Make up the story plot for kh3 (Group Effort)

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    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    I'm thinking of epic win. They all are awesome. We could settle with those for the moment, while still giving out ideas, should they arise.

    While you mentionned in the group talk that the names aren't related to the "element" of the Keybladers (Blaze, for example, won't be a pyromaniac), we must at least give them one attack reminescent of what they represent. Otherwise we'll just waste pontential. I'm thinking of fans saying "This is Blaze, the fiery Keyblader with no fire attacks whatsoever".
    So I suggest we have Blaze use... Blaze Storm or something like that. Oriens could use an attack like Sunrise Flash... etc.

    *glows at imagining a solar eclipse with a heart-shaped moon.
    What if we incorporate this? The Keyblader Eclipse would most likely have no link with what I propose, but it made me think of new things. Here I go :

    An ecplise is pretty much a temporary sunset. If The World Ends At Sunset has BOTH a Moon (purple KH) and a Sun, then it could preriodically have eclipses. The sun stays at the same place in that world, but there's no reason Kingdom Hearts won't move. If it can move through hyperspace to find its uncorrupted counterpart, then it can definitely "gravitate" around TWEAS (The World Ends At Sunset).

    What would this mean? Perhaps that whenever an eclipse occurs, the world enter a semi-dead state, causing all Desouls to go wild, and thus attack the rest of the universe.
    Or, alternatively, there could be only one eclipse, which indeed gave the Desouls the power to devastate the universe. Thinking that their time had come, they decided to attack, now or never, and succeeded in leaving their world. The Eclipse turned out harmless to the Desouls, but it set them on the loose.
    Finally, maybe an eclipse can occur while the player is on TWEAS. Just prior to fighting Xehanort? And during the fight as well?

    Oh, or here's something! We originally planned Xehanort to tell Sora, once he was "defeated", that the world ends at sunset, and point to the setting sun.
    But what if we mention, at some point of the game, that the sun CANNOT go below the horizon? Like :
    "It always stays up at noon, but at sunset, the world ends. However, since the sun cannot go below the horizon, this will never be."
    The players would imagine that the world cannot be destroyed, or try thinking of ways to do so. How can this be, if the sun can't move?

    But, while fighting Xehanort, the catastrophic phenomenon will occur. As Xehanort loses life, instead of changing form like the Desouls, the world will change form. This was already decided. The terrain becomes more erratic, the environment more repulsive, etc.
    My new idea is that the sunlight must dim as well (the battle must take place outside). I'm sure everyone imagined this as part of the world becoming uglier, but did we consider the symbolic it represents? The sun is like the world's "candle", and represents the Desoul's life.

    As the fight continues, the purple Kingdom Hearts will slowly close on the sun, covering it slowly, thus explaining why the light dims. But the player won't notice this unless it intentionally looks at the sun, probably with the FPS button (if we're talking about a 3D game).

    Remember that other Thread where we were talking about te black moon carefully hidden behind the KH door, in the first KH game? This would be a similar thing. The player can find this "easter egg" if he's curious enough...

    Finally, instead of having Xehanort pointing the horizon, he will obviously point up, towards the sun. When Sora looks, he will realise what happened, and the sun will then become fully covered.
    And any player re-doing that Xehanort battle will then take the time to check the sun, seeing for him/herself what happens.

    If you have trouble imagining this, think of KH1's first Ansem battle, on the ruined Destiny Islands. You're on the freaky beach, with Donald and Goofy, all beating the crap outta Ansem and his guardian. Now, apply the Desoul world context. Imagine the beach becoming uglier as Ansem loses life, and the light becoming darker. You probably won't pay much attention to this in-game, because you're too concentrated on the fight.
    But if you actually press Select and look at the sun, then imagine you can see a Heart-shaped moon approaching, the covering the sun.
    This would look freaky, but unbelievably awesome, in my opinion.

    This is StarSeeker99, signing off.

