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  1. Maka Albarn It's called love

    May 7, 2008
    Fairy Tail

    Gees, what a mouthful of a title

    Howdy! I'm Maka, Maka the- oh wait, wrong fandom. AHEM.

    I'm Maka, also known as Friendly_Heartless in the dark days of May 2008 KH-Vids. I noticed a lack of activity in the Writer's Nook of late and I wanted to spice it up a bit, try to shake some life back into it, y'know? The only way I know how to try to revive it is writing stories; particularly Kingdom Hearts Fan fiction.

    Now, the problem is, I'm experiencing a bit of a writer's block. You see, there's so many characters and so many possible stories that I'm a little lost on what to write about. So I'm enlisting YOU (my fellow forum peers) to help me get started on this wonderful journey of stories that were meant (or were not meant) to be!

    What's in it for
    you? Well for one, I'll give you credit for the idea, I'll even dedicate to you if you want me to. Two, you get to be entertained to see how someone takes on your story prompt. Three, if this gets off the ground, I'm planning to make a account and link all the readers there back to KH-Vids (and your story idea shall be famous, maybe. Your name will be known by the newbs as the gods of this world, blessing them with fanfiction they crave). Hopefully that'll bring some wonderful, new friends and we can see some life back in this place again.

    I'll tell you now, I'm a bit rusty with my story writing. But the more stories you send me to write, the better I'll get! You'll see. Plus, you'll get entertainment out of someone trying to write your idea of a KH fanfiction.

    Before we get started, there's a couple of things to keep in mind about all of this:


    24 Years Old Hag
    Full-time Preschool Teacher by day
    Creative Ninja by night
    Played Kingdom Hearts? Yup, KH1, KHCoM, and KH2
    Sushi is the best food ever
    Experience with Writing?: Been writing since I could remember. Didn't spell very well at first, but I got better. Writing was my first way of communicating with the world.

    Now if you're still interested, let's get started with my rules for this Workshop and what I will be willing to work with and some things I will never write about, ever.



    I will only write rated K (for kids)- T (for teens) stories
    I will not write rated M (mature) stories
    I will not write vulgarity (some swear words, maybe. Will not go into full sailor mode)

    Won't write about Smut/Rape/Super Sexualized Stories
    Won't write about Suicide/Self-Harm
    First come, first served
    I will make a list to show who's next
    I am allowed to say no to some ideas
    I may ask you for more input if it's needed before/during story
    I am fine writing yaoi/yuri/heterosexual pairings
    I will not do a story where a Kingdom Hearts character and a Disney character hook up romantically unless it makes sense. Cause that's just plain creepy.


    (currently watching the loooong videos of cutscenes. I'll be caught up soon)

    Kingdom Hearts: (100% Knowledge Power) Played It, Watched the Cutscenes, and read Manga
    Kingdom Hearts-Chain of Memories: (100% K.P.)Played it, Watched it, Read the Manga
    Kingdom Hearts 2: (100% K.P.)Played it, Watched it, Read some Manga
    Kingdom Hearts ReCoded: (0% K.P.)N/A
    Kingdom Hearts-358/2 Days: (100% K.P.) Watched All Cutscenes
    Kingdom Hearts- Birth By Sleep: (10% K.P.) Knows of characters and some plots, watched some cutscens, played it a bit, Planning on watching the whole thing soon!
    Kingdom Hearts- Dream Drop Distance: (100% K.P.)Watched All Cutscenes


    Okay, so, if you read the tidbits about me, I work full time as a teacher.
    My usual set hours are from 8:00am-5:30pm Central Time, Monday through Friday
    However, I want to make time to write a little everyday.
    With that being said, an estimated time of finishing a
    <5000 One-Shot Piece would probably take about one to two weeks. I might even work on two to three stories at once if this takes off. Just be patient, I'll get it done.
    Still cool with that? Awesome.


    (Feel Free to Post it Here or send it to me via PMs if your shy about your idea)

    Brief Synopsis of Story: {2-10 sentences will do}
    Genre(s)/Theme(s) of Story: {Romance, adventure, comedy, Sci-Fi, slice of life, horror, etc.}
    Desired Rating for Story: {K-T}
    Type of Story: {One-Shot <5000 Words, Short Chapter~3-6, Full Story~10 Chapters Max}
    Main Character(s)/Main Pairing:
    Supporting Character(s):
    What do you most like about Kingdom Hearts?:
    What do you like about KHVs?:
    What to do you want to see out of this story?: {The author work with their own ideas added to it, author match original ideas as best as possible, be the most hilarious story ever, soXso get together in the end instead, etc.}
    Is it okay to ask for you input if I need it?: (Yes/No)
    Would you like me to give you credit for the idea? (Yes/No, stay anonymous)
    Dedicate this Story to You?: (Yes/No)
    Anything else?:


    Glen's Alternate DDD Story Plot (2% Progress)

    Fearless's Story of Sora's Thoughts Post DDD Story (0% Progress)

    Feenie's Alternate Day's Story Plot (0% Progress)

    Kelly's Story of Xion's Thoughts During Day's (0% Progress)



    Feel free to leave comments of how to improve the shop.


