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    Jun 21, 2007
    In my schools closet....
    This is a monolouge I made for English class. Enjoy!

    I sit here, on this icy stair,
    Thinking when you will return,
    I call you, I shout for you,
    But no one answers.
    Am I lonely as Edgar Allen Poe?
    Will you come back to me?
    Somewhere in my head,
    I hear "Nevermore".

    My heart feels like ice,
    My heartd is bleeding for you.
    I look at the starry sky,
    Thinking when will you return.
    Calling, Screaming for you.
    But still, I hear

    I walk around, talking to myself.
    Saying "It's his fault,not mine"
    I'm in a state of denail.
    I keep saying, "I hate you"
    And you will be nothing without me.
    But, I still hear,

    I keep yelling at myself.
    Telling myself I'm wrong.
    "I don't care about him"
    Lying to myself, faulting him.
    But a roar in my mind yelled:

    I stopped pacing, and kneeled at my feet
    Tears coming down my cheeks.
    Then I blurted out,
    "I love him"
    "My heart is broken"
    Is he feeling the same way for me?
    Then, a raven flew, and pearched itself.
    on my porch, and cawed.
    While a gust of wind blew,
    Whispering "Nevermore"