Least Favorite Character(s)?

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  1. Alan Smithee Destiny Islands Resident

    May 26, 2012
    I myself don't like MX---in fact, I actually think he's the worst thing to happen to the franchise---for all the convolutions and retcons he's caused at the expense of all the other characters' credibility.
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    Can't say I was a huge fan either, especially considering I got so jacked when I found out Leonard Nimoy was voicing the character. Turned out to be on of my least favorite roles Nimoy had played.

    Personally, I would have to say Demyx. The dude sounded like Dora the Explorer, and was really out of the Organization character framework, and not in a particularly good way. Kind of brought down the rest of the group for me as well. Really hard to take the rest seriously when this clown is a legit member.

    A close second comes Sora from KHII, solely because of the fact that he was not given coherent thought at all and was a complete ditz for the duration of the game.
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    Every time I try to come up with a least favorite, I just take a deeper look and find something I like, or something redeemable. It really proves an impossible task. As I've been playing this series since I was seven years old, yes, there have been characters that I disliked for some time. I eventually grew to love them all. Call it foolish nostalgia or always being willing to learn about others I'm uncomfortable with at first.

    I have a grievance with Aqua's Voice Actress, however. There is deadpan, and there is totally lacking in Pathos. It made her character very hard to relate to, even though she was comprehensible and well-written.
  4. 61 No. B

    Jul 23, 2011
    MX and Riku.
    MX for over-complicating the series with what appears to be either no motivation or at least no motivation that makes the character interesting in the least. Riku because he's been written in circles for, what, 4 games now. CoM started this arc where he's trying to find his identity in balancing his disposition for light and dark. It also resolved the arc at the end... but it's still going on somehow. And he's that typical anime cool guy with white hair.
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    COM & KH2: "Darkness and Light are neutral; it's how you use them that makes them good or bad."


    DDD: "Darkness should be consumed and returned to Light."

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