kingdom of light: ch.2

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    somewhere where theres blood dripping.
    chapter 2:the beach

    "Okay Sora," Anniexo said.
    "It's time for your training. I gathered four people for you to spar with: Toph, sigh...Riku, and two other...oh, here they are!
    "A lightning bolt, a floating rock, and two blazes of fire came.
    ”Sora meet Rikku and Kai.”Anniexo said.
    ”Alright, let's do this!" Sora said.
    "DIE!" Riku said as he through a lightning bolt at Sora. Sora dodged the bolt and countered with TONS of salt water!
    "Oh God, "Riku said anxiously. As Riku was running, a gust of wind flew Sora back.
    "Darn it!" Sora said as he pulled ice in the wind's way. As he did a humungous spire of earth came down on Sora.
    "Gotcha!" Toph said triumphantly. As she did her winner's pose, Sora blew the spire with a very powerful guiser(water in the ground)Toph grabbed it in mid-air and threw it behind her. A family's lunch was destroyed because they left it in the open. Rikku came in and threw a blaze of fire at Sora. Sora doused the fire with more salt water cancelling it out.
    “Darn it all!" Rikku said in disappointment.
    “I can't feel anymore chi, guess I lose, good luck against Rai, Sora!"
    After that, she left to go rest. Suddenly a gust of wind came from nowhere, it was Rai!
    "Shoot, the quiet one is most powerful..." Sora said.
    ”Alright come on Sora!" Rai said in sudden excitement.
    "Oh, now he's energetic," Sora said as he threw giant icicles at him.
    "Whoa!" Rai said anxiously as he dodged them.
    "He threw them as fast as bullets! Wind isn't gonna stop those!" As he said this, a sudden burst of light came into Sora's eyes.
    ”AHHH!!!MY EYES! MY EYES!!!" Sora said anxiously.
    ”Like my secret weapon?" Rai said proudly with a little chuckle in his deep voice.
    "Darn, I'll never get through this!" Sora said. Suddenly, Sora's vision came back!
    "Yes!" Sora said as he threw icicles towards Rai.
    "AHHH!!!" Rai said before he died. Suddenly, a ball made of earth hit Sora in the head.
    "Man, now you got my brown hear all dirty!!!" Sora said angrily. Sora then soaked the ground with water and turned it into ice.
    "You’re hopeless, just give up already, I'm tired." Sora said.
    “I can't use the earth!" Toph said anxiously.
    "Alright, you win." Toph said sadly,
    "Oh well." Anniexo ran and hugged him.
    "You did great little bro!" Anniexo said excitedly.
    "Yeah, thanks, Ow!" Sora ended as they started back home.

    so...dideveryone like it?and if you did not read chapter one ill give it to you in a second...

    chapter one:Riku

    One day, in a little town called Spira, a brother and sister are getting ready for the day
    "Sora, get dressed! We need to get to the beach for your training!" Anniexo yelled.
    "I'm comin', I'm comin'!" Sora said. As they were walking, a lightning bolt went towards Anniexo "watch-out!" Said Sora as he threw a wall of ice in front of Anniexo
    "Thanks bro, Riku get the heck out of our way!" Anniexo said angrily.
    "Why should I? I want to kill your fifteen year old brother and you why would I want to back off and let you pass?" Riku Said chuckling.
    “C'mon Sora, let’s finish your training for today.” As Anniexo and Sora walked pass him, Riku threw a silent bolt of lightning at Sora and Anniexo.
    "Die!" Riku said evilly. Suddenly, a wall of earth rose up in front of him.
    “Thanks Toph.” Sora said. "We owe you one."
    "God Toph!” Riku said angrily.
    "DIE!" as he threw a fist a vine with roses (thorny vines) caught his punch.
    “What??" he said in astonishment.
    “I might have to hang low now, but you do know I train my bro!” Anniexo said proudly.
    "You want some more?" Toph asked.
    “If not then I suggest you run!" As Riku ran away, Toph asked,
    "Who was that guy anyway?"
    "His name is Riku. He wants to kill Anniexo and me but mostly me because my elemental power is water. He is afraid of you and Anniexo because his lightning doesn’t affect your elemental powers" Sora answered
    "Thanks Toph, for helping us, Sora, we need to get to the beach…now.” Anniexo said.

    I guess just read 1 then two...OH!this story is devoted to my older sis named Anniexo because she inspired me two write!thanx Anniexo!!:D
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    I'm not too good at writing fight/battle scenes yet, but you did very good so far! ^_^ *gives you a hug*
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    somewhere where theres blood dripping.
    thankies flower!:) *hugs back*
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    Gald, you wrote this cus of my lil bro, keep up the good work
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    That was really great. I loved the fight scene, so well written. You're a great writer, brother!
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    somewhere where theres blood dripping.
    thanx guys!im starting ch.3 in a few weeks(writing too much)