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  2. Glen Returned from the dead

    Jan 18, 2011
    Username: Glen
    Brief Synopsis of Story: A look into what may have happened if
    Lea hadn't arrived in time to save Sora in DDD
    , and what the guardians of the light would have come up with to combat the new problem they posed.
    Genre(s)/Theme(s) of Story: Uh, adventure I guess?
    Desired Rating for Story: T
    Type of Story: Much as I'd love to see it as a full thing, I'm going to suggest maybe 4 or 5 chapters
    Main Character(s) Lea, Sora, Riku, Young Xehanort
    Supporting Character(s): Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Isa, Master Xehanort
    Setting(s): Yen Sid's tower, The World that Never Was
    What do you most like about Kingdom Hearts?: The theme of friendship and light triumphing over darkness
    What do you like about KHVs?: All the weirdoes on here, meant entirely in a good way I promise
    What to do you want to see out of this story?: The author work with their own ideas into it
    Is it okay to ask for you input if I need it?: Yes, though I'm not sure how much help I'll be
    Would you like me to give you credit for the idea? Sure why not
    Dedicate this Story to You?: Nah
    Anything else?: Make sure to have fun with it XD
  3. Fearless A good and beautiful child

    Dec 17, 2006
    lmao idk
    Can I just say, I really, really love this idea, and I think it's a really great idea to breathe some life back into the WN. I wish you all the luck in the world with this project, Maka!

    With that said;

    Username: Fearless
    Brief Synopsis of Story:
    A brief study in Sora's state of mind after the events of DDD. I mean, you can't go through what this kid's gone through without some problems, you know?
    Genre(s)/Theme(s) of Story: Uhhhhhhhhhhh SoL I guess? Whatever you think is appropriate.
    Desired Rating for Story: PG-13
    Type of Story: One Shot
    Main Character(s)/Main Pairing: Sora, Riku, Kairi. Maybe some light SoRiku or SoRiKai? Doesn't have to be anything super in-depth.
    Supporting Character(s): King Mickey, Doland, Gooby, Lea, Master Yen Sid. Anyone else you think would be appropriate.
    Setting(s): Yen Sid's Tower
    What do you most like about Kingdom Hearts?: The overall feeling of friendship and love.
    What do you like about KHVs?: The losers who populate it.
    What to do you want to see out of this story?: I wanna see this idea in action, obviously, but what I really like is other people's takes on this idea. I've written this idea myself before, but I wanna see your ideas on what happens.
    Is it okay to ask for you input if I need it?: Of course!
    Would you like me to give you credit for the idea? If you'd like. It's not exactly an original idea lol.
    Dedicate this Story to You?: If you'd like.
    Anything else?: I realize I put pairings up there, and those -are- my preferred pairings, but don't feel you have to make the story about the ships. This is meant to be a story about Sora, not who he's making out with. If you'd like to put an emphasis on the pairings, I certainly don't mind lol, but the last thing I want is to make you feel uncomfortable writing a pairing you don't like, so you can include or not include as much or as little shippy stuff as you'd like.

    Have fun <3
  4. Maka Albarn It's called love

    May 7, 2008
    Fairy Tail
    Hm... HMMMM. The gears in my head are turning on this one. Seems like a pretty interesting idea. There was so much talking in that scene that when Lea showed up, I was like "OH THANK GOODNESS, SOMEONE TO MAKE IT LESS COMPLICATED! Thank you sweet fireylocks."

    But I think I can figure it out. I'll probably ask you for some input. Stay tuned! c:

    And thank you for giving me the opportunity to write!

    Aw! Thank you so much, Fearless! I'll try my best to keep this afloat.


    With that being said, I like the idea of a fluffy afterthought oneshot. It seemed kinda weird for Sora not to talk about it or think much of it after it all happened. I mean for crying out loud, he was having a tea party with a goofy hat and glasses right afterwards like nothing happened! XD

    And I'm totally comfortable with the pairing. I love it and think it's adorable~ I'm not like Hollywood though and make it too much of a big deal if I can help it. It's a simple and clean ship, nothing too fancy or too much and that's what I like about it.

    I will take on this idea. Seems like a really interesting one-shot to take on and it'll help clear some stuff up the fans might be wondering about if I do it right.

