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  1. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    Well I love to write poems and short stories and so on but ill be posting my poems here! Commet if you wish but please note i already know i have grammer problems so im working on it!

    My heart cries out in pain
    The one I love has forgotten my name
    He has found another in his life
    But why cant I do the same?
    He says he loves me
    But I know its a lie
    I just stay so I dont break out and cry
    In my heart you will always be mine
    But I know in your heart I have died....

    The moon light is bright
    I stare with wonder what you are doing
    Are you thinking of me?
    Or are you sleeping tightly
    Or are you looking at the same moon I am?
    I wonder so much about you
    I wonder if you ever wonder of me
    I close my window and go to bed
    I say my prayers then I said
    "I wonder what you are doing"

    Im sitting alone under a tree
    Looking at the leafs on the tree's sway back and forth
    I hear the birds cherping
    People weezing after a run
    Seeing a dog flop on the ground as the family has fun
    I lay back on the grass looking at the sky
    falling asleep as I listen to the children run by
  2. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    Let me tell you a story
    About a girl and her family...
    Who go around saying their daughter is sassy
    She looks at her parents and turns her back swiftly
    She is not happy with her life
    She is not happy for who she is
    she is not the favorite in her family
    But sadly her older brother is
    She is a young girl
    12 to be exact
    Her family hates her
    treats her like crap
    lives with insane people
    But yet is able to take their crap
    three years later
    A baby was born in the family
    The baby its the star
    The brother is the is still favored by far
    While the 14 year old girl is unloved by all
    The family losses intrest in takeing care of the 3 month old baby
    but yet she is still the star
    The 12 year old girl is now the mother
    Yet they tell the baby she is just a bother
    Three years past
    The girl is now 14 as you know
    The baby is now three
    The girl still cares for her baiths her feeds and rasies her
    People tell the girl she is more worthless than ever befor
    That she will never meet up to her brothers stantards
    She is told a 3 year old baby can do better than her
    The girl has lost hope but still does what she is told
    There is only one glimmer of light
    The only two people her give her hope
    This girl believe's in a god
    Believe's he will help her
    He has sent her a boy
    A boy who thinks she is the world
    He loves her
    She loves him
    Yet...He cant even stop the pain she feels
    The family has pushed her to far
    The girl has now lost hope by far
    A dark night hits
    its cold the winds howl
    She locks her bedroom doors
    Closes her curtins
    And turns out the light
    The TV light shines now
    But there is no sound
    She hears her family's voices
    listing to all the words they say
    "I hate you your life is nothing but a game youll never make it your a discerase"
    She looks at the knife that is now infront of her
    She lusts to pick it up
    She then thinks of her knight
    The boy who she thought was her light
    "I love you my angel"
    She hears him say
    "You live to far...You cant get in my way. They hate me dont you see
    So please just let me be"
    She thought of him again at that last moment
    A tear leaves her eye
    The knife looks at her
    Hated now forms in the girls eyes
    "I hate you all. I doubt youll ever care!"
    She thought about hurting the others
    But what good will that do?
    If she does her family will just look down on her more
    Her thoughts change
    The knife is now to her wrist
    "I'll be at peace will myself....I know this is a risk"
    She sighed one moment
    Then cut the next
    "Why isnt it enough to kill myself?"
    She bleeds but then looks to her left
    Her knight stood next to her
    She looked at him
    She then pressed her head against his chest
    "Even when I fell away...You never left"
    Months have now gone by.
    Her life is no difrent
    Her life gets worse
    She even still falls to the fate of her knife
    But yet her knight still hasent left
    The light has gotten bigger
    Ther lord her god has never left
    She begs for help and forgiveness
    He grants her that wish
    His work is slow
    But one day she knows
    Her life will turn out for the best
    Cause know she knows
    her exstance is the best
    To her knight in amor
    who is to her left....
  3. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    This night is long...
    This night is painfull...
    This Night is nothing but lies
    My tears for you
    Are only for you
    But yet you dont understand
    The love I feel
    The pain I feel
    Wich one will take the win?
    The lies you tell
    The things you do
    The pain has taken the win.
    You dont understand
    But you say you do
    Which do you expect me to choose?
    I know your lies
    You say no truth
    why do you think I should choose?
    The truth are lies
    I know thats true
    Why should I listen to you?
    You know I love you
    That is true
    But I mean nothing to you
    So go away stay away
    I want nothing to do with you
  4. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    Colors are like emotions
    The swirl together to make difrent colors
    Black is deep and sadding
    Gray is down and depressing
    Blue is happy
    Light blue is happy with a good spirit
    Purple is layed back
    Green is a mellow mood.
    What color am I?
    I'm deep and sad
    Im down and depressing
    Why must I be the dark colors?
    Im never like blue
    Im never green
    Im aways gray and black
    What does gray and black make?
    A deprssing girl who is always sad and unhappy
    If you mix the to colors you get nothing but black