    P.S. : Sorry for not being around lately. As you may have all read, my school schedule is of sadist nature. I often work on schoolwork from the moment I get home to midnight, so I had little time for myself lately, let alone the Desoul topic. I'm doing my best to give ideas and manage the Wiki once in a while, don't worry.
  2. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    First off, don't worry about your absence. I completely understand. It just gets sort of lonely when nobody else is contributing ideas.

    As for your idea with the eclipse, it's kinda like a love/hate scenario for me. I have four issues with your idea. here is what came to mind first. I don't think that the KH moon gravitates around planets, heck I'm not even sure if it is really even a true moon. I think it just has a moon-like appearance.

    If you remember, the yellow moon in TWTNW, stayed put and pretty much was just a floating object inside of the world. I think that these moons only linger in space, I don't think they revolve around anything. If this is true, then it makes your idea problematic.

    My second issue is that I don't think I would be able to get over an eclipse that was caused by a heart shaped moon. just thinking how that would look kinda seems a tad lame, no offense.

    The third issue here is that an eclipse will simply cause a shadow to roam across the land. That prevents the world from getting dimmer as the moon draws ever closer. A moving shadow would also would be very noticeable. So the plot twist would be easily ruined.

    My final issue is the lamest of them all, but I feel that an eclipse would kinda kill the name of the world as well as idea of the sun being like a candle going out.

    Despite these issues I like your idea of having a sort of plot twist, I just feel we need to work with it a little. I think we should keep the sun so that it always is halfway to lowering below the horizon. I also think that we should keep the moon in a single place. So then how does the sunset? It would simply just go out. It would be just like blowing out a candle.

    Edit: We'll have to play around with the element thing. I think we should try to avoid making the keybladers like the org as much as possible.

    I also think that Kairi should be on bad terms with Eclipse. Kairi should also get into fights with Oriens, but only because Oriens is testing her. Riku should be on bad terms with Blaze and Turpis. which leaves Rin and Xehanort for Sora.
  3. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Lotta rivalry in this story lol
  4. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    It's not really rivalry. It's just that some characters don't get along with others. Oriens is the only one who wouldn't get into fights for that reason. he is merely test Kairi because he, as well as Rin, believe that Kairi will play an important role in all this.
  5. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    We may already have names for them now.

    Hope/faith = Oriens(Latin for sunrise),

    curruption = Turpis (Latin for foul, ugly, morally corrupt),

    order = Rin

    Chaos = Blaze

    despair = Eclipse

    Of course these names are subject to change.

    Edit: oh sorry, I didn't read your post fully. the names that I was trying to make before by mixing letters were for the new keybladers that will be introduced in our story. not desoul names. my bad.
  6. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    Well, I don't really mind if this idea doesn't get too far, but I would really like it if we get something out of it. Like, a legend of a certain word, or something.
    Imagining a heart-shaped moon solar eclipse looks awesome in my head, but there's the issue that Kingdom Hearts isn't exactly a heart-shaped moon. It's more than that, since it's the gathering of Hearts. Therefore, physical explanations, as you said, aren't well-placed. I didn't imagine KH gravitating around the world either ; that was a blind suggestion :)

    Well, if everyone agrees, I'll put the eclipse idea on hold. Maybe we'll find a good use for it later.

    Now, I got a little question about Xehanort. What's he gonna look like? I can't stop imagining Master Xehanort, but that can't be, because the young one is supposed to have come back. So, is he going to look like in KH2's pre-1000 Heartless cutscene?
    With, of course, some Desoul-themed clothes instead of a lab coat?
  7. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    I'm sorry, I kinda feel bad about that :(. I definitely was a good idea, and creative at that. but some times what you write down for a cut scene in a game doesn't end up working on screen. I just can't imagine that working out. The eclipse would be meant to represent disaster, and if you were reading a book, then perhaps that would work. but I keep trying to imagine the heart moving in front of the sun. It keeps killing the mood for me because the heat's shape just isn't a good symbol to use to represent disaster. It just doesn't work in my head, but lets see what everyone else has to say first.

    btw, what do you mean by a legend?

