Make up the story plot for kh3 (Group Effort)

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  1. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Ok, before I start to get into details, I want to inform you that the story plot that we will create will use the desouls (a kh-vids user created enemy) as the game's major enemy. I thank you all who participated by helping to come up with ideas. The desoul is nearing the final stages of completion. only a few bitty details remain. we can finish with all that while working on this new thread.

    The title pretty much says it all. on this thread we will establish various ideas for our kh3 made up story plot. seeing that story plots can end up being quite long, I will construct a wiki page where I will post everything that has been decided upon. As of right now, I will be in charge of the wiki and will be assisted in maintaining it along with StarSeeker99, Kme92, and lilbueno. any ideas that are agreed upon will be posted on the wiki along all with the name or names of whoever came up with the idea.

    Edit: Below is the link for the wiki page

    Wiki here

    For additional details on desouls, you can either view the faqs page or the desoul page on the wiki. you can also checkout the first post on the thread called, "Create the next kingdom hearts enemy (Group effort)". the tags are: enemies, enemy creation, game, kingdom hearts. The thread is located in the bbs section.

    the rules for this thread are simple:

    -No spamming
    -be polite about ideas
    -try being original with the story.
    -be sure to be able to explain any complex ideas thought up.
    -try to make the story have as much of a kh feel as possible.

    All right now that we have the rules straight, Here's the kind of ideas we need. First we need a basic story plot and a time period. I'm thinking that this story should put an end to the heartless trilogy. but that's up for discussion. once we have a basic story plot, we need a villain or villains, Disney worlds, Original worlds, The desouls world, main characters, playable characters, party members (if any), etc. This will take a lot of work but I want to see if we can even come up with ideas for the game play and bosses.

    We also need to come up with what you unlock/lock in each world, and how to access the keyhole to whatever we are unlocking/locking. for example, in kh1 you locked the keyholes to the heart of the world. these were found in a significant place in each world. In KH2 you unlocked the "walls" that separated the worlds. this could be done with the help of a significant item in each world.

    Any disney worlds used should be able to be tied to the plot in some way. Do not use too many worlds where you transform. too much of something gets old. any additional info that I come up with will be posted in this first post.

    As we work together to create the story I may from time to time ask someone, who has helped a great deal, to assist StarSeeker99, Kme92, lilbueno, and myself in maintaining the wiki. Do not ask us to help with the management please. The other managers and I will discuss alone who we think we should ask for additional help.


    now that that is done I will start with the first idea. This could be a basic idea for the story. The heartless are still about, causing trouble. Sora and the others are thrown into another quest to put an end to the heartless.

    while in the middle of fighting the heartless. the new enemy, Desouls, make appear and attack the heartless, which are basically just a heart. The desouls devour the heartless' will and in doing so the heartless/hearts die. upon defeating the heartless, the desouls set their eyes on Sora and attack.

    A new threat has appeared. The worlds are in danger once again!
  2. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    And the adventure begins...

    First, I will gladly help you manage this thread and the Wiki, so yes, I'm still interested in helping you. :woohoo:

    Before I go all spruced up with Desoul ideas and the storyline, I'd like to think about the beginning, as if "Where KH2 left off".

    Sora and co are on Destiny Islands. Not much happening there. However, there's the King's letter. I have a theory in which Mickey made Sora his successor (Sora's a Prince Of Heart!!!:wow:). Being his successor, he needs to help the worlds, should a new menace ever arise.
    Now, however, with the Desouls, Mickey's letter could just as well been a warning that they're coming. Or both. "Sora, I make you my successor. Also, some things we call Desouls are rampaging and destroying new Disney worlds. Take care."

    If Sora is Mickey's apprentice, he then obviously will, as you said, hunt down the remaining Heartless. There must still be a few of those around.

    And what about Kairi and Riku? I would really love to have Riku as a Party Member as much as Donald and Goofy (oh yeah, what about those?). Having Riku and Sora would give a more FF feel, since they're both human and powerful (no offense to Donald&Goofy fans).