    The sun is out
    The day is bright
    There is a calm breeze
    And it feels like night
    I walk around in the open areas
    looking at the tree's
    And the flowers
    This day seems to good to be true
    So I fear its a dream
    I walk around some more
    And a boy walks my way
    I look over to see him look back at me
    I look into his eyes
    A nice blue color
    Calm and deep as the ocean
    My cheeks turn light pink
    My feet wont move
    The boy comes closer
    and asks
    "How are you"
    I smile and tell him im happy
    He looks in my eyes and says
    "they are more beautiful than the moon"
    This day cant be real
    I smile at him again
    He takes me hand and walks me around
    All of a sudden a huge wind hits
    Now its pitch black
    I look at the boy
    He is fadeing away
    "Whats going on!" I yell
    The boy frowns and lets go
    Im blown away by the wind
    When it stops im bleeding and hurt
    My eyes open
    I look at myself
    It was all a dream
    I told my self.
    I get up out of bed
    I go outside
    Its dark and gloomy
    I look at my arms and I was bleeding
    "Was it really a dream" I asked myself

    I know that last poem may seem a bit weird... its somthing I had went through if you need me to explain feel free to ask <3
  5. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    My mind
    My body
    They have both been toyed with
    Whats the truth?
    Where is the truth?
    When will I be set free?
    Ive lost my mind
    Im no longer me
    My mind is scrambled
    I cannot find the truth
    Everywhere I look is black
    I see no light
    When I even try to speak
    all I hear is gibberish
    Where have I gone?
    Why have I been hurt
    and lied to
    in such harsh ways
  6. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    If I shall die tomrrow
    please dont be filled with sorrow
    for I have left somthing behind for you
    I leave you my heart
    I leave you my soul
    I leave you the love I had for you
    But even if dead it shall grow
    You weep in your bed
    for how I am dead
    but dont weep long my angel
    we shall meet again
    Maybe not in this life
    but we will in the next
    I can hold you in my arms
    and we can be put to rest
    but until then my love
    stay strong and move on
    for you life has many promises
    and many dreams
    so step out into the breeze my love
    and look at the tree's
    and if you still love me
    then please stare at the sky to honnor me
  7. Fellangel Bichael May

    Apr 3, 2007
    US of A
    All of your poems are beautiful. They really show a great picture of emotion. I especially liked the last one the best. Good job!
  8. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    Your eyes are full of saddnes
    Your face is full of fear
    I look to turn behind me
    It seems like everyone is looking with fear
    I walk around the town
    Everyone but me has a frown
    Im puzzled with whats going on
    Why does everyone seem down
    I walk around some more
    I see a little girl crying
    I go up to her and go on my knees
    and I ask her what is wrong
    "its your fault get away!" the girl yelled
    She pushed me off my knee's
    and she ran off
    I stand up and dust myself off
    Why am I do blame?
    I then hear a vase fall
    a man cries out my name
    "It your fault go away!"
    The man shouted
    I looked away
    then walked away
    "how could have that been my fault?"
    I walk a long way
    And head up to my home
    I hear shouting
    I guess the know im home
    I hear my name
    I follo the sound
    I come into the room
    And my mother has a crown
    She has me get on my knees
    she makes me beg for forgivness
    but what have I done?
    She has my clean the floor
    with only a tooth brush and a bar of soap
    my work is done I leave the room
    I hear my name being called again
    I walk to the sound
    there is my dad with a crown
    He looks angry
    he makes me kneel down and bow
    I stand up again
    and he makes me dress as a clown
    for next to him is a baby
    who seems to be crying
    she also seems to have a crown
    I walk around tripping myself hopeing to make her laugh
    She is still crying
    my father gives me a look of anger
    he point his figure to leave the room
    I wash myself up and go to my room
    My name is called again
    not even a minute has passed
    I get up again and follow the sound
    My brother has called me
    I look up at his crown
    He tells me to clean his room
    and not to look down
    I do as he says
    my job is now done
    I go to my room
    with nothing but dust
    and a cot for a bed
    I lay down crying
    wising i was worthy enough to have a crown...
  9. Roxas~N~Namine Traverse Town Homebody

    Dec 30, 2009
    Practicing Wrist Shots
    i can imagine these as raps. :lolface:

    they're pretty good.
  10. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    really? ._.

