Make up the story plot for kh3 (Group Effort)

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Pezz, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    I have this theory that Namine is kairis light side and Xion is more along her dark side. Plus Xion wields a keyblade.

    Well if that doesnt work out, you can always just make up a character.
  2. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    yeah, they say something like that on the kh wiki, but it's only a theory. but anyways we're getting off topic here....

    Ok, We pretty much have an idea for how kairi will start her journey, but we are still unsure about Riku and Sora. Do they or do they not make it to disney Castle? or does only one of them make it there?

    I think that Sora and Riku should become divided. perhaps and keyblader attacks their ship, breaking it in two. Sora crashes in one area, Riku somewhere else.
  3. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    what if rikus half of the ship crashlanded in a disney world,
    but soras made it to disney castle, that way, meet king mickey, happy reunion, go find his friends
  4. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    I was thinking the that it could be the other way around. Donald and Goofy aren't palling up with Sora this time. If we go by the letter we made up, Mickey has already gone off to see whats going on.

    Sora should be as naive as ever, while Riku should be coming up with a plan after being debriefed.
  5. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    So Riku partners up with goofy and donald now?
  6. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    nope. either donald and goofy take a nice long rest, or they decide to hangout with Mickey. less disney = more serious story. that's Square's plan.
  7. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    ic, on a seperate note, I was thinkin of an opening for the game,
    mind if i created one and showed it to u?
  8. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    Kme92, why would we mind? Sure you can make an opening.

    As for what you guys thought of, I agree that Kairi should start on Destiny Islands. Meeting a female Keyblader is also a good idea.

    We'll have to decide how much we'll talk about those Keybladers, and how much they influence the game. Should we go very deep in their past? Will they be Party members on their world, or follow you?
    I suggest they act like Leon and company. We should also have the story get interested in them, because they ARE secret Keybladers after all.

    Having each character do a world once is a great idea. It allows 3 episodes per world, which also allows more flexibility.

    As for Sora and Riku : Sora mustn't make it to Disney Castle. That would be too... obvious. He'll get there eventually, learning that Riku came and went, and will start his journey, keeping an eye out for his friends. BUT NOT LOOKING FOR THEM. Looking for Riku and Kairi got REALLY old. Sora will know they can fight, so he won't worry too much.
    Back on topic, Sora should end up on Highnoon Hamlet. After all, the KH games start with the "Timeless Sky" world. Riku can crash on Disney Castle. If he doesn't, at least he must get there before Sora, and so should Kairi.

    Also, I thought of something. That new female Keyblader of Destiny Islands... when Riku comes back to do his part of the Destiny Islands world... what if he gets interested in her? Not explicitely, of course, to remain in KH style, but you know. Doesn't take much thinking to realise what's going on between Sora and Kairi. So anyway, the fans will hopefully like this. Then again, Riku's kinda strange, looking like a guy who likes living by himself... so I don't know.

    Penultimate thing : since we're thinking of game concepts, we can really do anything. Kme92 got interested in the game's intro. Someone (still Kme92, I think) said it wanted to work on the worlds that will make it into the game. We're all working on what we can think of, etc. So we can work on anything we want. I'm getting interested in new Keyblades, especially since they'll be new Keybladers.

    Finally, last thing : I updated the Wiki. Didn't do much, but it'll eventually be well-detailed and informative.
  9. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Awsome work Starseeker :P

    Since kairi is starting on destiny islands,
    where will riku and sora be?
  10. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!

    I proposed that Sora ends up on Highnoon Hamlet, because all KH games quickly come to the "timeless sky" world. Then again, Riku could end up there too.
    Sora must definitely be the last to come to Disney Castle. He's the one the Disneys know, so they'll be excited to see Riku and Kairi first.
    Now, I think that Kairi shoul dmake it to Disney Castle first, probably right after Destiny Islands.
    This leaves Riku. Where should he land?

    Riku, Riku... Riku means "land", land makes me think of earth, so Sunset Horizons? Okay, that's the most obscure train of thought I've had recently.

