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    Fragmented Memories

    Braig sighed. He pushed his black hair out of his eye and flopped onto the plush red couch. "Oy vey...Master Ansem ran his lecture too long again....hey, Ienzo, if you're going to the kitchen, get me a cold one, will you?" He called to the younger apprentice. "Get it yourself, you lazy bum..." The 12-year old grumbled, but came back anyways accompanied with a plate of pastries, a mug of hot chocolate, and a bottle of beer. "Here, lazy. You're gonna get fat if you sit around on that couch drinking beer and ordering me around, you know. Then I can call you the one-eyed lazy fatso." Braig glared. "Didn't anyone teach you to respect your elders, brat? Hey, for me? How nice." He grabbed a jelly doughnut from Ienzo's plate and shoved it in his mouth. "Mmm....straaawberry...." He mumbled through the pastry. Ienzo gave the older man a disgusted look. "You know, for a 25-year old, you sure are-" His insult was cut off by Even crashing through the door. He was drenched, and his long dirty-blond hair was plastered to his face. "Master Ansem found a boy unconscious on the postern! He's badly injured, so we need you, Ienzo." Ienzo blinked. "Do you know who he is? Is he from the Garden?" He asked. Even shook his head. "Never seen him before. Master Ansem thinks he's from another world. We'll have to ask him when he wakes up, if he's not too disoriented." Ienzo, his curiosity piqued, got up. He picked up his mug of hot chocolate and looked at Even. "Alright, where is he?" Even smiled. "I knew that'd get you interested. Come on, follow me." A few minutes after they were gone, Braig blinked. "Hey, waitaminute! Wait for me!" He got up and ran off after the two.

    The other two apprentices were gathered in an unused guest room with Master Ansem and the boy. Dilan looked up when Even and Ienzo walked in. "There you are, kid." He said with a slight smile. Ienzo walked over to the boy on the bed and looked him over. He was about 16, kind of thin, and tall. He had dark silvery hair, and what little skin that was unmarred was the color of coffee with cream. He was covered with nasty looking gashes and burns, and the flush in his face told Ienzo the boy must have caught cold in the rain. "This is gonna be kinda hard." He reported at length. "But I'll try." Ienzo put his hand over the boy, palms downward, and started to mutter a spell. His hands started to glow with a faint green light. "Curaga." He whispered, and the light transferred to the boy. The wounds all disappeared, and the fever-flush faded. The boy moaned softly and pushed himself up. " I?" He asked weakly. Master Ansem smiled kindly. "You're in the city of Radiant Garden, my boy. Where are you from? I've never seen you in these parts before." The boy opened his mouth as if to answer, then shook his head in confusion. "I...don't remember. I don't really remember...anything." He said softly. Even looked at him in surprise. "Really? Do you remember your name?" He inquired. The boy turned to look at him. "'s...." He strained to remember. "It's Xehanort...I think." He said. Master Ansem smiled. "Welcome to Radiant Garden, Xehanort."


    After a few weeks time, Xehanort fitted in so comfortably with the other apprentices that he seemed to have always been there. He was a good-natured, slightly childish boy with a passion for learning. But, like everyone does, he had his quirks. First of all, even though he seemed to always be able to correct one of them, no matter how hard the problem, he could never quite see when he was wrong. Also, Master Ansem seemed to have gotten Xehanort hooked on the sea-salt ice cream the older man loved so dearly. The boy also seemed to have a tendency to suck on his lower lip when faced with a challenge. He also loved books so much, that, as Braig put it, 'he should just marry the bloody library and get it over with'. On more than one occasion, one of the others would find him asleep on a chair in the library, curled up around a book. But, his greatest fault, the one that would lead to the eventual destruction of Radiant Garden and the creation of the Heartless, was that he was curious. Once he wanted to know something, he was dead-set on finding it out, no matter what. That avid curiosity led to the six apprentices starting their project, and led them to lose their hearts.