    A car needs gas to run
    so it can go far in its life
    so it can take you were you need to go...
    Your love for me was like gas
    I was the car
    You were the life i needed to run on...
    You took my places ive never seen...
    shown me things i could never understand befor...
    Your love for me has run out
    my life is ending for the gas is on E
    I beg you for more
    I beg you to love me again
    I beg you to care...
    You turn away shaking your head
    i fall to my knees
    for now i am dead...
  11. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    These are so sad, I hope you feel better. These are all great poems and seriously Roxas~N~Namine, I agree with JY, there is a time and place for jokes, this is not the place nor the time. Hope you are feeling better Sakura, There it is, I loved it all :)
  12. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    my last one for a while

    I love you that I do
    I always look forward to being with you
    Your eyes are as sweet as you
    I will be looking forward until we can finally say "I do"
    You took my heart away with you
    All I have to ask of you
    is take of it
    when you have my heart
    you have me
    so always know
    that I am always with you
  13. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    Take me away
    Show me your world
    Take me my love
    And show me the ways of your life
    Let me see through your eyes
    Give me your mind
    Give me your soul
    all just for a moment
    just so I can take a peek into your world
    Let me see your trials
    let me feel your pain
    just one peek into your mind
    and I shall take all your pain away
  14. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    :cryinganime: seriously Sakura . . . this is beautiful . . . why in the despair of these tragedies, lies a heart of gold lined with a diamond tether . . . in other words I loved it, please don't ever stop making poems as good as this one k ^^ Can't wait to here more . . . parting is such sweet sorrow, that i shall say good night till it be morrow- William Shakespeare's_Romeo and Juliet
  15. JedininjaZC Hollow Bastion Committee

    Jun 15, 2007
    in a galaxy far far away...

    Key- Poem #: Line #

    Poem 1: 4
    The word "can't" has an apostrophe.
    Poem 1: 7
    The word "don't" has an apostrophe as well.
    Poem 3:1
    The word "I'm" also has an apostrophe.
    Poem 3:3
    I believe the word is spelled as "chirping".

    I would check the rest of your poems if I were not typing on a phone. =)
    Keep up the good work!
  16. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    These poems are decent. And I must commend you, because you've made some lengthly poems. While I do think some are somewhat cliche, but it doesn't mean they're bad.

    I do think you should try and work on stanzas; divide your poems with marked rhyme. Also work on your grammar. I understand how some poems may be written with no punctuation, but you must practice your grammar and spelling, in some cases.
  17. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    The time is near,
    My time has come,
    The end is here
    I am done.
    My life is over,
    My time is done
    My fate has come
    It's time to go
    It's time to wave
    It's to jump
    It's time to cry
    It's time to die.

    You see the sky,
    It's blue than gray
    You look at the sky
    And then you pray
    You pray your okay
    you pray you're strong,
    You pray life is okay
    You pray life will go on
  18. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    When my eye's met you
    My life started to bloom
    When my eyes met you
    All I could do was think of you
    When my eyes met you
    My heart grew wings and flew
    When my eyes met you
    I knew I wanted to be with you

    Love is sweet
    Love is kind
    My love for you will never die
    Love is pain
    Love needs faith
    Stay with me so we don't break
    Love is sad
    Love is strong
    Let's let love consume us all

    My dreams are big
    My thoughts fly high
    Yet I sit here and look emotionless at the sky
    My dreams seem far
    My thoughts feel heavy
    And all I can do is dream as I look at te sky

    This life was my begining
    This life was my friend
    This life made me happy
    I thought this life would never end
    This life was fun
    This life was an adventure
    But now I know
    That you were my end.

    I still suck no matter what D: though I still enjoy writing sorry they first two are sappy!!! <3
  19. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    I like these, "sappy" as they may be lol, there were a few spelling errors but they were good all and all. Keep up the great work Sakura ^_^
  20. Sakura Angel Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 26, 2010
    Thank you guys! im glad people read these! Again im still learning sorry if there are massive erros but im working on it and doing my best. These next two... hmmm... Im not sure what they are. I dont know if its more of a story or a poem. Poems dont always have to ryme but still not sure what these two are. Please enjoy and tell me what you think <3

    I walk aimlessly in a field
    My eyes show no emotion
    My heart has no emotion
    I keep walking
    I am looking for something
    But I don't know what it is that I'm looking for
    What ever it is I need it
    What ever it is, it's important
    I start to feel desprate
    What ever it is I know I need it
    I start to run as fast as I can
    I still don't know where I'm going
    I run faster
    I finally see the end
    What ever it is must be there
    I reach the end of the field
    I look around the area
    And nothing is here.....

    I find myself sitting in the dark
    I get up and walk, walk as far as I can
    There is nothing in this dark space
    I can see but at the same time I cant
    I feel around infront of me
    Next to me
    To the left
    Then to the right
    Then behind me
    Still nothing
    Is anyone here?
    Is anything here?
    I sit down,
    I start to feel empty
    When it seems it cant get any darker
    It does
    I stand up again,
    But fall right back down
    Energy drains from my body
    I try to get up,
    But there is nothing there to support me
    I try one more time to stand up
    Im up but shaky
    I take one step and fall
    It gets darker again
    I give up
    I am done trying
    I lay there in this dark empty space
    And sleep a dreamless sleep...