Part 1, 2, and 3 of my fanfic

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    In the ocean~ Lol. xD
    i'm writing a fanfic, but it's not anywhere near done yet (writer's block DX)
    anyways, it's sort of a twist on RoxasXNamine... Roxas is already in the organization, and Namine is a girl who wishes she could be anywhere but where she is; and there's some singing in it, and the songs have links to listen to the song (so you can tell what's happening in the song ;) )
    here's part one:

    Tonight, I feel so strange, Naminé was thinking. It’s so cold, so lonely, and so boring, this town. But, somehow, I have this strange feeling, like somebody’s actually here. Naminé always had a song in her heart, and she needed to sing it.

    There wasn’t much to do. It’s Saturday, I’ve already done everything there is to do in this town, she thought. At least I’m gonna sing today.

    Naminé wasn’t excited at all. This town feels so empty, even though there are so many people, was all that she could think about. Naminé climbed the stairs and stood on the stage. She couldn’t sing with much excitement though.

    Naminé finished singing, and she heard cheering all around her. But suddenly, everything stopped moving. She couldn’t feel the wind. She couldn’t hear the crowd. Everybody was just standing still. Naminé stared at the frozen city for what felt like forever, and then something even weirder happened. A wall of a building suddenly had a hole in it, and two people in black cloaks walked through. There was one that was taller, and one that seemed the same age as Naminé.

    “Hello, Naminé,†the older one said. “We have come for you.â€

    Naminé was more confused than she had ever been before, and all she could say was, “What? What are you talking about? What’s… what’s going on?â€

    This time the younger one answered. “You’re a nobody, like us,†was all he could say.

    But his answer only confused Naminé more. “WHAT? What do you mean ‘you’re a nobody, like us’?†she replied.

    “A nobody is only half a person. When a person’s heart gives in to the darkness, what’s left of them becomes a nobody.â€

    “You mean I’m only HALF of a person?†Naminé was in shock, and now she would rather be confused.

    “Well, are you coming with us or not?â€

    “Coming with you?â€

    “We’re searching for a way to become whole,†the tall man replied bluntly.

    “Well, if I really AM a nobody, I guess I do wanna become a whole person. And I wanna leave this empty town more than anything.†Naminé was extremely excited to leave, though she still had so many questions and knew it wouldn’t just be fun and games. But she was too excited now, so she just had to sing.

    “So, um… who… who are you?†she asked before she could leave with them.

    “We’re only people from the darkness,†was the reply.

    “I meant: who are you as in as people?â€

    “I’m Axel,†the tall one said as he took off his hood.

    “Roxas,†said the teenage boy as he took off his hood as well.

    “Okay, I’ll go with ya!â€


    part 2 (a little short cos i had writer's block then too >.>):

    Later, Naminé, Roxas, and Axel arrived in a strange place that was nothing like Naminé had ever seen before. It was huge, dark, and empty, yet crowded at the same time. There were buildings everywhere, and the sky was pitch black, but she could see colors and lights, but she couldn’t tell what they were.

    “This way,†Axel lead on.

    Naminé followed Axel and Roxas, despite the fact that she had no idea where they were leading her. Then, as she was walking, she suddenly saw eleven other people, all in black cloaks, sitting in one large room.

    “Who are they?†she asked confusedly.

    “WE are Organization XII,†Axel replied sharply.

    part 3:

    Naminé couldn’t believe any of this. She had never felt like she was at home, and although this place seemed the least like “home,†whenever she and Roxas were together, she felt like she actually knew where her home was. He was the best friend she’d ever had, and looking into his eyes made her want to stop time. She had never really known this feeling before.

    Later, Roxas and Naminé were sitting and staring at the sky.

    “You know,†Naminé decided to start talking, “I’ve never really had a home before. All my friends were just, fake. I always had a sort of, empty feeling.â€

    “I know, it’s like something was missing my whole life too,†Roxas replied, still staring at the sky.

    “You’re the first friend who really seemed to careâ€
    Roxas could only look at her, because there was nothing left to say. They both knew what was happening. And it was probably the scariest feeling either of them had ever had. Strangely, neither of them could pull themselves away.

    i'm stuck :(