    As for Kairi, believe it or not, I actually tried visualising her fighting. I even want to make a Signature picture with this idea (but for some reason I'm limited to 1000 Bytes images). Having a Sora, Riku and Kairi party would be awesome. So awesome, that it might be better not to make it accessible forever. Sora would alternate between Donald and Goofy and Riku and Kairi.

    So yeah, that's it for the moment. I don't want to overfill my posts yet.

    One thing though : I'm really tempted about the idea of trying to have the "perfect" Desoul.
    It's made by merging the "perfect" Heart, Body and Soul. This started as the idea to revive someone by finding its life Elements.
    But we can have a villain try to create this ultimate Desoul, or perhaps DesoulS. For what reason, it's still to decide. "Taking over the known universe" DOES get a bit old.
  3. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Personally, I would like to have three different story lines like in bbs and no party members that means you either play as Sora, Kairi, or Riku and occasionally they would work together. I think Donald and Goofy have had their share of screen time and if they were to become part of the party, then it would be only in the Disney Castle. personally, King Sora may be a bit much for me. I think Sora is fine as he is. besides, Square has been trying push out some of the Disney elements in order to make the game's story more serious. That would probably do the opposite. but If done right, I suppose the king idea could work.

    moving on. I think that a year or so should go by before kh3 starts. that gives Maleficent some time to adjust to her new castle and begin a new scheme. It also allows for the real villain to mass produce desouls. All sorts of developments can be made if we put some time inbetween the two games. for this to work, we would have to say that the letter that mickey gave sora and the others was just the intro to a filler game.

    I think that it would be awesome if in this game we introduce a whole bunch of new keybladers. Some could be bad, some good. I forget where, but I read that back in the bbs time, there were several keyblade masters that would take on apprentices. each keyblade master had their own set of ideas. we can use this idea to create epic bosses in a similar manner that the organization did for kh2.

    Imagine, desouls are causing havoc everywhere. They have become so much of a threat that keybladers everywhere are forced to come out of hiding in order to deal with them. Each keyblader could have a different solution for solving the problem, however some solutions could be kinda of anti-heroic while others are not heroic at all. This can cause all sorts of conflicts.

    Going back to the time thing. I also think that we should give it a year or so because that way Sora and Kairi will have become friends (or something like it) with their nobody. They could gain powers, such as forms, because of their nobody's, or do special attacks by using their nobody's power.
  4. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    The King Sora idea is a bit harsh, because, as you said, i'tll force us to include Disney elements. As much as the idea of mixing Disney and Final Fantasy was original, everyone seems to enjoy the FF style moer than the Disney style. Whereas having Disney worlds still makes the game interesting, I too thing that Donal d and Goofy following you EVERYWHERE is getting old.

    So, we could ignore the King's letter, or perhaps explain it later, when we have more of the storyline made.

    Maleficient is now residin in the Caste That Never Was, and she did say that she planned revenge. So, once again, she would cause harm. She should be the one leading the remaining Heartless, which will serve as the enemy until the Desouls take over (which should be early in the game).

    Who' leading the Desouls? I have an idea. What about Xehanort? His Heartles sahs been defeated, and now, his Nobody as well. However, we can justify that his Heart migrated to Riku, trying to corrupt him. When Ansem exploded Kingdom Hearts, only then did Riku regain his appearance, so therefore, Xehanort's Heart was released shortly before Xemnas' death, and was released in an unheard-of event.
    For this reason, we could say Xehanort became a Desoul... if it's not because of his obsession for Darkness... we can also say that his Elements acted as if his Nobody aws defeated BEFORE the Heartless (the contrary happened, but remember what I said in the last paragraph).

    There are theories that Terra = Xehanort. I agree with them, but we would be pushing things a little far.