    Let's think for a minute. What worlds, that were already featured in KH games, are relevant to Riku?
    He was to the Land of Dragons already. Can't think of anything.
    Riku also saw Twilight Town... can't think of anything there...
    He visited Beast's Castle in 358/2 Days... can't think of anything...
    Oh, TWTNW? Meeting Maleficient again? What if she tries to corrupt him, and he fakes falling for it, knowing that she's planning something?

    Also, Radiant Garden is most definitely a world we must put. Olympus Coliseum should still be there, because it's some sort of staple in the series.

    I'm so sick of writing "what if" over and over again...

    What do you think of the proposed locations?
  11. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Opening, as in the song thing? Sure, why not? If you can try to find a song that is japanese, and even better, the same artist. that would be great! But I would love to see an opening!
  12. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    For the opening , im tryin to find the scene at the very very very end of KH2 where They get the king mickeys letter. Its not in the ending posted in the cutscene archive.
    If someone finds it, plz post a link for download.

    On topic - Riku should probably fall in Radiant gardens or something (i.e former Hollow Bastion) where he could try and confront the final demons remaining in his past when he was working for Malificent. acouple of flashbacks to when he was working for her, and some battles later, riku has cleared away the final bits of darkness

    on an offtopic note, i found this necklace called the circle Desoul and thot to myself, i have to show ppl it :P
  13. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Riku is a tough one. He will be the guy who is going through the worlds solely on business. Kairi will be traveling through worlds searching for her friends *cough* Sora *cough*. Sora will do what he does best! MEDDLING! This can cause him to come into conflicts with a Keyblader who is absolutely against it.

    This brings me to the female Keyblader. If she is to be a love interest for Riku, then she must be the tough girl type. She should go solely on the Rules. No meddling in the affairs of other worlds, should be number one on her list. This brings her to clash with Sora. She shouldn't get along with Riku right away, she should be cold towards him. Basically, she should grow on him.

    As for Kairi coming into contact with her... (before we continue on I think we should give this girl a temporary name. Teal. makes life easier ;)) Teal comes to DI because of the desouls, and in doing so meets Kairi. Perhaps Teal used to live in Radiant Garden, so she recognizes Kairi, or maybe she realizes that Kairi is a Princess of Heart. Maybe both.

    She could tag along with Kairi for a while, before seemingly leaving. Kairi looks for her and finds her friends in trouble. Kairi enters a boss battle. Kairi seemingly wins. Kairi turns around to ask if her friends are ok. The boss gets back up. Kairi's friends cry "Look out!" Kairi turns around in time to see the boss about to deal a blow. There's a blinding flash.

    Kairi Wakes up in a secluded place on destiny islands. From here she has a good view of the sun setting. She learns that Teal saved her by using light to teleport Kairi away. Kairi asks if her friends are ok. Teal says she doesn't know and then recites rule number one. Don't meddle. Kairi tries to argue but Teal silences her by saying,

    Teal: You said you wanted to find a way to go look for your friends.

    Kairi: Yes, but my other fri-

    Teal: That portal of light, you can do it too. But unlike me, You can use it to travel to different worlds. you are a princess of heart. Your heart is only that of light. Use the light in your heart.

    Kairi: Use the light in my heart? But how?

    Teal: Your keyblade will help by unlocking a path for you to cross from world to world. behold.

    *The last rays of the sun break through the trees and hit the ground in the shape of a keyhole. Kairi's Keyblade reacts and shoots a beam of light into the keyhole. A pathway of sorts opens connecting to the sun.*

    Teal: This is your power. You are light everlasting. You are a flame that can never go out. Go now, find the ones you are looking for.

    Kairi: But-

    *Teal pushes Kairi into the light. Kairi then vanishes in a flash of light.*

    This will let Kairi go to other worlds in a way that isn't too redundant. I just can't see Riku going to other worlds with a gummi ship. something needs to be done for him as well. Perhaps this keyhole thing can have a significance in the game or something.

