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  1. Aelin Best Waifu

    Jun 30, 2011
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    Well another week over and another challenge ready to be viewed. Before we do that however lets look at the standings after challenge 1.

    In Fifth place we have @Rat
    In Fourth place we have @LadyAzura
    In Third place we have @GarrettFinch
    In Second place we have @Day~Dream
    And in First place sitting at the top for now is @Mixt

    Don't lose hope yet though contestants, there are still three more contests that need to be judged, your scores can still change yet. Speaking of more contests, lets get to the next one:

    Contestant 1
    One day thousands of people are living their everyday lives and a cyclone appears and sucks you up. The next thing you know you are in a different place altogether. You have no idea how you got there but you decide to make the most of it. You decide to look around and the first thing you see is a giant sign floating in the center of a hub like area. The sign reads, 'Kingdom hearts videos' There also seems to be a floating blue heart to the left of the sign. Underneath this sign there is sections that read, 'Home, Forums, video portal, media, members, Chat, community, and upgrades'. Under the 'Home' section there seems to be paths the seam to branch off and have their own path. These section path have names that read, 'Watched Forums, Watched Threads, New Posts, Recent Activity, Authors, and Settings.' You think to yourself that this is an odd place to be.

    You decide to head in the direction of the area marked 'Forums'. You seem to be in a different hub altogether. The words 'Forums' is floating above your head. Then underneath that is search forums and recent posts'. Farther on there seems to be paths that go off in every direction. There seems to be more people here then the 'home' area of this strange place. Looking down at the paths them seem to be labeled just like the rest of the place. The labeled are marked with, 'Community, Kingdom Hearts, Hacks & codes, Interests, Creativity Corner, and Fun and Games'. You do not know where to start but it looks like this place will be and is a fun place to be. Soon you can find people like you not sure what to do but soon the craziness of it all comes, and everything is somehow crazy. Everyone makes friends with each other and you all seem to respect each other.

    Contestant 2
    User logging in...

    Welcome "FartNugget"

    FartNugget: Hello everyone!

    *fire everywhere*

    FartNugget: Riiiiight. I guess I ought to stay out of the SpamZone today. What about the Discussion section?

    *book falls off shelf, catches on fire*

    FartNugget: Nope. Playground?

    *swingset on fire*

    FartNugget: Nuh-uh, KH boards?

    *tumbleweeds. Also on fire*

    FartNugget: Geez, why is everything so heated today?

    Staff: Oh we had some budget cuts. The server doesn't need cooling fans, right?

    FartNugget: Oh good, I thought it was flamewars. Why not get rid of this VR gimmick first though?

    Staff: Nah, we paid for that by getting rid of the sign out option.

    FartNugget: NO! SAO jokes are off the table. That doesn't even make pretend sense anyway. Story over!

    Narrator: Oh, an SAO joke is off the table, but a character becoming self aware and breaking the fourth wall is so original...

    FartNugget: Wait what?

    Narrator: You know what [redacted] is too cool of a name for you. You're "FartNugget" now.

    Staff: Hey! Only we can change people's names!

    Narrator: Do you realize how silly you sound right now? I control everything here. I'm god basically.

    Staff: As silly as a god that's using a puppet as a strawman to make fun of a joke that they started, while using another puppet to attack themselves?

    Narrator: ... I hate you. You know that? I'm glad now I was too lazy to give you an actual name.

    FartNugget: But you're controlling us. Doesn't that mean you hate yourself?

    Narrator: I'm not getting philosophical here. That's what the Discussion section is for when it's not on fire. Now where were we with the story? This is quite a pickle isn't it? Maybe if I... No, that won't work. Yeah, this isn't salvageable at all. Let's just start this over.


    User logging in...

    Welcome "BurpBurger"

    Contestant 3
    When I woke up the next time, I realized........Dorothy wasn't in Kansas anymore. I scratched my head. I looked around and was confused as to where I was exactly. As I examined my surroundings, I immediately saw a sign and walked up to it. I read the sign as it read: 'Forum Families'. I was slightly confused until I turned my head down and saw a small box. I picked it up and saw tiny people running around in the box. "Nope." I immediately put the box down again and went about my merry way until I walked up to a door that was labeled: 'Discussions'. I opened the door and saw tons of people talking with one another. I quietly walked in with the usual expression I have when I'm in a room with strangers. (o-o). I saw another door that read: 'Debate Corner'. I squinted my eyes and walked away from it. Something told me I might regret going through that door and that I would end up there for hours. I walked out of the room and went past some other doors like: 'Writing Nook' or this really weird looking one that read: 'Code Vault'. After some walking around, seeing some people go through Video Portals, partake in something called 'KHV Chorus', I decided to take a break for a few minutes. After I got some rest, I stood up and found myself in front of an ominous looking area. I spent a couple seconds looking for a sign and came upon a trash can with lettering on it, 'The Spam Zone'. I was slightly curious and I went inside. After a few hours, I immediately ran out of there, regretting every decision I made until now. I start speed walking out of there and finally came upon a small house. I walked up to the house and saw the lettering above the mailbox that read: 'Role-Playing Arena'. Did I want to make another bad decision again?..........Well....YOLO! I went inside the house and saw tons and tons of computers, paper, what seemed to be katsudons and tea cups. As I walked further into the house, I saw various pieces of paper with what seemed to be some math. I looked over to another door that said: 'OOC Lounge'. I opened the door and saw various people gathering around drinking tea and coffee. After exploring the place, I decided to crash here. Before I went to bed, I went past a mirror and looked at and asked myself. "Ha...Habadededga!" I realized right then and there. I became a dog in a plane.......I love the internet.

    The other two contestants failed to get an entry in on time. So they will not be judged this round, but will still have future rounds that they can use to try and catch up. Good luck to all, and be sure to vote and support your favourite. All votes count towards the contestants point total, so your votes are important to help their scoring.