    If it's not Xehanort or Maleficient, then we must introduce a new villain. Anyone got any ideas as to who it'll be?
  5. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Xehanort should most definitely be the true villain. I think that the we really should include other keybladers, like I mentioned before. This could allow Xehanort to make several appearances throughout the game without you realizing it.

    It has been hinted in several scenes in the kh franchise that Xehanort could be a keyblader himself. with multiple keybladers popping around throughout the game, we can have Xehanort pop up every once and a while wearing a costume that hides his identity (and I don't mean the armored suit that Terra wore). we can say that he was revived properly, but now is looking for a new way to enter kh. thus, he started experiments again and discovered the Desoul. Mass production started and then he unleashed them on the worlds. The mass attack of desouls could be what draws out the other keybladers.

    Now the whole desouls attacking heartless, the incomplete yellow kh moon, and the Castle That Never Was (CTNW) could come in handy here. when the heartless are defeated by the desouls, the hearts that make up the heartless would become incomplete. we could say that they therefore construct another, but different, incomplete kingdom hearts moon (this moon could be a pale purple in color).

    This moon could perhaps form inside the Desoul's world, which could be a world that Xehanort created with his experiments (so the world could be a desoul itself). Since worlds can not move, this Desoul world is doomed to die no matter what. the world would become more grotesque as it's soul fades.

    Now here's what you need to wonder in this scenario, where will the purple moon go when the desoul world dies? I would say that it would just linger in space. Ok, so what? Well, what if The World That Never Was (TWTNW) and the Desoul's world were to be destroyed simultaneously?

    TWTNW contains the incomplete yellow moon; the desoul world would have the purple moon. So if these two worlds were destroyed at once, would the two moons collide into one due to a sort of attraction? If so, then just what would become of kh? would it destroy kingdom hearts? would it corrupt kh? what we need to wonder most of all is whether it would open a new path to kh.

    imagine the final battle with Xehanort inside a corrupt kh. Xehanort could finally obtain the power he desired. however, this power would be corrupt. he would be gaining power from incomplete hearts. So then what becomes of Xehanort in this situation? perhaps the power from a mix of incomplete and complete hearts would turn Xehanort into a desoul himself. He would become the ultimate desoul. This could be the last face off against Xehanort.

    I just realized that coincidentally that the colors yellow and purple are complements. so when these two moons collide perhaps the new moon would be brown (the color brown is created when complement colors combine). This color could represent a corrupted kingdom hearts.

    It seems that the moons for kh can be different in color. the moon that appears in the bbs trailer was blue instead of yellow.
  6. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    My first impression is that making the Desouls become the real enemy at midpoint in the game is too late (read the last paragraphs of my post though...). Think of the players who will wonder why they feel like playing KH1 all over again. I do agree with Maleficient boss though, and you point something me and Pezz missed, with the Heartless being darkness. However, how come they weren't Heartless before KH1? People still ahd darkness in their hearts. I guess that the reason they became so abundant is because Xehanort's Heartless mass produced them. So therefore, the Emblem Heartless, those who were created in laboratory/whatever, can be killed off.

    Maybe. I originally thought that it WAS yellow, and appeared blue because of the night sky. But KH seems to be a light emmiting aster. Therefore, unlike the real moon, who just reflects light, it emits its own, of its own color.

    Xehanort, be him Terra or Master Xehanort or whoever, appeared after "People with the blade of keys stopped fighting". He's definitely a Keyblade bearer. Everyone in the KHU eventually becomes one :xp:
    Your idea is, as always, very cool and original. Xehanort under a disguise. Plot twist incoming.

    You, sir(?), are a genius. This idea is awesome. A world that becomes more grotesque as its soul fades... this is promising. It should start like a cohesive world, then become more erratic, eventually looking like the End Of The World in KH1. Only it will get worse. Probably is freaky as we can in a "Rated T" game.
    The light purple moon sound great, and, more importantly, it could serve as some sort of "Realm of the Dead". Remember that long conversation about that Realm? Although this isn't the exact same thing, the concepts are similar, so we should find something useful in the other Thread.