    This isn't my best idea, lol. I'm not even sure I like, but at least we now have some more story ideas to work with. time for criticism.

    oh and Sora should be second to go to DI. That way he learn what happened from everyone there. either they think the boss killed Kairi, making Sora blame himself for not bringing her along, or they say Teal kidnapped Kairi.

    lolz necklace
  14. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    I like it but i think Teal should:

    A) have maybe more of a japanese style name, but actually meaning means teal or something

    B) I dont think she should have a keyblade, might cause a whole debate over there only being 4 keyblade masters, yadayadayada, but she should still have a sick weapon tho, and Kinda watch over kairi as her guardian. There could be a guarding for all the princesses lol
  15. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Whoever says that she is a keyblade master? she doesn't need to be a master to wield the keyblade. besides we already have 5 keyblade masters around here. Xehanort, Mickey, Sora, Riku... wait did his keyblade have a keychain on it?..., and Kairi.

    Mickey = inverted kingdom key = key for the Realm of darkness
    Sora = Kingdom key = key for the Realm of light
    Riku = Way to Dawn = ????
    Kairi = ????? = ?????
    Xehanort = ????? = ?????

    The Realm of in between needs a keyblade and so does the realm of nothingness. Me and StarSeeker99 have discussed the possibility of a realm of death. If there is one, then it would need an opposing realm. perhaps a realm of birth. They have not said yet that there are only 4 realms. I am inclined to believe there are more. Where do souls come from? where do they go? Hades has an underworld where the dead go. Are these "dead" ones the souls of the deceased? who knows.

    perhaps every world has it's own underworld. perhaps all realms are parallel to one another. The light and dark realms are parallel. that being the case, I would assume the same for the in between realm. and if the in between realm is parallel, then so must its opposing realm, the realm of nothingness. if there is a realm of death, and if it is parallel to all worlds, then perhaps in Hercules world, it co-exists with the real world.

    My point is, If you look hard enough, you can find many loop holes in the Kingdom hearts universe, and by exploiting them, you can play with ideas such there being More than 4 people who can wield keybladea. It takes time to get the hang of it, but after a few trials and errors, you can come to find a way that works.

    This was exactly how we got the desoul idea to work. The body can't survive without the soul, and the soul needs the body. so instead of getting rid of the soul, we said that it would just fade away. that way there still is a soul, therefore the body can still live. :D

    Edit: Oh yeah, and Teal is just a temporary name to make life easier. though we should find a decent name soon, or we may become attached to it. not that it is a bad name, but like you said, look for something more Japanese in style. to come up with her name, we need to figure out what she represents. as of right now she seems to represent Order.
  16. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    Remember, Kme92, that we thought of having new Keybladers appear in this game, comign out of hiding. Having one at the very beginning of the game would be quite awesome, and will make players interested to see more.

    Also, Pezz, we HAVE an "In Between" Keyblade. It's called... Way to the Dawn. Remember that in the short secret ending of KH2, Ven picks it up? While Terra and Aqua pick up the Kingdom Key and Inverse Key? It's name is also significant.
    Kairi's Keyblade can be the keyblade of purity. Quite literally... I mean, if you hack it into the game, it can't hurt anything (;)). Ok, seriously though, the flower ranbow Keyblade kinda looks pure. So waht does this mean? I have absolutely no idea. Sorry, but we'll have to think this one through...

    Ok, so : Riku + Gummi Ship = Wtf, for me as well. So I came up with this, mostly by taking Kme92's idea and sorta remixing it (so, Kme92, tell me what you think of this : )
    Riku comes to Radiant Garden first. He does have flashbacks, confronts his past, etc etc, but ends up REGAINING the power of darkness. Not as "being consumed by it", but as "controlling it, like in KH2". So, Pezz, this will allow Riku to travel with his dark portals.
    Of course, you'll only be able to do so at Save Points. At least to go to another world.

    As for the world(s) of the dead, this is quite complex. And it sorta belong in the other Thread, too. Oohh, that's why the original Thread got kinda forgotten ; because we've all been telling everything here instead.


