New KH2FM Info (Rumor)

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  1. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was posted on a 2ch board, although rumored, it was also stated that it came from an upcoming article, as we can only wait.

    - There is a new world in COM that can only be accessed with a Cleared game Saved.

    - The World isn't anything special however there are doors marked from Number 1-13

    - Doors 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 13 are opened once you have Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Cleared Data

    - Doors 4, 5, 6, 11, and 12 are opened once Chain of Memories is completed.

    - Just as the numbers suggested, when you enter the door you are taken to a dungeon, and the Organization Member number that corresponds to the door will appear for a boss battle.

    - Each Dungeon will have that member's nobody as enemies

    - The Element of the Member, is what the element of the Dungeon will be. (Example if you go to face Demyx, the area will be that of water attribute)

    - Once you defeat all the members, the final door opens which is labeled as "1" it's said you can fight against the Final Mix Version of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts I

    - All the Organization Members are refightable once you leave the world map.

    Note this is all just rumors from a Japanese Message board, however there were many fanbased about wnating to refight the Organization Members when they wanted to, so this may be a response to that call.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Oct 7, 2006.

    1. *Sora*
      Ehhh, this is kind of sketchy. 2chan, or even 4chan, aren't very believable when it comes to things like this. They love making stuff up. Also, the details of this aren't very well thought out, and put together.

      There is no door #10?
    2. SoraOathkeeper

      Cool... I sure hope this is coming to Europe! ^^
    3. KairiSoraKeyoflight
      OMG that would be sooo cool i hope it is true and i hope reCoM and final mix 2 come here AHHHH!
    4. Keybladelover
      OMG that sounds soooooo awesome! I can't wait to get to play (if we in the US can) but dude! that rocks!
    5. Keybladeholder
      I hope this is true, that would be awesome!:D
    6. deymxgirl
      That would be SO AWESOME! I would so love to rebattle the Organization members. The only question is....will you get exp. points? It would be cool if you did cuz then you could go back and fight them to level up for something.
    7. MAXimillionZ
      Thats gonna be SO awesome. Yeah, I really hope it comes to NA!
    8. Roxas
      Guys~we don't even know if it's true! XD

      But still, rumors about games are always fun, and I hope that what we just read is coming to the game in some shape or form.
    9. TJ13
      Here's a question. How will you be able to fight Zexion? We've never fought him in either game. We don't really know his weapon or element.

      I really doubt this is accurate and I will wait till SquareEnix announces anything on this.
    10. EvilMan_89
      really? i thot Zexion just disguises himself as other people and trick ppl. i don't think he can fight.
    11. Maithus
      Wow that would be so awesome if this rumor were to come out true, being able to fight The Organization XIII countless times would be sweet. I don't know how they are going to workout fighting against Zexion though, but I'm pretty sure Nomura is capable of making it a success.
    12. TJ13
      Exactly my question would be how can he be a boss battle as the rumor suggests if he either doesn't fight or we haven't seen him fight.
    13. Xeitr The False Image
      Xeitr The False Image
      yeah well about zexion nomura said he knew what he wanted zexs wep to be and he might have a chance to show it later this might be how and if he didnt zex could just change forms and fight you like change toi dark riku and then you and then roxas and then he would turn into donald just long enough to heal himself and then goofy then maybe turn into soras diff forms that would be crap to fight final form and then have him turn into duel weild roxas hehe that wouldnt be fair off topic- but why is duel weild roxas as strong orstronger then final form if roxas was lvl 99 and final form lvl 7 roxas duel wield whould be more powerful seeing as he can continuolsy chain attacks without but the slightest pause- on topic again- but yeah i think its very doable to have zex fight if nomura decided now was the time to show his weapon or maybe hell show up as a fight instead of just a cutscene in re:com
    14. Kaneco
      If this was actually true and it seems to be in RE: COM as an extra world,
      then it means all bosses and especially the player will play with the battle card
      system.(I don't really mind, just a thought.)

      or might actually be a minigame using the fighting system of kh2
      in RE: COM in which you don't gain any EXP. points, since it's a
      totally different system from the original game(RE: COM)

      Anyway, this doesn't seem like a reliable info since nomura said
      they might put one of the KH: COM members in KH2: FM as a secret
      boss and trying to remake the boss to fit with KH2's fighting system
      (Most likely to be Marluxia).
    15. Takizu
      I think it would be cool if that were true XD
    16. Roxas
      My hopes for this if it's true:

      1. We won't be able to fight Zexion. In my opinion, keep his mysterious order, and don't chuck it out the window with a remake of a GBA game.

      2. You can level up whilst fighting the Organization, no matter how many times you fight them.

      3. When you are fighting them, there are no cards. I'm sure this will make the battles more fun, smooth, and enjoyable.

      4. Make this not very hard to get, but when you do get it make it EXTREMELY difficult.

      5. For making it so hard, if completed, you'll get to view another amazing CGI secret ending - this one different from the one we see in KHII and KHII: FM+.
    17. Takizu
      Maybe we will be able to fight Zexion. Maybe they make a playable battle just for his secret room or whatever it is...
    18. ducky
      Whoa! Are you telling the truth or not? But real or not that sounds awesome!
    19. Door To Darkness
      Door To Darkness
      ... He's got a point...
      it would be cool if it happened though