    By the way, Xehanort will acquire power from the Desouls, although we don't know how yet. But as you said, his power will be incomplete. But, as long as this will, first of all, allow him to defeat the Keyblade masters, and especially Sora, he won't mind.

    As for what happens to the Desoul Kingdom Hearts : Simply "defragmentating" along with the World's death is plausible as it is. The Hearts, still incomplete because their will has been eaten, could scatter back into the "normal" realm. However, haivng the Desoul KH linger in space allows more twisted scenarios.
    The will-less Hearts of the Desoul KH will seek the will of normal's Kh Hearts (ok, that sounds weird). Should TWTNW be destroyed too, the real KH will also linger in space, meeting his counterpart soon.
    The two Kingdom Hearts should then actually fight. After all, logically speaking, the Hearts of the Desoul KH, stripped of their will, should seek the will of the normal KH. They may not be able to "want" the will, but thye know they'll be complete if they get it.

    Now, let's fit this into a video game. A KH3 game. TWTNW should be destroyed when Maleficient is defeated, since she resides there. Finalform32's idea of beating Maleficient at mid-game works better than my idea of beating her early. That's because when TWTNW is destroyed, soon enough, the two KHs will meet in... hyperspace, or whatever realm they are in. So TWTNW should endure most of the game.

    Finalform32, I have an idea as to how putting our concepts together. What if Maleficient is beaten, as you said, in the mid-game... but the Desouls are KNOWN to be the main enemy beforehand? Not just mentionned, but really known to be dangerous, with Keybladers uniting to defeat them (and Pezz's idea joins the fun too).
    What do both of you think of this?
  7. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    There were heartless before kh1, just not in mass quantities. Only the pure breeds existed then. there were so few, that they aren't even going to be seen in bbs. likewise, can say the same for desouls.

    The creator of the game stated that thing about the heartless in an interview. so yes it's impossible to rid the worlds of heartless entirely, but bringing the amount of heartless down to a minimum (the way it used to be) could be possible with the use of desouls.

    they could be the same color, but I don't think they are. perhaps it was a mistake, who knows. but as things are now, I'm going to say there is a blue moon and a yellow moon. I'm very interested in what the different colors may mean.

    Thanks for the complement! Very much appreciated! You come up with some really cool ideas too! You contributed a lot to desouls and plenty of my ideas were built off of yours. You've been very helpful here. :D

    back on subject. perhaps Xehanort could appear to be an ally in the beginning of the game and especially when Sora is fighting Maleficant. He could help Sora destory TWTNW. After all, Xehanort wants TWTNW to be destroyed, so it is in his best interest. Adds more twist to the plot.

    I don't know if disney would allow a T game, but that doesn't matter much. Let's push it for all it's worth. we can look into the realm of the dead idea. maybe just touch upon it. I'm still really reluctant when it comes to going into that topic because all I can do is speculate. Anything dealing with death, I want to make as solid as possible.


    hmmm... very good! I have to admit, I was unsure of how I could explain the attraction thing but you did the explaining for me. I really like this idea. it allows for either world to die first. More story development can be made this way.

    The question is does Maleficient get defeated only, or does she get done in once and for all. We also have to consider Pete. I say that Pete should live on no matter what. Perhaps Pete can redeem himself during the final battle.

    How about the Keybladers are not united in the beginning. Since they all have their own ideals, I think that they would try to do things their own way. we need something to compensate for the Organization epic boss battles. The keybladers are "key" (hahahaha) for copensating. In the end the Keybladers should unit, or at least most of them should.