    My thoughts exactly!

    Can't we just have her be a Destiny Islands native? Why would she come to DI fight the Desouls, if she's so obsessed about not meddling? I do agree with her being strict, though.

    Sora thinking that Teal captured Kairi = could work.
    Sora thinking that Kairi died = uh-oh. This is problematic. While it might get people interested, imagine what will happen to Sora. Hey, I remember onec telling, out of coincidence, that if Kairi got killed, Sora would probably become a Desoul.
    Anyway, he probably won't continue his journey. At least, not without a serious menace. And this early in the game, the main menace is the remaining Heartless, which doesn't look too bad.

    Now, I have thought of something concenrning the game's ending. But first, I got a question which should actually be on the other Thread :

    What happens when the Nobodies enter KH? Pezz mentionned this as the game's ending, after Xehanort is defeated. Nobodies can become complete. But how? They are surrounded by Hearts... but can they just take one for them? Or can they feel feelings, being surrounded by so many Hearts?

    So, that's the question. Now, my idea : Since the Nobodies contacted Roxas, and had him become their leader, Roxas could stay behind in Kingdom Hearts. And maybe Namine as well, because she won't want to separate from him (remember that they are linked to Sora and Kairi). This idea needs developping, but I got this image of two possible endings, depending on whether the player chooses Roxas to continue leading the Nobodies for a while (or forever), or if he goes back into Sora.
    IF he stays inside KH, here's a cliched ending :
    "Roxas... Namine... we'll remember you. Your names and your kind will not be forgotten. *Looks up the sky, and sees KH*. Whenever we see the moon, we'll remember you... for as long as it's there, so will you.

    I think I accidentally came to something greater than I expected! Remember te BBS trailer? Master Xehanort summoned Kingdom Hearts after freezing Ven. I wondered if he used Ven's Heart to do that ; why would he do it right after Ven is frozen, but Terra and Aqua are still around?
    Since Ven is Roxas (somewhat), could this have a link?
  17. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008

    Ok, well after reading all that, I think its interesting, that riku is able to control the darkness, without fearing it or being consumed. Also helps him keep his "edge" as the sorta "bad boy" outta the 3.

    Anywayz Roxas and Namine staying a part of kingdom hearts would be interesting, but they have no hearts so what would become of that conflict?
    Also I agree about Sora thinking Kairis dead. That could get a whole revenge thing goin and turn sora into someone only set on vengence. Big nono for the "Light" Hero

    on a seperate note, i noticed like only 4 ppl on workin on this :P
    I don really care tho, normally like a whole board of like 10-20 ppl are workin on the story alone
  18. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    yeah, I had that originally, but I wasn't too sure so i removed it to be safe.

    sounds good to me!

    We could.... but I don't know how much I like it. besides if she is a native to DI, then getting involve with the affairs of DI wouldn't be meddling. She came out of hiding to solve the desoul crisis. perhaps she thought that finding the one who bears the keyblade of purity would be key to solving the crisis.

    Remember that the yellow moon is lingering hearts of the nobodies original selves. In addition, the purple moon could have a few of the nobodies hearts too. When the two moons are slammed into one, Kh becomes corrupt. so in order to uncorrupt kh perhaps Kairi, who as you said is pure, can use her power to make the incomplete hearts, in the kh, whole again. this would uncorrupt kh and perhaps produce a white moon. The nobodies will return to normal since the moon holds their hearts.

    The nobodies will be whole. This was their original goal, and they will have finally accomplished it.

    Roxas is a part of Sora. he holds half of Sora's power. Sora's heart is also Roxas's heart. So if they were to separate Roxas would be incomplete. Roxas wants to be whole. he wouldn't leave Sora. Same goes for Namine and Kairi.

    Ven still lives after that. his eyes were still moving. Though I never have been able to catch this movement in his eyes myself, It is true that he still lives. This cut scene is thought to happen around the beginning of the game.

