Organaization XIII Fan fic-The discussion of org.XII's elements.

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    Yeah. Well this is my first fan fiction and it takes place between KH1 and KH:COM and....that's it. XP (Their are some spelling errors too.)
    One day Xemnas organized a meeting between the organization in Castle Oblivion in a white room were every member has their own throwns."Okay. The time to move is close. Sora and company are near our precise castle. We need to have someone to give him a test to see if he is a worthy eneime of our organization. So, is there any voulenteers?" said Xemnas. "Ooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!" yelled probably the most obnoctious member of the organization: Demyx. "Okay then, Demyx will test Sora." replied Xemnas. "Pfft! Yeah right. How can he test Sora with such a weak element like music?" scoffed Larxene. "My element is water for your information, Larxene!" said Demyx. "And what are you saying? That lightning is any better?! 'Ooh! Look at me! I'm Larxene; the only female member of Organization XIII and I can shoot 1,000 volts of electricty! Zapp, zapp!'" mimicked Demyx to Larxene. "Oh yeah?! Do you want to see what lightning can really do?!" growled Larxene standing in a battle stance. "Uh-oh!" said Demyx hiding behind Xemnas' throne. "*sigh* Larxene, Demyx, that's enough." replied Xemnas. "Superior's pet," mumbled Larxene getting back into her seat and Demyx got back into his seat too. "I dont see why you two were argueing, everybody knows that flowers is the best element ever." said the graceful assiccon. Silence filled the air of Castle Oblivion. Then the silence was broken with loud laughter from all the other organization members except Marluxia (even Xemnas cracked a smile). "Please! Everbody knows that controling space and gravity is the best," commented Xigbar. "Surely you must be kidding! Controlling cards and luck IS the best which is the reason I should test Sora," said Luxord. "Wind is simply the best. I should test Sora," disagreed Xaldin. "All of you are wrong. Ice will send Sora home freezing," said Vexen. "Frankly, I find Earth to be the best," mumbled Lexuase. "Controlling the power of Kingdom Hearts is better than any of your powers," said Saix. Then all of the Organization members except Xemnas, Axel, and Zexion were yelling all at the same time. " *sigh* Zexion would you like to test Sora?" asked Xemnas. "No thank you. I'm more interested in testing Riku," said Zexion. "Then it is decided!! Axel-in the name of the Organization- I order you to test Sora!!" yelled Xemnas. "Fine," said Axel and he disapeared and the rest of the disscussion was to be settled by Xemnas.