    On that fateful day, two days before the spring festival, the apprentices gathered in their lab. Their machine to create replica Heartless was finally ready to be tested. Braig stood at the controls. "Ready, Xehanort!?" He called. Xehanort, now 18, turned to him. "Yeah! Fire her up, Braig!" He yelled, unable to keep the grin off his face. Braig hit the switch, and almost immediately knew something was wrong. The lights flickered once and went off. He ran to the main area, pulling his guns from their holsters on his upper legs. "Is everything okay?" He called, searching the blackness with his one good eye. Suddenly, the eerie silence was shattered by Even screaming. His yells were abruptly cut off, drowning the area in silence again. Braig spun in the direction the yells had come from, and called "EVEN!!! Are you alright!?!?"More screams, this time from the normally stoic Elaeus. Right after those were cut off, Dilan screamed once and was gone. Braig felt sweat drip down his face, but he was too tense to wipe it off. He heard Ienzo's screaming sobs emanating from the darkness, but he couldn't tell from where. Right before he could call out again, the lights clicked on, making Braig wish it had stayed dark. There were Heartless swarming the area, and no sign of the others. He heard a voice from behind him, calling out a choked "Braig...the others-" He spun around to see Xehanort pinned to the machine by a 'soldier' Heartless with its claw in his chest. The younger boy's eyes widened as the Heartless ripped its claw out along with a shining red crystalline object that Braig knew all too well. "Braig...." He gasped, as he sank to the floor, disappearing under a wave of Heartless. As Braig made a move to go to him, he felt a searing pain in his chest. As he lost consciousness, he managed to get a glimpse of a 'neo-shadow' Heartless standing over him with his heart.


    Four years later, Organization XIII was now only madeup of three members, and their leader was nowhere to be found. "I'll distract the boy, Saix. You go find the Superior." Luxord said.The blue-haired man nodded . "Alright, Luxord. Be careful." The gambler smiled. "Lady luck is on my side. He'll never get past me." He disappeared through a portal, leaving Saix to look for their leader. 20 minutes later, he found Xemnas sitting in a corner, staring at Kingdom Hearts. "Superior...?" he asked softly. The man looked over. "Luxord's dead." He said simply. Saix nodded. "It is my turn, then?" He asked, to be agreed with by a nod. As he turned to go, he felt a hand grab his wrist. He looked over and found Xemnas standing there. "Saix...please. Don't die. You're the only one left....don't leave me alone." Saix thought, if Xemnas had a heart, he'd be crying. He nodded. "I won't." He said, and disappeared.

    As Xemnas faded, he watched Riku and Sora turn to go, smiling at the thought of being reunited with their loved ones. As his vision faded to black, Xemnas felt his first real emotion that he had felt in four years: relief. He smiled softly to himself as he realized he was going home, too. He would see all of the people he had come to consider family again, wherever they were going. That thought, Xemnas's last, was to him, better than receiving his heart.

    Here's the second one...(and the first one I wrote)


    One day, I got bored, so I decided to explore the other Nobodies rooms. "I wonder what i'll find" I mused. "I'll start with Roxas, and work my way up to Xemmy! Let's go!"

    I walked up to a door painted light yellow, with Roxas's name written on it. I opened the door, and looked in. Roxas wasn't in the room, so she walked in and looked around. It was a fairly normal room for a teenage boy, but without the hormonal influence. Instead of posters of girls or cars or bands, there were a few video game posters on the walls, which were painted a light brown. the floor had a soft brown carpet, and the bed had pale yellow and brown sheets. The tv had a PS2 plugged into it, and there were a few games on the floor. Otherwise, the room was empty. "Yeesh, plain much?" I complained. I looked at the bed. On it was a stuffed chocobo, and a plushie paopu fruit. "Awwww....cute." I sighed and left the room. "Dang, Roxas is boring even for a NOBODY...."

    I hesitated before knocking on the next door, which was bright yellow and had the name Larxene on it. "Um, Larxy? You in there?" I asked. No answer, so I went find Larxene sitting on her REALLY out-of-characteresque frilly yellow sheeted bed. "Oh. Hello, Kitty. What brings you to my room?" She asked, looking up from her Marquis de Sade book. "Oh, I just wanted to see what everyone's rooms looked like. Sorry to bother you...." I blushed and started to leave the room, taking one last look around. The walls were painted yellow, and the carpet was light blue. One of the walls had a large bookcase on it.There was a window, and the curtains were striped yellow and light blue. That was about it. "Bye Larxy!" I said, and left. After the door was safely closed, I grumbled, "Weirdo..." and walked on.

    I hesitated before going into the room next on the list, but for an entirely different reason. The door was pink, and had the name Marluxia on it. " Eeew...." I gingerly pushed open the door, and almost died of horror. "" Yeah. The room, the bed, EVERYTHING was pink. I didn't stick around much longer, and slammed the door behind me. "Eugh.....oh, MAN, does he need mental help...." So I walked on.

