Kyouko Kirigiri and the Case of the Stolen Identity (A Dangan Ronpa/Pokemon X and Y Crossover)

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    This little fic was inspired by an event that happened here on the forum, where someone was dared to copy me and my theme. I had been looking for inspiration, then that happened and the story just wrote itself. Mind you, it is sort of awkward and does feature a slightly out-of-character Kyouko Kirigiri, but it's an AU, so what are you gonna do?

    Also, no one other than characters from both franchises are featured in this, that much I can assure you.

    Anyway, Enjoy!
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    Chapter 1


    I stared at the building in front of me. It was about 5 PM, and I had just gotten into Kalos. Lumiose City to be exact. It was a nice city, very large, and easy to get lost in. It didn't help that the entrance to the place I wanted to go to was in an alleyway, and that all of them looked virtually identical. But that didn't matter; I was here on important business.

    I entered the seemingly vacant building. “Hello?” I called out, quietly creeping into the main room. I investigated the room, looking carefully at each detail, and taking note of what was in it. There was a single notebook on the desk, and in it, a quick note scribbled:

    "Dear Super High School Level Detective,

    Thank you for deciding to be a detective the Looker Bureau! Please take a look around both the building and the city, as you will be working here for a while.

    I hope we can meet soon.


    Detective Looker"

    I put the note down, and decided to look around the city. Or at least, find someone that could help me. But first, I took the keys and made sure to lock the door. I didn’t need anyone breaking in on my first day. I wandered down the streets, not knowing where I was going. I soon stumbled upon a grocery store, where I figured food was in order as I had begun to get a bit hungry.

    After looking for a few minutes, I bought some noodles, paid, and headed back to the Looker Bureau. In one of the small alleyways, I stumbled upon what looked like a small cat, digging through the trash in search of food.

    It suddenly jumped out, its back still towards me. The tiny thing turned, and stared at me with blank eyes that I admit were a bit unsettling. “Mrew!” it cried out.

    ”Oh, hello,” I greeted, as if talking to a person.

    ”Mrew!” it said again. It approached me and sniffed my bag.

    ”You’re just hungry, right?”

    ”Mrew!” it said, a bit happier than before.

    I smiled down at it, “Come to the Looker Bureau with me, we can eat there.”

    The small thing jumped on my shoulder, and we walked back to the agency. Along the way, various people asked me where I had found Espurr, which was apparently this thing’s name. A girl named Serena gave me a device called a Pokedex, which registered data about Pokemon. She had some as well. They looked bigger and more powerful than Espurr, although looks can easily be deceiving. Serena asked to accompany me to the agency in case I got lost, and I agreed.

    Needless to say, she did have to help me find my way back. When we arrived, I prepared noodles for the three of us, then sat down and began to question Serena about the customs of this region.

    ”So, Serena… These creatures. You use them to battle others, yes?”

    ”Yeah!” she replied enthusiastically, “Others have them as pets, coworkers, and, in Mama’s case, for racing. She is a professional Rhyhorn Racer,” she slurped up her noodles, “What did you say your name was?” she asked.

    ”Oh, my apologies. I didn't. My name is Kirigiri Kyouko, Super High School Level Detective.”

    ”Huh? Super High School Level? What’s that mean?”

    ”I went to a school back in my hometown, and it was made for high school students with superior talents. My talent was detective skills, and so I was accepted for it.”

    ”Ooh, I see! I’d love to visit it someday and get to know your other friends!”

    ”My… other friends?”

    ”Well yeah! We’re friends now, aren’t we? You, Espurr, and me!”

    This girl… She was very similar to Naegi. The same optimism, the same willingness to trust a person she barely knew… It was… comforting. As if I had a little piece of home here in Kalos. I smiled. “Yes, we are friends.” I said to her.

    “I’m glad you feel that way.” Serena said. “Say, how about we get you and Espurr acquainted through a battle? I’ll take you on with my Braxien!”

    ”A battle? I’m not sure that would be appropriate at this point. I just arrived…”

    ”Aw, come on Kirigiri! Even Espurr looks ready!”

    I turned to my small partner to see that its face had changed. Espurr now wore a look of massive determination. It was similar to my face, when I had been determined not to be executed that day in that fateful trial…

    ”…Alright,” I agreed.

    ”Excellent!” Serena said, “I’ll meet ya outside! Get ready, cuz Braxien and I are a force to be reckoned with!” she stood up and rushed outside.

    I gave a sigh, then turned to Espurr. “I do hope you know what you’ve gotten us into, because for once, I really don’t.”

    ”Mrew!” Espurr said cheerily.
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    Please continue, I really want to know what happens next, this is a crossover that has MUCH potential, and I really feel like it can become a good story, it's a bit too short for a whole chapter, I really hope you continue this if you get the time.