Organization XIII Needs Therapy

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    I 'd thought I'd post a link to my humorous/Torturous Organization XIII fanfic from AnimeSpiral. ^_^ It's up to 25 chapters! I, along with four other authors, have joined together in making their lives completely miserable. I am known as Sin the Dark Priestess but in the fic, I'm just a Dark Therapist hired by Xemnas to... 'Fix' the Organization. Sin has five personalities, two of which are helping her with the loony nobodies and transformable hair, respectively called Angra. (Yes, I know it's from Guilty Gear. XP) But I must warn you. it Contains swearing, cursing, Organization 13 bashing, pyromania and confusing moments also lil bit of yaoi here and there but nothing too extreme, otherwise, I would list it. Enjoy.

    And here's a link to my Favorite Authors list. Check out Nightmare the God of War, Sky Elemental Master and Kagai's versions of messing with the Organization. ^_^ We make quite the team.