    The next door was off-white, and had Luxord's name on it. I knocked and called "Luxie, you in there?!" A voice called back. "Yes, I am, Kitty. What do you want?" I thought for a second, then replied. "I'm exploring all the rooms. Can I come in?" Luxord's head poked out of the door. "Of course. You're always welcome in my room." I went in, and my mouth hit the floor. He did have a bed, and the cover looked like a giant Ace of Spades. The walls were painted dark green, and there was wood paneling near the floor. The carpet was off-white. There was a small poker table in the corner of the room, and his curtains were patterned with a bunch of cards. "Whoah, it looks like a giant casino...." I said, grinning. Luxord smiled. "Bloody right it does. If you're exploring the rooms, I might warn you about Marluxia's..." I winced. "Yeaaah. I saw." Luxord shook his head. "That man needs help." I nodded, and turned to go. "See ya, Luxie." I left, and after the door closed, I said "Luxord is SO cool...."

    Next door was dark blue, and was labeled Demyx. I could faintly hear rock music through the door. "Demy~yx?" I called. the rock music clicked off, and the water-boy's mullethawk 'do popped out the door. "Yeah, Kit? Watcha want?" He asked. "I'm looking at everyone's rooms. Can I see your's?" He grinned. "Yeah, a'course ya can!" He held the door open, and followed me in. I could only process two words. 'Scifi geek.' Cause, woah, he had Star Wars posters ALL over his blue walls. His carpet was blue, too. His bed was blue and had a moogle plushie on it. The words to that song ran through my head: 'I'm blue, a-ba-dee, a-ba-dy....' "Woah." I said, stunned. "Yeah, I know, cool, huh? Did ya see my stereo?" He pointed, and I looked over at said stereo. WOAH. It was HUGE. " Holy crud, Demyx, you could kill all the eardrums in the WTNW, Twilight Town, AND Hollow Bastion ALL AT ONCE with this thing..." I said with a laugh. Demyx grinned. "Yeah, I bet. Heh....that would be cool. Oh, and if you're looking at all the rooms, don't let Saix catch you in his, cause he'll go mental." I sighed. "Oooh...I'll be careful. See ya!" I waved and left to the sound of Demyx turning his stereo back on.

    Axel's red door was next. I knocked, and there was no answer, so I looked in. "Duuuude, his room's messy...." It was. Clothes, magazines, empty coffee mugs, and random trash littered the red carpet. The walls, bed, and curtains were all red, too. There was a tv and a PS2 hooked up. The only mildly creepy thing in the entire room was a Final Fantasy: Advent Children poster on the wall featuring Reno and Rude. Something was written on the poster, so I gingerly picked my way over to it. " No freakin WAY." Yep. The writing was a little arrow pointing to Reno and words saying 'this is me in all my uber cool turk glory' "Ohmygod, Axel's RENO!?!?!?!?!" Before I passed out from shock, I looked around the rest of the room. Not much else, but there was a cute little moomba plushie on the bad. "Aww..." Nothing else to look at, so I left.

    The next room technically should have been Saix's, but he switched with Zexion so he could have a window, so I was staring at a gray door with Zexion's name on it. "Zexy?" I asked. "What, I'm busy, Kit." He grumbled, poking his messy head out the door. "Can I see your room, Zexy?" I asked. He sighed. "Fine. Make it quick, though." I looked in, and noted 'Lotta grey.' His whole room was gray, except his desk. There was a laptop on it, but it was off. "Man Zexy, you're boring...ooh, what's THIS!?" I picked up a little cactuar plushie. "Awww....soft spot for the little poky things, huh?" He grabbed the doll from out of my hands and hissed. "Breath a WORD of this to anyone, and YOU ARE DEAD." I nodded. "Point taken." I turned and left the room. "Man, he's worse than Roxas on the boring scale...."

    Next door, light blue with Saix's name on it. I took a deep breath, whispered "Oh, man....." And pushed open the door. "OH. MY. GOD." The room was normal enough, with the color scheme as white and light blue, and a tv on one wall, but the stuff on the bookshelf and dvd rack were most certainly not, at least, not for him. "Dude, he has anime I've never even HEARD of..." Yep, folks, Saix had a bookshelf full of manga, and a dvd rack full of anime. I looked around one more time, then quickly left the room. "I don't want Saix to kill me, so I'll keep quiet."