    That's a good question. We should probably keep the hair the same. as for his outfit, well he would probably have two different ones. one as the mystery keyblader, the other after he reveals himself. We need the Keyblade costume to conceal his identity, but I'm tired of the old black cloak. Maybe He should look like DIZ When he had the bandages wrapped around his head.
  8. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Hmm, for Xehanorts appearance, maybe he could appear as a young keyblader with the appearance of a teenager (soras age)

    He then befriends sora and eventually betrays him.

    example identity names:
    False + E = Flease
    Traitor + B = Bairrott

    or something along those lines, so ppl would never see it coming XD
  9. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    well that would be great except that when you think about it, the resurrection of Xehanort just means that his already existing heart, body, soul are remerging together. I would assume that this would mean that he have his original appearance once again. I would like to give him a different look, maybe an even younger look, but I Don't see how that could be explained. If you have a plausible explanation, then I would jump at the chance to make him a tad younger, but unless you do, we should leave it as is. We should alter his haircut though, I think.

    As for whether or not people will see it coming, well, he would be hiding his identity for one. secondly, in order to make him a mysterious keyblader, He should make very few appearances and all of those appearances would be brief. Also he won't speak until he reveals himself for who he really is.
  10. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    When he was defeated from KH2, he may have made some sort of transition through Kingdom Hearts exchanging his soul for a heart.
    This then makes him a Desoul.

    Thats just an idea of course
  11. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    well his heartless was defeated before his nobody, which means that his heartless's heart lingered, with the rest of the hearts, in the yellow moon. That would mean that when his nobody was defeated, his heart would have immediately returned to his body and soul. In doing so, he should have been revived. That's how a revival works if a person has a heart strong enough to create a nobody.

    I don't think we can say that he turned into a devive. He has a strong heart. that being the case, It would be reasonable to assume that one of the requirements that his heart seeks, when searching for a body and soul, is that the body and soul have to be able to handle a strong heart. In other words, for a devive of him to be created, then his heart would have had to have transferred to a nobody who maintained a human form. An org member.

    The problem here is that his heartless was destroyed after all the other Org members died. Technically speaking, his heartless was still alive in Riku through most of kh2. Riku was purged of this darkness when Diz did that thing to the yellow moon. So at that point in time, Xehanort's heartless was truly defeated. All this happen after the all the Org members died, so It would be impossible for Xehanort's heart to have merged with nobody and give birth to a devive.

    This means that while Xemnas with still alive, Xehanort's heart would have been lingering with the other hearts, in the yellow moon. And since Xehanort's heart is completely compatible with his body and soul (Xemnas), Xehanort's heart would have priory over reuniting with his body and soul.

    Basically what I'm saying is that even if there was a heart, lingering in the yellow moon, that was almost compatible with Xehanort's body and soul. Xehanort's real heart has priority over the body and soul that was released after Xemnas was defeated. this means that We can be certain that Xehanort was revived properly as a human.

    I also don't think we can say that he purposefully turned himself into a desoul. After all, desoul's are doomed to die. No matter Strong your heart is, it is a Desoul's fate to have it's soul fade away. I doubt that Xehanort would take such a risk Even though this is the case, I'm thinking that he would probably end up becoming a desoul at the end of the game either due to obtaining the power of a corrupted KH, or because he would lose his SOS because of his obsessiveness of obtaining the ultimate power of KH. I think the cause would most likely be due to him being so obsessed with Kh.
  12. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    k, well im clearly not good at the whole nobody/heartless/desoul scenario XD
    So, just tell me when we get to the worlds XD
  13. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    yeah it kinda gets a bit confusing, lol. you can start with the worlds right now. I thought of a real good one, but I don't remember what was. anyways I was thinking that a good them to play with in this game should be all about defining who you are as a person. So I think the story's in the Disney world should revolve around a character's sense of self.