    Do this would create a very interesting game. And to add to this we can have three storylines that entwine, like in bbs. One story for Sora, one for Kairi, and one for Riku. all three charaters could have a different relationship with the various keybladers. Different relationships allows each character to fight different keybladers. this will create many plot elements that will make the game interesting. Disney villains, Keybladers, and Xehanort, oh my!
  8. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    And we're getting excieted here. Our ideas have a lot of video game potential (hehe, maybe we're the next Square-Enix employees). You made me think of another idea. It goes really far, so I'd like your opinion on it :

    What do you think of making the game "fork" when either world must be destroyed? Meaning that either TWTNW or the Desoul world can be destroyed, because Heartless and Desouls are wreaking havoc. Once one is destroyed, the enemy coming from the other world will be more common than before, and the other enemy rarer.
    However, this idea will basically have 1/2 chance of preventing the most epic final battle ever (Xehanort in the Desoul world), and both battles must be close to the end. The Disnet worlds should remain unchanged storyline-wise, but with the enemy modification.

    Hm... the more I develop this idea, the less I like it. I thought I'd mention it anyway. But regardless of what comes of this idea, we could use Storyline Forks for more minor cases. I find those interesting, as they make the game more replayable...
    And here's my second proposition, that I just thought of : How about, sometimes, choosing WHO will be your character, for a tiny part of the game?
    Take 100 Acre Wood, for example. What if we could choose to do that "mini-world" with Sora, Riku or Kairi? Of course, we couls also apply this to real "big worlds".

    Finally, for a touch of humor more than anything else... remember when I said that I imagined Kairi fighting? Well, I wanted to visualize her doing so, so I fired up Paint and PhotoLine, and made THIS :
    ***See attachement***

    Oh noes, it's Final Kairi! With floating Keyblades!
    Don't take this too seriously, it was made for fun, but now I really want to see Kairi as a playable character...

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  9. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    ROFLOL Ha ha ha ha. very funny! You should use it for your signature! :D

    Ok I love your idea about the fork in the story, but like you said their is that little snag there. Here's the theory about making nonlinear games (games with forks in the road)---- The more story oriented a game is, the more linear the game should be. games that are less story based should have more forks in the road.---- This is typically how things are done, but there are exceptions.

    Kh games are story based, so they are for the most part very linear. the choices that you get to make in the game are mainly just for the order of the worlds you visit. but it is always good to allow nonlinear paths for the player to take. those paths though would probably be minor for this game (like you said), but lets try to come up with as much as possible.

    Nonlinear games can be very difficult to make because you have to make sure that everything works out. the player may do something that you didn't expect and end up becoming stuck in the game. so nonlinear games require careful planing, but they are always fun.

    off topic question for StarSeeker99:

    by the way, you don't have to answer this, but out of curiosity are you interested in making video games for a living? I've just been wondering is all.

    Also I'm using Maya (a 3d modeling program) to attempt to make a 3d figure of the desoul. It's kinda fun!
  10. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Left off at the end of KH2, Sora, Riku and Kairi recieve the letter from Mickey.

    The letter proposes an award ceremony to them as "Official Guardians " to the other worlds. However the ceremony is a trap setup by (whoever the villian is)
    and seperates the 3. After u play as each one of the characters (Sora, riku and kairi) and go thru various worlds, bosses and cutscenes in hoping of reuniting with one another.

    Some worlds I think should be involved:

    Hawaii (Lilo and Stitch)
    Atlantica (The little Mermaid)
    The PrideLands (Lion King)
    Brother Bear
    Collesium (Hercules)
    Fox and the Hound
  11. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Very Nice! That would be a great way to start the game for Riku! But we should let all three of them have their own story. but for Kairi to work, we can't have her being so fragile anymore.

    So how about this for Kairi. Starts off after they finish reading the letter. (an adjustment may have to be done to the letter)

    Kairi: I'm coming too!

    Sora: No, you can't. It's too dangerous.

    Kairi: So what? This place will be just as dangerous as any other. Remember what King Mickey wrote in the letter? Our home is in danger too!

    Riku: He also wrote that he was sending a ship for just Sora and me.