    The next door was also pale blue, but had Vexen's name on it. "I dunno....should I go into the creepy science-boy's room? I might get, like EXPERIMENTED on, or something..." I nervously knocked on his door. "Um....Vexen?" No answer. I, against ALL my better judgement, AND my common sense, went in. It.....was normal. Weird. The walls, floor, bed and curtains were all light blue. There was a bookcase with a TON of boring-named books on it, but that was it. "Huh. No evil creepy experi-" I was interrupted by a reeeeally cold hand on my shoulder, and a voice said. "WHAT, may I ask, are you doing in my room, Kitty?" I replied with an "AAAHHH!!!!!Dontexperimentonmepleaseohpleasedonthurtmeeee....." I threw my hands over my head and cowered. ".....I just wanted to know what you were doing in my room, and if you must know, there is a lab downstairs that I use. And no, I will most certainly NOT experiment on you, Kitty..." Vexen sighed. "Oh. Okay. I was just looking at your -very boring- room." I said quickly and ran.

    The next door was dark green and had Lexaeus's name on it. "Oh...boy. Um......okay. Lexaeus? You in there?" He replied. "Yes. Why?" I grinned and said. "I wanna see your room, Lex. Can I come in?" He opened the door and said. "Yeah, Kitty, come on in." I walked in and looked around. '' I thought. The walls, floor, and bed were all green. There was a tv, and, oddly, a Gamecube hooked up to it. There was also a bookcase. "" I said. "Hm....have you gone into Vexen's room yet? If he catches you, he won't be happy...." Lexaeus told me. I gulped. "Um...yeah, I'll be really careful." Then I walked out of the room.

    Next room had a maroon 'Macaroon!!!, yeah.' And had Xaldin's name on it. "Oh, boy, oh, boy. I wonder what the crazy-spear boy's room looks like...." I pushed open the door.....and stepped into a freakishly....plain room. The color scheme, obviously, was maroon, and there was a tv. I looked around until...."Ah-HA! It''s...a chocobo plushie? What the....." I decided to leave before I did something REALLY evil, like, say, taking pictures.

    "Finally....almost done!" The door was purple, and Xigbar's name was on it. "Yo, Xiggy!? You in there?" I called. He yelled back. "Yeah, little dudette, I'm in here! Watcha want?" I laughed and said. "Can I see your room?" He opened the door. "Sure thing, dudette." I looked in. It was very purple. Bed, walls, carpet, curtains, all purple. He had surfer-y posters on his walls, and there was a FREAKING AWESOME surfboard propped up against one wall. It was light purple swirled with a darker purple, and a white Nobody symbol was on it. "WOAH. Sweet surfboard, Xiggy." I said. "Yep." He said proudly. "See ya...." I said. "I'm almost done exploring everybody's rooms." Before I left, I noted a half-finished Hawk & Fisher book lying open on his bed.

    The last door was black, and had Xemnas's name on it in white. I pushed open the door, and walked in. It was fairly normal, despite the fact that it was painted all black. There was a bookcase on one wall, and a computer sat on a desk. I walked over to the bookcase, and looked at the book titles. "Woah." There were some boring looking books, but there were mostly fantasies. I headed over to the computer, which was on. "Double woah..." The site he was on just happened to be I looked over to his tv, and there was indeed a PS2 sitting there. I walked over to his bed, and sat down. "Huh?" There was a lump under his pillow. I lifted it and saw three things. One was a small, red leather-bound journal. I managed to resist the urge to pull it out and read it, which was kind of easy, because it was locked. The other two things...."Oh, my god....who knew?" He had, not only a Shadow plushie, but a Dusk plushie as well! "Cuuuuute...." Too late, I heard the footsteps. "Kitty, what are you doing in my room?" Xemnas asked. "Um.....just looking?" I said quickly, and started to leave. He barred my way. "Why are you leaving?" He asked. "Are you...scared...of me?" I shook my head. "Not unless you want me to be, Xemnas." He leaned in close. "I don't want you to be scared, Kitty...." I smiled. "Well then, I'm not." Then, I think I really surprised him by kissing him, right on the lips. He looked surprised when I pulled back. "What.....what was that?" He asked nervously. "Oh, just a little kiss. Seems you're actually more human then you let on..." I walked away, leaving him to stand there in surprise and confusion. 'Hmm....I think I like him even more now...'