    StarSeeker99 mentioned in an earlier post that we should do Sword in the Stone. I think that would be prefect for my proposed theme. the movie is all about Wart/Arthur learning who he is as a person. I think that works great. We could say that Merlin returns to his world because he had a vision that someone important would need his help.

    Also Pinocchio would work very well with this. He want to be somebody, he wants to be a real boy. It would be great. Lion king works too.
  14. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Ya but at the end of KH1 in credits it showed him being a "real boy"
    Lion king we could toy around with i gues, but their daughter is born so we'd have to work with that

    Most of the Disney movies are done so we mite hafta resort to a few sequels XD
  15. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    shoot, your right. I forgot all about that. oh well.
  16. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    1. For Xehanort :

    I've been thinking that when a Heartless (with a corresponding Nobody) is defeated, the Heart stays in Kingdom Hearts for quite a while, until the Nobody is defeated as well. How long, well it depends, but it should technially be long, considering that only Sora was fighting the Nobodies.

    However, if Xehanort's Heartless was really "defeated" in KH2, when Ansem used his Heart encoder on Kingdom Hearts, then it means somethign interesting : Xehanort's Heart did not stay inKh for very long. Soon after it joined KH, Xemnas was defeated.

    The reason why Roxas is such a special Nobody (ignoring any possible connections with Ven) is becasue Sora stood very little time as a Heartless. A similar thing could happen to Xehanort. His Heart, having been in KH for such a short while, did "something".

    What this "something" is, it's up for grabs. It can mean that Xehanort's desire for knowledge wasn't shaken by all what happened. It can mean that Xehanort's SOS was, on the contrary, changed, because his Heart lived a slightly different adventure.

    Also, Kme92 is right when he says Xehanrot can lose his SOS and become a Desoul. He may not do so on purpose, but as Pezz said, he will be so obsessed with power that it will eventually happen.

    2. For the Disney worlds (random thinking below)

    Since KH1 and KH2 used many worlds, some in both games, we're more limited this time around. Even if there are countless shows/movies/stories about, say, Agrabah and Alladin, we can't have him come back every game. It will get old. So thus, we need new worlds, indeed.
    Still, some of the old world can still make it. Olympus Coliseum, for example, is pretty much part of the KHU.

    I'd like to mention something too : our story for this KH game is quite dark and distant from the previous KH installements. As the series go on, things get mroe serious, more technical, and more dark. At the same time, the fanbase is also maturing ; all young kids who played KH1 are becoming teenagers, once-teenagers become adults, etc., so this this new story style is more appealing now.
    Because of this, Disney Worlds are losing importance. What Pezz said about the Sword and the Stone still had several elements of great importance ; he mentionned how the story revolved about knowing who you are, which is an important theme in life, and more serious than most of the Disney themes. With the Desouls around, we're also putting an emphasis on those "life lessons".

    3. Question :

    Does anyone know what happens to memories in the KHU? I mean, when you become a Nobody, you remember your past life (except Roxas. And for some reason, Xemnas said that at the end of KH2, although I think it was a lie). When you become a weak shadow Heartless, you forget things, because you are but a shadow without thinking capacities.
    And when you are revived? Will you remember what you lived as a Nobody, but not as a Heartless?
    What about a strong Heartless, such as Xehanort? He's the one we're curious about, after all. I'd say that his Heartless should've kept its memories, and his Nobody as well.
    So therefore, now that he's restored, he has two alternate lives in his memories.
    What do you think of this? Do you agree? Should a strong Heartless remember everything, etc?
    If it does, then Xehanort's little aventure will only inspire him to go further into his research. If I would suddenly realise I remember the life of another person as well as mine, and that I can compare all events that occured from two perspectives, I would be inspired as well.

