Luxu is Xehanort Based On Hourglasses

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    This isn’t my theory, but I saw this video and I thought it was pretty interesting

    Basically the idea is that these hourglasses around the Young Xehanort fight in Kingdom Hearts DDD represent the foretellers. The foretellers are supposed to represent the 7 deadly sins and so these are the colours of said sins. To recap you have Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Pride and Lust, and the colours that are used in the hourglasses share the same colours used to represent the sins

    One hour glass is missing from these and since Young Xehanort has one on his Keyblade, the YouTuber here claims the hour glass representing Luxu or Lust is attached to Xehanort which I guess furthers this theory. I would watch the video to get a better explanation.


    For my personal thoughts on the theory though I’m a little confused.

    The light blue and the goat symbolism (Xehanort seems to be associated with a goat or another weird animal) is supposed to be sloth, a spot which would already be taken up by Aced.

    The dark blue one for Lust or Luxu is outside of the circle, which to me with the same logic this theory presents means that it would be that Aced is in Xehanort, not Luxu. Which is kinda weird and doesn’t make any sense

    But I find it strange that someone could explain all the colours and what they all connect to but then go “well ignore that Luxu’s Color is already on the outside mate it’s fine”, like it seems like a big hole that could be easily avoided. Because now you got a sloth Xehanort and not a lust Xehanort. Which means you got an Aced Xehanort and not a Luxu Xehanort. You could argue that Nomura just switched the colours around cause he felt like it but that’s the only way this still holds up