One Piece: New Pirates Born

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    Since this is one piece 15th anniversary I figure I could make a fan-fictional story about it; I hope you guys like it.

    "It has been 20 years ago. 20 years of war and death, but finally someone found the legendary treasure, One Piece. His name is Monkey D. Luffy, the pirate that controlled the entire sea with his bare hands. He has a bounty over 1,000,000,000 berries and an unstoppable crew. That's going to be me." Masaru is 17 years old and now ready to face the battle against the pirates and marines. His parents were famous sailors. When he was 5 his parents went off to sea and was never heard of again. Masaru will go out for adventure and become a legendary pirate. But before he left, Masaru said goodbye to the villagers that was nice to him. Everyone in the island of Ayaka were crowed together to see Masaru set sail; most of the villagers were crying and/or saying "Don't you forget about us you jerk." As he walk closer to his boat, a female appeared; it was Megumi, The nicest woman in Ayaka island. Megumi was carrying a lot of stuff. "So you really are leaving?" said Megumi. "I want to adventure out and discover new things. I hope you understand." said Masaru. "I do." replied Megumi. Then she gave the stuff she was carrying to Masaru. it was food and water for Masaru adventure. "Make sure you get a lot of vitamin C and drink lots of water" said Megumi. "I will." replied Masaru. Megumi hugs Masaru tightly and said "Be careful out there." "I promise." replied Masaru. Masaru got on his boat and set sail; everyone was wailing. Megumi shouted "Make a lot of friends and go find a doctor to join your crew in case you get sick". "I'll do that" replied Masaru. "And get a girlfriend that will always love you" shouted Megumi, but it was too late; Masaru was too far to hear her message. Masaru is sailing the sea, having a smile on his face. "I doing it mom and dad; I'm setting sail to become a legendary pirate". And that was the day his journey begins.