    And what about a Desoul? Does it remember anything? With the loss of SOS, however, it doesn't matter much. If it lost its SOS because of something that happenes, the Desoul will only be interested in that one thing that happened. So it can just as well forget everything else.
  17. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    Some world Ideas that havent been used in Kingdom hearts series:
    Lilo and sitch
    Lion King 2
    The Sword In The Stone
    The Jungle Book
    The Aristocats
    Robin Hood
    The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
    The Emperor's New Groove
    Brother Bear
    The Fox And The Hound
    The Black Cauldron
    Oliver and Company

    Im not sayin we should use all of these but some may be put to use
  18. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Roxas was a special nobody for 3 reasons. First off, he could use the keyblade. Secondly, he couldn't remember his past because Sora was a heartless for only a short period of time. And thirdly, which is the biggest of all, Roxas had a heart. Because he had a "heart" he could wield the keyblade. but because his somebody returned to normal, Roxas's/Sora's soul and body were sorta split. I suppose that you could even say that their heart split in two as well. Sora, being the somebody had priority over memories, which was why Sora still had them. Roxas is half of Sora; Sora is half of Roxas.

    When Sora gave up his heart, he did it willingly, which was why he remembered who he was when he became a heartless. The same thing applies to Xehanort's heartless.

    Xehanort's heartless was truly defeated after Ansem did that thing to the moon. because Ansem messed up KH. the Yellow moon could no longer be Kh because it was incomplete. This means that When Xehanort's heart joined the yellow moon, it joined an incomplete kh, aka a bunch of hearts that were lumped together.

    As for all the hearts that left the moon, after Ansem messed it up. They probably turned into heartless again. after allc those were hearts that were consumed by darkness. when a heart is consumed by darkness, It becomes stained and turns into a heartless. The body of a heartless is composed of darkness. They are darkness made living.

    When they are defeated, their hearts become released and return to their body and soul, unless their body and soul is a nobody. in that case, they linger in space and form the yellow moon. if their nobody was already defeated, then the heart returns to the real KH.

    So anyways these hearts were already stained by darkness enough to become heartless. when they were defeated. they went to the yellow moon which is light. but After ansem messed up the moon, many of the hearts were scattered in TWTNW which is a world that lies very close to the darkness. because of this, the hearts could once again compose a body out of darkness and become heartless anew.

    That is what happened when ansem messed up the yellow moon. However the animators made a mistake when animating this. when they show the first heart hit the ground, five heartless appeared. so we must assume that that heart was equivalent of 5 hearts. I'm guess that when hearts are jumbled together, they take on the appearance of a bigger heart. This would mean that the lone heart, that turned into five heartless, was a fragment of the yellow moon, and it was composed of 5 hearts.

    If you think about "End of the World", It was a heartless composed of all the world hearts that were consumed by darkness. Since heartless are, in essence, just hearts, and because "End of the World" was a heartless formed from several merged hearts, End of the World formed it's own moon, one that was not very noticeable. This moon was black and it appeared behind the double doors that lead to KH. (For anyone who's reading this, StarSeeker99 was the one who pointed this out to me.)

    This black "moon"/heart can be partially seen in this picture below. it is hidden in the background amongst the clouds.

    View attachment 2313

    I believe that the moons merely serve as gateways to Kingdom hearts. They would be what forms the giant double Doors that lead into Kingdom hearts.

    Now as for the amount of time that Xehanort's heart spent in the yellow moon, well, that shouldn't really make a difference. being a part of the moon shouldn't really affect the heart in any way. nor should the time that the heart spent in the moon. That is what I think.

    now, on to memories. As stated in CoM, Memories reside in the heart; however, I believe that these memories may make an impression on the soul. It would be because of that impression that Nobodies have memories.

