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    Not sure how big this group is outside of the UK but I think they're brilliant, they have a very folky feel that's just full of energy and soul (the only way to describe it really). I loved their last album "Babel" because of this fact but they've just released a single that'll be in their new album and they've said they've "ditched the banjos" which is what I loved about them. So I listened to the new track and it was good, but not why I like Mumford and Sons. Does anyone else agree/disagree/no idea who this band is? xD

    For comparison:

    From Babel:

    Their new song, "Believe":

    Not saying it's bad, just my opinion is it's not as good but everyone is raving about it. I guess this is one change of sound that I'm not huge on. Opinions?
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    They are actually very well known over here in the states. They've done and been done by Saturday Night Live, and our classlessest most popular internet article pushers and Youtube personalities have kind of comically villainized them as "That band that always starts off with an simple, tinkling tune that bursts into an angry banjo".


    Because, you know, we like humor, but we get wrapped up too much in over-simplification and we don't get the whole and more intrinsic concepts of Criticism. Screw Art for Art's own sake, cue eye roll.

    "Believe" is likely doing two things at the same time: displaying the sound Mumford & Sons wants to still put out, but while experimenting with a different style than they've been pegged with.

    Here is my favorite* Official Music Video of theirs that features (to the extent of my knowledge) American Comedians. It's the band picking on themselves, tastefully, and I can get behind that.

    *Favorite Music Video, but not my favorite song of theirs. That would be "Little Lion Man". It was majorly Pop Music for a little while, and one of their first hits with us in the U.S., but, for me, it connects and hits home.
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    I don't listen to Mumford and sons much but I really like their sound. I do enjoy this band a lot and my cousin has a small band that their style is quite similar to Mumford and Sons. I don't have a favourite song or anything but they can be a cool group to listen to. I wouldn't mind actually stopping and listening to them more and am up for any and all song suggestions.