One Day

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  1. Ghost King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2012
    Which way is up? Which way is down? You look for way out. There's nothing. No doors. No windows, just darkness. Endless darkness a far as the eye can see.
    Are there noises, a voice maybe? No, just silence. Dead silence. You are alone. Trapped. No way out, no escape from this dark place. Or are you the one who locked yourself here? Locked yourself in a box of darkness that nothing can penetrate. It had to be done to get away from it. All of it. The commotion, the pain, the agony.
    After trying so hard to make it stop, it wouldn't. Light and hope tried to find a way in. It was no use. It couldn't get in. Everything just kept getting worse and worse. You were drowning in despair. Being over come by it. It was all to much, you couldn't do it anymore. There was only on choice you could see.
    Locked. In a box. Somewhere the pain could never get to you. Everything would be shut out. You're safe.
    To protect yourself you locked yourself in, but that many feelings like love and happiness were stuck outside. but you we're willing to risk it so you wouldn't be hurt again.
    But maybe one day you'll be free. Free from the darkness and pain. Free to love and be happy. To Let the light in.
    You will always dream of the day you will come out. Emerge from the safety of the cocoon you've wrapped around yourself. The one you've been in for so long. You'll see the world in a different light. light that will shine brighter than before. Light to guide you, to show you that you are free. One day you will be free. One day...