    I don't recall him saying that, so I'm going to assume that this is what Xemnas said, in final mix, before the second fight where Xemnas wears armor.
    If he said it, then it is probably true. when those shadows are revived, they probably remember it all as some sort of bad dream. A revival should not do anything to one's memories. Xemnas and Xehanort's heartless were two separate entities, and I wouldn't be surprised if Xehanort's heartless was unaware of the existence of Xemnas. When Xehanort get's revived, he would probably have the memories of both his nobody and heartless.

    you are absolutely right here, I'm surprised that this had never even occurred to me myself. Yes Xehanort would want to delve deeper into his research, He would probably seek a way to give himself multiple "lives" again as well. His research will eventually lead to him discovering the existence of desouls. however this is not what Xehanort would desire because a desoul's life inevitably leads to death. however he will discover that Desoul's can easily be controlled because of the fact that they are broken people. It is because of the fact that they are so obedient that he would mass produce them.

    the answer to this is yes and no. When a person becomes broken, they still remember who they are. They will remember that they have morals and such, but because they are broken, they are 100% obedient to their master even if he/she tells them to do something that goes against what they used to stand for. But as time goes on, A broken person begins to accept their new life and their mind begins to deteriorate. Eventually, they will forget who they are entirely. When it comes to that, there is no going back. whoever that person was is gone for good.

    It is quite a scary thing to think about. In real life, anyone can be broken with enough torture. If you do it right, then it is only a matter of time before the person is broken. This applies to anyone and anything. In real life, will power has nothing to do with it. It can only prolong the inedible.

    If we compare the above information to a desoul in our game, then we can say the following. desouls are born when a person becomes broken. At first they know who they are. they obey 100%. as time goes on, they end up forgetting who they are and their mind deteriorates. When they no longer know who they are, then that is when the candle goes out. their soul has faded away and death takes them.

    the will to survive is an instinct that all desouls have. they don't want their soul to fade which is why they feed on other people's will. but by feeding upon another person, that person loses a bit of their will which in turn causes their soul to begin to fade. because the victims soul begins to fade, that person becomes broken too, meaning another desoul is born.

    Because of this inconvenience, desouls are never able to finish a meal. This is why they seek out heartless. since heartless have no souls, the desoul is able to finish it's meal without having to worry about it's prey turning into a desoul.

    This is also why desouls desire KH. It is an all you can eat buffet to them. when Xehanort creates a new desoul, He would take advantage of this desire. that all desouls have, and he would do this while the desoul can still think clearly. The desoul is doomed to die, so it will have no choice but to trust Xehanort. From that point on, the desoul would consider Xehanort as its master.
  19. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    lol, everytime u ans Starseekr talk you reply in essays XD
    I prefer just keepin it short and simple.

    Dont havre to read much that way too :P
  20. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    I can't see it on this picture... although I could clearly see it in-game.

    You got me wrong. I was actually talking about a previous thing. I said that Nobodies DO remember their previous life, but Xemnas said that he doesn't. Yet I think he just lied.
    You must've skipped a sentence while reading that...

    Before the second Armor Xemnas fight, he doesn't say anything ; he just looks up to Sora and Riku. In Final Mix, Sora quickly mentions how he couldn't say "thank you" to Naminé for restoring his memories, and Riku says that once they finish their job, he can talk to her all he wants.
    Will power has nothing do to with it? I disagree. If you are tortured, than your will decides how long you last. Of course, this isn't a perfect example, since the objective of torture is to break you.
    However, think of ordinary life troubles. Not everyone makes it through their life with only minor obstacles along the way. When your life is a living hell, and every day is a battle which you gain nothign by winning, your SOS will be shaken. You can just as easily become broken because of your life. In this case, will plays a major role, because the more powerful it is, the longer you can last. Contrary to physical torture, a bad phase in life shoud end eventually, and if your will lasted through all that, then you'll recover.
    Will is something real. It may not have matter, or be edible by Desouls in real life, but it does exist.

    I agree. We're gathering a lot of info about Xehanort.

    Sorry! I guess we're both getting carried away here. Must. Keep. Simple.

    Lol. True, but lol.