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    Chapter 1: Destiny Island

    Katie woke up late mourning. She looked at the clock and moaned. It was only 9:23. what was she doing up so early? The girl half fell half rolled out of bed, and stumbled down the stairs. The sun blinded her a bit, but her eyes adjusted quickly to the light. The cereal was a bit stale as she munched on it, but fruit loops was fruit loops.

    The girl went up to her room to get dressed in her usual attar. A red jumpsuit, a loss blue belt, big yellow shoes, and a black jacket with white sleeves. It was just another day on the Island, and it was always going to be an other day on the Island.

    'Maybe Bri was right,' Katie thought as she made her way to the shore line, ’life is going to be boring if we stay here.’ She sighed as she saw the row boats, or row boat. She was always the last one there. Megan and or Bri was going to yell at her. ‘Nice one, Katie.’

    As she got closer to the smaller island, she could see her two friends standing on the dock. She feel Bri’s glare, and Megan just seemed pleased that she was here. Everybody else (Aaron, Joe, and Devanna) was laughing at the girl. ‘Wow, I have such nice friends.’ Katie docked at tried to avoid Bri’s scold, but failed.

    “H-hi guys! So what are we doing on the raft?†Katie tried to change the subject. She turned towards the other, and they made faces at her. ‘Oh....great.’ Aaron, Joe, and Devanna weren’t the most civilest people on the island, but the trio never cared. If they had to exchange them, they wont, they were the only kids that Bri would put up with.

    “Why you so late, Katie?†Joe mocked. Everybody seemed (the other two) to think that was funny. “What was the dilemma this time? Big purple monsters under your bed? Flying monkeys in your room? Burned eggs?†Bri smirked a little, and shook her head.

    “I guess I could let it go this time. It looks like Joe already took care of making fun of you.†She laughed. “Come on, we need to gather wood for the raft.†The older girl walked to the other side of the island, hitting Joe on her way. Megan giggle and looked at Katie.

    “Don’t take it personal, he makes fun of everybody.†Megan wore a black t-shirt with a white spaghetti strap shirt over top, purple pant with a purple shirt with the sides missing. She also had a purple wrist band near her left shoulder, and a few wrist band on her left wrist. Her dirty blond swished behind her as she ran after Bri.

    Katie sighed. Almost like yesterday...and the day before that. Yeah, Bri was right. Life was going be boring, very boring.

    Katie walked the beach. Bri got frustrated enough with her and send her away. Joe seemed to be waiting for her. He smiled his cocky smirk, he wanted something. He held his yellow stick that he used to fight with.

    “So, how about it?†The boy asked. He held out his hand. “It will be a clean fight. I promise.†Katie looked at Joe then at his hand in confusion. Fighting seemed tempting, but what Bri really said was, ‘Go make yourself useful and find some wood, before I break your neck.’

    But it was Katie, and fighting was what she did best. She shook the boy’s hand, and went to the center of the beach other wise known as the fighting ring. They took their fighting stance. Katie held her wooden sword in hand.

    Aaron said go, and Joe charged. Katie moved out of the way quickly, and swung her blade at his back. He looked behind him in time to see the sword, but wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way. The wooden sword made contact with his shoulder blade, and he yelped put in pain. He glared back at Katie as if he was suppose to make the first hit.

    “Opps.†She said giggling. She got back in her fighting stance, and waited for Joe to make a move. He just stood there looking at the girl. She was a good fighter, and was second in range good fighters. First was Bri, then was Katie, Aaron, him, and last Devanna. Megan didn’t fight, she didn’t like fighting but she let them have their fun.

    “I’m going to win this thing, you know that.†Joe mocked. He started circling his opponent trying to make her dizzy. When he went to attack, Katie just simply moved out of the way as he fell to the ground. “Ouch.†He yelled out. He rubbed his new sore spot, and eyed the girl evilly.

    Katie burst out laughing. Sometimes Joe was good for that. Aaron, and Devanna were also laughing along with Katie. Joe didn’t like this very much, and he saw an opening. He charged at the girl as she was laughing, and hit her in the stomach. She hit the ground with a thud, and hit the back of her head. The table had turned, and it was Joe’s turn to laugh in her face.

    Devanna’s face turned a slight pink as she laughed, and Aaron was bending over in a state of pain. The two seemed to be soaking this up as amusement. Just what Katie and Joe needed, people laughing their faces. They looked at each other and smiled. The laughing hyenas didn’t notice their change in tactics. The two with weapons charged at Aaron, and Devanna. They finally noticed and got out of the way quickly.

    “What are you guys doing?†Devanna shrieked. She grabbed her jump rope and swung it at Katie’s feet, but she jumped. Aaron throw his blitz ball at Joe who blocked it back at him. It was now a two-on-two fight and Katie and Joe were winning.

    “That’s what you get for laughing our faces.†Joe said. He sidestepped to Aarons left and hit him in the side. Katie had Devanna’s jump rope around her sword, and pulled hard leaving Devanna weaponless. She was about to charged and playfully tap her on the head when a rush of blond came by hitting her in the side causing her to fall to the ground. Joe fell, too.

    “What was that?†Joe called out in surprised. He looked around, and saw Bri standing behind Katie. “Huh, Katie, I would run if I was you.†Katei turned around to see Bri looking back at her. She didn’t look to happy.

    “What are you doing, Katherine?†Bri asked sternly She had one hand on her blue jeans, and one was holding her sword. By the look on her face, she was about to tear someone’s head off, and that head might be Katie’s.

    “Um…..well…you see…It’s all Joe’s fault!†She said pointing at her partner in crime. Joe face turned pale as Bri walked over to him. She squatted down and look the frighten boy in the eyes. Her ocean blue eyes looked deep into his baby blue eyes.

    “Joe…Next time don’t distract , Katie. Or else.†She said to him. “And you two. Why didn’t you stop them?†She pointed to Aaron, and Devanna, who coward up to the wall. Bri wasn’t the best person to be around when she was angry.

    “Well…um…Like Katie said…It was all Joe’s fault!†Aaron and Devanna said the last part in unison. Everybody looked at Joe’s face. It was paler than it was a minute ago, and his eyes looked really small. Bri just sighed. She walked up to the boy, and pulled him up.

    "Who know that punishment." She said calmly. It wasn't really a punishment, just something that Bri did when was mad at somebody, usually happened to Katie. The girl grabbed her friend's sword, and in her fighting pose. "You ready?"

    Joe picked up his red stick, and whimpered a bit. He looked at everybody else, and they looked away. They didn't want to get there butts whooped again by Bri. She was little angry, just little.
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    I have to be honest with this,I didn't like that you replaced all of the characters names and they all had the same description.Especially because you made Sora a girl it's a different aspect,but not well thought out.

    I am trying to help you with the corrections.
    I'll give you a C with this story.
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    Story's okay, you might wanna check up on a lot of those spellings though, kay? Like Famous said.

    Extend your sentences a little more too; at the moment theyre just like "She did this she did that".
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    Thanks guys!
    Weird because I did this in word...mmm.