    It is a common thought that Master Xehanort took something from Ven, I believe that that is true. Ven confronts Xehanort at The Coliseum. Ven doesn't seem to recognize Xehanort. Xehanort then tells Ven that he is losing it. I don't have any thoughts on this that I think is solid, but I agree that something was taken from Ven.

    Ven is not Roxas, but there is some sort of link. what it is, I have no clue and I don't think we are going to find out anytime soon. there is not enough information for me to think up a solid theory on this topic.

    yeah, I know. I perfer Sora thinking that Teal kidnapped Kairi.

    maybe so, but it gets a heck of a lot of views! :D
    Though that makes me feel good, at the same time it is a tad depressing considering that only a few people reply. There's been only one person who made a post stating how much he enjoyed reading it. This was on the desoul thread. So for all I know, people may be just breezing through it.

    Edit: Okay, I'm looking up japanese words for order so we can give Teal a real name. here is one レイ. In english it is spelled as Rei, and I think that it is pronounced as ray. It can mean order, a rule, a command. I like the sound of this one, but I don't think this is the right meaning.

    I think this is the word I am looking for チツ, spelled Chishi. I think it is pronounced Chi (short i sound) - sh (the i at the end is muted). This word means system, discipline. I don't know if I like how this sounds. what about you guys? what do you think. In the mean while, I will continue looking up names.

    There is the japanese name Rin. It means Dignified, severe, cold.
    basically it means self-respecting, harsh/strict, emotionless, unfriendly, etc.

    Noriku means Law, rule (nori) child (ko). so I guess lawful child.

    Junko means Obedient child.

    Kazuko can mean one or harmony child.

    that's all I got for now.
  19. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    Fair enough. She must have a motive, and finding Kairi is a good one.

    White moon? Nice idea there. So is Kairi using her purity to uncorrupt KH. Of course, Sora, Riku, and perhaps everyone present must help in some way. Supporting her, at the very least.

    True, so we can't have them separate... not only that, but I'm concerned about KH fans trying to kill me for separating them :guns3: . I wouldn't really like seeing them separated, even if this allows a dramatic ending.

    True. And Ven's eyes indeed move. It's very difficult to see it online, but when you see it on your TV, there's no doubt about it.
    I thought the cutscene occured somewhere late in the game, but either way, we can't use any of this. It's farfetched, and also risks conflicting BBS. We dont' want to have to change everything when BBS comes out!

    I have trouble seeing Sora if he thinks Kairi is dead. But, don't forget that she just got teleported, in our current story at least. Why would everyone think she's dead to begin with? Everyone teleports in the KHU, often without their accord, or without any reason.
    Of course we can think of something that really makes her seem dead, but then we must think of Sora. As I previously said, he wouldn't just change overnight. Even if he gets pumped up on revenge, he can't do so in 10 minutes of gameplay.

    Orly? I never noticed. Then again, I'm not sure what are the average number of views a Thread has, since I'm new here.

    People, don't be afraid to come and share your ideas! Even if it's crazy or sounds stupid! Might not sound stupid to us! This isn't a private Thread ; everyone can join! Think how good "Helped invent the next KH enemy" will look on your Resume :D
    "Rei" sounds cool, but here's a littel something :
    Sora, Riku and Kairi don't sound too Japanese. Also, half the characters have an "R" in their name (and the other half was named "Ansem" at some point in the game).
    Also, there are a lot of characters with two syllabes in their name. Notably, ALL Keybladers, except Master Xehanort (Ven is actually named Ventus, too).
    So, we could keep this trend going, or dismiss it as a simple coincidence.

    You got interested in Japanese, so I got interested in Latin. Unfortunately, everything I could think of sounded out of place in a KH context. What do you think of "maiestas", meaning "dignity"? We can work the name a bit, but still, I believe your suggestions are far better.

    Agreed! Double letters are awesome. Same for numbers. The "99" in my name isn't a coincidence.
  20. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    sighs, it will probably happen anyway but whatever, let's have as much fun now as possible!