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    Ah lovely lovely, look at all those beautiful faces out there. Perfect. Just the perfect candidates for my new project. Yes so many lovely faces out there, it will be hard to choose, hard to come up with a winner for this. Yes, there only must be one winner for my new project.... Wait you mean I haven't told you what my new project is yet? I will have to get right on that. Eh-hem. Welcome one and all to KHV's newest annual event. What is this event, you ask? Well that is simple, it is a beauty pageant of course.... well it isn't just a beauty pageant, it is more complicated than that. You see there are far too many beautiful faces and far too many shy people out there to just base this on looks, that would be too hard to decide then. No, now is a time for your inner beauty and creativity to shine through. What does that mean for you? Well that is simple, it means that you, the contestants will be put through a series of creative challenges to see just how beautiful you are, and how much you love this site... You do love this site right? Well of course you do! Who am I kidding everyone loves this site. Anyhoo, you will be put through a series of challenges, whether that be dressing up, writing something for me, or drawing stick figures and pretending that they are keyblade wielders. You will have a week to complete each task, and at the end of the week your work will be judged by our beautiful panel of judges, as well as your peers. Everyone gets a say in who wins or who loses. At the end of April the person with the most points wins. Simple as that. What do you win you ask? Well you win this beautiful pin!


    There are rules though, nothing is without rules. Rules are what make things fun for everyone. Let me go over those rules for you:
    1. Please get your projects in on time. There will be no extensions. If you don't get your entries in for that round you will get no points.
    2. No voting for yourself. Contestants are welcome to vote in the polls but only when voting for other people.
    3. The entries will be anonymous, the challenges will be sent out through PM and the entries will come in through PM. When the entries are posted for voting, there will be no names attached.
    4. While points are scored through both voting and judging, most of the score will come from the judging. So the results at the end of each week might not be what you expect.
    5. You will be judged on the following criteria where applicable: Use of Prompt, Creativity, and inclusion of KHV.
    6. Have fun!
    7. Support your competitors.
    Sign ups will cut off when the first challenge is sent out on April first. If you want to be included make sure you post in this thread to show your interest. All are welcome to join!

    *Credit to Midnight for helping come up with this idea
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Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Aelin, Mar 25, 2018.

    1. Yozora
      *posts in this thread*

      This is just like one of my Disney doujins.

      I'm in.
    2. LadyAzura
      Don’t know how I’ll do but meh...Sign me up!! Ples!
    3. Day~Dream
      It is time for me to crawl out from under my rock again.
    4. Mixt
      Sounds interesting. Probably won't have much time, but I can always aim for amusement when I don't have the time for a serious attempt.

      Let's do this biznis.
    5. GarrettFinch
      I don't know how I wil do but I am in. :)
    6. Aelin
      Alright the sign ups are closed and the first round has been sent out. Keep tune next week to see what the contestants have come up with and help us vote on who's was the best.