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    Introduction: Since I have to practice writing a story SOON for a VERY important test coming up next month, I thought of making my own drabble fics to help me become a good writer and to entertain others while I'm at it. Of course, I chose Marluxia for my drabbles in honor of Marluxia month. This story is about the everyday life of Marluxia and what he witnesses everyday in Castle Oblivion before terror strook.

    Rated: PG
    Genre: Comedic
    Length: Drabbles
    Pairings: Marluxia x everyone...
    Setting: Inside Castle Oblivion

    Vexen's Lab

    Dear Diary,

    Today was out of the ordinary, but when isn't it? Today I probably went too far. This morning Vexen told me that he was going to go find something VERY important and not to let anyone get into the "laboratory". Now, I knew what a "Laboratory" was, but there are two types. A regular laboratory scientists have to expirament on weird things out of curiousity, and then there was "Laboratory" as in "bathroom". Now, Vexen is really hard to read. Since laboratory was a scientific word for bathroom, I thought that was what he wanted me to guard. I thought he needed a plunger to unplug a big dump he let out and didn't need anyone to flush a toilet at the moment. A huge castle, and one toilet. No wonder Larxene uses diapers, but I digress. As always, I called my scythe, and stood right in front of the bathroom. The first person to visit was Luxord. He was dancing towards the laboratory until I stopped him. He really needed to go. "My ampallang is hurting, you nimrod! Let me though." is what he told me. I told him no, and told him to get rid of the ampallang if it hurted so much. What is an ampallang? It might be some sort of wedgie Xigbar gave him. He just stood there, pissed as always. Then came Axel. He wanted to "take a dump" since he ate one of my egg omlettes with beans. I told him off and he sat in a chair, waiting for me to move. Vexen didn't come for another 6 hours. Axel and Luxord layed on the ground like dead animals. As much as it hurted me to see them suffer, I just couldn't let them in. Vexen was angry at me. I told him I did a great job at not letting anyone in the bathroom, but he escorted me into his scientific lab, where Demyx fought a giant mutated Xaldin with fangs and wings. He looked all hairy and gross. He told Xemnas what happened, and Xemnas grounded me from the internet for an entire month! I'm going to miss MySpace. I just absolutely love that site. That and YouTube. God.... I need a life....

    Well, I'm off. Duty calls! Ta~ta! ^_^

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