Magical roses (poetry+stories)

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    the elegant red rose,
    the soft texture,
    the sweet scent of heaven,
    you gave it once to me,

    I smiled of happiness,
    Feeling of joy,
    from your thoughtfulness,

    You held me tight,
    on that night,
    "saying i love you" a thousand times,
    that almost sounds like a rhyme.

    i thought of everything would be perfect,
    as it reflects together with my heart,
    i decided to propose,
    but you oppose of this.

    My fears became tears,
    As you're old lover reappears,
    You held her tight,
    Just like you held me on that night.

    I realize now,
    that you only used me for a tool,
    to get her back,
    how can i be such a fool?

    My heart felt broken,
    With words that left unspoken,
    That is now pointless to say,
    All i'm saying now is i'm gonna go my own way.

    Chapter 1 : Dismay

    Aiko cried, as she completed her poetry.Sitting in an old cafe as it downpours outside that is quite similar to her heart. The love that once was hers, now completely stolen away.Suddenly her phone beeped a text message.

    Suki : "Aiko, do you want to hang with us?,"
    Aiko : Not today,i'm kind of busy,
    Suki : Awww c'mon don't tell me you're not over Kame?

    Seeing his name hurts her more, ignoring the reply, she left the cafe.