” Ienzo was on his feet now, almost as furious as Schramm was.

    Schramm did not know what he felt right now, a mix of hatred, betrayal, fury, and about a dozen others.

    “Well im going to Master Ansem, and I’m going to end this!” Schramm turned his back on his friend, and slammed the door behind him. He did not know what happened back there, or why. It’s as if Ienzo changed sides in the middle of a game. Sure the two had arguments before, but not like this. The sun was setting, and Schramm needed to make his way to Master Ansem’s study. He made a left into the bailey, and walked off into the darkness.

    Meanwhile, over at Ienzo’s house, a cloaked figure walked out of the kitchen, into the room where the argument just too place.

    “I apologize master, I tried.”

    “Well...” the man in the cloak said. “He is awfully stubborn. He’ll see the light, just as you have.”

    “Yes master, I was ignorant, but now I see the truth. I will try and mend the ties between Schramm and I, and when the time is right, he will join us, right Master Xehanort?”

    Xehanort took the hood off of his face and smiled. “That’s right…my apprentice.”
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