New .hack GU Vol 3 Info (Regarding Xth Form)

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  1. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Famitsu has released more information and Higher Quality pictures regarding the Xth Form!

    This is the final Series of the .Hack GU, Volume 3. Haseo's costumes have changed greatly from the black apperance as seen in Volume 1 and 2, to a white apperance in Volume 3, known as Xth Form, where he will be dual weilding weapons known as "Juu" He can dual weild guns, as enemies will suffer huge damage!!

    Haseo's clothing changes from black to white, the time when this event occurs is still currently unknown....

    It's noted that not only has his clothing changed, but so has his marks, hairstyle, and facials. Is there a deep meaning behind this!?

    With Juu it's noted for those who play in Xth form can automatically reload during battle, however reloading takes a while. Note the Ammunition symbol at the lower left screen.

    Amazing! Although the use of these weapons are on autoaim, not only can you shoot in one direction with the two guns, but you can shoot in two different directions allowing you to attack multiple enemies!

    The REAL Famitsu information will be brought onto the public in November 2nd, as the information shown on October 20th was nothing but a "Preview" to what they had planned.

    .hack GU is to hit Japan on January the 18th for 7140 Yen.
  2. Zexion of the Twilight The conflicts within my priorities....

    And to all you other people, damage in the thousand coloum is A LOT. Normal damage is in the tens.
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    wow, thats alot of dmg. im lucky to do half of that if i get an elemental critical on a weak monster, lol. im getting vol 1 soon. i just cant wait ^_^