Party On in Unchained χ with KH-Vids!

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    I'm Tale, from the Ursus Union. I'm guessing you only just got recruited to one of the Unions? Sounds to me like you're going to want to find some friends to hang around with. Lucky for you, I've got just the solution!

    See, within your Union, you can join a Party of other Keyblade wielders! You can fight Raid Bosses with them, share Medals with them, and share rewards with them from tough missions. And you don't even need to all be online at once! It makes things a lot easier and a lot more fun!

    Sound like something you might be interested in? Awesome! 'Cause we've organized some Parties specifically for all of you!

    I'm the leader of KHV_Ursus! @Fearless over here is the leader of KHV_Vulpeus, @KHGrl15's heading up KHV_Unicornis, @Explode's got KHV_Anguis, and @Scarred Nobody has KHV_Leopardos! To find us, head on over to your Party Menu (it's under Other in the Menu), and go to Join Party! From there, you should be able to sort through all the Party listings until you see the KHV Party for your Union. Just ask to join, your Party leader will accept you, and voilà! You're in! The Parties are all set to Core difficulty--not too easy, but not too hard. Oh, and be sure to tell us your Player ID number in here, so we know to look out for you! EDIT: Since concerns have come up about scrolling through all the Party listings or otherwise being unable to find the Parties, please instead simply post your Player ID numbers and in-game usernames so that the Party leaders can add you manually from their menus!

    If you decide to change your Union, that's fine! Just let us know in here if you change Unions so that you can be added to the proper party and so that we have a record of which Union you're in.

    A week from now, once you've gotten used to how things work around here and in your Parties, we've got some more Party fun and some glam planned for you... So keep an eye out, y'hear?
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ' started by tamale, Apr 7, 2016.

    1. tamale
      Invitation sent!
    2. phoenixkh93

      I lost my old phone without linking my account, so I’m trying to restore it via costumer services. I haven’t played in a while though and it’s asking me for information i dont have. Is @Calxiyn or anybody from vulpus able to see my player account in the team still? And are you able to see things such as My maximum AP and jewels owned, and my player username? ( it has been a very long while...) if it is not possible to see any of this then don’t worry about it! Thank you
    3. tamale
      I may not be Calxiyn—or our current Vulpes leader, Fearless—but I can see that the in-game username associated with your ID number is Liz. Unfortunately, your maximum AP and Jewels aren't visible.
    4. Odamadillo
      I just joined the game at last. I am in the Anguis union. @Explode is the one meant to add me right?
      My in game name is St Jerk
      And my id is 4250222.
    5. Explode
      Yep, welcome :)
    6. Aelin
      Time to Rock Ursus please
    7. tamale
      Invite sent! Sorry for the wait!
    8. Yumeha

      THX a bunch
    9. LadyAzura
    10. phoenixkh93
      Unfortunately, looks like I can't get access back to my old account, as I can't remember enough of the details of my old account for them to locate it. So I've started a new account! Could I please be added to Vulpeus party @KHGrl15 ? thank you!
      Edit: completely forgot to include my details...Username: Liz
      ID: 4174873
      Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
    11. tamale
      If you want Vulpes, @Fearless is in charge of that party!
    12. phoenixkh93
      You're right thank you, completely misread original post! @Fearless Could I be added into Vulpeus please?
      ID: 4174873
      Last edited: Oct 14, 2022
    13. Fearless
      You got it, babe.
    14. Katterpie
      Hi @Fearless I want to join Vulpeus! My name in game is Katie and my ID is 4582748

      Thanks! :D
    15. Fearless
      I gotchu~
    16. LeKeyBoi
      @Fearless Looking to join Vulpeus. In-game name is Alerion and ID is 4616409
    17. Fearless
    18. rikusorakairiown
      Can I joined KHV_Vulpeus @Fearless ?

      Am new af

      my ID is 5404385
    19. Firekeyblade
      Well I have no idea if this is even a system still in place but I just got a new phone so I can finally play Union Cross. I joined Leopardus @Scarred Nobody.

      Name: ZhaoFeng
      ID: 5471913

      I forgot I once went by Firekeyblade lols. But really there's probably some other person out there that already claimed it.
    20. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      invite sent~