    Kairi: Riku, you too? If I recall correctly it was you who gave me my Keyblade.

    *Kairi summons her keyblade*

    Riku: The circumstances in that situation required it. Besides, Sora and I have more experience.

    *The Chip and Dale arrive with the ship. the door to the ship opens you can see Chip and Dale at the doorway. They are both saluting Sora and Riku.*

    Chip: Chip

    Dale: and Dale

    Chip and Dale: reporting for duty!

    Riku: Time to go.

    *Sora turns towards Kairi*

    Sora: Kairi, I'm sorry.

    *Sora heads towards the Gummi where Riku is already waiting. Kairi is looking down at the ground. her keyblade has been put away.*

    Kairi: So just like that.

    *Sora stops moving towards the Gummi. Kairi curls her hands into fists. She looks up at Sora tears are in her eyes.*

    Kairi: So just like that your leaving me again!

    *Chip and Dale glance at one another, wondering whether they came at a bad time*

    Sora: ...

    Kairi: Don't you remember?

    *Flash back. At the Alter of Naught in TCTNW. When Sora and Kairi where talking to their Nobodies*

    Kairi: We'll be together everyday. Right, Sora?

    Sora: Uh... yeah!

    *Flash back ends*

    Kairi: We'll be together everyday. Wasn't that what we agreed upon?!

    Sora: ....... Even though I may not be by your side, I will still be with you everyday. Remember? Our hearts are connected. Yours and mine.

    Kairi: ...

    *Sora walks closer to the ship's entrance where Riku is still waiting. once there he turns to face Kairi and give her a sad smile. Sora enters the ship*

    Sora: I'll miss you, Kairi.

    *Riku follows Sora into the ship. the door shuts and the ship starts taking off.*

    Kairi: uh... wait!

    *Kairi sees Sora in the window. Sora is looking at her with a frown on his face this time. The ship disappears. Kairi is looking up at the sky where the ship disappeared too.*

    Kairi: I'll miss you too, Sora.

    *Time passes. It is night on the island. Kairi is sitting in her usual place where the bent tree is located. Kairi picks up a rock and stares at it before throwing it into the ocean. A see-through form of Namine appears behind Kairi.*

    Namine: It's quiet without the two of them here, isn't it?

    *Kairi doesn't answer*

    Namine: It reminds me of the time when I was all alone in Castle Oblivion.

    *Kairi stands up and walks past Namine*

    Namine: where are we going?

    Kairi: I'm not going to sit around and wait for him anymore. We're going to find them.

    Namine: but how? we don't have a ship.

    Kairi: Can't you open one of your portals of darkness?

    Namine: Not while I am one with you. Your heart has no darkness in it. It is one of pure light. My portals will not work.

    Kairi: Then we'll just have to find another way, right?

    *Namine smiles*

    Namine: Right.

    *A rustling sound comes from a nearby bush.*

    Namine: What's that?

    *A heartless appears from the bush (a shadow type).*

    Kairi: A heartless?

    Namine: What is a heartless doing here?

    *It looks around before scurrying off towards the cave in the island*

    Kairi: I don't know, but what I do know is that they aren't welcome here.

    *Kairi summons her keyblade*

    Kairi: lets go.

    Namine: Right.

    *Namine returns to Kairi's body. Kairi chases after the heartless. In the cave she is ambushed by a bunch of heartless. She fights the heartless but there is no end to them. suddenly the desouls appear and defeat the heartless. they then set their eyes on Kairi. they surround her and leap at her. Flash of light. Kairi awakes at the Station of awakening.*

    I just remembered that heartless can't enter Disney Castle anymore. We'll have to have Sora and Riku be taken somewhere else.
  12. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    What if there was something rong with the ship and they had to crash land to the nearest world?
  13. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    hmm, good idea! this can separate Riku and Sora.
  14. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Any ideas on where they should land?
  15. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Radiant Garden for Sora, Riku should land in a new world with a timeless sky (example: traverse Town, Twilight Town).
  16. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    hhhm, timeless sky...
    do u waan keep it a disney world or something else?
  17. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    I like Hawaii, Atlantica, and The Pride Lands. The Coliseum is a must, but this time the Coliseum should be in the Heavens.