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity! c: stay tuned!
  5. Feenie Finny, Fin of the Feenie Fish

    May 10, 2008
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Username: Feenie
    Brief Synopsis of Story:
    AU where Xion succeeds in assimilating Roxas. What happens next? How would things change?
    Genre(s)/Theme(s) of Story: Adventure
    Desired Rating for Story: Teen for dat scary violence
    Type of Story: One shot
    Main Character(s)/Main Pairing: Xion, Axel (not paired, nooo romance pls)
    Supporting Character(s): The Organisation
    Setting(s): Twilight Town/TWTNW
    What do you most like about Kingdom Hearts?: The themes of teamwork and the beautiful soundtrack
    What do you like about KHVs?: The wonderful community and all the friends I've made over the years
    What to do you want to see out of this story?: You having fun.
    Is it okay to ask for you input if I need it?: If you want but idk I wanna see your imagination go wild.
    Would you like me to give you credit for the idea?: yeah sure
    Dedicate this Story to You?: Only if it's a heartfelt message about our undying companionship throughout the years.
    Anything else?: Quack.
  6. Korosu Kingdom Keeper

    Dec 27, 2009
    United Kingdom
    Username: Korosu
    Brief Synopsis of Story:
    Regarding Xion's conflictions after her true purpose is made clear to her.
    Genre(s)/Theme(s) of Story: friendship/whatever you deem nesscary? i'm terrible at description.
    Desired Rating for Story: T
    Type of Story: one shot
    Main Character(s)/Main Pairing: Xion, Roxas and Axel. Purely platonic relationships please, hah.
    Supporting Character(s): whoever you deem necessary.
    Setting(s): Wherever you deem necessary. Twilight Town Clock Tower? Her organization room? Destiny Islands beach? etc etc.
    What do you most like about Kingdom Hearts?: what is kingdom hearts?
    What do you like about KHVs?: what is khv? who are you people?
    What to do you want to see out of this story?: I'm a sucker for angst (to a certain extent/if it's written in a way that appeals to me) so maybe that? It'd be interesting to see your imagining of Xion. While her conflications are covered hinted at + shown in game, it'd be neat to see things from her perception in more detail.
    Is it okay to ask for you input if I need it?: sure
    Would you like me to give you credit for the idea? no
    Dedicate this Story to You?: nah
    Anything else?: Take your time! No pressure with getting this done ASAP. Have fun while writing too! Thank you for trying to bring life back to this section too.
  7. Maka Albarn It's called love

    May 7, 2008
    Fairy Tail

    Oh snaaaaap. That would be an interesting story too! I like the theme that is going on here with the story requests. xD I'll do my best with this, thank you for the application!

    Hahaha, don't worry, I'll keep it platonic. I like the freedom to figure out how this is will play out. Thank you for the application, your story will be done soon~

    Seriously everyone, I like the themes of these stories. An alternate plot, followed by the thoughts of a character during/after the story! This is going to be fun to try and write it out.

    Keep up the Apps! I'll get the stories eventually.

  8. Hexin Hollow Bastion Committee

    Oct 8, 2006
    Miami, FL
    Another 365/2 days story!!

    Username: Hexin
    Brief Synopsis of Story: What if the idea of Xion had never been conceived by the Organization? What would Roxas's outcome have been as Number XIII of this group? What about Axel? Without Xion in the 365/2 days story, how would this indirectly impact Riku on his journey to capture Roxas and save Sora? Would it even be possible? HNNNGHH

    Genre(s)/Theme(s) of Story: adventure, action, slice of life, drama, fantasy
    Desired Rating for Story: T
    Type of Story: 5 Chapters (but I'm not too sure on that)

    Main Character(s)/Main Pairing: Roxas, Axel, Riku

    Supporting Character(s): Mickey, Axel, Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix, DiZ, Namine, Hayner, Pence, Ollete, Seifer and gang.

    Setting(s): TWTNW, T.T, Agrabah, Beast's Castle, Olympus C., Halloween T., Wonderland, Neverland,

    What do you most like about Kingdom Hearts?: The crazy plot and it's twists. The character interactions. The action is by far creative; even though it's seen in other fantasy games. The adventure and journeying to other worlds is also one of the things that makes Kingdom hearts so unique.

    What do you like about KHVs?: Community. The News.

    What to do you want to see out of this story?: I honestly just want to see what becomes of Roxas. Xion's existence in the story was what pulled Roxas into doing what he inevitably ended up doing. It also caused him to actively think about who he was or what he was, and why the keyblade chose him. Without Xion in the story, I'm curious to see how Roxas's destiny may have played out. Would he still be able to dual wield? Would he have become
    another vessel for Xehanort the way Saix and Xigbar did (considering the whole point of Org. XIII was to have XIII vessels)
    ? I'm also wondering what Riku may have had to do in order to save Sora. What he was up to in all this time, and endured.

    Is it okay to ask for your input if I need it?: Yes

    Would you like me to give you credit for the idea? No

    Dedicate this Story to You?: Can it be to someone else? Want to show this to someone. Haha..

    Anything else?: If the story has to be longer, then by all means. I don't really think you need to full on explain what happens in each world, but perhaps mention them. Same for characters. Your story!