    The Fox and the Hound would be tough, and I don't know anything about Brother Bear.

    It should be an original world. Perhaps we should call it Midday Metropolis, or Highnoon Hamlet. I'm thinking something that has to do with the afternoon

    I have the wiki up now
  18. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    Ok, answering questions and giving ideas in chronological order :

    I can't!!! For some reason it won't allow me to upload images larger than 1000 Bytes. That's 1 KB. I have 20X20 images which are larger than that.

    I would like that, but maybe more as a "for fun" thing, not really a profession. But that could always change.

    With the ideas everyone else gave, we could have Sora playable, but not the "main" character. Riku and Kairi must have their "Station of Awakening" moment, so by the time you play with, hopefully, both of them, you will also get to control Sora. I would like to be acle to pick which one I control, and which are Party Members.

    Kingdom Hearts fans, say good-bye to the good old damsel-in-distress Kairi we used to know! She shall gain the uncanny ability to swing a weapon, jump (*cough cough KH1 ending*), and wear clothes allowing more agility.
    So yeah, I totally agree. That's why I made my "Final Kairi".

    We all(?) thought that it should not happen immedaitely after KH2. But there's an easy solution to this. Simply say that the letter came a year or so afterwards.

    That doesn't really matter. We can just say that the defense got shattered. Here's an explanation Minnie would give to everyone :
    "The Cornerstore protected us from the Darkness, but it failed to block something else. Then those vicious creatures (Desouls) appeared, and now they allow Darkness to come in!"

    *****Insert Brexen's and Pezz's stories here*****
    I agree with both of you! But actually, that's the point, both of you. We can have Riku and Kairi awaken at the Station of Serenity (not at once, of course. Each must have its moment).

    Yeah, each KH game introduced a timeless sky. Even BBS (Sunset Horizons).
    Hey, what if they crash-land there? And Sora will recognize the place. This allows BBS references... but the game isn't out yet...

    Alright! We should take the time to rewrite the ideas that we kept... I could do that, but I can't right now. I'm quite busy, and that's why I only replied to everyone's ideas, without really giving out my own. I'll see if I can rewrite everything later today or tomorrow (read my signature ; Nothing's gained through procrastination).

    Take care everyone, and thanks to those who joined the fun.
  19. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Im really starting to like world name I thought up for a timeless sky. Highnoon Hamlet. It has a nice sound to it, and if you think about it, the world could relate to the desouls. At Noon the sun is at its peak. from then till sunset the sun lowers to the ground. when the sun sets. the sky is absent of light, not counting the moon and stars. this whole idea of the lowering sun relates to the idea that a desoul is like a flickering candle. Desouls strive to keep their candle lit as long as possible. the higher the flame is, the better off they are. They strive to keep their sun up as far as possible.
  20. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    Allow me to unite your newest idea with one that was a few dasy ago :
    Highnoon Hamlet can be one of two things : Either a Traverse Town/Twilight Town -like place, where not much happens...

    Ir it can be the Desoul world. If you don't want it to be that, then listen to what we must put on the Desoul world :

    The sun, as you said. Like a flickering candle, the more the world lsoes it's soul, the more the sun goes down. As the world loses its soul, it gets more grotesque, but the sun is still visible, lower and lower. When the sun sets, the world dies, like a candle snuffed out by the dusk's breeze.

    Also, the Desoul symbol (we mustn't forget that) can have a candle on it, because this symbol is becoming more and more present. It could also be a common trait among non-pure-breed Desouls.

    And now I have an idea for the symbol. Unfortunate, because I really need to work on my damn Chemistry and Physics assignments. I'll make the drawing and post it later today, maybe tomorrow.